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Player: @doomfunk
Class Focus: FAST. DPS in any form.
Power Level: 34
Research & Development: Arms/Munitions
Personal Data
Real Name: Sofia Queue Sussman
Known Aliases: Sofie, Safie
Species: human genetic construct
Ethnicity: caucasian
Age: 16
Height: 1,8m
Weight: 67kg
Eye Color:
electric blue
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: bitch teen, information assurance, hacker
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Base of Operations: Currently Millennium City, Michigan
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents, Henry Q and Elizabeth Sussman; clone-siblings
Known Powers
super-speed, moderate shapeshifting
Known Abilities
brilliant computer scientist, adept mechanical engineer
Two custom-built pistols of her own design, various other handmade munitions, 'digital munitions' and other liquid-computer gadgets; hacked satellite communicatons and teleportation network
(crabby bitch)


da 'rents

Her parents are two mid-rent Australian heroes, Henry "Void" Q (stepfather) and Elizabeth "Cockatiel" Sussman. Void's powers were unusual; he was the qlipphotic echo of a concept of a person, and had only acquired a truly corporeal form in entering our world. As such, he was able to escape notice quite easily, as well as nullify the powers of others, and pass through solid objects. Cockatiel generated intense sonic blasts by singing, and had other sound-related powers. Both are costume-retired; Elizabeth Sussman works with an advertising firm for heroic image strengthening, and Henry Q appears to have no gainful employment but maintains a steady stream of income somehow. Sofia and a sum of clone-sisters were the result of her mother's capture at the hands of a now-deceased supervillain, Doctor Dux. The litter was kept in a time-advancing state of suspension, and as such not even her parents are precisely sure what her physical age might be, beyond a snotty teenager.


digital vandalism

hay thx

Powers and Abilities

Sofia is fast. Very fast, both cognitively and physically. Her reaction times are phenomenal, and she has proven herself akin to a walking, bitching calculator in terms of her computations per second. She rates herself verbally as sixty times faster than any human, and while this is passingly true, she is much faster than that.

Her super-speed is transformative; that is, while she is accelerated (which is to say, nearly constantly) she is partially transmuted to a form of light, distributed throughout her mass evenly, able to push what mass of hers remains faster than nearly any existing engine or generator can push any mode of transit. Essentially, internally her body functions similarly to a matter reactor in how it processes the food she eats, rather than the more comprehensible chemical digestive system we humans feature.

While accelerated, she is capable of discharging a great deal of kinetic energy into an object by touch. She calls this THE ATOMIC FIST and seems very proud of this ability, considering the resulting concussive force is similar to that of beings far stronger than she.

Due to her imprinting upon herself alien genetics, she has acquired a very limited ability to change her appearance. Thus far, she has only ever been witnessed changing from green to pink and back again, and altering the colour of her hair. It is possible, or probably, that she could shift into entirely different forms, but she has firmly declared that such practices are "bloomin' ooky" and refuses to further refine her abilities on that point.

Sofia has a brilliant mind for computer science and has written many programs and protocols both for securing a system from intrusion and for intrusion in the first place. She also has some knowledge of applied physics and engineering, though most of the technology she's "developed" herself is reverse-engineered tech purloined from villains that she has, then, recombined in some way with other tech.

She also possesses the gymnastic capacities of an eleven-year-old whose mother forces them to take classes after school.

Weaknesses and Limitations

It is very clear that, in a fight, Sofia has no idea what she is doing. She does things simply because she thinks they're awesome, and takes her time aiming carefully to deliver a shot that a practised marksman could bang out in a tenth the time. It is only through her great speed and technological savvy that she is as successful as she is in combat situations. Any speedster who actually knows how to fight would be perfectly capable of beating her in personal combat.

Sofia is also not strong in any way, nor is she durable. Again, only by virtue of her speed does she escape harm. She has the pain tolerance of someone whose sensitive nerves are being pinched in their armpit (which is to say, she has zero).

She is completely undisciplined in every way. As such, her only defense against mental assault is the rapidity with which she processes data, frequently overwhelming for green psychics.


Sofia operates within the Prelude to Justice, a media-friendly organization with an obscure and potentially-shady government tie.

Unusual among members of the Prelude, Sofia's name was put forth for membership only after she vandalized a contact's safehouse.

Friends and Allies

Victor is her professed boyfriend. The two are both apparently equally fast, but due to different mechanisms. Victor, being an old fashioned boy - is taking their relationship very slowly and with serious feeling. Sofia as a modern teenager is less reverent but obviously quite pleased with her catch. She frequently describes him as 'perfect' but for his being a 'waggy old dog'. Luminous spraypant has been tagged on official buildings around the upper-scale parts of Millennium City and, oddly, Bangkok, Thailand pairing their two names within a big cartoon heart.

Trixie is a bonny chum of Sofia's. They frequently discuss such grave issues as boys, and why nobody wants to end up like Lindsay Lohan. Often, they go to concerts and films together, frequently on Sofia's dollar. ...Or so she says.

Grip is, unfortunately for him, often fighting crime at Sofia's side. She plagues him like gingivitis plagues the non-flosser. Like fleas plague dogs. Like dogs plague cats. Like cats plague birds. Like plague plagues fleas.




Theme Songs

Main Theme: Ugress - Kosmonaut

Personality: Beck - Timebomb

Motivation: Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action

Current Status: Merzbow - Minus Zero

Live Action

Character Actress: Sasha Pivovarova