The Snowbirds

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Named after a theme around quick support and peace-keeping measures opposed to brute force, The Snowbirds were initially a coalition of metahuman and peak human members, privately-established in Montreal in 1984 by Raymond Badeau (Entourage) and Robert Lemmond (Triage); lacking government support or initiative until two years following. By 1986, the loose and sometimes unstable coalition of revolving masked identities become a true established super group; retaining four core members during their era known as "The Good Six" while receiving funding as a semi-national hero force that worked within Quebec and Ontario.

By the time the new decade rolled over Entourage, Triage and Silver Ghost parted ways with The Snowbirds for personal reasons and endeavors, prompting a new line up of heroic identities to work within the super group name throughout the 1990's and 2000's. The 1992 events in and around the attack on Detroit by the hand of Doctor Destroyer forced the group to evolve from its previous peace-keeping, defensive upbringing and became a more proactive band that expanded their base of operations across the entire country when requested. The Snowbirds periodically accompanied and assisted the rising Toronto-based Canadian superteam StarForce, especially involving VIPER, though sought no effort to match their or other rising group's level of national recognition. In 2012 shortly after recruiting the son of Triage, the super group officially disbanded through mutual decision.


1984-1990 "The Good Six"

  • Entourage: Raymond Badeau was a found member, born in Quebec City as a metahuman with the ability to duplicate himself. Raymond left the group in 1989, and eventually died in 2007 of an accidental drug overdose.
  • Triage: Robert Lemmond was a founding member, born in Montreal as a metahuman with the ability to regenerate the physical injuries of others through physical touch. He was also valued as an excellent pilot and navigator. Robert left the group in 1990 to concentrate on raising a family under his secret identity. He is the father of Foreshock.
  • The Silver Ghost: Ingrid Jennson was an original and long-time member during the The Good Six; North Bay born martial-artist expert and mocking 'femme fatale'. Like-minded to Robert's change of priority, Ingrid left the group in 1990 to raise a family.
  • Greenman: Paul Soroka was an original member of the Snowbirds, receiving his Chlorokinetic abilities and rapport with nature after exposed to rare laboratory toxins.
  • Short-term and revolving members during this time frame include Petit Rouge, Lock-On and Veil.


  • Greenman: The only original member to continue into the new decade, Paul was deemed the team leader until his departure in 1992 shortly after Detroit, suffering from PTSD.
  • Tech-Miss: Moira Lavigne, metahuman technopath and much appreciated coordinator and inventor.
  • Palisade: Liam Fuller served as the super strong and invulnerable tank, leading into offensive maneuvers.
  • The Cardinal: Derek White, Hamilton-born Olympic-level archer and skilled marksman.
  • Foreshock: Antoine Lemmond was last member to join the group before its demise in 2012. He is the metahuman son of Robert Lemmond.
  • Short-term and revolving members during this time frame include Aeronaut, Psystrom, Leap-Frog and Major Canada.