The Lovecraftian Man

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The Inconceivable
Lovecraftian Man
The Dread From The Deep
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"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."
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Super Group
Heroic Horror
· Other Affiliations ·
The Deep
Real Name
Warren Blackmoore/Epigoth the Inconceivable
The Dread From The Deep, The Eldritch Enforcer, The Banished One, The Waking Nightmare
12th May 1986/???
London, England/The Deep
Flag ENG.png English Citizenship Flag USA.png Legal U.S Immigrant
Vibora Bay, FL
The Slithering Sanctum
Non-Fiction Writer

Occult Archaeologist

Legal Status
Wanted Vigilante
Unregistered Supernatural
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Robert Blackmoore (Father, Deceased), Anita Blackmoore (Mother)
Physical Traits
Human/Eldritch Abomination
Caucasian (Usually)
Apparent Age
Body Type
Spindly, Lean (Warren)
Muscular, Hulking (Epigoth)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Somewhat Sickly and Gaunt (Warren)
'Lovecraftian' Appearance (Epigoth)
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Shapeshifting - Telepathy - Superhuman Strength - Superhuman Durability - Flight - Healing Factor - Immortality - Enhanced Senses - Self Sustenance - Portal Creation - Shattering Stare - Soul Consumption - Precognition - Supernatural Awareness - Unnatural Presence - Eldritch Physiology - Paranormal Vision
· Equipment ·
The Slithering Sanctum
· Other Abilities ·
Occultism - Literary Knowledge - Multilingualism

A timid horror writer with a love for the occult, Warren Blackmoore's passing interest in all things supernatural took on a slightly more tangible edge with the discovery that his late father was actually a practitioner of dark magic. After unwittingly breaking a mystical, extra-dimensional seal while investigating his father's sanctum, Warren released the banished eldritch creature known as Epigoth the Inconceivable into our world. Seeking revenge on the beings who had betrayed him to Robert Blackmoore, the severely weakened Epigoth merged with the terrified Warren to become the Lovecraftian Man. Now, with both minds sharing the same form, consciousness and morality, Epigoth and Warren begrudgingly cooperate to protect our world from the various sorcerers, supernatural beings and cosmic horrors seeking to destroy it.

Defined by their conflicting personalities and ideologies, Warren and Epigoth are at each others throats almost as much as they're at the throats of their many enemies. With Warren's conscience keeping Epigoth in tow and Epigoth's mystical knowledge and power, however, the two parts combine to make a dangerously effective whole. As the Lovecraftian Man, they embody the very essence of human fear and use that to their advantage with terrifying results.



"So many mortals get a paltry taste of power and immediately fall prone to its seductive charms. To them we extend our pity and our sincerest warnings: do not challenge us. Do not invite the wrath of true power." - Epigoth the Inconceivable


"We possess many forms. Your only knowledge of our physiology is that which we desire you to perceive." - Epigoth the Inconceivable

Though limited by his presence in this dimension, his severely reduced level of power and his union with Warren Blackmoore, the Lovecraftian Man is capable of altering and transforming his body on a deeply intricate level, effectively allowing him full control over his own anatomy and appearance. The Lovecraftian Man can apply his cosmic mastery over his own form to take on the 'humanoid friendly' appearance he usually adopts, mimic other living organisms on a molecular level, alter his size and shape to grotesque proportions, take on deeply fearsome appearances, mimic the superhuman power of elasticity, grow new appendages, reshape his limbs into weapons and even take on an appearance more akin to his natural one. With a malleable, amorphous physiology capable of being molded to suit almost any situation, the Lovecraftian Man's shapeshifting is more or less the result of his eldritch physiology and is responsible for the majority of his other physical powers, including his strength and durability, his regenerative healing factor and his self-sustenance.

Due to the aforementioned limitations on his true power, however, the Lovecraftian Man is incapable of maintaining physical forms which exceed his own humanoid size or power for extended periods of time without total concentration. Likewise, he has an equally difficult time maintaining forms of a size significantly smaller than his own. Beyond that, however, the Lovecraftian Man's shapeshifting abilities know very few weaknesses and even fewer limits.


"The dark recesses of Epigoth's mind shouldn't be shared with anyone. Trust me: it's all I can stand to retain my sanity sharing a consciousness with him. It's a cruel joke that he possesses telepathic powers." - Warren Blackmoore

Equally as formidable as his shapeshifting, the Lovecraftian Man's power of telepathy is only strengthened by the indescribable pit of cosmic horror that is his own mind. It would not be a stretch to say that he may just be one of the most fearsome telepaths on the planet, if not thanks to raw power then because of the truly terrifying effects a simple projection of his own thoughts onto another mind can have on most creatures. The most common use of the Lovecraftian Man's telepathy is to psionically communicate with humanoids despite his inability to physically replicate their vocal patterns when in his willfully grotesque 'humanoid' form. By far the least intrusive use of his power, communicating with the Lovecraftian Man through this channel can still give anyone unfortunate enough to have to talk to him 'goosebumps'.

Psychic communication aside, however, the Lovecraftian Man's use of his telepathic powers borders on the cruel and unusual. Among the many applications of his telepathy, the Lovecraftian Man has been known to invade the minds of his victims, causing them to drown in their darkest fears and most traumatic moments. He has also been known to read thoughts, launch telepathic assaults, protect or cloak himself against psychic intrusion, project psychic illusions and the thoughts of himself or others, temporarily possess or control the minds of others, induce unconscious or comatose states, alter or wipe memories, track particular thought patterns, instantly learn new languages or information, implant memories, emotions and thoughts, perceive through the senses of another person and more. The upper limits of the Lovecraftian Man's telepathic powers have yet to be fully understood.

Though shapeshifting may be his more blatant superpower, the Lovecraftian Man's telepathy is by far his most effective and the only thing stopping him from remorselessly using it with little regard for the mental states of his victims is the morality of Warren Blackmoore. Still, reports of some criminals involved with occultism and the odd spellcaster being found babbling incoherently, screaming uncontrollably or in completely vegetative states are evidence of just how dangerously potent the Lovecraftian Man's telepathy can be.

Superhuman Strength: The Lovecraftian Man is capable of a number of feats of strength which place him on the level of the average metahuman brick. Though he is held back by his humanoid form and his unity with Warren Blackmoore, the Lovecraftian Man has been shown to be capable of lifting up to 15 tons in his standard form and far more than that when taking on more gargantuan forms. As such, his actual limit is subject to change.

Superhuman Durability: The Lovecraftian Man is more or less impervious to physical harm, largely due to his own amorphous body. Most man-made projectiles simply pass through his body without doing any real damage or break against his skin, depending on whether or not he is using his shapeshifting powers to harden his form. He is far and away more susceptible to non-physical attacks and magic.

Flight: Using his bio-morphed 'cape' as wings, the Lovecraftian Man is able to achieve flight in his humanoid form. Though he can move faster if and when he needs to, he is usually recorded moving at relatively pedestrian speeds, more akin to a car than any flying vehicle.

Healing Factor: A result of his total control over his own physiology, the Lovecraftian Man seems capable of regenerating from almost any injury with inhuman speed. Burns, cuts, scars, bruises, amputation, decapitation, dismemberment, evisceration and even incineration only seem to slow him down for the most part and he has shown himself capable of regenerating from something as insignificant as a single tentacle. The only known way of keeping him from coming back seems to be to completely dissolve him in water or to use powerful magic on him. He is also completely immune to any human diseases, bacteria, viruses or poisons.

Immortality: The Lovecraftian Man (and, by extension, Warren Blackmoore) cannot age or permanently die through normal means. All injuries eventually heal. Death is only a fleeting reminder to be more careful. The only way to put him down for good is through the use of water or cosmic and mystical forces.

Enhanced Senses: The Lovecraftian Man has senses of hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight which far exceed human levels. He also possesses various extrasensory abilities, such as his supernatural awareness and his precognition.

Self-Sustenance: The Lovecraftian Man has no need of food, water, oxygen or bodily functions. As a result of their 'merger', Warren Blackmoore does not strictly require any of those things either, but is still suspect to starving, dehydrating or asphyxiating due to his own psychological limitations.

Portal Creation: By utilising his connection to the Deep and his lordship over the Slithering Sanctum, the Lovecraftian Man is capable of creating dimensional portals which either transport himself or others to the Deep or cut through the Deep to allow for teleportation across great distances or dimensions. He tends to use this power to expedite long trips, access the Deep and the Slithering Sanctum or banish eldritch abominations (or, in some cases, unfortunate humans) to the writhing plane of cosmic horror that is the Deep.

Shattering Stare: Perhaps one of his most dangerous powers, the Lovecraftian Man is able to use his own eldritch physiology to shatter the minds of certain people just by staring into their eyes. This power typically only disorients or temporarily incapacitates those with a strong enough will, but to those with the misfortune not to possess a will strong enough, staring too deeply into a willing Lovecraftian Man's eyes causes flashes of horrific, unholy images to surge through their minds, ultimately tearing their psyche to pieces and leaving them as little more than quivering, weeping messes. It is possible to recover from this pitiful state through the use of magic, though not without some lingering effects.

Soul Consumption: Though he usually refrains from doing it due to Warren Blackmoore's strong protestations, the Lovecraftian Man is wholly capable of pulling on a significantly subdued person's soul and consuming it through close proximity. By doing this, he is able to gain access to that person's memories, skills and, in some temporary cases, powers. He can also hold onto a soul inside his body without fully consuming it, allowing that person to live on inside of him for however long he chooses to keep them there. This can be useful for gaining information from the recently deceased. In addition, souls can be released to the afterlife instead of being consumed, which is just as well for the innocent deceased since anyone unlucky enough to have his or her soul devoured by the Lovecraftian Man would simply cease to exist without transcending to any higher plane of existence. Soul consumption is a difficult, time-consuming process which can easily be interrupted by someone strong enough to resist its effects or a third party. It is not known if the Lovecraftian Man actually needs to devour souls to survive, but he has been shown to derive great pleasure from the act

Precognition: Typically coming to Warren Blackmoore in the form of dreams rather than the Lovecraftian Man, occasional, involuntary glimpses into the future can give insight into upcoming significant events in the mystical world and surrounding the hero's own fate.

Supernatural Awareness: Considered to be his 'sixth sense', the Lovecraftian Man is capable of detecting nearby supernatural activity, tracking significant supernatural beings and, in special cases, perceiving threats and changes to the mystical world at large.

Unnatural Presence: There is always something 'off' about the Lovecraftian Man and while it can usually just be discounted as his being creepy, he actually projects a constant aura of otherworldly 'wrongness' which causes anxiety and discomfort even in his allies -- especially if they are attuned to magic and the supernatural. This same aura means that any magic user of notable talent is capable of detecting his presence within a rather large radius.

Eldritch Physiology: In addition to granting him many of the abilities he regularly uses in and out of battle, the Lovecraftian Man's eldritch physiology also includes a number of other features. His blood, when shed, is corrosive and dangerous to exposed skin and even some more durable materials. When he does peel back his tentacles to reveal the mouth beneath, the Lovecraftian Man's breath is so rancid and unnatural that it can cause instant nausea and even fainting in the faint of heart. His skin is slick and slimy to the touch and almost squishy when not hardened. The exception to this is his claws, which are durable enough to slice through most metals. Lastly, the Lovecraftian Man, like most eldritch creatures, possesses a second heart placed somewhere in his body. If both hearts are simultaneously pierced (not destroyed, but pierced), he is killed instantly and will not regenerate from his injuries unless the offending object is removed.

Paranormal Vision

"I've seen through Epigoth's eyes...I just don't know how to describe what I saw. I try writing it down but then I blink and the words don't make any sense..." - Warren Blackmoore

A result of his eldritch physiology, the Lovecraftian Man is capable of seeing and perceiving various cosmic energies and forces far outside of human ranges. Collectively referred to as 'Paranormal Vision' by Warren Blackmoore, the Lovecraftian Man is capable of perceiving the astral energy which resonates from various overlapping dimensions and otherworldly beings, the immortal souls of creatures that possess them and anything they recently came into contact with, residual magical energy and the spiritual aura of living creatures. In addition to this, he is also capable of panoramic vision, night vision and infrared vision and can see through most illusions and tricks designed to deceive the eye.

This 'Paranormal Vision' has no end of usefulness in the Lovecraftian Man's abnormal line of work and has gotten him out of more than a few sticky situations.

  • Astral Vision
  • Soul Perception
  • Magic Vision
  • Aura Vision
  • Panoramic Vision
  • Night Vision
  • Infrared Vision
  • Illusion Detection


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  • The Lovecraftian Man is inspired by: Etrigan the Demon (DC), John Constantine (DC), Martian Manhunter (DC), The Spectre (DC), Shuma-Gorath (Marvel), Ghost Rider (Marvel), Man-Thing (Marvel) and the works of H.P. Lovecraft



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