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Player: @Lilt
Stormrider Aure.jpg
Class Focus: Electricity
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Princess Aure
Known Aliases: Stormrider, Oracle of the Bloodied Reef
Species: Homo Mermanus
Ethnicity: Atlantean
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: orange
Hair Color: dark blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Atlantean
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Atlantean Royal Family
Known Powers
Gift of Atlan, ability to speak with aquatic animals, Storm sight, Electrical discharge.
Known Abilities
Oracle and adviser to the stars.
Aure wears orichalcum armor.

Early Life

Aure was until recently studying with the Priesthood of Poseidon. She has grown up heavily sheltered by her two elder brothers, living even by Atlantean standards an isolated childhood. She was sent to study history and magic from the priesthood when she was fourteen, and spent much of her time there reviewing the stamped metal records of her ancestors. During this time, she became increasingly curious about the things which she had not yet seen but that were described in florid detail by the historic songs. This included tales of the sky, which so impressed her that she impulsively sought to sneak away and see it for herself.

She left the Temple of Poseidon and found easy disguise available for her use in Serpentine Alley. Serpentine Alley is typically quite perilous for those who do not live there, and in acquiring this disguise she was forced to give up all of her jewelry. However, she was recognized as a being a chaste priestess and so was waylaid much less than normal for fear of upsetting Poseidon.

Her ascent went smoothly from there, but on surfacing she witnessed her first storm. The sky cracked and bled rain in great torrents, and the sea heaved endlessly amongst the silver filaments of lightning which wove through clouds and current alike. She was struck by the sight more profoundly than most might be, for in the movements of the storm she found that she could see her future unfolding before her very eyes. She drifted on the waves until the storm abated, considering all that she had seen.

When finally the skies were calmed, she slipped below the surface and made to head for the city. However in the grip of the intense storm, she had drifted far from her home. She found that she was lost, and knew with certainty that she would find safety only when she had sighted a rock which had the appearance of a foot. She swam until she was exhausted, evading all hostility with an uncanny ease, until she finally stopped to rest on an outcropping of basalt. There she spoke with a giant isopod, who promised to take her to a cave where she could rest safely if she would give it some of her food. She agreed, and followed the lobster-like creature a short distance along the craggy seafloor.

Upon rounding a large rock, which had the curious appearance of a foot with its toes spread, Aure came into view of a gathering of Threneis barbarian hunters. They were dressing a kill when she approached, staining the water with vibrant blood. They saw her through the blood, with the backdrop of a broken and dead reef behind her, and so when she said that she had foreseen that they would shelter her, they quickly agreed. It was at this time that she gained the ominous title Oracle of the Bloodied Reef. She stayed with the wild, blue atlanteans for two years before returning to Atlantis itself.

Aure had been presumed killed when her signature jewelry was found in Serpentine Alley years earlier, and so her family was overjoyed to see her. They offered her escort honored positions within the royal guard, and prepared a feast in honor of the occasion. However their joy was soon tarnished, for news of the death of her brother Partos reached them hours after her return. She had known that her homecoming would be tinged with grief, but had not expected Partos would be the one who had perished, because he was yet so young and vibrant.

Though her father was loathe to let her leave again so soon, and after so great a tragedy, he sensed that she had a destiny to fulfill elsewhere. She bade the blue-skinned guardians that had come with her to Atlantis to bring her before their greatest hero, that this hero might be her sole protector in the surface lands.

Family and Genealogy

According to records obtained from the Royal Librarian Ndana, Princess Aure is an Atlantean noble, descended from the Queen's counselor and second cousin, Adviser Thaumus. In turn, her heritage can be traced back to the ten sons of Poseidon, the founders of Atlantis.

Prince Partos, Aure's deceased brother.

Her father, is named after his great uncle, and would be next in line after Prince Marus for the throne if he should die, and if Thalassa remained exiled. 125 years old in 2010, Thaumus currently serves Queen Mara as her primary counselor regarding Atlantean law and the justice system, such as issues of legal policy, property rights, and punishment for Atlantean criminals. Thaumus’s knowledge of the laws and history of Atlantis is without equal. If both Mara and Marus died, however, it’s likely the reserved and scholarly Thaumus would step aside in favor of his first son, Nicor.

Only about sixty years old, Aure's eldest brother Nicor is the top aide to General Glaucus and field leader of the Queen’s Borderers, a specialized unit of the city’s military in charge of patrolling the outlying districts and protecting the fields and mines around the city. Popular with the military, Nicor would no doubt enjoy its complete support. He’s on good terms with his cousin Marus and would be horrified at the suggestion that he should challenge the Prince for the throne. Likewise, both Partos and Aure have only ever expressed affection for and confidence in the Heir Apparent, Prince Marus.

Prince Partos, Aure's elder brother, was previously dubbed the Stormrider. She assumed the mantle when he was killed with an advanced harpoon gun, on live TV, by the crew of an experimental vessel designed by ARGENT. While ARGENT claims no ties to the incident, and has claimed that the crew of the vessel has been replaced, Aure still blames the corporation for her brother's death. Her brother was a kind and humble man, who lived amongst the Landers in Millennium City for a time. It was his goal to learn of their laws and customs in order to one day follow in his father's footsteps as a legal adviser for Atlantis. He also greatly admired his 'cousin' Prince Marus, and was doubtless trying to emulate his example in shedding the typically xenophobic tendencies of most Atlanteans. He died at the age of 27.

Powers and Abilities

Atlanteans are tough and physically fit by human standards, infrequently being overweight or frail, and Aure adheres well to this stereotype. She has little to no body fat, and extreme reserves of endurance. She is not considered strong and tough by atlantean standards, but she is far more resolute than a human girl of her age and physique would be.

Atlanteans also live for about twice as long as humans, being physically mature along the same rate initially and then remaining young for a much longer period of time. Consider Queen Mara for an example of Atlantean longevity. Now in her 80's, she appears no older than a 30 year old human woman might.

As a member of the royal family, Princess Aure has inherited the Gift of Atlan. This allows her to be fully amphibious, breathing underwater and on the surface equally well. As with others who possess this trait, she still feels the need to dowse herself with water frequently. See weaknesses below.

Other abilities related to her Atlantean heritage are nightvision and nictitating membranes, resistance to high pressure and intense cold, and an inherent talent toward certain forms of arcane magic.

Characteristics which are unique to her are:

  • She has empathic and telepathic rapport with sea creatures, much like her brother Partos.
  • She is capable of charging electrical reserves, much in the manner of an electric eel.
  • She claims to be able to foretell future events, through use of the Storm Sight.

Weaknesses and Limits

Aure will die if she is out of water for too long. Unlike other Atlanteans in the royal family who can breathe air, she retains the dependency on being dowsed with water to an extreme degree. She will not only weaken after a few hours, but she will fall unconscious and soon die. As such, she is also vulnerable to extreme heat and dehydration.

In terms of strength, Aure is comparable to a human woman who engages in regular exercise and training. By Atlantean standards this equates her to a level of feebleness wherein she might have trouble opening doors, or lifting books.

Duties and Social Obligations

Unknown. ((Under Construction))

Friends and Allies


Auli was the trusted advisor, bodyguard and ally of Prince Partos. She is also Atlantean, reputedly a priestess and arcanist. Following his death she has become something of a recluse.


Her exact relationship with the Atlantean Barbarian known as Adrastos is unknown.


Random Facts...

...she has a blue tongue.
...she worships Poseidon.
...she has a lovely singing voice.
...she's chaste.

Rumor has it that...

...many advisers to the throne would prefer Prince Marus to marry her, rather than Sapphire or another Lander.
...Aure secretly likes Sapphire's music.


Theme Songs

The Obvious: Under the Sea (Cover)

Fight Song: Iced Earth - Stormrider

Recent Activity: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm

Family Theme: Dragonforce - Where Dragons Rule

Romance Theme: Madonna - Like a Virgin