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Player: @global
Character Build
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Confidential
Species: Confidential
Ethnicity: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives: Confidential
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eyes: Confidential
Hair: Confidential
Complexion: Confidential
Physical Build: Confidential
Physical Features: Confidential
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Confidential
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
ReldinBox Template

Inspiration for the Template

The template was a project I decided to work on that was an inspiration from the Fwine Box, created by Fwine. Like he, the inspiration also came from a number of different sources on the internets, including marvel.wikia.com.

  • The Reldinbox is actually based on a template that was especially made for me for my character Azunai by my friend @TheKel.
  • My attempt at bringing the Marvel box over to the PDB site from Virtueverse (originally created by TDoolan005 on VV) was an inspiration for the Fwine Box, which was also an inspiration for me to use.
  • I scaled down the number of attributes used in the template for the Fwine Box and combined a few attributes together in order to prevent a sense of repetitiveness.
  • I wanted to offer a template that allowed users to fully customize the coloring for their template to match with any borders or headers they have laid out in their PDB page as well as with their character's colors of choice.

How to Use the Template

To use the template you must:

  • Copy the coding under the Cheat sheet heading and paste it into your desired PDB page.
  • Carefully read over the text for the Variable Explanation section of the page. Each text entry for the template is explained.
  • Text entry for alignment and reputation require a number to be placed next to its cheat sheet coding rather than actual text.
  • Scaling for the attributes differ between each one.


Sometimes the Reldinbox may not work properly when you try to use it and you may be wondering just what the heck is going on. Here are a few examples of what might be the issue and ways for you to fix the problem you may be having with your Reldinbox template.

Unaligned Template

The most common issue will be the unaligned boxes for the main portion and the stat portions of the Reldinbox template. Why does this happen, do you ask? The reason for this is because the entire page is using a different font size that is not font size 12.

In order to fix this you need to:

  • Place font size parameters around any text before the actual template. That is, please close any coding that changes the font size before the Reldinbox template begins.
  • After you do this, add any font size coding AFTER the Reldinbox template to cause the text on the rest of the page to become the font size that you desire.

Alignment or Reputation Issues

Another problem that you might have is with the alignment or reputation sections of the template. The solution is simple: use a numerical value in place of any text that you may have typed.

  • Example: In order to have your character's reputation to show up as "Neutral Evil", you will need to place the numerical value "2" (no quotes) where it says "alignment =" in the Reldinbox cheat sheet.

Variable Explanation


Each of the color entries use hexadecimal color coding (#000000 format). If you would like to leave the box with the default colors, do not change the color entries located in the Cheatsheet.

You can check out here and here to find some color codes for your boxes.

  • header: changes the color value on the text for the headers in the box.
  • font: changes the color value for the text within the box.
  • bg1: changes the darkest color of the header boxes.
  • bg2: changes the medium color of the header boxes.
  • bg3: changes the lightest color of the header boxes.
  • bg4: changes the entire background of the box
  • border: changes the color of the borders for the entire box.
  • cell1: changes the first cell background color (Ex: Real Name).
  • cell2: changes the second cell background color (Ex. Known Aliases).

Data Entry

General Data

  • name: the name your character uses in-game. May it be their real name or their superhero name.
  • player: your global handle (@name) that you use in-game.
  • image: displays the image of your character you wish to use. You must use the filename.jpg format. It will ask you to upload the file you are trying to use on your page if isn’t already uploaded.
  • caption: words that your character may live by.

Character Build

  • class_focus: the role your character plays in-game. (Ex: Tank, DPS, Healer)
  • level: the level of your character.
  • research: the crafting focus of your character.

Biographical Data

  • realname: the character’s full name.
  • alias: other names/nicknames that your character may go by.
  • gender: the gender of your character.
  • species: the species of your character determines if they are human, alien, manimal, etc.
  • ethnicity: the ethnicity of your character. May only apply to humans, I.E. being Caucasian, African-American, Chinese, etc.
  • birthplace: Where your character was born.
  • operations: the current place your character is operating from.
  • relatives: known relatives that belong to your character.


  • age: the age of your character.
  • height: the physical height of your character.
  • weight: how much your character weighs.
  • eyes: eye color of your character.
  • hair: hair color of your character. They may also have no hair.
  • complexion: the tint, properties, and texture of your character’s skin.
  • build: the shape of your character’s body. I.E. muscular, skinny, athletic, fat, normal.
  • features: any noticeable features your character may have such as scars, tattoos, or piercings.


  • alignment: the moral alignment that your character follows. (Ex: Good, Evil, Neutral, etc.)

For more information on character alignments, visit here.

Under the alignment section of the template, please place a numerical value instead of text to receive the value of your character's alignment.

  1. Chaotic Evil: Characters of this alignment tend to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel.
  2. Neutral Evil: Characters of this alignment are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies-of-the-moment.
  3. Lawful Evil: Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favor.
  4. Chaotic Neutral: A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions.
  5. Neutral: A Neutral character doesn't choose sides. They typically do what feels beneficial for themselves and those close to them.
  6. Lawful Neutral: A Lawful Neutral character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules and tradition, and often follows a personal code.
  7. Chaotic Good: A Chaotic Good character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well.
  8. Neutral Good: A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition.
  9. Lawful Good: A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty.
  • reputation: refers to how known your character is.

Under the reputation section of the template, please place a numerical value instead of text to receive the value of your character's reputation.

  1. Reclusive: you steer clear from bringing any attention to yourself.
  2. Unknown: you are rather new to the whole super hero/villain gig.
  3. Reputable: the local community knows who you are.
  4. Big-time: the entire city you live in is aware of your presence.
  5. Prominent: the people in the state you live in may know who you are.
  6. Memorable: people throughout the nation you live in are aware of your presence.
  7. Imposing: people throughout the world may know who you are.
  8. Exalted: people throughout the galaxy know who you are in some way or another (you may have traveled to more than one planet).
  9. Immortal: you are known throughout the universe in some way or another (you may have traveled to a number of planets throughout the universe).
  • identity: status of your character’s identity. (Is it publically known or secret?)
  • years_active: the number of years your character has been active.
  • citizenship: the legal status where your character belongs to.
  • occupation: any job(s) your character might have outside their heroic duties.
  • education: any education that your character might have earned. (Ex: High School diploma, College Graduate).
  • marital status: the relationship status that your character might be in. (Ex: Single, Dating, Married)

Powers Data

  • powers: brief listing of any powers your character has.
  • paraphernalia: brief listing of any armor, weapons, gadgets, etc. your character may be using.



Refers to how physically strong your character is.

  • 1 (Weak): you are weaker than the average human.
  • 2 (Average): you have the strength of an average human.
  • 3 (Strong): you can lift almost double your body weight.
  • 4 (Bodybuilder): you can lift between 350lbs. and 500lbs.
  • 5 (Olympian): you are capable of lifting between 500lbs. and 1,500lbs.
  • 6 (Superhuman): you are capable of lifting between 1 ton (2,000lbs) and 5 tons (10,000lbs.)
  • 7 (Powerful): you are strong enough to lift between 5 tons and 10 tons.
  • 8 (Mighty): you are strong enough to lift between 10 and 50 tons.
  • 9 (Titanic): you are powerful enough to lift between 50 and 250 tons.
  • 10 (Cosmic): There is no limit to your strength and you are mighty enough to lift between 250 tons and 500 tons or beyond! Very few beings in the Universe are capable of achieving this level of strength


Refers to how long your character can perform strenuous activity before becoming tired. Higher ratings of Endurance also represent your character’s fortitude and determination when facing difficult challenges.

  • 1 (Low): you can only be active for 3 to 5 minutes before you become tired.
  • 2 (Normal): you can be active for about 30 minutes before you become tired.
  • 3 (Active): you are active enough that you can keep going for almost an hour.
  • 4 (Vigorous): your vigorous training allows you to keep being active for almost 3 hours.
  • 5 (Olympic): your Olympic training allows you to be active for almost 6 hours.
  • 6 (Inhuman): you have enough energy to keep you going for up to 12 hours.
  • 7 (Superhuman): you can keep going for up to 24 hours before you become tired.
  • 8 (Extraordinary): you have so much energy that you can keep going for almost a week.
  • 9 (Herculean): you have so much energy that you can keep going for up to two weeks before you require rest.
  • 10 (Godlike): you never get tired. There is no end to the amount of energy you have!


Refers to how well your character can avoid attacks. A higher Agility rating also represents how coordinated and reflexive your character is in-combat and out-of-combat.

  • 1 (Two Left Feet): you aren’t very coordinated and are rather clumsy.
  • 2 (Average): you have the coordination of an average person.
  • 3 (Limber): you are a little coordinated, but you aren’t agile enough to avoid incoming attacks.
  • 4 (Nimble): you are light on your feet at close range when fighting against a single target but have trouble when fighting multiple targets. You also have difficulty at avoiding objects from afar.
  • 5 (Alert): you have it easy when fighting against a single target and you can get around when fighting multiple targets at close range. You narrowly escape from object incoming from afar.
  • 6 (Dexterous): you are agile enough to avoid both close ranged and long ranged attacks with relative ease.
  • 7 (Uncanny): you are agile enough to actually impress those you are fighting.
  • 8 (Inhuman): It is as if you have a sixth sense. You are quick enough to almost know what your opponent will do next.
  • 9 (Supernatural): you definitely have a sixth sense. You have a good 3 seconds of being able to tell what your opponent will do next.
  • 10 (Extrasensory Perception): the world around you seems to have slowed down. You are agile enough that it feels as if you have all the time in the world to react.


Refers to how fast your character can run, fly, super jump, or other ways they can get around.

  • 1 (Slow): you move slower than the average human.
  • 2 (Average): you move at the pace of an average human.
  • 3 (Athletic): you move at the pace of a human that exercises.
  • 4 (Acrobat): you are capable of moving at speeds between 20-25 MPH.
  • 5 (Accelerated): you are capable of moving at speeds between 30-50 MPH.
  • 6 (Inhuman): you are capable of moving at speeds between 50-100 MPH.
  • 7 (Superhuman): you are capable of moving at speeds between 100-500MPH.
  • 8 (Supersonic): you are fast enough that you just break the sound barrier, moving between Mach 1-3 speeds!
  • 9 (Hypersonic): your amazing speed allows you to move up to Mach 10 speeds.
  • 10 (Speed of Light): you can move at the speed of light!

Fighting Skill

Refers to your character’s combat rating and accuracy with close ranged attacks. This includes attacks involving bare fists or any sort of melee weapon such as swords, knives, and telekinetic blades, etc.

  • 1 (Clumsy): you no real fighting skills and hope swinging away does the trick.
  • 2 (None): you have never fought before in your life.
  • 3 (Basic): you are capable of defending yourself when the time is needed.
  • 4 (Experienced): you have been in enough fights to know how to defend yourself.
  • 5 (Trained): you have trained yourself to be an adequate fighter.
  • 6 (Sharpened): you have trained under one form of fighting style.
  • 7 (Disciplined): you have trained in various forms of fighting styles.
  • 8 (Master): you have mastered at least one form of fighting style.
  • 9 (Grandmaster): you have mastered more than three different fighting styles.
  • 10 (Unmatched): there is no contest. Nobody will ever win against you in a close ranged fight.

Projectiles/Ranged Attacks

Refers to your character’s combat rating and accuracy with long ranged attacks. This includes munitions, bows, power armor weaponry, energy projection (elemental, magic, force), etc.

  • 1 (Shaky Hands): you are unsure of your abilities which results in having poor aim.
  • 2 (None): you never use any long ranged attacks.
  • 3 (Basic): you have very basic skill with your ability and aren’t particularly accurate with it, but you can defend yourself.
  • 4 (Experienced): you have used your skills enough to know what you are doing.
  • 5 (Skilled): you are a natural when it comes to using your long ranged abilities.
  • 6 (Disciplined): you have put focus into training one form of energy projection or long ranged weaponry.
  • 7 (Sureshot): you have trained to use at least three different forms of energy projection or long ranged weaponry.
  • 8 (Sharpshooter): you have mastered at least one form of energy projection or one type of long ranged weaponry.
  • 9 (Devastator): you have mastered at least three forms of energy projection or three types of long ranged weaponry.
  • 10 (Annihilator): you will bring total annihilation to those who even think about trying to fight you.


Refers to how much physical punishment your character can withstand. Your durability may be from wearing armor or having innate abilities.

  • 1 (Weak): you aren’t very durable and can be harmed very easily.
  • 2 (Average): your durability is that of a normal human.
  • 3 (Tough): you are more durable than the average human.
  • 4 (Resilient): you can take hits like a champ, but are still vulnerable to being harmed.
  • 5 (Enduring): you ignore any pain that you receive, but can still be harmed.
  • 6 (Undying): you don’t care if somebody is trying to hurt you, you are going to push on no matter what. Your skin is tough to break and melee weapons have a hard time cutting through.
  • 7 (Impenetrable): bullets bounce off you and blades have no effect when striking you.
  • 8 (Unbreakable): you are sturdy enough that your bones are incredibly difficult to break on top of having skin that is impervious to bullets and blades.
  • 9 (Adamant): you are nearly indestructible. Most attacks feel like pebbles when they hit you.
  • 10 (Indestructible): nothing can harm you. You are durable enough that people who try to harm you actually harm themselves. Very few beings in the Universe are capable of possessing this level of durability.


Refers to your character's resistance to elemental, magical, and energy based damage, toxic environments, etc...

  • 1 (Weak): you are weak against elemental, magical and/or energy based attacks.
  • 2 (None): you have resistance against elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks.
  • 3 (Minor): you have very minor resistances against elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks. They are still dangerous for you.
  • 4 (Low): you have slightly better resistance against elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks.
  • 5 (Medium): you have better resistances against people who use elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks. People with weak abilities would have a tough time trying to hurt you.
  • 6 (High): your higher resistance rating provides you with better defense against those who use elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks. People with trained abilities have a hard time hurting you.
  • 7 (Superior): your superior resistances against elemental, magical, and/or energy based attacks require people to possess better trained abilities to do harm to you.
  • 8 (Stalwart): people who are not adept with their elemental, magical, and/or energy abilities have a difficult time doing harm to you.
  • 9 (Impervious): you are nearly invincible against energy, elemental, and/or magical based attacks. It would require an incredible amount of energy to even try doing harm to you.
  • 10 (Invincible): Nothing can harm you. You laugh at anyone trying to harm you with their energy, elemental, and/or magical based attacks.


Refers to your character’s intellect (IQ), capacity for knowledge, and their problem solving abilities.

  • 1 (Feeble): you are feeble minded and have an IQ below 70.
  • 2 (Poor): you are not very intelligent and have an IQ that is somewhere between 70 and 79.
  • 3 (Below-Average): you have a below average IQ that is somewhere between 80 and 89.
  • 4 (Average): you are among one of many people to have an average IQ between 90 and 109.
  • 5 (Above-Average): you have an above-average IQ of 110 and 119.
  • 6 (Gifted): you are gifted enough to have an IQ between 120 and 140.
  • 7 (Prodigy): you were blessed enough to be born with an IQ between 140 and 150.
  • 8 (Genius): you are among those intelligent enough to have an IQ between 150 and 170.
  • 9 (Super-Genius): you are one of very few people to have an IQ that is above 180.
  • 10 (Omnipotent): you are all knowing. Your knowledge of the universe is unmatched.


Refers to your character’s mental state. The higher your Psyche rating, the more likely your character has psionic abilities. They also have higher resistance against others with psionic abilities. However, the lowest ratings refer to negative mental states and your character may have no defenses against people with psionic abilities.

  • 1 (Psychotic): you suffer from one or more mental disorders, which results in your mental state being in very poor condition. However, you are insane enough that your mental defenses are surprisingly in good condition and may even have psionic abilities.
  • 2 (Insane): your mental state is in poor condition. There is at least one mental disorder your character is suffering from. You have no defenses against those with psionic abilities.
  • 3 (Unbalanced): your mental state is in poor condition, but you are not diagnosed with a mental disorder. You have zero defenses against those with psionic abilities.
  • 4 (Normal): your mental state is in healthy condition, but you have no defenses against those with psionic abilities.
  • 5 (Strong-willed): your mental state is in healthy condition and you are able to resist against those with weaker psionic abilities.
  • 6 (Stubborn): your mental state is in excellent condition and are capable of resisting those with average to strong psionic abilities.
  • 7 (Indomitable): your mental state is in incredible condition and you won’t allow anyone to influence you with their psionic abilities. You are capable of resisting most psionic users, with the exception of those with extremely powerful psionic powers.
  • 8 (Telepath): your mental state has surpassed many and are capable of reading other people’s minds and are able to remove mental illnesses. You may also be able to wield weapons by using the power of your mind.
  • 9 (Psychic): you are capable of performing everything a Telepath can, but are also capable of dominating other people’s minds.
  • 10 (Prophet): you are capable of foreseeing the future aside from being able to do what a Psychic can. You can foretell events that may happen to a single person or foretell events that may affect many.


Refers to how intuitive and empathetic your character is. A higher Intuition rating represents your character’s problem solving ability as well as their ability to pick up on other characters’ well beings.

  • 1 (Callous): you are insensitive and uncaring towards other people.
  • 2 (Apathetic): you don’t care what happens to other people.
  • 3 (Passive): you aren’t particularly sure on how to act when a situation is thrown at you.
  • 4 (Caring): you care about people close to you and will help them with their problems.
  • 5 (Considerate): you take into consideration how people (other than your friends) may feel and may try to help them.
  • 6 (Sympathetic): you sympathize with other people and from experience, may know how to solve their problems.
  • 7 (Empathetic): it is easy for you to pick up on someone else’s behavior and may try to help them.
  • 8 (Attentive): you listen to others and will find a way to help them.
  • 9 (Devoted): you go out of your way to make someone else’s problem your own.
  • 10 (Humanitarian): you will help every troubled person you meet so you can make their lives a little better.


Refers to how well your character reacts to other people.

  • 1 (Antagonistic): you aren’t very friendly towards other people.
  • 2 (Anti-Social): you are a bit socially awkward and have trouble making friends.
  • 3 (Average): you don’t try too hard to make friends with other people, but you also don’t have trouble making them.
  • 4 (Engaging): you aren’t afraid to walk to up others and make idle conversation.
  • 5 (Energetic): you are more than willing to talk with total strangers and aren’t afraid of offering your help.
  • 6 (Inspiring): everyone in your local community knows who you are.
  • 7 (Renowned): everyone in your nation knows who you are.
  • 8 (Honored): everybody in the world knows who you are.
  • 9 (Exalted): everyone in the galaxy knows who you are.
  • 10 (Savior): there is no mistaking that everybody in the universe knows who you are!


| header = #FFFFFF
| font = #000000
| bg1 = #00586A
| bg2 = #00667B
| bg3 = #0082A1
| bg4 = #41627E
| border = #00586A
| cell1 = #FFFFFF
| cell2 = #B7CEEC
| name =
| player = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| class_focus = 
| level = 
| research = 
| realname =
| alias = 
| gender = 
| species = 
| ethnicity = 
| birthplace = 
| operations =
| relatives = 
| age = 
| height = 
| weight = 
| eyes = 
| hair = 
| complexion = 
| build = 
| features =
| alignment =
| reputation =
| identity =
| years_active = 
| citizenship =
| occupation =
| education =
| marital = 
| powers =
| paraphernalia =
| strength = 
| endurance =
| agility =
| speed = 
| fighting =
| projectiles =
| durability =
| resistance = 
| intelligence = 
| psyche =
| intuition =
| charisma =