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Player: @Randomz0mbie
A brain is a terrible thing to waste
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank (Conceptually)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Frank "N." Stein
Known Aliases: Stein, Steiny, Stan, Zombro
Gender: Male
Species: Human / Undead
Ethnicity: Canadian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 18(?)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Gray
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Athletic / Toned
Physical Features: Lip and eyebrow piercing, Various stitches located on his body, most noticeably around his neck, wrists, and shoulders
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5(?)
Citizenship: American / Canadian
Occupation: "Businessman"
Education: Self-Educated, GED, Med-School student
Marital Status: Dating Cinder Sear
Known Powers and Abilities
Electrokinesis, Teleportation, Inhuman Strength, Durability, and Endurance
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Impervium Katana, Custom-made Healing Serum, Various Medical Equipment
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Insert Tragic Past here. Bring a tissue, it's THAT tragic.


Stein is shorter than the average male of his species and his complexion is fair. Though he weighs over 200lbs, he's not stocky or well-built. His body is solid with lean-muscle showing that he's active and works out regularly. His Gray hair, which he keeps short to medium in length, is untidy and looks as though he cuts it himself. His eyes are a pale Violet with no noticeable pupil. They glow brighter when using his powers or when feeling any strong emotion. He has stitches going vertical across his left eye and connecting with stitching extending from the left side of his mouth. There are stitches all the way around his neck, as well as around both of his wrists and shoulders. There is also a rather large stitching across the left side of his chest, over where the heart would be. Various smaller stitches and a few scars can be found on the rest of his body.

He doesn't really have any discernible "style" when it comes to clothing and tends to wear something comfortable like jeans and a T-shirt. Casual outfits that are easy to fight in if he has too. Most of his jeans have holes or rips in them, either bought that way or simply through rough use. He used to own a bowler hat that he wore constantly, and looked pretty damn good in it. It's either been lost or destroyed. His trademark dark-tinted shades on the other hand, are worn or kept on him at all times. He has two piercings. A lip ring on the left side of his face and an eyebrow ring on the right side.

Background and Origin.pngPowers / Abilities


Electrokinesis -- Stein has the ability to control and manipulate any type of electrical energy he comes into contact with, as well as generate his own, unique electrical energy with the use of the Perpetual Energy Generator in his chest.(See Gear and Equipment below) He can use this power for a variety of uses including Electroportation and Electrokinetic "Surfing"

Neural Impulse Manipulation -- Using his unique electricity and his knowledge of human anatomy, Stein is able to transfer it into another organism, alive or dead. With this ability, Stein can manipulate neural impulses to stimulate various aspects of the targets body to cause pain, paralysis, or even, to a minor degree, control them by electrically stimulating relevant parts of the nervous system..

Electrical Immunity -- Stein is completely immune to electricity from any source, taking no damage and even able to absorb it in some cases.

Energy Sensing -- At the cost of his eyes being extra-sensitive to bright light and having his eyesight diminished, Stein has gained the ability to sense, or "see", almost all kinds of energy. This ability works similar to infrared vision, while also being able to see through walls and inanimate objects and pin-point where the energy source is located. He can also identify the different types of energy he see's, usually through trial and error and committing it to memory. The only thing his vision has difficulty sensing is magical energy.

Thread Manipulation -- Stein has shown the ability to control needle and thread seemingly with his mind alone. It is unknown if it's an ability he's gained or if he is simply electrically charging and then manipulating the thread. The latter seems more likely.


Medical Expertise -- Not even Stein himself knows why he's so skilled at cleaning and dressing wounds, diagnosing symptoms, and examining and determining the seriousness of a wound or sickness. He could be a prodigy, naturally gifted when it comes to practicing medicine. Or it could be part of his creator's knowledge was somehow transferred into Stein's brain. Either way, Stein is an extremely gifted doctor. He has only recently began to dedicate himself to studying the different schools, but he has already advanced quickly. Though he's still in College earning his degree, he's been granted his medical license and a lab with his own team, sponsored by the government, to study and attempt to reproduce the unique condition his body is in. As well as running tests and experimenting on the limitations and capabilities of what it could do.

Stitching / Sewing -- Stein's sewing ability doesn't just end with his medical skills. Though it's a minor skill, he's shown the ability to sew and stitch just about anything. From himself to his clothing and even his own dog. He's truly become a master of needle and thread.

Swordsmanship -- From his early days as the vigilante known as Franken Blade, when he used a rusted sword he found in the aftermath of an alien attack, Stein has used a bladed weapon of some sort. He's since upgraded to the Katana he currently wields, and trained extensively in the art of Kendo, "The Way of the Sword". He's only mastered one stance as of yet, but he's shown an aptitude for the art and his natural(unnatural) speed and strength give him a clear advantage. It's unknown where he was trained or who trained him, but it's clear that he's had formal instruction.

Combat Training -- Stein is not a great martial artist by any standard, having only basic training in striking and defense. It's still enough to give him a clear advantage over the common thug, but against anyone with REAL training it wouldn't do much good. His preferred style of fighting is brawling. Using his strength and endurance advantage beat down the opponent before they beat him down. It's not always the most effective method, but it gets the job down more often than not.

Chemist (Mad Science) -- It's not as natural or easy for him to learn as medicine, but Stein has become quite a skilled chemist. He mostly specializes in healing and supportive serums and concoctions, to compliment his medical skills, but he does know a bit about chemistry in general. It was with this skill that he was able to figure out the right formula for his healing serum.

Cybernetics --


Enhanced Physical Condition / Undead Physiology - Through the use of Super-Science(AKA Mad-Science) and experimentation, Stein's physique has changed drastically. His strength, endurance, and durability have reached Inhuman levels while at the same time losing most of the weaknesses the human body possesses. He does not bleed, he has an extremely high pain tolerance, and he is even immune to most poisons and diseases. One side-effect caused by the nature of his undeath is his inability to heal naturally, resulting in almost all of his wounds needing to be stitched and healed through other means.

Energized Body - Due to the constant exposure to the electricity that his generator creates, Stein's entire body has adapted and has become energized, producing a number of internal changes on top of the external. His bones have become denser and his internal organs have been "Supercharged". He can also increase his speed and strength by manipulating the bio-electric currents in his muscles through sheer force of will.

Body Dismemberment -- Stein is able to sever and re-attach any limb at will, as well as retain complete control over any severed limb. The length of time he can do this seems to be indefinite, but there is a limit on how far the limb can be from his body.

Semi-Immortality -- Stein does not age, staying at his peak physical prime. Unless his brain is completely destroyed, his body will always pull itself back together.

SteinGear.pngGear and Equipment

Dread Suit -- His hero outfit, or the "Dread Suit" as he calls it, resembles a set of modern tactical body armour and is comprised of black and gray leather inlined with Spectra fiber and steel plates to protect vital areas. The material has been modified to be able to withstand and absorb the impact from physical and energy attacks, as well as allowing electricity to be more easily conducted through it without damaging the suit. The metal turbines attached to the back and extending over his shoulders also act as a conductor of sorts, making it easier for him to let electricity flow throughout the suit. His gloves and and leggings are made of the same material as the body armour with extra protective material in the groin region. The gloves are also inlined with steel, effectively acting as steel gauntlets, which increases the damage his fists can do, protects his fingers from being disjointed, and also allows him to conduct a much larger amount of electricity around his hands. He wears a mask that covers his upper neck and mouth area that is usually complimented by a protective hood that extends downward to cover his eyes and most of his face. His belt and the few sets of pouches and containers strapped to the suit contains the various medical equipment he carries on him.

Perpetual Energy Generator -- An ingenious device invented and designed by two unknown (mad) Doctors of science. The only one known to be built, which is actually just the prototype, is found in the chest of Stein. It functions exactly as it's name suggests. An unlimited source of energy produced perpetually through unknown means. The energy it produces is almost unnatural in it's appearance and is distinctly different from any other source of similar energy. It has even been modified to be able to absorb energy of the same type and fuse it into the unique energy that it produces. It is yet unknown if it can function outside of it's host.

☢; Impervium Katana -- When his former weapon, an old antique Katana he had bought from a pawn shop, was destroyed, Stein decided to design a new Katana specifically for his use. The blade itself is made of a very strong alloy, nearly indestructible, with a silver strip down the middle. The silver is useful due to it being the most conductive element there is, and it's also come in handy when fighting the supernatural. The hilt is also 100% custom. It is made of the same alloy as the blade itself and has a small compact motor inside that can immediately electrically charge the Katana. He keeps the hilt wrapped with the traditional Tsuka ito, and even keeps a Demon girl menuki inside.

Healing Serum -- His most powerful serum, created entirely on his own, uses the DNA of a mutant or humanoid creature with natural self-regeneration that's modified in order to grant it, temporarily, to any other living creature. The regeneration rate depends on the subject itself, but usually results in the healing factor being accelerated by at least double. He's also been able to modify a small strand that is able to affect his own body, which normally has zero regeneration, in a much smaller capacity. He's remarked that it's very expensive to make, and takes at least a week for one serum.

Custom-Made Thread --


Loud, outgoing, and completely insane.


SteinFriends.pngFriends / Allies

Emiline: Stein's ex-girlfriend and one of the few people he trusts completely... Despite being thoroughly terrified of how powerful she is. She was the first person he opened up to about his past which, at the time, wasn't an easy thing to do. Though they've long since broken up, there is absolutely no sexual tension or resentment between them at all. Seriously. None. At all.

Cinder Sear: Cinder, AKA Bubblegum, is Stein's current girlfriend. She also happens to be the cousin of his ex-girlfriend. Not awkward at all. Stein finds her loud, obnoxious, irritating, and the best girlfriend money could buy. If he paid for her. Which, he didn't. But he would! She has a great ass. She can KICK ass. Her sense of humor rivals his own. AND, she can cook. What else could he ask for? Not to mention how adorable she is when she gets upset and starts speaking Portugese. She is currently his best friend and closest confidant.

Fenrir: Fenrir, Fen for short, is a wolf hybrid Stein found while raiding the lab of who he thought might be his creator. Weak and strapped to a gurney, it was quite obvious extensive experimentation had been conducted on him. They immediately found a kindred spirit in each other after Stein freed him and despite his protests, Fenrir followed him home. It was an uneasy friendship at first, Stein had never owned a pet before and he had a LOT of priceless collectables in his apartment, but it didn't take long for him to realize the experimentation done on the animal had increased it's intelligence greatly. He learned as a human would. Acted as a human would. And could even understand language like a human would. Impressed and curious, and with Fen's approval, Stein decided to try and figure out exactly what was done and what other enhancements or abilities he might possess. Fenrir is currently staying at Cinder Sear's apartment due to the no-pet policy at his own.

Brand X: Though he doesn't know much about her, Brand-X has proven herself to be a very capable ally when it comes to saving the world. Stein loves to poke fun at her any chance he can. For example, pointing out that she's DEFINITELY a blonde when she does something silly. Or mentioning her lack of SIZE in the boob department. Despite the jokes, Stein does think she's loyal, Kind of a good person, and entertaining to be around. Even though they haven't always seen eye-to-eye, he would definitely call her friend. Just... Not to her face.

Lyra Sinclaire: Lyra was Stein's first and closest companion after joining the Teen Phalanx. She was one of the few people who knew everything about him, having nearly beaten the information out of him. He enjoyed spending time with her, and knew as much about her past as she did about his. Even though he had no idea what half of it actually meant...

Dirge Magnum: Old friend

Kinetic Clash: Old friend

Corset: Old friend

Moonlight Siren: Old friend

Danger Kitten: Old friend

Ebon Kitty:


Scarlet Puma:

Moonlight Cat:


Put any rivals or enemies here. You can give descriptions, or simply list them. Same idea as the Allies and Friends.

SteinOOC.pngOOC Information


☣ Stein is heavily inspired by a number of characters, including the Frankenstein Monster, Soul Eater's Dr Stein, and Marvel's Deadpool.

☣ In a Live Action film, the PERFECT actor to play Stein would be Cam Gigandet.

☣ Did you know: Stein is a major antique collector. No. It's NOT junk! He frequents the Pawn and Antique shops around the city.

☣ Did you know: Stein is a talented piano player.

SteinTropes.pngTV Tropes

Katanas Are Just Better

Cool Shades

Different Kind of Zombie

Madness?! This. Is. SCIENCE!

Dat Body

All the Snark

Jerkass With Heart Of Gold

Real Men Wear Pink

Franken Fury

Rebel Soul

Zombies 4 Life

Your Momma Is So Fat...

Anything Goes

Byronic Hero

Lets Get Dangerous


Audioslave - Show Me How To Live

30 Seconds to Mars - Attack

Rise Against - Savior

Hollywood Undead - Medicine

Five Finger Death Punch - Meet The Monster

Five Finger Death Punch - Death Before Dishonor

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Korn - Coming Undone

Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife

Sixx: A.M. - This is Gonna Hurt

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time

Black Veil Brides - In The End

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Supervisors: Brand X • Insulator • Lady Zhi-Yu • Blackmagic Girl
Counselors: Emiline • Ouul
Resident Assistants: Ebon KittyStein
Monitors: Amber • Arcadia • Cinder Sear • Moonlight CatUltra-Gal
Recruits: Besra • Big Red • Calico • Cerebella • Devils Scourge • Dive
Affiliates: Devastation Guy • Dracaena • Draconic