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My awesome name.

Player: @112596
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"When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine, and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth." — Revelation 6:7-8˄ NIV
Biographical Data
Real Name: Al'kai
Known Aliases: Death, Horseman, Alki, Demolisher
Gender: Male
Species: Horseman
Ethnicity: Undead
Place of Birth: Hell
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Famine, War, Pestilence, The Disguised Bone (Keeper of the Seals)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'7
Weight: 237 pounds
Eyes: Glowing Purple
Hair: Black
Complexion: Gray
Physical Build: Lean
Physical Features: Scarred Face
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known and feared (though I don't know why)
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: None
Occupation: The nicest best-looking Rogue and The King of Souls
Education: Average Demon Knowledge
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Darkness, Healing, and Reviving
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


A lot of people know me as Death. But, my true name is Al'kai. My friends know me as "The Demolisher" or "Alki". My enemies or people I don't like usually call me "Horseman". Although I am a Horseman, I do not like being called that. The ignorant humans call me "Death". I do bring death and kill, but, I am not named after what I do. Nor are my brothers. My brothers are Cedric The Broken (it used to be Cedric the Warrior, but he lost a lot of his power), Ragnvaldr the Hungry, and Carak the Diseased. Or "War", "Famine", and "Pestilence". I am actually a pretty nice person... I get my scary reputation from how I kill and how heartless I seem when I kill. I was born to be a ruthless killer, but no one said I could not be nice! If I don't know you I might seem like a jerk, but when you get to know me I can be a pretty nice demon.


I love to explore. I've been to all the places there is to go. What's my favorite place? The Desert. Why? I'm not sure, I guess it warms up this cold heart of mine. Canada just freezes it and I don't like all the trouble with Millennium City.


I have met many people in my travels...And this is just the beginning of my adventure! I am planning to stop VIPER's plan with the Serpent Lantern, DEMON's plans with the Qliphothic Realm, and help in Multifaria. Also while in Canada I think I saw a space ship... hope it causes no trouble. In Africa, I saw a wounded pale soldier walking into the base...I wonder what was wrong with him...


I think I'm pretty epic. You may not think so but I do. Although I'm not as epic as Caliga I am pretty freakin' epic. Since I'm a horseman I'd find that The Four Horseman - Metallica is my theme song because it suits me and my brothers quite well. I'm with the Hell's Enforcers "super group", It's pretty awesome. Though you may not be aware of its existence,it's there, and it's epic.


Ahh, Blood Moon. The best time to go see the world. Especially if you are a demon, like me. All these heroes souls being taken and being fed to Takofanes. Beautiful. I find it kind of sad though, especially since the bodies get turned into brainless zombies. The only thing I don't like about Blood Moon is the werewolves. Gross, I mean, what person wants to be on of those!? Although I've pretty much banished Takofanes about 3 times, he keeps coming back. EVERY MONTH. But yeah, Blood Moon is a good holiday for all heroes to enjoy!
Takofanes Costume


I'm a demon. So, you may imagine I only think of death and destruction. But actually, I think about recent events, how terrible they are, things like that. I'll start off with what I hate most.


They go around climbing trees like they own the place! They should not be counted as a legitimate species because they just, have no purpose. You may be useless but these little guys have no right to be anywhere.


Aside from making friends, music is one of my favorite things in life. You can just relax while listening to it. Unless it's rap music, I hate that. You may say you want rappers to "burn in Hell" but believe me, we don't want them either. I'm very talented with instruments too. I can play drums and guitar.


Soothing, relaxing, dangerous, what more could you want?

I was made to kill and take souls. I don't really like doing that but, I got to, it's my job.
A second form of Al'kai.png
Making Friends
It can be hard, but it can be done. Especially with mind manipulation...But I can't do that. Famine can though, he uses it for making a human eat another human. My brothers are messed up. Yeah. I don't have much to say about making friends exept it's my favorite thing to do!
I guess my family is not too bad. They're all just evil. The Disguised Bone is the Keeper of the Seals. I am from one of these seals. He's basically my father. He's told me his life story, it's pretty strange. I've not really seen him much lately though. Then there's Famine. As I've told you, he has mind manipulation. But he's so evil because every where he goes he causes food scarcity. I feel sorry for his victims. Well I feel sorry for all of our victims. Pestilence, he brings disease that spreads quickly, like the plague. Then War. He's a fairly cool brother, unlike the others. Why's he a fairly good brother? Because man took most of his power and made it their own. So he's not so strong now. War eats at Royal Burger with me a lot too!


I like the City Center. It has a lot of good restaurants. Like Royal Burger, Darren's Pizza, and Millennium Mikes
Darren's Pizza.png
. There is also loads of pubs. I can only remember two right now, Leo's Bar and O'Reilly's Pub. I like pizza and Burgers a lot. Those are my two favorite foods. My favorite drink is blood. Not really! I'm not a vampire. My favorite drink is Kool-aid, but I also like beer. I also like to work out at Carl's Gym.

I dislike squirrels. I also don't like clubs like Mahogany Club and The Minefield in Vibora Bay and Club Caprice in Millennium City. Why? The loud techno music. I also don't like loud techno music. I'm also claustrophobic. So all the people in Club Caprice make me dizzy. The only reason I ever go in there is to see people I already know. Not to meet people. I also hate eating at home. Why? It's Hell. I prefer eating at restaurants instead.


I've had some moments in life when I just thought and wondered...And actually helped. And in some of those moments, I was actually scared! Let me share them with you all.


This war...Not the worst war I've seen, but this war was bad. This war hurt me. For the heroes in this war, I cleared the way.

Al'kai Among the heroes.png

I killed some important men. But the heroes never noticed me. They saw the dead bodies on the ground, but didn't wonder how they died. I mourn for the heroes that have been lost. And I heard Dr. Destroyer is back, better get ready.


Kevin Poe, Ludwig, Frank Zaretti, Zoe Loft, and Hi Pan. It was hard, but I first took down Kevin Poe after getting the information of his location from Wayland Talos. Then I took down Zoe Loft, she was something, wasn't she? She was also a challenge, but in the end I took her down with a mighty blow. She must've been desperate to try to recruit those prisoners. Next target was Frank Zaretti, tough man, eh? He was quite the challenge, along with The Mechanic and all. Ludwig, next target. I found it strange that a Qularr was the leader of the Black Aces, but it was actually pretty obvious considering some of the Black Aces had qularr guns and crates. In Westside, there was a final enemy... Hi Pan. The Death Dragon was with this weakling and so were many henchmen and villains. But, I guess a sneak attack is always helpful! I get badges from my master, | The Disguised Bone, every time I kill someone important. He calls these "| Signature Villains Perks". It is a great honor whenever I obtain these. I have basically done everything in Westside...but theres a few groups that are not gangs that I've not told you about...FoxBattlebots, The prisoners of the prison in Westside, and the small group of VIPER in this area. First of all, I killed Foxbat when I found out he was destroying WCOC, my favorite news station. He was probably the weakest Super Villain I've ever fought. Then I calmed down the riot in the prison, it was not a challenge at all. Last but not least, there was a group of VIPER by a tall building full of scientists! I had to kill them all because scientists are my favorite people in the world.


Al'kai is disgusted.png

PSI, ARGENT, VIPER. I've taken care of them...In the city center at least. The Purple Gang were there as well... Apparently I didn't teach Kevin Poe a good enough lesson. So this time, I made sure he was not breathing. PSI, ARGENT, and The New Purple Gang were all fine. But, VIPER, they just made me mad... I took out Psimon and Medusa of PSI, I infiltrated the base of ARGENT, and I killed Kevin Poe of The New Purple Gang. But VIPER I did nothing. They just acted as if they owned the place and no one cared, sure I killed a few guys, but I wasn't aloud to destroy their organization or anything. But Antoine Harrison said I'd see them again soon. And again I've seen them, many, many times.


Destroids,FoxBattlebots, DEMON, Fire Demons, VIPER, Elder Worms... All make me sick. I've stopped DEMON and the Fire Demons by defeating Bloodstone I took care of the FoxBattlebots and Destroids by killing Dr. Destroyer, just to find it wasn't the real Dr. Destroyer, it is Shadow Destroyer! I infiltrated VIPER's nest and lastly, I stopped the Elder Worms from causing their weird worm chaos stuff. I also destroyed Mega-Destroid...Downtown was really not fun at all.
Death of the Mega-Destroid.png
I'll tell you, Bloodstone was quite a challenge. I had to recoverfour demon shards from Abaddon, Barbos, Chemosh, and Danjal. Then, I had to kill an Ifrit and a Succubus. After that, I had to seal the Qliphothic Tear. And when that didn't work, Bloodstone came out of the portal with two Hell Hounds. So, he was quite the challenge. I infiltrated VIPER's Nest in Millennium City and Killed the Nest Leader. And the Elder Worms, I have no clue what they were doing besides construction, but I just killed loads of their guys for no reason. And to end the chaos caused by the Destroids, I killed Dr. Destroyer. It was tough, but I had a group of fellow beings that wished to kill him as well... But it was not the real Dr. Destroyer. And I guess I didn't kill him because he is now in Multifaria, another dimension where everything is opposite... I guess that means I'm a very well known mean hero who hates people and is a hipster. I hope I never meet that version of me.
The death of the Destroyers.png


Now that I'm done talking about Millennium City, I think I'll talk about the Nemesis... My nemesis's name is The Savior. He's an angel, he was sent from Heaven to kill me. Why, you ask? I murdered a very important man that keeps people together. Now that he's dead everyone has become evil. That's why there are so many villain groups, Killing that "important man" didn't go as planned. No one was supposed to notice he was dead, and the people weren't supposed to go crazy.
The Savior.png
I guess darkness tends to leave rashes, heh... The Savior is an honorable and respectable man, and we used to be friends, but since that death went the wrong way, he's trying to kill me. I used to be respected and aloud in Heaven. Why? There was a war fought between Zuquellroth and Angel. This was not caused by War. Who started this war was Zskinder III. He was a Zuquellrothian from the planet Rawftorc. Now, you may be wondering, but, Al'kai, who are the Zuquellroth? Well, the Zuquellroth is a dangerous and savage species.

Sorry, this section was about The Savior, I forgot.


As I was saying, the Zuquellroth is a dangerous and savage species. And if you are asking, who was Zskinder III, then I am disappointed. Zskinder was a king among Kings. Heck, he was a god. Most Zuquellrothians are from Rawftorc, but the honorable ones live on the planet Gandfarv. The Zuquellrothians from Gandfarv helped the angels in this war. But, enough about the species. Let's talk about the war. The Zuquellrothians never liked how clean and rich the Angels were, so they wanted to start a war. So they awoke their God King, King Zskinder III. He was very, very tall. About 12'0 I'd say. He had long black hair, burning red eyes, and the skin of a demon, grey. He was very muscular but wore his Tibverk armor at all times (Tibverk is a material like diamond, but much stronger). One day, Zskinder told his men to fetch War. When that was done, they talked, they yelled, and they fought. Zskinder put them in field of stars. It looked as if they were fighting in space, but Zskinder just made it look as if, with his magic. Soon enough Zskinder penetrated War's weak armor and grabbed his heart. The heart of War. War layed down on the floor of this "space" illusion, bleeding. But War cannot die. So he was just tortured being forced to live through his pain every day. This is where he lost his power. I said he lost it to men, but I lied, this is a touchy subject. Zskinder told his men to bring War back to Hell, saying the Angels did this. The Zuquellrothians had a new ally, the demons. No one attacked yet because Zskinder was not ready. The Angels did not even know they were being targeted. Zskinder sat in his empty throne room and intensely stared at the heart, learning the moves and weaknesses in War. He now knew how to start and end the war. But there was one person who knew the truth, Al'kai. War laid in Hell and Al'kai sat next to his brother. War told him that the Angels didn't do this, it was the Zuquellrothians. Al'kai knew what he had to do. The war was beginning. The Angels were now aware. And the Zuquellrothians from Gandfarv tried to negotiate with the Zuquellrothians, but failed. Their leader was stricken by Zskinder. Now the war had really begun. The Zuquellrothians from Gandfarv stood in the gates of Heaven and so did the Angles. The Zuquellrothians from Rawftorc and the Demons ran toward the walls of Heaven. But Al'kai was in Heaven. And no one even knew. Al'kai waited for the Zuquellrothians and Demons to attack. Soon the gates of Heaven collapsed and Al'kai stood on a rooftop hidden. First he dropped down on an Zuquellrothian and slit his throat. Then, he grabbed a demon by the neck and collapsed his neck. Two Angles saw Al'kai and were scared. Why? Al'kai was a Demon who was covered in blood with a bandanna over his mouth. Al'kai just stared a them for a minute with his bandanna up. His left arm was holding the Demon's head up in the air while his right arm held the knife. Al'kai winked at them and continued killing. Soon Al'kai was hidden again and the War was almost over. The Zuquellrothians were about to win. Zskinder walked into the castle to see the king sitting bravely in his throne at the other side of the room. Zskinder slowely walked closer, shaking the world around him as he walked. Al'kai was walking on the boards of the ceiling, waiting for the perfect moment to land on Zskinder's head. When Zskinder was right in front of the king, Al'kai jumped. His sword landed in Zskinder's hean and he held onto his hair. Zskinder screamed, "GET OFF OF ME YOU FOUL CREATURE!!!" Al'kai knew he could be punished for the rest of his life here, but Al'kai screamed, "I am doing this for the right of War and the Angels! I am Death!" But Zskinder thought he was a God,"You are simply wrong, my friend, you cannot defeat me, I am a God!" Al'kai knew this was wrong,"Maybe War could not defeat you. But he is merely a part of me. A great part as well!" A'kai ripped the jaws of Zskinder apart. His reign of chaos fell to an end, so suddenly, too. Al'aki triumphed, "See? A mere Demigod." Al'kai was now welcomed into Heaven. Until the death of Askindl, that is. War's heart is now believed to be in the hands of Therakiel. Me and War will take him together. I am ready.


I used to be a bounty hunter. I looked for as much money as I could handle. I was hired by a man to kill Askindl, so, I did. I went into Heaven. At night I crept along the edge of a roof, and when he entered an alleyway, I hung around the corner he was about to turn. When he turned the corner, I shot a powerful bolt of darkness at him, and he died. The next day, I was long gone, The Savior and his army of Undead saw Askindl's body, and he was sickened. The Savior was the king's bodyguard and had his personal army. While he was hunting me down, I was in Millennium City, thought I'd be a proud powerful superhero. Thought I'd make a name for myself, that didn't work out. So, I'm basically still a bounty hunter, but I'm mostly on the heroes' side because they hire me more...


Irradiates, Burnside Ghosts, Robot Cowboys, VIPER, Qularr, and the Prisoners of the Stronghold jail. All their downfalls, were because of me. I'm sad to say there's no purpose to go back... But, it's true. I beat Fallout, Hangin' Judge Hensley, Dr. Blank, and Menton. The only hard part was Menton. And now look, he's gone. Every once in a while I go to the Desert just to get a drink at Belle's Saloon.


Canada View.png

So many memories there. Telios, Necrull, a lot. Just a lot. Mind Slayer...Beautiful, is she not? Mechaniste...Gross is he not? Mechassassin, some clueless robot, is he not. The Ultimate Mind took a tumble. Necrull suddenly was gone. Redstone fell. Mechaniste, too. Mechassassin exploded. And Mind of my life, gone. But I guess she needed to die, huh?


Qwyjibo's Defeat.

Monster Island. It's partly what I'm here to talk about. So many enemies, so little time. Steel Commando. Dr. Moreau. Dr. Dino Demogaard. Ripper. So. Many. People. But, the ones I hated and the ones who gave me a challenge were White Rhino and Qwyjibo. Heck, to kill Moreau and White Rhino, I had to rescue 14 caged people, Defeat Chimera, Then, go through a lot of caves. That took enough time. But, who would've thought, "Oh, I'm Dr. Moreau, and I'm as strong as a colossal Rhino." Bullcrap. And I had to kill Moreau first so he wouldn't escape. That's totally worth it.But, as I was saying. White Rhino. The real jerk. Is his only power the power to charge at people? That's all I got out of him... Then there's Qwyjibo. So many things wrong. Well, he's made partially with fire... that's pretty cool. But, he's a humongous ape who took a serum from Dr. Moreau. Who in the Galaxy trusts Moreau? But my problem is, he exists. He comes back every eight hours. That's not cool. But, luckily I took him down with some other strangers.


I've changed. After I killed Dr. Destroyer, I felt more powerful. After I traveled to Multifaria and killed him again, I felt unstoppable... Of course I could never die, but I could be tortured. Know that, my personality changed a little. Killing is fun now, and the heroes don't use me very much any more, so I kill random people for fun. I know I'm dangerous. It's fun to see the mortals run, but I'll keep my personality and try to stop this madness. I think it's the helmet.

The New Al'kai...

Nowadays I've found that people are lazy. So, I went back in time and chose a champion. He was a brave knight. WAS. The knight named Mallcurus died a hero's death fighting Quelleth, a Qularr king.