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Prince Partos the Stormrider
Player: @Lilt
Class Focus: Might/Lightning
Power Level: 25
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Prince Partos III
Known Aliases: Partalainen, Stormrider
Species: Homo Mermanus
Ethnicity: Atlantean
Age: 27
Height: 8'3"
Weight: 435lbs
Eye Color: orange
Hair Color: dark blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Atlantean
Occupation: Probation Officer, Environmental Activist
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Atlantean Royal Family
Known Powers
Gift of Atlan, extraordinary strength and toughness, ability to speak with aquatic animals.
Known Abilities
Partos is an accomplished surfer.
Partos wears orichalcum armor.

Life and Death in the Media

Partos was humble in his public addresses, preferring to associate himself with extreme sports fans, environmental activism, and heavy metal bands instead of enforcing his titles or requiring others to kowtow to him in any way. While he never assaulted papparazi, he made it very clear that he could deftly outpace such coverage efforts unless he wated the press to bring attention to a specific issue which he was concerned with.

This included such causes as the cessation of whaling operations by the Japanese, illegal oil drilling by Argent, illegal trafficking of Manimal sapients by Argent, illegal questionite mining and strip mining in underwater caves and mesas, and nuclear testing by various governments post-1990. This included the last underground test by the United States in 1992, the Soviet Union in 1990, the United Kingdom in 1991, and both France and China until 1996. Non-signatories to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty India and Pakistan last tested nuclear weapons in 1998, and were frequently harassed by Partos due to these tests. Prince Partos actively thwarted the government of North Korea after their nuclear bomb test in May 25, 2009, repeatedly foiling their attempts to operate submersible craft of any kind.

Partos was well known to extreme sports fans due to his willingness to do anything dangerous for publicity to a good cause. There are still videos on YouTube of him participating in BASE jumping, extreme motorsport, ice-climbing, rock-climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, white water rafting, wingsuit skydiving, and of course surfing.

He was also photographed with no less than fourty endangered or threatened creatures, including a large amount of aquatic varieties. He was intensely vocal about the rights of endangered sharks, whales, and dolphins and repeated found himself involved in some media scandals for his willingness to sink fishing ships, see below. He was effectively the meta-human poster child for environmental activism between the years of 95-2009.

His social life prior to arriving in Millennium City was a mystery, although he stated that he was fifth in line to the throne, and not in any hurry to supplant his cousin Prince Marus in the capacity as heir apparent. He was documented as being in his twenties, unmarried, and without any documented children. His relationship with his fellows in Millennium City was described as 'extremely warm' by coworkers in Social Services. Unknown to many of the fans of his environmental exploits, he worked as a social worker and parole officer, handling many of the cases which were considered too dangerous for non-powered case workers to handle. He was also working toward a degree in Law, by taking night courses at a local community college in Millennium City.

Partos was last filmed fighting an ARGENT vessel in the North Pacific, where he was killed with an advanced harpoon gun. The harpoon struck him in the chest, where a previous injury made his normally impervious hide weakened enough to breach. He was fatally impaled, but managed to scuttle the ship before collapsing. He later died on an anti-whaling ship which was following in his wake. The entire incident was unfortunately shown LIVE on news footage, resulting in outcry from his fans. His little sister is rumored to have taken up the mantle of the Stormrider.

Powers and Abilities

Partos was much like a human, except extremely strong, dense, and resistant to damage. He was able to jump long distances due to the super-human strength of his legs. He had the ability to comprehend and communicate with sea creatures of all types, as well as some fresh water species. Also his body was capable of charging electrical reserves, much in the manner of a super-charged electric eel.

He appeared to grow when enraged, through a series of biochemical reactions that produce a natural steroid-like compound.

Duties and Social Obligations

Partos was employed with a work visa in Millennium City as a social worker and probation officer, usually handling the cases that non-powered psychiatrists were too intimidated to take for fear of physical injury.

He also worked in concert with organizations such as the coast guard and Green Peace in an effort to fight whaling ships, pirates, and giant monsters. He was effectively 'on call' at all times to deal with giant monsters which threatened coastal communities.

Friends and Allies


Auli was his trusted advisor, bodyguard and lover. She is also Atlantean, reputedly a priestess and arcanist. He refused to comment on whether they were in a relationship, because it was known that he was unable to wed outside of royalty.

Publicity Photo of Prince Partos in MC

Scout They'rell

Lemurian-Atlantean hybrid ally of Partos, who is skilled in the use of polearms and projectile weapons. He also appears to have some residual qlipphotic abilities, though Partos was quoted as saying, "He's recovering from that."

Media Scandals

Partos in Media Coverage

Partos was often at odds with the corporation Argent, for their atrocities against the Manimals of Monster Island and their environmental policies at large. He had also been involved in violent altercations with various other corporate work sites and government facilities which pollute the environment through drilling, atomic testing, or deforestation. He had the benefit of diplomatic immunity, however he was frequently on the verge of violating that privilege due to his hard-line view on environmental activism.

Partos was involved in the sabotage of several sea-faring vessels which failed to comply with safe, sustainable fishing practices. This included but was not limited to operations which farmed the following species for consumption in the USA:

- Groupers

- Orange roughy

- Chilean seabass

- Rockfish

- Atlantic cod

- Snappers

- Shrimp, imported

- Farmed (Atlantic) Salmon

- Sharks, imported

While he had literally sunk ships which failed to comply with safe, sustainable fishing guidelines, he always returned the crew to the dock of origin. However only after taking the crew to feast with his camp followers and recycling the wreckage of the ship at a reputable dock of his choice. He sought to win over the minions of these corporations, because in his heart he knew that they were not all intent on destruction of the environment.


It was reported in the news that...

...he rode a giant great white shark while attacking an illegal whaling ship off the coast of Monster Island.
...he was sleeping with a number of super models, reports vary.
...he arm-wrestled a god.
...he covered the entire bar tab of Club Caprice while he was on site.
...he was just a really nice guy.
...all of his fortune was given to charitable causes after his death.


Theme Songs for Partos:

The Obvious: Under the Sea (Cover)

Fight Song: Iced Earth - Stormrider or Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of Vikings

Recent Activity: Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm

Family Theme: Dragonforce - Where Dragons Rule

Media Coverage: Evermore - Into The Ocean