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Player: @anonymaustrap
Acuity portrait20110924.jpg
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Andrea Halkias
Known Aliases: None
Species: human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 15
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: greek
Occupation: sophmore in high school
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Andros Halkias (Father), Helena Helkias (Mother)
Known Powers
Telekinesis, Telekinetic Shield
Known Abilities


Angela Halkias was born in Millennium City July 23, 1996, on the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Detroit. Her father, Andros Halkias worked in automotive computers before the battle of Detroit and worked hard in the rebuilding of "his town" and was key in the manufacture of the auto-pilots which made most of Millennium City driver-less.

Her powers manifested when she was 13, being able to project waves of force that would shatter plates and boards at close range. She practiced in private, extending her range and keeping her powers secret from her parents. It wasn't long after her powers manifested that she was granted a partial scholarship to Ravenswood Academy. She was overjoyed at prospect of not attending Westside, which she had heard was "ghetto"

Angela was treated like any other student, as Ravenswood didn't know how far her powers had progressed, though her science teacher, Steven Fowler, had given her access to the communications setup used to monitor UNTIL communications. Inspired, Angela used a portable unit, going on patrol and participating as the "Ravenswood Radio Ravens"

She kept to disrupting gangs and hit and run tactics until the Blood Moon, when she got involved with a group of UNTIL soldiers, providing them support until Katrina Mirinova could come and provide assistance. Her activities were detected however, but the cameras Steven Fowler (aka Gradient) had used and also several bank cameras. The bank cameras didn't show her powers, but only her in her costume.

For her actions, Ravenswood disciplined her for leaving campus without permission. Mr. Fowler suspended her radio privileges. Because of the bank photos, the school had no choice to tell her parents about her activities, but not her powers. Her parents were furious, confiscating her costume, forbidding her from associating with the Aegis of Justice, and withdrawing her from Ravenswood Academy.



Angela graduated from Westside in 2013, and went to UC Berkley for her undergraduate degree in psychology thanks to a grant from Mind Inc. She also attended an ROTC program through UNTIL. Her current best friend is Emily DuPree who also transferred to the school recently. Recently, Mr. Sullivan took over as assistant Superintendent of Westside High, and has assigned her with special classes with Chandra Potts, which have given her opportunities to explore her powers.

Aegis of Justice

After the Blood Moon, Andrea joined the Aegis of Justice, Her affiliation was brief, as she was forbidden from association with the super team by her parents, considering the team a bad influence. Even after her parents learned and accepted her powers. she never went back to the Aegis of Justice but continues to work with UNTIL.

RP Hooks

Andrea wants to find a place to fit in for herself but that pleases her parents as well, so hooks involving schools, and teachers will all work well with her.