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Player: Nimbull
Soulburn primus.jpg
Soulburn PRIMUS Photo
Class Focus: Fire DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mystic
Personal Data
Real Name: UNKNOWN
Known Aliases: Soul
Species: Succubus
Ethnicity: Viraspociosa
Age: 654
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Burning Yellow
Hair Color: Fire Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Hell
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
Place of Birth: UNKNOWN
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (Sisters) Soulshock, Soulshard, Soulbreeze, Soulixer
Known Powers
(Game) Free Form Fire Based, (Game) Fire Flight, (Game) Teleportation, (RP) Pocket Dimension, (RP) Charm Person, (RP) Minor Shape Changing, (RP) Fire Proof, (Game/RP) Empathic Healing for Simulated Regeneration
Known Abilities
Avid eBayer and Angry Birds player.
(RP) Android Tablet
Hot Stuff!

In Game Description

** Demon Form **

Moderately tall and obviously not from around town. The large leathery wings have a dark red hue and look more then strong enough to carry her weight.

The hands end in a particularly nasty claw like finish and horns and spikes stick out at various places along her body.

Her skin would be a nightmare for a dermatologist. Dark red like her wings, the body is slim but with the leathery texture of the flesh it's not something you'd want to see in a beauty contest.

Her legs end in hooves which is unsurprising given the rest of her appearance. She must save a ton of cash by not having to buy shoes all the time. If she had a pet dog it would be extremely bored by not having anything to chew on.

Her scent is of sulfur and brimstone which confirms your initial thought that she'd be a hot date. Just not hot in the normal "Oh baby!" sense but could be great for barbeque's. Her eyes are burning yellow with no pupils.

** Human Form **

Long red hair, burning yellow eyes, firey dress, and a flowing cape adorn this stunning red head. Those finger nails look awefully sharp.

** Notes **

Song: Prodigy - Firestarter


Soulburn doesn't remember much of her past, her memory only goes back about 150-200 years. Her life so to speak before that is a mystery. Her true age is around 654 years and she's relatively mature for her kind, at least thats what the palm reader like woman who spoke to her said after reading her horns.

During the time she does remember she spent her days working “the job” a demon of her stature was supposed to do. Never a moments rest and always one summoning or another drew her away for another deal and another soul. Those who she couldn't claim on her own were subjected to a “Brute Squad” she had on call. She didn't get as big a cut as she would have if she completed things on her own but it kept “The Business” going.

Then one day things changed, as she was summoned the spell didn't seem quite the same. Soon her entire body was torn apart and assembled together again. Unimaginable pain filled her being and she found herself in a room with a young desperate looking man. The door burst open and two humanoid insects stormed the room. In a fit of rage she burned the Qularr in to two piles of ashes.

Claiming their souls she turned to the human who laid on the floor. Clearly this was the one who summoned her but he was not as skilled as needed. He laid there babbling about randomly as his mind was obviously not intact. It seems that whatever went wrong in the summoning also impacted him somehow.

Soulburn also noticed her connection to the underworld wasn't what it used to be and that further angered her. Still she kept the human alive to learn more about what had happened. Soulburn silenced him and locked him in a near by closet for safe keeping till she had more time. Looking out a window, Soulburn saw the ravages of war taking place on the streets of Millennium City as the Qularr invasion was in full swing. Curious about where she was, Soulburn leaped out of the window and took flight.

Few noticed her flying over the streets from below and those Qularr that did fly about the city she incinerated if they attacked her. Looking below Soulburn saw a human trapped under some rubble as two Qularr drones approached the human. Then she felt something she never felt before, compassion. Darting down to the street she dispatched the Qularr drones and freed the human. The human said others were gathering at a location to fight back the Qularr near the Champions Building. She escorted him to the make shift camp that was setup and joined the battle.

As time wore on she made a name for herself among the humans. Their initial skepticism disappeared as she fought along side them and helped people. Her confusion over her own actions troubled her and she soon realized that the summoning the young man did swapped a bit of her with a bit of him. She became more human in nature and he lost what humanity he had. She also found the body of the young mans mentor after the invasion, he bore a mark that she soon would find out was the markings of a group called DEMON.

Life just took an interesting turn for Soulburn. It also became a little more peaceful then it used to be and she liked that. She did not want to go back to the underworld and so Millennium City became her new home.


Soulburn has no problem showing the world what she really is. Her new found conscience may not make her particularly proud of her heritage but it doesn't stop her from being herself and adapting to what she's become. She minces no words with people when they talk about her being a "nice demon". She reminds them of who she really is and how dangerous she could be so they don't ever let their guard down around her kind for their own safety.

Her appetite for men has greatly diminished since the summoning accident. She no longer has all the drives that push a demon of her type to do the things she used to do. She still takes great interest in men when they conduct themselves in polite and mature way. When that is mixed with innocence she really takes a liking to them.

Soulburn used to be pretty violent before the summoning accident. She had no problem with burning someone or something to a cinder if they rubbed her the wrong way. These days she's more reserved in her anger and how she reacts when provoked. Still there are a few things that will set her completely off. One of those things is when mages or warlocks try to seize control of her. She enjoys her freedom and will react very violently to those who mistreat her in that manor. Especially if it ends up hurting those close to her.

In combat against criminals she tries not to take a life if she doesn't have to but she isn't going to go to great lengths to reach that goal. In her mind if they're out to put her down for good she's more then happy to return the favor. Male's she fights against have a high chance of getting their nether regions set on fire when facing her.

Physical Description

Tall by human standards but average hight for her kind in general at about six to seven feet. Long firey red hair covers her head and wraps around an elegant set of ivory like horns on her head. Burning yellow eyes gaze out to the world and flicker idly. Her shoulders and thighs sport nasty looking ivory like spikes that stick out of her flesh. The wings are large and almost draconic in appearance but don't hide the fact of her true nature. Her feet end in set of typical cloven hooves you would find on a demon. Her hands end in sharp talon like claws that jut out from a leathery dark red skin texture that matches her wings.

Her insides are a burned out husk containing a burning hellfire that is her essence. If she were to be cut open the fire would erupt from the wound and slowly seal it shut almost like blood clotting. It's also been known to slowly seal holes that have been shot out in her wings as well as regrow horns and spikes she has similar to how Salamanders regrow limbs.

She is fairly strong being a demon but her strength isn't her greatest feature. Soulburn's hellish firey nature makes up for what she lacks in raw physical strength

Recently she consented to a full body scan by UNITY medical staffers curious about her physiology. Based on the scans her body is indeed a burned out husk hosting a burning hellfire inside. Detailed scans of the remaining necroflesh shows a chitinous inner shell that remains flexible and allow normal bending of the limbs at joints. Closer inspection with higher magnifications of scans actually reveal the remains of blood veins and other anatomy in the remaining layers of necroflesh. It's as if some violent event in her life altered her physiology completely by hollowing her out and gave her the firey nature she currently wields.

There have been a few very rare situations where Soulburn's entire necroflesh shell was shattered. Reports indicate she looks like a hellish fire shaped like her outer body. When the shell is shattered and she is exposed. The shell fragments can be melted by her and reform around her firey body, it takes some time for this process to complete properly.

Soulburn outside Club Caprice in a more human form.

Recent Events

Soulburn spent a lot of time at Club Caprice and in all the time she spent there she ran in to various people. She finally met with a person who she later found out was a dragon named Apotropaic. They became friends and eventually he recruited her in to The Cruciform Sword super group. She now spends a majority of her time working with her allies to help make a better world by rounding up dangerous artifacts and taking care of dangerous villians.

Her social life has grown since she arrived at Millennium City. Aside from the her friends in The Cruciform Sword she's gained several friends outside of the group. Often she'll be seen hanging around the lounge of Club Caprice striking up conversations with people from other super groups. She's also been known to frequent Sherrera's Bar over on the West Side.

She has been seen publicly taking a more human form. Several patrons at Caprice mentioned her as a stunning red headed human female of similar physical height and general body shape. Her shape shifting appear to be limited to her general size and shape but allow her to blend in with normal humans better.

She's been on a few missions with Universal Investigations. Their encounters with some supernatural creatures has unlocked more of her memories, though the price of regaining her past has been a tremendous shock to her personally and she won't speak much of it to anyone. One thing she does bring to light about her past is her three siblings, one of which now lives in Millenium City. She also has recovered her long lost "puppy" and has trained him to not chase cars and fetch the bumpers. This helped lower recent tensions with MCPD about taking the puppy for walks.

Soul serves as third in the chain of command for The Cruciform Sword and also has had a darker part of her past reconciled by the Sword and her friends. While Soul is by no means absolved of all the wrongs she's done in the past. Still a great weight has been lifted from her shoulders and the world seems a little brighter for her.

Known Weaknesses

  • Being an outsider and a demon, Soulburn has a particular weakness to casters that try to bind and control her kind. She can fight off lesser attempts from average casters but those of greater power can easily assert their will over hers for good or ill. (Boss level encounters in RP sessions.) Records show this has already caused her problems in two combat engagements. The first was when Universal Investigations headquarters was attacked by VIPER. A powerful serpent mage bound her in place while combating her allies. The second time was a powerful Lich who asserted his will on her and caused her to assault her own allies under his control.
  • Powerful holy artifacts can easily cause Soulburn great pain when used against her. Joe Shmoe walking up with holy water and a cross? Not so much.
  • Temper at being bound or controlled against her will. This can be more of a social weakness then a physical one. Still depending on how it is used it can be quite effective.
  • Great powers that would drain or cool the fire from within her. (Boss level RP encounters.)

Nemesis List

Those evil doers who are on her light on fire Christmas list.


  • "The devil made me do it."
  • "I never turn down free drinks if your buying."
  • "BURN!"


While this is by no means a complete list, these are some of the more notable people in Soul's life since she's been on Earth.

  • Apotropaic - Leader of The Cruciform Sword, Apo is a friend and almost like a brother she never had. She harasses him constantly but only does it because she genuinely cares for him like family almost.
  • Divael - Nat is someone that Soul considers awesome and all that kind of stuff. Soul couldn't think of a sweeter person she's ever met.
  • Eric Deringer - Is the leader of Universal Investigations and Soul has managed to get along with him even though he shot her during a misunderstanding. She has come to appreciate and respect him for who he is and what he does.
  • Katerra - Soul considers Kat to be a really good friend. She almost acts like a second conscience for Soul and has been on many Sword missions with Kat.
  • Lana - A young woman with a child's view of the world. Lana and her companion Kit put a smile on Soul's face each time she see's them. Soul thinks of Lana like a little sister even though they aren't related at all. She also thinks of Kit as a good friend.
  • The White Demon - Originally he was going to kill Soul but things worked out for the better and Soul has come to appreciate Kage. She has had feelings for him but her place in the world doesn't allow her to continue to pursue those feelings.

Photo Album

Soul playing devils advocate for Eric Derringer's conscience. Soul catching Jack in his pink dress and blonde wig.