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Brigade pdbtitle.png

Player: @Smackwell, various others
Brigade PDb.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: unknown
Known Aliases: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Age: unknown
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: unknown
Hair: brown
Complexion: light
Physical Build: superhuman
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

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Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 2010 - present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Career superhero
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
in conjunction with randomized power generation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
ReldinBoxMini Template

Brigade, the Multi-Man, is a superhero with the power to split his body into multiple copies of himself. Every duplicate Brigade creates can be endowed with its own unique ability.
One can never know what they're going to get with Brigade-- as not only are his powers unpredictable, his collective personalities can make him quite difficult to deal with in person. However, there's no denying that the Multi-Man's ever-changing arsenal of duplicates effectively make him a one man force to be reckoned with... soon as he decides whether to refer to himself in first, second, or third person.

Character Information

Physical Attributes

Brigade-- and by extension, all of his duplicates-- appears to have a classically superhuman build.

Powers and Abilities

  • Duplication: Brigade's signature power is the ability to generate copies of himself that appear physically identical to his original form in every way. While Brigade does have a degree of control of any duplicates he creates, they appear to mostly act of their own accord. There is no known limit to how many duplicates Brigade can summon at a time, nor is it known how long a duplicate may last before it discoporates.
  • Brigade Power Generation: Whenever Brigade creates a duplicate, they are able to manifest their own unique ability. It is unknown whether Brigade can purposefully summon duplicates with specific powers, or if the generated abilities are truly random. Brigade duplicates may manifest varying degrees of proficiency in a certain power, or even more than one kind of different ability, but they are stuck with the powers they are "born" with until they expire.
    Powers and abilities known to have been manifested by Brigade duplicates include:
    Super Strength, Invulnerability, Force Projection, Force Field, Fire Control, Electric Control, Earth Control, Ice Control, Wind Control, Plasma Control, Energy Absorption, Telekinesis, Friction Control, Laser Eye Beams, Intangibility, Stealth, Super Scream, Size-Shifting, Mimicry, Animal Intuition, Technopathy, Weapon Summoning, Elasticity, Healing Touch, Super Speed, Flight, Teleportation, Empowering Aura, Glowing Aura, Monochromatic Aura
  • Brigade Mind Link: Brigade and his duplicates have a subliminal psychic connection between each other. While this mind link is active at all times, it is at its strongest when multiple Brigades are in close proximity to each other, allowing them to share their thoughts and memories instantaneously between themselves (including the original Brigade).

Equipment and Other Paraphernalia

  • Brigade Suit

Personality and Attitude

OOC Information

Brigade is a casual, roleplaying-friendly concept character created by @Smackwell in 2010.

Character information on this page has been added by Epelesker with permission.

Assemble the Brigade!

Any player who wishes to create their own Multi-Man and join the dedicated Super Group may do so, provided that they follow the following basic guidelines:

  • The character must be named Brigade.
  • The character's first/main costume should match the provided costume file below as closely as possible. (An alternate costume file can be provided to players who may not be able to access certain premium costume parts. In particular, the bracers and boots are unlockables from the Legacy Power Armor costume set, purchasable in the in-game Zen Store.)
  • When teaming up with other Brigades, your character is highly encouraged wear the main costume (so that all Brigades present can match!).

When creating your own Brigade, you are welcome to choose any Archetype, or Freeform build you wish. Examples include creating a "specialist" Brigade with mastery over a certain powerset, or creating "mini" builds of several different frameworks and switching between them as if they were separate Brigades!
You may also choose to directly roleplay some unique abilities that may not have functioning powers in game. (When doing this, please be mindful of other players-- do not use this as an excuse to metagame.)

Any online Brigade player belonging to the Multi-Man Super Group should have the ability to invite new members.

Support Brigade Day

A community-led event has been held in the past, known as Support Brigade Day, where players are encouraged to play as their Brigade characters. On the years it was held, it has typically been on April 1st.