Tirithian Empire

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Milky Way
Government Type:
Imperial Dictatorship
Scutum Crux Arm, Outer territories of the Sagittarius Arm
Intentions Toward Humanity:
The prosperity of their people through the galactic expansion of their knowledge and culture through pacification of Hostile territories.
Propulsion Tech Level:
Military Tech Level:
Weaponry is limited to starships (much of which is acquired through the pacification of other species)
Medical Tech Level:
Paranormal Horticulture and nano-technology with biological molecular bonding
Computer Tech Level:
Lyrium Crystal light encryption (Nickle sized crystal 'coin') houses 500tb of astral/digital information
Superpowered Population Level:
Tirithians have a photo-voltaic biology, being nourished by their bodies ability to fuel itself from ambient light radiation. These beings respond differently to differing spectroscopy of light 'color' radiation.
Physical Description:
Tirithians are a form of Terranus Major, and thusly qualify as "terrans" to the Galaxy at large. They appear much like terrans (humans) of Earth do. Bipedal humanoids, with two arms, from the upper regions of a torsoed trunk and two legs as the primary form of locomotion from their lower torso. Their head resembles that of a human, with hair that varies in color from deep shades of black to brown, red, golden, and white. They have two ears on either side of their head, as well as two eyes situated above a single nose with twin nostrils, which rests above a single horizontal mouth. The eyes of Tirithians tend to take on the color of the radiation they have absorbed the most of, and begin to even glow (emitting light) when they have stored up a great deal of radiation.

Only the mighty shall inherit...

The War-machine

The Tirithian Empire is a conglomerate empire of many races, controlled and mastered by the racist and oppressive super-powered Tirithian race. Lead by their Emperor Malek Zor'em, or more commonly known as The Tyrant, the Tirithian Empire is a "war machine" of supernatural beings who delight in wrecking devastation and bringing worlds to their knees. Of course not every Tirithian is naturally 'evil' but they either choose or are forced to serve a master with no qualms about using his power and superiority to subjugate other peoples.


Using advanced and even stolen technologies, Malek transformed his world Tirithia, from a peaceful world of enlightenment to one of industrial warmaking. He waged a war so diabolical and well wrought that Tirithia became his, and he literally transformed their sun into an unstable Red Giant, poisoning his people into submission (and causing global genocide). After bringing the world to the brink of extermination he sent his loyal enforcers to collect his enemies, and naysayers to his right to rule; executing or imprisoning them in exchange for sparing their followers, he then re-transformed the sun into a Golden Yellow Giant. This made his remaining people into super-powered beings, on par with gods of the pantheons, and the Tirithians, became known to the galactic civililizations as cruel soldiers, and warmongers, embracing fear, and terrorism to steal and demand what they wanted.

Malek's dark plans grew beyond his own world, empowered by the yellow sun he and all Tirithians were effectively immortal, seeming to no longer age, he became the Emperor to Tirithians, and The Tyrant to the galaxy at large. he and his scientists used their knowledge of Star terraforming to create miniature stars that his warriors and generals could 'wear' into battle ensuring that the Tirithians retained their status and power regardless of where they were. The Sunwell's began a stage of terror for the neighboring systems to the Tirithians who had enjoyed a prosperous history of trade with the former Tirithian race. The Empire began a galactic conquest of neighboring systems, using the same dark tools, to overthrow other races, stealing technologies from crippled peoples, and transforming these new systems into yellow dwarf systems, even to the detriment of the star systems ecologies and environments. The Stellar fallout of Malek's action had reaching effects, and the systems suffered greatly under his ruthless hand. Imperial space grew exponentially and the Tirithians became a Galactic threat to the Consortium and other independant worlds. Dilpomatic envoys were sent to parlay with the ruthless master of the Empire, but all peaceful negotiators were executed and the Tirithians marched on through space. Only Malek's demands would be met, there would be no compromise with lesser beings. Freedom fighters rose up and inspired rebellions to slow the advance of the war-machine and the Consortium even secretly funded many of these last-stands, however, the sheer brutality and callous assaults waged by the Empire could not be matched by technology alone. Even the famed Star-guard's efforts only managed to slow the pace at which the war-machine captured star-after-star. The Tirithians maintained their godlike power, and seemed unstoppable...

And Now...

Now, messengers whisper to The Tyrant that Kalek's legacy lives on, that he sired children and that he taught them to avenge his people, and bring order to the galaxy. So agents have begun to scour the galaxy seeking any such evidence as to these claims, and always seeking new frontiers for conquest...

Races of the Tirithian Empire.

  • The Fex Felinoid species from Fexoa. Calm, polite and honest.
  • The Gadroon A batrachioid race who utilize gravitic technolgy to enslave and terraform new worlds.
  • The Roin'esh A shape-shifting humanoid species that are natural deceivers and invaders.
  • The Ackalians An Ogre-esque species that are large and powerful, and talented natural hunters.
  • The Belaxians Short (3-4ft) reptilian species with bony scales, known for their great strength and competitive nature.
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