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Mei Hee (Sidekick)
Player: @Disgreaser
"Oh yeah, I'm doin' it!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Munitions/Martial Arts.
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Mei Hee
Known Aliases: Sidekick
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Asian
Place of Birth: Westside (Little China)
Base of Operations: N/A
Relatives: N/A
Age: 19
Height: 6'0
Weight: 88 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Average, but looks older than she is.
Physical Features: Nothing prominent.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publically known.
Years Active: 5 (Counting in her VIPER carreer)
Citizenship: American
Occupation: She works parttime for the MCPD. Also works at her uncle's company.
Education: Homeschooled
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Sidekick knows many forms of martial arts.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Two pistols she still has from her time at VIPER.
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Sidekick is a former VIPER soldier who was known for being the worst soldier on her platoon. She is now a local heroine, but she hasn't lost any of her clumsiness.

Sidekick is actually the alias of Mei Hee, a young Chinese woman originating from Little China in Westside.

Pre-hero carreer.

As mentioned, Mei Hee never was a hero in the first place. But she began edging to heroism seeing as her fellow villains didn't like her quite much.

Soldier Sidekick in the 4th VIPER Platoon

Before Mei got into heroism, she was part of the villainous organization VIPER. When she began her training, VIPER had high hopes for her. She was from Chinese origin so they had at least hoped for a good martial artist. What they got, however, was FAR from what they hoped. Mei turned out to be the worst soldier they ever had to train. At one point they were just done with her and just granted her the permission to be in VIPER, thus ending their torment of having to train this person. Why they did not immediately sent her back home is a mystery to this day.

She got placed in the 4th Platoon, and was sent on her first mission shortly after she "finished" her training. She was wearing a yellow armor by then, and she still has that armor as of today. Her first mission was simple: Take mayor Biselle as hostage. The 4th Platoon entered the City Hall, and their big assault began. They kept all security personell at bay, and stupid enough, made Mei get the mayor. You can guess it, that this wouldn't turn out that well. At one point, the other soldiers from the platoon went looking for Mei. It had been 15 minutes. And they found her: Tied up with a rope, dangling down from the ceiling. The mayor was gone. He was saved by a heroine named Cyblast.

"Hey hey hey, guys! Mind getting me down from here?", Mei asked as she dangled down from the ceiling. "Well, you got into it, and you'll get out of it yourself, too!", Mei's squad leader Ulric Nevinger said. Yes, they left her dangling in the middle of the City Hall, to be found by the MCPD.


After the MCPD arrested her, and sent her to Westside Prison, she was sentenced for at least 10 years (Mostly because she was with VIPER), but she was released earlier due to good behavior. Sidekick's carreer was filled to the brim with huge blunders:

She was sent to rescue some of her squad in the desert. She failed terribly, ending up being held captive along with the squad members she was supposed to rescue.

She was sent along with a few Grondhunters in the desert, to patrol the area around and looking for Grond. She ended up being stomped on by Grond, and had to be in a hospital for 9 months.

She was one of the people who were originally helping at Bunker Alpha, with a project known as Dragoon. However, during the testing phases of this new weapon, Sidekick got her bum burned multiple times by the concentrated particle blasts from the cyborg.

She was sent to Force Station Steelhead once, to hack into the main computer there. She ended up being arrested and held captive by Justiciar.

She once was part of a project at Lemuria, also trying to put a stop to the villainess Hytros (One of Cyblast's enemies) who was terrorizing their project with her mutant army. The sector of the project Mei had to guard was breached almost instantly when Hytros' mutants attacked.

The list goes on and on, much much more blunders were added over time. Rather quickly, Mei became known as "Miss Mistake" due to her blunders. Not only that, but Ulric Nevinger became VERY annoyed by this one particular soldier.


At one point, VIPER began to blame Ulric for not properly training Mei. And as Mei's list of blunders grew, Ulric's position in VIPER got more in danger. And then, it was the day. VIPER fired Ulric due to his "failure" as a squad leader, as proven by all of the losses of VIPER on his name. He was utterly baffled when he got to hear that. Not only baffled, no not by far. He was more angry than ever. Angry towards the one soldier that took his job from him. In pure rage, Ulric began looking for Mei in the VIPER bunkers, kicking in door after door, looking for what he called "a little pest".

Maybe Mei wasn't exactly loved in combat, but she sure was quite loved outside of it. In her bunker, she and some other soldiers were fooling around, making jokes, and were just having a great time. That was until their door was brutally kicked in by an angry squad leader.

"Mei, you IDIOT! You got me fired!", Ulric shouted to Mei, causing her to jump up from her bed in shock. Her glasses fell off her nose so she had a hard time seeing who exacly was shouting at her. But she did recognize his voice. "H-hey Ulric, w-w-well that's bad news, eh?", she muttered to him. "Bad news? BAD NEWS?! I lost my job because of you! Get here!", he said as he charged towards Mei. Mei screamed and dodged Ulric, jumping over Ulric and grabbing her helmet from her bed, before sprinting off, away from the bunkers, into the night. She left Ulric standing in the bunker, with a sweaty forehead, and very angry.

Mei kept sprinting and sprinting, until she became so tired she just fainted in the middle of the desert. She fell down rather close to Snake Gulch, and she remained passed out, lying there with her helmet in her hand.

The period in between.

After she had passed out, she was found by a UNTIL squad in the desert. It was morning, and she was still passed out. Due to the fact that they thought she still was with VIPER, they captured her and tied her up. They didn't even bother to put her helmet back on (But they did put her glasses back on).

Mei woke up half an hour after they tied her up. Of course she was wondering where she was or what happened, looking around. At one point she just began talking. "Hello? Anyone care to tell me where I am? Hello?", she quietly said. Even though there was no one, she kept on asking where she was. She was clearly still dazed from the big events that had happened a day ago.

At one point, the UNTIL soldiers returned to the place where they tied up Mei. They explained her she was at UNTIL's headquarters in MC, and that she was about to be convicted. Mei was really confused, and had a hard time explaining to the UNTIL soldiers what happened. All she could explain well is that she knew she had been a failure to VIPER, and that it got her squad leader Ulric fired, who in turn got angry on her and chased her down. She didn't remember anything from then. Mei was visibly shocked, shaking lightly and looking around. The UNTIL soldiers, despite they were actually not allowed to, felt sorry for Mei. They could see she wasn't the villain type at all, and thought she was just misplaced in VIPER. In order to redeem herself, Mei left her villain carreer behind herself, and started a new carreer as a hero.

But somewhere...Ulric was still wanting to take revenge on Mei...

Ulric Serpentio Nevinger.

Not long after Mei was allowed to walk free, she felt like a completely new person. She received some clothing so she could get rid of the yellow VIPER armor, and now walked down the street as a normal civilian. She whistled something as she walked, not knowing about the dark figure which was stalking her...


Serpentio in his armor.
All of a sudden, a rocket impacted close to Mei, making her scream and jump up. She looked back, and there, through the mass of scared and running civilians, walked a huge armored figure. She couldn't make out who it was: The body was completely armored in thick green armor, and the face was masked, and to her surprised it donned the VIPER logo. And she also knew that whoever it was; he didn't like her very much. She didn't hesitate and ran as fast as she could when the huge figure began charging towards her. She acrobatically ran down the street, jumping over cars, walls, even parkouring a little to keep this thing at a distance! But the armored person was faster. He had jet engines, and where ever Mei went, he followed her, ramming through walls and punching cars out of his way. After a long chase, the armored person gave up. Mei was hiding in a parking lot, and the person was searching for her, until he spoke: "Heed my warning Mei! You destroyed my carreer, and soon, I will destroy you! Fear Serpentio's wrath, Mei! For he is coming for you!". After the person said that, he rocketed through the ceiling, and he flew off into the city. Mei was shocked. She recognized the person's voice.

It was Ulric, her former squad leader.

Various Encounters

Listed below are some of the biggest, and most dramatic encounters Sidekick had with this "Serpentio".

Warehouse Encounter

In The Desert

On The Docks