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Player: @Tavior
The Asimerian Huntress
Class Focus: Hybrid DPS
Power Level: (Below 40)
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Senika
Known Aliases: Catgirl
Species: Asimer (Feliformia Atelae)
Ethnicity: Crimland Asimer
Age: 127 Solar Years
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 92 lbs.
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Enviromental
Biographical Data
Nationality: Asimerian
Occupation: Huntress/Black Ops
Place of Birth: Myrian
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Too many to list
Known Powers
Lightning fast reflexes
Known Abilities
Cyberpunk Martial Weaponry
High-tech Energy Bow and Vibro-blade
Currently working under the Guise of Villonous Matermind: Superior

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the layout for this PRIMUS information, everything below is available to ALL UNTIL/UNITY Agents, as well as anyone who has access to PRIMUS, in character, until otherwise noted further down. Use this information responsibly though; Continuous Griefing might make me change my mind. (Exception being the VillainBox to the right, which is given OOC)

Information Acquired

UNTIL Case Study 1841-9.06


UNTIL Database contains many Case Studies on a number of different specimen. We here at UNTIL have a dedicated team to assist us with the collection of these studies to ensure that everything contained here-in may be considered factual. It is for this reason that UNTIL asks that no agent, undisclosed or otherwise, alters the forms our team works diligently on. While we generally declare the Case Studies CONFIDENTIAL, there is a selection which we allow limited public access to, using second and third party networks, like PRIMUS and CORP international. We appreciate your cooperation, and thank you for your interest in Case Study, [Insert Case Number here, followed by an UNTIL Directors signature].


Case Study 1841-9.06 Specimen: Xeno Mammalia (Feliformia Atelae) or "Asimer"

Known Names or Aliases: Senika, Pridekin

Security Status: Red - Subject is armed with some sort of high-tech Energy Bow, Blade, and wears nothing but a harness. Reports have suggested the harness fields the subject in a protective energy film. Subject has been known to show extreme hostility toward others, especially known UNTIL Agents. Extreme caution is advised when attempting to deal with subject.

Appearance: Subject appears to have medium-to-short hair covering most of her body, with thicker tufts around the ends of her limbs and extremities. She stands a little below 5 feet, weighs in at about 87 to 98 pounds, and had a very athletic look. The subject appears to dress itself in only some tribal leg wrappings and bracers, and is strapped with some sort of shielding device. On an interesting note: We believe the subject remains fairly bare because of her furs natural defensive triggers. As observed, it seems the Subject is able to alter the color of her fur to that of her surroundings, making her nearly impossible to track for long periods.



December 12th, 2009; ANVIL detected a long-range wormhole gathering near the Hildas cluster of the Asteroid Belt. UNTIL began monitoring Xenon traffic that may come from that location. 23 hours after the signal from ANVIL, the wormhole closed again, with no sign of alien activity in the sector. UNTIL was about to give up observation, when the wormhole gathering re-appeared close to the original location 42 hours later. We believed this was no coincidence. UNTIL again observed all Xenon traffic that may arise from that location, following the gates immersion. The Wormhole remained open for nearly four days. We suspect a very long flight path, possibly from the opposite end of the Milky Way.

December 17, 2009; a small freight spaceship (We're guessing 80 yards wide), tore through the subspace where the wormhole was gathered. The spaceship , Captain and its crew refused to respond to numerous UNTIL identification requests. With possible signs of resistance, ANVIL and UNTIL space defense issued an internal red alert, and directed much attention to the alien spaceship. Observation watched as the Spaceship drew closer to Earth.

December 18, 2009; All known contact and reports on the alien spaceship was lost nearly 80,000 miles from Earth. ANVIL had reported the ship had entered some sort of Phase Cloak before losing contact with the ship. At 1940 hours, Canadian platonic observation labs reported heavy tremors 80 miles north of Cochrane, Ontario. Having been placed on high alert, UNTIL was quickly dispatched to investigate the surrounding area. When we arrived on scene, it didn't take long until agents discovered our ghost ship. UNTIL had over 180 men stationed around the ship, with the intent to detain any crew that might be on board.

A little while after initial contact with Subject and Co-Pilot [File;1201-7.49], UNTIL Agents apprehended the two subjects and held them for QCI (Quarantine, Contamination, Interrogation), where they were held for three days. Reports on the detention should lift classified status within the next few days. Due to unforseen complications and security breech, UNTIL has requested an extended postponement regarding Public Access to information regarding Case 1841-9.06

Last known image of Senika in UNTIL Custody

At 1920 hours, UNTIL Agents arrived at Project SHIELD in Canada with apprehended subjects; Senika and Naji. There, UNTIL had given them seperate holding cells and were in the process of interrogating them. Most field personnel schedules were already fairly full though. It would have been several days before we would be given the opportunity to question the subjects. I say would, because, something happened...

Not 12 hours later, during an Agents investigation with one of the subjects weapons, a malfunction occurred. We are led to believe it was the lazer bow that was the start of the tragedy. After a debriefing, we were told that the situation went accordingly;

Agent Miller was assigned duty to investigate the nature and lethality of the alien weaponry. He had already finished his report on the sword, when he was moving on to the lazer bow. As he begun the investigation, Agent Miller had triggered some sort of automatic response on the bow. the bows limbs pulled in and the hilt modified itself into an aerodynamic, high tech boomerang. The object then began spinning in a controlled manner. Nobody was prepared for what happened next. The device lifted off the surface of the table, and started firing bursts of blast charges randomly across the room. Miller and a few guards were forced to take cover. That device then emitted a strange chirping noise and, while still firing volleys of blasts, spun through the hallways of the installation where we were holding Senika. The device was apparently homing in on Senikas cell. Two minutes after the initial fire, security cameras picked up the device on screen, and we observed it cling to her cell with it's limbs, and tear at the door.

Senika had crawled out of the carved opening, left by her weapon. It was at this time Project Shield was put on red alert status. Most of the information beyond this point will be given classified status with limited outside information. What we can tell you, is that Senika had freed her accomplice, Naji, and proceeded to Project SHIELDs security office, where she emmited a high yeild EMP blast that knocked out the entire stations defense system and back-up generators.

Attached to this document is UNTILs last known image of Senika.


At first, nobody was sure what to make of this specimen. Over a period of time, however, her aggression elevated. We're not sure if it's because of something in her system, a characteristic, or if it may be something she had been exposed to when she arrived. All we know at this point is that this species should be handled with extreme caution. She is known to be armed, and very dangerous.


Below, officers will find the records of registered Alien; 114870928 (Senika)

File 1

This file contains all the registered and processed claims of Senika's original detainment. It includes video feed links, personnel records, and known charges against Senika during Case Study 1841-9.06. For further information, please refer to the classified files regarding Case Study 1841-9.06.

File 2

This file contains all the registered and processed claims of Senika and her known involvement with the Super Villain "Superior". It includes video feed links, personnel records, and known charges against Senika revolving around the numerous events that link her to Superior. All records in this file strictly involve Senika. For further information regarding Superior, his other known affiliates, or further information involved in the Mind Games tragedies, please contact your local UNTIL Embassy, or in the online PRIMUS database (where available).

Records and Claims

It is uncertain how Senika became involved with Superior. It has been proven, however, that she was working for for a well known advocate and cultist who believed he could bring Superior back to life. Her first reported crime was reported on (???) where she had shot and killed a classified retired UNTIL Agent connected with the old Superior case, his wife, and assaulted and incapacitated his daughter who was treated at Saint Mercy Hospital. A few weeks later, another record appeared when Senika broke into, and confiscated several UNTIL server stations. Those particular severs housed nearly all classified information regarding Superior, and his family. After that, there are several other occurances where Senika assulted armed officers of the law, most having some affiliation with META-S.W.A.T. and UNTIL. We have reports from nearly a dozen heroes, though none stand out as much as the hero "Metal Raven". His claims had shown multiple encounters, yet only reported injuries from Senika once. He has gone on to record saying he felt he was on the verge of "breaking her down".

On Feburary 8th, 2010, we have record of Senikas arrest and incarceration. She had been detained by registered hero "Spectre" where she was imprisoned in New York for two weeks. Due to the threat of keeping her detained in a light garrison facility, UNTIL voted and passed her transfer to the maximum security super prison "Stronghold". Unfortunately, due to several linked events, her transport from New York to Utah was intercepted by known accomplice Naji who, with our lack of necessary support due to another occurrence at the same time, managed to assist Senika in evading capture.

The final report leading to the closure of the Mind Games tragedies report Senika's support in bringing a return to the highly dangerous Villan, Superior. During the event, UNTIL officers managed to restrain Superior, but as a last ditch effort, Senika had retrieved and fled with the helmet comprised of Psychonium.

UNTIL has put this record on hiatus, but still regards the helmet as urgent assessment and ask that anyone with information on it's location report the details to their local authorities or UNTIL embassy.

File 3

This file contains all the registered and processed claims of Senika regarding Record 92410. It includes video feed links, personnel records, and known charges against Senika after UNTIL managed to perform a stealth operation that would lead to her latest incarceration, and the court ordered separation of her and known affiliate Naji. All information contained here-in is regarded as highly classified. Registered users of Primus are not given general clearance to access this information. Access is given only to UNTIL Operatives with Security Clearance 5. All unauthorized attempts to obtain this information is a felony (under U.N. provision 1774 article 9 subsection C) and will be punishable for up to seven (7) life sentences and/or a fine of no less than $4,000,000

All registered UNTIL licensed Agents and Officers are not allowed to detain Senika for any of the above listed, or earlier records dated before August 24th, 2010 (24/09/10). No acceptance can be given, and any agent found in violation risks losing their license.