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Talk page under construction

So, a bit of a disclaimer, most of what I've put on as far as Brigade's information is stuff I've pulled out of thin air as to what my understanding of the concept is.
While it's possible to play a Brigade "in character" there's nothing really established about the character as canon (at least so far). I'm planning to pull ideas for the page from Smackwell and other active players of the various duplicates.

For those interested in reading, the original source thread is here, in an archived state.

To-Do list

  • Add to known powers list (including devices and auras that may be considered "powers", even if useless in an in-game sense)
  • Create a (dropdown) list of current/formerly active Brigade players?

Community Suggestions

Whether you are a Brigade player or not, comment below with suggestions to the page you might like to see! (Especially in regards to powers you think a Brigade duplicate could have: use your imaginations!)