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Player: @_Shining_
Targeter profile2.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: Munitions
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ivy Accola
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Female
Species: Superhuman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None (as far as she knows)
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 121 lbs
Eyes: Aqua-teal
Hair: Aqua-teal
Complexion: Warm
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Confidential
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Less than one
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: MCPD Special Agent (contracted)
Education: Private education
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Reflexes and hand-eye coordination boosted beyond ordinary human limits, resulting in constant high-level marksmanship in fair-to-perfect shooting conditions. Highly trained marksman and acrobat.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Primary weapons include a pistol w/shatterslugs, SMG, grappling gun, and smoke grenades. Has access to heavier weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles.
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Targeter is a genetically-enhanced marksman who currently works as an MCPD Special Agent. Her real name is Ivy Accola.


Ivy Accola was part of a group of kids genetically altered before birth so that they could grow up to master different aspects of the human body - and ultimately become VIPER's personal assassins. Raised in a top-secret VIPER nest, she had no idea of her role nor the identity of her holders until her seventeenth birthday. Though she tried to flee upon her discovery, subliminal suggestions awakened in the depths of her psyche, a fail-safe should she be found unwilling to serve VIPER's needs. For two years, she was VIPER's hypnotically-controlled killer who struck out at VIPER's enemies from afar, waging battles with a sniper rifle instead of a set of superpowers. That is, until an UNTIL attack force demolished her designated VIPER nest, capturing her in the process.

Over a few weeks locked up in prison, the psychiatric suggestions that kept her loyal to VIPER wore off - and with her mind finally her own, the guilt of all the bloodshed and murder she had been forced to commit overwhelmed her. Huddled in the corner of her cell, she believed her life was over -- but apparently, there were sympathizers who understood her situation because an MCPD representative approached her cell with a choice: stay in prison with only the memories of her crimes to keep her company, or return to the outside world where she could put her skills towards saving lives and doing good. It was the chance to turn her life around, a chance that against all odds someone felt she deserved. Ivy did not hesitate in taking it.

Now, Ivy works for the MCPD as a Special Agent, operating under the codename Targeter. It is her job to assist the police against supervillains, supernatural creatures, bio-engineered monsters, and other such terrors that were beyond the battle capacity of ordinary men and women. Ivy knows she can never make up for the lives she took in the past, but she is content to spend the rest of her years atoning for them.

She can currently be found around the blocks of Millennium City, either on armed patrol in her combat suit or simply taking a stroll in the park in civilian wear.


Ivy is a hardened warrior, a socially-awkward teenager, and a heartfelt young woman all at once. She is a person who never got the chance to grow up the way she wanted to -- to be raised in a loving family, made nice friends, and pursue an Arts diploma after graduating high school. But VIPER made sure it didn't happen that way, and now Ivy is in the process of salvaging what pieces of normalcy she can find and make the best she can of the cards Fate dealt her.

As a person, Ivy is soft-hearted, kind, and somewhat introverted. She tends to speak with a measure of uncertainty rather than confidence. Most of the time, she is prone to keeping her thoughts and responses to herself; it isn't uncommon for her to take several seconds to reply to someone in order to think her response over. This is because she is extremely concerned about how her actions and words can be interpreted, and frets over the impression she makes in front of people she likes and respects. Yet, her outward wallflower nature does not encompass all that she is; like anyone else, if she's pushed too far, she might get angry enough to push back. Being confrontational simply isn't in her nature. In spite of her social anxieties, Ivy has the strength to act on her beliefs and protect her loved ones when her resolve is put to the test.

In combat, Ivy enters a very different state of mind; a cool-headed combat soldier laser-focused on her objective. Somehow, she is able to wall off her insecurities and doubts, giving her space to concentrate solely on defeating the enemy. The change in personality doesn't seem to be conscious on Ivy's part, appearing to be a reflex of the mind to keep her emotions off her mind when her system's fight-or-flight response kicks in. It's possible that it is a result of the training she went through in the VIPER nest she was raised it, but it is so natural to Ivy that she hasn't spent time speculating on it.

Abilities and Armaments


Thanks to her altered DNA, Ivy's reflexes and hand-eye coordination are at a level that most expert sharpshooters have spent decades to reach. Together, the two traits give her almost machine-like precision and speed when it comes to firing projectile weapons. Of course, good marksmanship is as physical as it is mental, and Ivy is appropriately trained to rapidly make the necessary aiming calculations and adjustments to compensate for harsh climates, moving targets, and any other factor that can potentially lessen her chances of hitting. This results in Ivy being capable of maintaining optimal accuracy in fair-to-perfect shooting conditions and up to fifty meters.

Ivy is also a highly-skilled acrobat and possesses advanced training in stealth and infiltration techniques. She knows nearly everything about handling firearms and explosives and anything she doesn't know she can learn quickly. Needless to say, a gun is this girl's best friend.


Ivy carries a number of weapons and tools at her side at all times. Her primary sidearm is a Vilo 98 handgun that holds twenty shatterslug rounds, a type of anti-personnel bullet that splits apart on impact while travelling forward. Shatterslugs neatly shred muscle and bone but avoids the penetration effect that through-and-through ammo types produce. Suffice to say, it is not the sort of bullet one uses to take prisoners, but it is the kind that a non-superpowered person uses to gain an edge over superpowered enemies.

Ivy also carries a Blackwood M75 submachine gun that comes attached with a custom-fitted holo-sight. Compact and lightweight, it has all the hallmarks of standard SMGs; its thirty-five-round magazine can be emptied in the time it takes to pick up and sip a glass of water, so what it lacks in recoil control and accuracy, it makes up for speed and bullet spread.

Rounding out Ivy's equipment are two tools: a grapple gun and a set of smoke grenades. The former helps to get around the city quickly as well as zipping from spot to spot quickly in a fire fight, while the latter is used to make a quick getaway if she needs one.

Finally, Ivy can get ahold of bigger, heavier guns if she has the time to plan ahead. Such weapons include an assortment of assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and shotguns.


Ivy's most obvious shortcoming is that she's about as fragile as one would expect an ordinary nineteen-year-old girl to be. She may be able to act faster than a normal person would, but that doesn't make her any stronger or more durable. The vigorous training VIPER put her through has left her in extraordinarily good shape for her age, but she is no match for someone who can push themselves beyond mortal boundaries strength-wise. She can't take a punch without showing a reaction and if she's shot, she's going down.

Ivy is also susceptible to mental forms of attack and hypnosis. Though she is no longer able to be affected by the same psychiatric suggestions that left her enslaved to VIPER, it doesn't mean she is immune to the hundreds of other methods capable of capturing her free will and turning her into something other than herself. She is sufficiently experienced to fend off mental attacks made with minimal effort, but is likely to succumb to an attempt performed by a foe with intimate knowledge of such arts. A personal note: Ivy considers her time as VIPER's mind-controlled assassin as the most horrible years of her life, and being forced to relive the same experience at the hands of another may cause her long-lasting trauma and grief.


Ivy lives in the top level of a five-storey apartment complex. It was provided to her as part of her contract with the MCPD. The pay she receives as an MCPD Special Agent is more than adequate to cover the monthly bills, leaving her enough funding for furnishings.

Upon entering the apartment, a guest is treated with the view of a small kitchen with a bar-style counter that shares space with a vast living room that, in turn, leads to the balcony. A door separates the living room and Ivy's bedroom. Directly adjacent of the front door is the washroom and, further down, a coat-closet.

Ivy's bedroom is simply furnished but cozy and fits her needs. She sleeps in a twin-sized bed where, upon waking, she can turn her head to the right and look out the window to see the neighborhood outside and the sprawling skyscrapers of Renaissance Center. On one wall of her room is a rectangular painting of a grassy field underneath a clear sky and sun. Against another wall is her dresser and a corner table where a rounded make-up mirror is set up along with make-up accessories. Finally, she has a computer desktop set up across from her bed which she uses to stay updated on current events in Millennium City.

The living room is dedicated to Ivy's favourite activities. A bookshelf and leather chair are set in the far corner of the room, opposite the front door, with some books loose on the shelf and bookmarked; these are the books she's in the middle of reading. Each row seems to be dedicated to a certain subject: the bottommost shelf is occupied with various "how to" books mostly concerning drawing and painting, the middle shelf is filled with histories of superheroes and places regarding superheroes such as Millennium City and the infamous superhero team The Champions, and the top shelf is host to a series of young adult romance novels. At the center of the middle of the room is a coffee table with an unfinished one-thousand-piece puzzle, with other puzzle boxes lying underneath the table. A three-cushion oak-brown sofa sits behind the coffee table, facing a fresh wide-screen TV that is positioned on the opposite wall. Finally, a canvas is set up beside the coffee table. Ivy uses this canvas and her "how to" books to teach herself how to draw.

Personal Thoughts

Ivy enjoys the scent of cinnamon. It's therefore no surprise that her favourite foods are cinnamon flavoured, like rolls or pretzels.

Ivy is aware that her youthful looks sometimes make it hard for people, friends and enemies alike, to take her seriously. It doesn't mean she isn't a bit annoyed when it happens.

OoC Trivia

The character of Ivy takes inspiration from Noel Vermillion from the BlazBlue fighting game series and X-23 from the Marvel universe.