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| paraphernalia = Combat Suit which is lightly armored for protection.
| paraphernalia = Combat Suit which is lightly armored for protection.
| strength = 3
| strength = 3
| endurance = 7
| endurance = 8
| agility = 6
| agility = 6
| speed = 7
| speed = 7
Line 60: Line 60:
| projectiles = 8
| projectiles = 8
| durability = 4
| durability = 4
| resistance = 6
| resistance = 8
| intelligence = 6  
| intelligence = 6  
| psyche = 6
| psyche = 6

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Player: @RavenForce
It's time to turn up the HEAT!
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Cou'ra Crystallos
Known Aliases: Solaris, Courtney Payne, Cou'ra, Sol, Hot head.
Gender: Female
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Xen-2
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Black Diamond, GEOFORCE
Age: 19 (Based on appearance)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 90 Ibs
Eyes: Light Orange
Hair: Black with orange and yellow highlights
Complexion: Darker complexion
Physical Build: Mildly Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: 2nd Year Student at The Summerstone Academy
Education: Various Non-human levels of education. Full SepT Qualification.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Pyrokinesis, Plasma Field Generation & Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Pyrokinetic Constructs, Flight, Super Speed.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Combat Suit which is lightly armored for protection.
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Solaris is an extra-terrestrial known and hails from Xen. She is the younger sister of Black Diamond and is currently enjoying her time on Earth as she works towards being a super heroine. After a period of no contact with her sister, she finally heard from Black Diamond and was sent to Earth in 2003 after spending a few years on different planets within The Galactic Alliance System as a refugee from the warfare ravaging her home world. Gifted with the ability to generate and manipulate heat, fire and plasma based energies, Solaris can literally turn up the heat on the battle field, from generating streams and spheres of fire to launch at her enemies, igniting entire patches of her environment with copious amounts of fire, manipulating heat and plasma fields to cause localized atmospheric disruption to make it "rain" fire. Solaris is a promising student, who is still exploring the extent of her abilities. As one of the youngest students of The Summerstone Academy, she works hard to master her abilities further in the hopes of joining The Summerstone Sisterhood but more importantly, other fighting forces and working as a super hero in her own right. After recently coming out of a natural cycle to her species known as ‘Shak-hen’, her abilities have increased in strength and she has a better understanding of them.


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Cour’a Crystallos was born into one of the most prestigious families on her home world and as a result lived a fairly luxurious life. Being the youngest of three children, a significant amount of fuss was made about her wellbeing and she frequently felt overwhelmed by the security which was placed upon and around her. At an early age Cour’a’s pyrokinetic abilities became very much apparent to her family, a revelation which only increased the amount of protection she received. Elemental Xenians in the past five hundred or so years had for some reason become relatively rare and the reason for this unprecedented shift was not fully understood.

In light of this fact, all elemental controllers that were born received heavy protection to ensure their survival and well-being through their earlier life during the various early cycles elemental Xenians are known to go through. Her parents and older siblings, notably Black Diamond and their brother GEOFORCE, sought out assistance in dealing with an elemental Xenian, as unlike most, elemental controllers relied heavily on their natural element in order to develop their powers through the younger years in preparation for the future.

Because of this Cour’a enjoyed being outside in the somewhat harsh rays of their suns, absorbing the rays continually until she fell asleep, usually surrounded in an almost protective bubble of plasma energy laced with fiery patterns. As she continued to grow, her control heat and fire continued to manifest, sometimes resulting in large burn patches or outbursts of fire during her childhood.

As with all elementally imbued Xenians, her power was in constant fluctuation. She would go for lengthy periods of time only able to manipulate or generate miniscule amounts of fire and then the next she would experience normal to high levels of power, this surge in power happened to coincide with the summer months when the suns on her home world would burn hotter and the days were longer. During these periods she utilized her abilities as much as she could without unnecessary strain, much to her elder siblings’ disapproval, as unfortunately for them, Cour’a had devised many different ways to annoy and prank them with her powers.

She enjoyed irritating her sister the most out of the two. Unfortunately for Cour’a her world was rocked by the sudden and devastating invasion by The Army of Sentai-La which raged across her home planet, affecting everyone and everything. Cour’a was at the family holiday home when the invaders attacked, she watched from a far as structures from the city nearby crumbled and the dark mass of invasion forces moved rapidly towards where she was.

Being quite young at the time, she was immediately evacuated from the planet along with an innumerable amount of others. She was sent to her relatives who lived on another planet within the Galactic Alliance. She spent a few years away from the planet as the war raged on and mostly grew up under the care of her relatives. Soon enough, her sister was able to contact her offering her sanctuary within the Omega Quadrant. Upon her arrival on Earth, she was inducted into The Summerstone Academy and through the combined education from The Academy and also further instruction on her abilities and how to use them, she soon developed into a capable student and occasionally goes out on real world missions to combat relatively small scale incidences of a super human nature.

Cou'ra adopted the alias of "Solaris" whilst on Earth and has become quite fond of the moniker and the connection it shows between her and her abilities. She usually works closely with PsychBlade, Techna Ology, Bionic Bullet and more often than not, her sister Black Diamond.

Outside of that, she can be seen flying around Millennium City helping out where she can. She is hopeful that one day she will be able to join a super team of some description and meet others.


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Groups and Various Affiliations

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The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

Solaris graduated from her second year but due to the shutdown of The Summerstone Academy, she is receiving private tuition to bring her to the level required to officially graduate her final year and The Summerstone Academy course she was undergoing.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade


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Additional Information - SUMMERSTONE ACADEMY FILES

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