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Player: User:Jade Defender
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Tritonius
Known Aliases: Prince Triton, Killian
Species: Merfolk
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: Appears to be around 28 in human years.((322: Mer))
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: King Triton (Father), Amphyreas (Mother), Andramadas (Deceased: Brother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Olympian class Strength, Speed and Endurance. Keen Vision (known to see in total darkness) and nearly Supernatural hearing (thought to be Sonar related) Mastery over "Storm" and "Sea" magics. The Portfolio of Primal Storms (Immortality, and "perfect" form, significant increase in senses, and inter-dimensional travel, Significantly increased command over the elements of Water, Wind, and Electricity!)
Prince's Golden Crown of Merridia, Bracers of the Deep.
Was Blessed by the Titan Oceanus, during his travels, and carries the boon of Demigod-dom, upon his return to his own realm, Poseidon, granted him the portfolio of "Demigod of Storms".

(Work in Progress)

(Warning: Mature RP)

The Tides of Change (Origins)

Tritonius was not destined for great things, his original name was Killian, and his brother was heir to the empire of their deity-like father King Triton. Andramadas, was in every way the symbol and son that Triton needed for his great sea kingdom of the Atlantic. Andramadas aspired to and inspired greatness in all. Killian too, revered his brother and loved him greatly, knowing that when his time came, Andramadas would usher in a legacy easilly a match to their father's. Killian spent his time, learning diplomacy and became a priest of Poseidon, harnassing the mystical currents and the ties to the primal elements. All was as perfect as it could be...

Tragedy can strike even the greatest of heroes, and a series of events spiraled out of control for Andramadas, as his heart knew love, and his father could not abide the union... Andramadas was consumed in intrigue and dangers he could not have foreseen, and his devotion to his heart, lead him to betray his father, and renounce his empire. Triton Raged, and sought to punish his son, but by the mercy of his mother and the council of his youngest son Killian, instead allowed his youngest son to reclaim his brother, and bring the will of Poseidon and his love to banish the darkness in Andramadas' eyes.

Killian Sought out to bring his brother home, that he may walk the halls of his Palace's to ride the currents of their homeland again, and still the rage that had consumed Andramadas... it was a romantic idea.

Andramadas had begun his own empire, had sought reign over the lesser creatures of the sea, had been brought low by darkness and consumed with hatred for his father and his empire. Killian's confrontation with his brother, shook him to his core, he fought to see something of his brother within the bleak eyes that judged him, but found that only hatred and darkness had purchase there..

Killian was imprisoned by his brother, and was brought to be executed, before Andramadas' armies, to instill upon them his convictions to the cause, but truly Andramadas sought the approval and blessings of forgotten Gods of the Deep. Killian made alliances with other prisoners, there int he pits of Andramadas' hold. Their he held Atlantean and Mer Warriors alike, in dangerously unsanitary conditions. Valiant warriors, hearts burned with the chance to seek freedom and usurp the pretender prince Andramadas had become, and when destiny called... they found the courage and the mettle to rise against Andramadas.

It was Killian himself who sought out his brother, staying the blades of his comrades, Killian attempted to plead to his brother one last time. Andramadas gave his brother purchase to speak to him privately, and in his purity Killian believed his brothers intentions. Once they were alone Andramadas assailed Killian, and his hidden mistress, used her dark magics of the Gods of the Deep, to bring Killian a breath from Deaths door. Betrayed and injured Killian's heart burned with the pain of his brothers loss, for their was clearly no return for Andramadas now, and Killian invoked with his dying breath, the will of Poseidon.


Bards sing of the glory that rode into the trenches of Andramadas' dark hold then. The warriors that fought with Killian to usurp the Pretender Prince, could only describe the awesome power in which they felt overrode the dark temple, as truly awakening one to just how small one was before the might of the Gods.

Killian never spoke of what happened next to anyone but his father, and upon the news, and the wellbeing of his only remaining son, Triton re-named his son Killian Tritonius, in honor of his service to his empire and the love Poseidon had shown him. From this day on, Tritonius was the heralded Heir to Triton's empire, and has been educated heavilly by his father and his retinue's on what it means to uphold the grace of your people, while enforcing their right to peace and prosperity.

Emergence (Story)

Tritonius stood at the surface, the plane of existance, that seperated his world of the deep from the alien world of the light. This was a momentous occasion. The gathered Merfolk, paused and searched the prince's counternance, searched him for courage, they too needed. Tritonius stared in awe at the shimmering spectacle the surface presented from the shallows, stared in awe as the light rippled like a mirrored dancing creature, carefree and lulling. The awe was shared by them all. Tritonius took a moment to appreciate the beauty of what he saw, he was after all stepping into another world, and what a beautiful omen to cross to do so. All around them the Merfolk could see the Atlanteans breaking the plane, sending wild cascading mirror-like light dancing in every direction across the surface. The bards would sing of this, Tritonius knew, he could see... could feel the sea's energy, its joy... what they were doing would forever change everything.

Tritonius broke surface, stopping mid waist level to regard himself, he watched for the first time, as the sea "fell" from him, watched it slide and stream from his body, to rejoin itself in the sea. The gravity of this display was not lost on him, it reminded him all too well that this new world was that alien... that even the great and nurturing sea, would not, or could not follow. The spectacle was indeed beautiful however, and the Prince stopped to savor the moment, as his compatriots and loyal allies shared with him this strange new experience.

Ahead of him, through the glimmer and haze of seeing the unfiltered sun for the first time, felt its warmth, and the breeze, sensually cool and warmly caressing as any sea current. Tritonius saw them gathering. The Atlanteans were heralding Poseidon's call... were gathering around the one who the sea had loved enough to send out the call for aid. Tritonius was eager to know himself. Looking back to his people, who were similarly sharing in the sensations that had brought him to such awe, he cast them a broad and courageous smile, he turned and made his way to the gathering.

The sand was different here, he felt heavier, without the sweet caress of the sea's embrace, each step lumbered heavier, and his feet sank deeply into the beach. He noticed all these things, the sounds were different, everything sounded so "sharp' so stingingly cacophonic. The coil of the sea's music was nowhere to hush, and to soften the sounds. The young princes eyes were adjusting well, the permeating glow that ebbed around all things, was receding. The mass of peoples gathered among the stones of "land", gathered around the one, he could see, began to take form, he could nearly count them. Behind them, through the haze, he could see tall pillars, spiraling into heights. He broke tide, and stepped completely free of the sea... he paused to notice how the sand spread, and caved to his weight, saw the water lap away, and retreat, only to return a moment later, like it was licking, caressing the land... coaxing it to come into the loving embrace of the sea. Promising untold sensations of another world. Tritonius knew that world, and the lull was strong in his heart... the will to return, was almost overpowering... like leaving behind the better part of yourself.

Again Tritonius took a moment to regard his people, stepping from the sea, their lithe forms glistening in the light of the surface world, their bodies strangely aglow with the mirrored light of the sun, as they took purchase of this new world. The young prince breathed deeply, and though it was not like the full, sweet breath of the sea, it wasn't unpleasant... though something about this new world was strangely wrong, the air didn't feel right.

The prince cast out his arms, droplets of the sea cascading from his form as he closed his eyes, and faced his people, tilting his head back, he breathed deep again, and as he finished the long exhale, he lowered his eyes back to them. He took note of the concern, the anxiety of their faces, felt their reservations about everything.

"You all felt the all father's call..." He started, his voice was booming, it had a new sense of power to it, one he had not expected.

"You are his children, as we are all..." he searched their faces, sensing the growing morale, the gravity of his words weighed upon their minds.

"Let us go forth and meet the one who has sent out the call... let us go forth and discover this new world... Let us go forth and do his will." With the last, steely reserve had replaced the concern of their faces, they had faith in Poseidon, and could bear any strangeness, any tribulation in his name.

Tritonius turned from the Merfolk, and continued up the beach, his vision was clearing further, a sharpness was to be seen, he could identify males from females, and warriors from priests. They were all here, some faces he recognized of the Atlanteans, from his travels to their great city. Some he could only identify their heritage, as he passed within reach of them, recognizing their families blood, from their appearances. Tritonius was a scholar in many histories and cultures, and from the stories... or the great persons he had met, he could identify their descendants. Tritonius, reverantly nodded to the ones he recognized, and smiled to those he did not, passing by them, to the center.

Some of the Atlanteans watched the Merfolk approach with wonder and awe, some with disdain, and concern, others with steely indifferance. The Mer prince bore himself proudly as they made way for them. The tension and surprise their presence brought was not wasted on Tritonius. It was becoming clear to him, that it was an Atlantean, that made the call... that the all father had blessed one of them with his boon of aid. The Atlanteans had a shaky alliance with the Merfolk of the deeps, and even that was not with them all, many of his peoples were as varied as any human nations, and most saw the Atlanteans with disdain... the returned, apprehension was only justified he supposed.

As Tritonius cleared the many gathered warriors, the mystics and the sages, the scientists and the scholars, the priests and the laymen, he was aware that an Army had answered the call, and this truly was a momentous occasion. He was able to see three figures slightly separated from the others, one of which fell away, to join his companions in the crowd, after shaking a male Atlantean's hand. Tritonius vision finely cleared completely, as he strode the last few feet to the one. The last foggy edges burned away, and Tritonius could see see the strong, frame of an Atlantean warrior, his dark skin contrasted by his sea foam hair, that fell about his jaw in dirty locks, sand still clinging to it. He had clearly been in a battle, and bore the marks, though recently healed. Tritonius had been eager to meet the one... to support and guide them in their service to the all father, but he was not prepared to be staring an old childhood friend in the face.

"Leviathas..?" Tritonius managed in amazement, recognizing the warrior, his eyes then fell on the smaller figure of Nereidia, his lifetime companion.

Tritonius had not seen the duo, since he was younger, they had ran off together during a celebration in Atlantis, and the duo had showed him the city from the peoples eyes, and they had a wonderful adventure of it, Andramadas had chastised him sternly for his disappearance and his father had been seething... but Tritonius had gotten away from the trappings of royalty for a day, and had made fast friends with the Atlantean children. His mind had wandered to them and their adventures many times since then, and often he had imagined what new adventures they had experienced since.

The two did not quite realize themselves who it was before them, Tritonius' long deep sea green hair was pinned up in royal fashion, with coral stalks, and he wore the Royal gown of the Archdai, highest priest of Poseidon. Tritonius' eyes shown with the gathered power of the Storms... as they had not when he was a child. Tritonius stared at them a moment as they searched each others faces, and looked back to the Mer Prince. He then reached up and took the stalks from his hair letting it cascade down, he still wore it as he did ages ago, when he had ran off with the sea foam children of Atlantis.

"Prince... Killian...?" Neredia began quizzically, having found his resemblance in her memories.

Tritonius smile broadened, and his heart lifted, they remembered him...

"Prince Tritonius" Leviathas corrected her, having known about the tragedy of Andramadas, and the new Heir to the Atlantic Empire of Merridia.

Tritonius met his eyes then, and something passed there between the two men, something only men of their stature could share, and childhood smiles broke their grave counternances. Childhood memories flooded them all, and the worries of their lives fell away for a moment. The three shared a laugh together. The trio embracing again on the sunset beaches of the new world, for the first time in ages, and all was right with the universe.

Sojourn (Story)

Tritonius raised his weary head, the feeble maneuver taking nearly every fiber of his being. He was wracked in lancing pain. He lifted himself soakingly from the hard coral fragments, beads of cool water danced off of him, spiraling away into the air, without gravity. His "vessel" was shattered like glass now below him. The pattern of the deck of the enchanted vessel was spread out like a web, deep scarred lines stretching out in long splintered cracks. He placed a sore arm below himself, and heaved his upper body to purview what had happened, the mess of the deck, crunched with crackling protest under his shifted weight. All around him, outside, the universe raged in chaos. Ethereal waves of candescent magic whirled with ocean spray and howling winds. Dancing colors of light streamed endlessly into new hues of every pigment, through crackiling energy storms and nebula-like formations. The song it created was soothing, but monstrous, he found solace however, within the turmoil. Nothing was of sound condition, the fragment of the Lordenkanzer he was upon, was hurtling through time and space, spheres of light, of the many worlds within creations boundaries flashed past him, in a whirl as the shards of what had used to be the observation deck, were flung through the cosmos...

What a disaster this had become! How had they misjudged so severely? The lives of the devoted, dedicated, pure men and women, were now forfeit! Had they met a worse fate? Or had they, like him, been sent careening through creation, outside of the material planes, hurtling through oblivion...?

Agony shot through his body, as he tried feverently to regain more composure. He tried to lift himself, to take purchase of his situation... Throbbing pain, lanced through him, his every nerve shot with shock, his physical body overcome from the massive backfire of their magics. He felt as though he had been struck by a God. Somehow the torrents of Cosmic Energies that raged around the fragments were not unraveling his essence into oblivion, their chaotic energies, were destructive, and all powerful. He wasn't providing this miracle... so how....?

As the broken world that was now his only reality, continued to hurl out of control, a light began to spin about him. As its dull glow broadened, he realized he was growing nearer to a single source. Its Majestic illumination spiraling all about him, due to the condition of his "vessel" as its grew nearer. Somehow, he found peace there... Staring into that glow, as it danced around him. Something inside him, beneath the sore muscles, beyond the quaking mind in shock, and doubts. Beneath his fevered breaths, he knew, this was supposed to be...

"Killian Karunesh. You seek that which does not wish to be sought... Your bravery and your devotion has not gone unnoticed... In time, as will tell, you may prove yourself worthy of that which you seek."

The voice was several together, like an angelic chorus. He found new energy in their words, as if they wished to console him, and give him the spark of hope needed to drive on through the disaster. They came from no where and everywhere at once. He found his doubts banishing, and new resolve fill his broken mind.

There was something out there... past where creation ended. The void was only the gauntlet... Only time could tell, what and who awaited on the other side.

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