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Player: Zyrusticae
Screenshot 2010-03-09-06-17-33.jpg
Approach with caution.
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms (Ordnance)
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Cat of Death, The Deadly Cat, The Killer Feline, etc.
Species: Feline/Human Hybrid
Ethnicity: Asian
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Eye Color: Luminescent Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese (Allegedly)
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Japan (Allegedly)
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Lightning-Fast Catlike Reflexes, Unnatural Accuracy and Manual Dexterity
High-Tech Armaments - Pistols, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a high-powered rocket launcher and a collection of percussion grenades. Gadgets - A forged sonic device, various healing implements

OOC: Setsujinneko was born out of a random desire to create a character out of the feline bits the game provided. Turns out I liked her design so much that I decided to make her into a full-fledged character. As usual, most of these details are done in my haphazard "stream of thought" style; detailed, in-depth backgrounds are almost certainly not my thing.


Known History

First appeared in 2004 as an assassin taking out minor members of the Yakuza. Where she came from or who she worked for (if she indeed worked for anyone) is not known. What is known is that she carved a swath of destruction through the ranks of the Yakuza before vanishing without a trace. Her goal is not known and is still the subject of great speculation; she did not kill the most high-ranking members of the syndicate, nor did she steal anything of particular import.

Years later she reappeared in Millenium City, offering her services to the highest bidder. Fearful of the damage she could cause in the hands of villainous organizations such as VIPER or Argent, PRIMUS has kept her under near-constant surveillance, though she puts in her best effort to thwart our every move. Curiously, she does not appear to have accepted any contracts from such agencies, and in fact consistently works against them. Despite this, all efforts from PRIMUS to recruit her have been in vain; she resists attempts to make contact with her and has thus far refused all offers to join a supergroup.

Today, she appears to be working with various lesser-known superbeings. What is exchanged for her services is not known. No physical exchanges have thus far been noted (though, again, she continually dismantles attempts to observe her).

Efforts to find out her secret identity - if she indeed has one - have been met with repeated failure.


Setsujinneko intimidating a thug.

As few people have actually socialized with her, it is not known what it is like to interact with her in person.

What has been seen, however, indicates that she does not appear to exercise the same restraint registered superheroes do. Her bullets are most certainly quite lethal, though she mercifully aims for the head and attempts to ensure as little violence as possible. She is not above using heavy weaponry, particularly her large rocket launcher (which she keeps stored through unknown, likely technologically advanced, methods), or using dirty tactics to ensure mission completion.

She has largely avoided contact with other superbeings, in some cases going out of her way to avoid being spotted -- unless that superbeing is approaching her with a job offer.

Through observation of her limited dealings, it is known that she cannot physically vocalize, and uses some kind of device built into her mask to vocalize her thoughts. It is likely that the mask has other applications as well, such as providing oxygen for underwater operations and, of course, concealing her identity.

Powers and Abilities

Lightning-Fast Feline Reflexes

Setsujinneko exhibits incredibly enhanced reflexes. Able to dodge bullets with seeming ease, she continually thwarts attempts to bring her down with high-powered weaponry or great blasts of supernatural energy. She appears to have her fur coated in some type of luminous substance to decrease air resistance and, thus, allow her to move with greater speed.

Unnatural Accuracy and Manual Dexterity

She has yet to be recorded missing a shot that wasn't stopped with some sort of kinetic barrier. It is speculated that she possesses some kind of limited precognitive ability, as her unerring accuracy could not be the result of genetic modification alone. She also exhibits the (expected) ability to perform great acts of manual dexterity; picking locks, typing at over 200 wpm, and juggling between her multiple weapon types between shots are all within the scope of her ability.


Setsujinneko's abilities alone would not allow her to compete on the super-powered level if it weren't for the incredible technology she possesses. The origin of these technologies is not known; it is likely that their source is the same that provided her extensive genetic modifications.

Her weapons are of particular import; she appears to possess unlimited ammunition, and very potent ammunition, at that. Capable of piercing even the most advanced PRIMUS battle armors, her destructive potential is not to be taken lightly. It is likely that the technology that provides her seemingly unending supply of ammunition is the same technology that allows her to pull weapons out of seeming thin air. The backpack she carries is considered the key; it is likely some form of prototypical, super-advanced nanotechnology, or perhaps uses some type of new warping/space-folding tech. Without getting our hands on it ourselves, however, we can only speculate as to its nature.

Rather than moving on foot, she curiously makes use of a grappling gun, which contributes to her ability to approach enemies from unexpected vectors.

She carries a forged copy of the ever-popular Sonic Device, which she typically uses to add oomph to her rocket launcher for particularly hard targets, as well as various healing implements in the event her reflexes fail her.

She also appears to use some kind of electromagnetic device with a short use period to increase the velocity of her rounds in emergencies.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Setsujinneko has been observed to be vulnerable to large numbers of very rapid attacks, like most other superbeings who rely on extraordinary reflexes. As she can only twist and bend her body in so many ways, a large enough field of fire will eventually wear her down - though this is a daunting task due to the healing devices she employs in such situations.

Though her weapons are extraordinary indeed, she still finds hard targets frustrating to take down at times. She has been found to prefer soft targets she can take out quickly and make a subsequently quick and quiet escape. She prefers to fight at range, as her fragility makes her less-than-perfectly suited to fighting in close combat.

She has also exhibited an accelerated metabolism - her extraordinary physical abilities evidently have their toll on her body, and she is frequently seen consuming various condensed high-calorie foods during missions.

Friends and Allies

None known.


She appears to be at odds with all the major villainous groups at large, but has a particular bone to pick with Dr. Monroe. It is not known whether he had anything to do with her genetic modifications, whether she is simply sympathetic to the Manimal cause, or even if she is simply being paid more to disrupt his operations.

She has a nemesis, the Killer Canine (PRIMUS investigation pending).