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William Thorne
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Super Group
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Real Name
William Thorne
Mr. Thorne, Lord Thorne
Vibora Bay, Florida
Vampire Elder (formerly drug ring leader)
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
John Thorne (Father, Deceased), Lord Corvin (Sire, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Vampire Elder
Apparent Age
Body Type
Ice Blue
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Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Supernatural strength, speed, stamina, senses, agility. Flight, Hypnosis, Limited Blood Magic, Immortality, Shapeshifting.
· Equipment ·
Claws, Wings
· Other Abilities ·
Street-Smart, Criminal Tactician, Supernatural Predator


{WARNING--Horror Esque Content Ahead}

William Thorne's true story begins when he died.

At age 30, William had been a large drug dealer on the streets of Vibora Bay for the past five years. He had amassed a large crew that frequently dealt with the other gangs, their specialty? Vampire Blood. By establishing a trade between his gang and The New Shadows, a gang of vampires. William had a large supply to choose from, and a lucrative business to capitalize on. Vampire Blood became a highly sought after item, from scientists to criminals who either wished to test, or use the blood to their own ends. The Vampire Blood Trade also benefited the New Shadows, who often lured customers into being permanently infected with vampirism, increasing their numbers. Thorne became one of, if not the leader in Vibora's drug trade during his time. However his reign was short lived.

In October of 2013, William received a new shipment from a mysterious doner. Among the vials of blood was one belonging to a Vampire Elder, Lord Corvin of London. William managed to sell the other samples just fine, however he knew that Vampire Elder blood would be too unstable for a normal human to consume as a drug, and would bring unwanted attention from other Vampire Lords. Soon though, Lord Corvin caught wind of his blood being held in Vibora Bay, by a mortal, even. He wasn't pleased, and sent his minions to wreak havoc on William's operation. Claiming it to be disgrace for a Vampire Elder's blood to be taken and treated this way without consent. The vampires arrived in Vibora Bay only two days from Halloween, when William's drug trade hit an all time high with the approaching Bloodmoon. Without warning, Corvin's assassins attacked William's home that night. His gang managed to hold the monsters at bay for some time, while William attempted to get rid of the blood himself. As the vampires broke through his front door, William panicked and wound up drinking Lord Corvin's blood, just as he was viciously mauled by the creatures.

Drained of blood, and presumed dead. The vampires dumped William's body in an open grave in the Vibora Bay Cemetery, and buried him. But something had awakened in the former drug dealer's corpse. The Vampire Elder's blood was still in his system when he died, this was more then enough to resurrect William as a vampire, however something was very different. Seconds after his burial, the vampires detected the ground rumbling beneath the make-shift grave. In a burst of hellish fury, William erupted from the ground and into the air, sprouting large wings and claws, his skin darkening into a stone blue color. In blind rage, the newborn vampire descended on his killers. Using his new wings to impale one and decapitate the other. After taking his first victims, Thorne took time to examine his new form, and new powers. He had never expected this reaction in him from just blood alone, but he no longer cared, in fact, he enjoyed it. Overcome by thirst, he took to the night-time skies and hunted down a few more victims, this time innocent civilians. His hunger sated, he decided to return to his home before sunrise to rest.

He was met by his former crew, only half of them survived the attack, and were just collecting their dead when William found them. He wanted vengeance for his death and that of his fallen, a sentiment the other gang members shared. William promised them the same power he discovered, and the means to take the fight to their attackers on an equal battle field. It was on that night that William sired his employees. Transforming them into vampires, although of lesser degree then himself.

The newly formed Thorne Coven then stowed away on a carrier plane for London. Once they reached their destination, they were quick to start trouble with Lord Corvin's forces. For months the two vampire clans fought, with random confrontations from Monster Hunters. The battle cultivated to one final confrontation between Thorne and his "sire". A duel which saw to Lord Corvin's demise and William's rise into lordship. William however had little concern for the world of vampire politics, and opted to return to America, taking half of Corvin's forces with him. Once they had returned, William decided to remain away from Vibora Bay. Instead choosing to remain mobile with his coven, and traveling to locations with less competition for food. To this day, Thorne has established small roosting areas around the United States, and has kept his clan well fed and undetected. He one day aspires to travel to Millennium City, as "Meta-Blood" seems to be more valuable..


Advanced Vampirism: William possesses all the powers and attributes of a high level Vampire. What would take most vampires several centuries to obtain is directly at his fingertips since day one. As such, he is even more powerful and resilient then most vampire breeds. With all traditional Vampire powers being present.

Supernatural Attributes: William is capable of lifting up to at least 20 tons when the perfect conditions are met (I.E No sunlight, well fed ect.). He can outrun even the best of Olympic humans, his only challenge being metahuman speedsters. He can leap over 15 feet into the air and cling to most surfaces.

Healing Factor: As a vampire, William has a very high rate of healing, rendering most standard weaponry useless against him. Most injuries would take seconds or minutes to heal. The strength of the healing factor depends entirely on what weapons are used and how well-fed William is. This has also made him immune to most mortal diseases and poisons.

Claws: Thorne's vampiric claws allow him to rend and tear his foes with bestial fury. These weapons allow him to shred weaker forms of armor. He can also shred steel plating.

Shapeshifting: William hasn't explored these powers as of yet, but it can be expected he is able to shift into the same forms most Vampire Elders are capable of, such as mist and a swarm of bats.

Manipulation And Hypnosis: Thorne can hypnotize most humans into doing his bidding or willingly be bitten themselves. The degrees of effect he has depends on the willpower of the individual.

Summoning: He has only used this power on one occasion, but Thorne can summon large swarms of bats to attack his enemies in a frenzy of claws, wings and fangs.

Senses: William has an incredible sense of smell, he also possesses an Aura Sense. Along with this, his hearing has been enhanced as well, he can detect even the faintest of heartbeats.

Blood Magic: The Arcane isn't exactly William's strongsuit, however he is capable of applying blood magic to combat roles. He can spew a blood mist that can be hardened and controlled if inhaled by an enemy.

The rest of these powers are still being discovered.

Bat Physiology: Along with his already established vampiric abilities, William's appearance now resembles a humanoid bat creature. This appearance isn't just a look, however, as several powers can be associated with this change. It is unknown if Thorne can revert into human form or not.

William Thorne Wings.jpg

Wings: These large wings act as both transportation and as weapons. As a vampire, William can naturally fly unaided, however these wings act as the driving force, propelling him at superhuman speeds. When in a fight, the tips of the wings grow into spear-like appendages. The membrane of the wings recede, leaving the "index" bones as sharp weapons, frequently used for impaling, eviscerating and cutting.

Echolocation: William is able to detect certain details at night with this power. He can navigate blinded if he has to.


Inexperience: Despite having power levels on par with most elder vampires, William lacks the knowledge to use most of them to their full potential, such knowledge could take centuries to master. This places him at a disadvantage with those who attained their elder status naturally.

Vampirism Weaknesses: Being a vampire has it's cons as well. Despite being more resilient then a run of the mill vampire, he can still be affected by these weaknesses. He can be killed by decapitation or removal of the heart, sunlight severely weakens his powers, his reliance on blood can also weaken him if caught in a famished state. A stake through the heart will immobilize him, but not kill him. Religious Symbols can repel him if the faith of the one wielding it is strong enough. Fire can also damage him badly.

Detection: William isn't exactly hard to spot in a crowd, this gives him a disadvantage to the vampires who can revert forms. Other then this, William has no reflection, he can't appear on photographs or on mirrors. Those who can sense Undead presences can easily find him as well.

RP Hooks

  • William can indeed sire vampires of his own. However he must make sure he can trust who he's giving power to. Additionally, the effects of his vampirism varies on how much of his blood one drinks during the process. He has yet to create one of equal power to him.
  • While not caring about Vampire Politics, he will aid other vampires if he is given reason. Even to the point of aiding other Lords.
  • William has some bad blood when it comes to Werewolves. His father was mauled by The Dogz, and his vampiric nature doesn't help the situation at all. While not considering them to be mindless animals like his peers, William won't hesitate to kill a lone Werewolf if they disturb his coven.
  • William's form of Vampirism seems to be unlike any other known before. This may leave him and his clan of interest to many who either study, or hunt vampires.


  • William Thorne's vampire is a direct inspiration from Underworld Evolution's Marcus Corvinus. The name "Lord Corvin" is also a direct nod to the franchise.
  • Thorne is the first vampire character in my roster, and the first villain of my Second Generation Character Series.
  • Given the definition of a Vampiric Ghoul as a human who drinks vampire blood for benefits. William may end up being an odd mixture of both species, granted that he died after drinking vampire blood.