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It's Not A Lie
Player: @decorumfriends
Super Group
Associate; Lead Espionage Consultant
· Other Affiliations ·
Black Ops government agency with no name (resigned)
Real Name
Adam Bernbaum
Robert Michael Williams
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
United States of America
West Side, Millennium City, Michigan, USA
The Unseen Sanctum of Adam Arcane
Legal Status
False credentials of a citizen of the USA with no criminal record; no official record of his previous identity
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6' 6" (188 cm)
200 lbs (79 kg)
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Body covered in scars from numerous augmentation surgeries.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
· Equipment ·
Two police batons.
· Other Abilities ·
Cross-trained in many martial arts; assassin training; computer hacking ability

"This will be where there will be text from a fake comic book of the era. It will describe the character in some way, or perhaps be a pithy description by another character. The quote will be attributed at the end in the usual manner, although the source itself will be fictional with no resemblance to any persons living or dead intended. Void in Guam, Bolivia, Iceland and Tennessee." - Some Fictional Book #102.






Origin and History


November 23, 1990, New Haven, Connecticut - Jacob Krantz hated all the young people in his neighborhood. Bunch of stuck-up rich kids, no use to anyone. This one in particular. Adam Bernbaum, 21-year-old trust fund baby. Country club tennis pro, making his flattering dewy-eyed matrons at $100/hour on their husbands' dimes. What good did that do anybody? Well, guess that's I got called to stand here, waiting in this oak's shadow, waiting for the kid to come out...

A tall, handsome man with red hair in an Armani suit left the home and approached the new blue Acura NSX in the driveway. Jacob stepped out of the shadows.

"Hey, kid!"

Adam's head snapped around with a mocking grin.

"What is it now, old man? Someone leak oil on your side of the street again? Mess with your trash cans?"

"Punks!", Jacob muttered, "I still say this is a mistake... Look, kid, I got something for ya. I'm not so sure you're gonna like it, though."

"Talk sense old man," said Adam, looking at his Rolex, "I've got a party to get to."

"I wouldn't count on it," said Jacob, "Here's the deal. I work for these people...well, I don't know that you could really call them 'people', but anyway, they're my bosses. See, back in the day I used to be what you call a SUPER-HEERO. In the '40s and '50s they called me The Bewitching Bohemian! Even a punk like you has to remember...the beret...the striped shirt...the magic..."

Jacob shook his head, coming back to the story.

"The point is, they need someone again. And for whatever insane reason that I simply cannot comprehend, they chose you."

Adam glared at Jacob like he wasn't sure whether to laugh or grab his racket out of the back seat to protect himself from the crazy old coot.

"I don't have time for this," he said, and opened the car door.

"Sorry, kid," said Jacob, stepping forward and placing his thumb on Adam's forehead, "My bosses don't take no for an answer."

A New Man

Adam Bernbaum disappeared that day. Not as if he'd gone missing, but as if he'd never been. No record or memory of him remained. The essence of Adam was taken on a mystical journey. It changed him greatly from the spoiled, idle man he had been before. He met the Powers of Balance, Krantz's "bosses" and was told of his destiny, to take the place of their former agent on Earth. He was taught to draw from both the powers of Chaos and Order to create his magic, to maintain the delicate balance that teetered back and forth. He was drawn through many astral realms, learning more and more at each. At his journey's end, The Efficacious Emerald of Erdon was placed on his brow and he was deemed skilled enough to assume his duties.

Rise and Fall

Eleven years had passed while Adam was being trained. Taking the name Adam Arcane he moved to a small Soho brownstone in New York and fought for the Balance there, accompanied by Jacob Krantz to continue his training. In 2006, he began a long war away from Earth against his most dangerous foe, Kurlolo, Wizard-King of the Warped Dimension. His previous arrogance reasserted itself, causing him to make many errors in judgment. If not for the lucky acquisition of the Blood-Red Bands of Borturazz and the self-sacrifice of Jacob Krantz, all would have been lost.


When he returned to the Powers of Balance, he was deemed culpable and stripped of much of his power in penance. He was sent to Millennium City with a new sanctum to relearn the Balance once more. Jacob Krantz has died, but is still available to advise Adam through The Mystic Mirror of Mirobol.



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