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Player: @Krimsin
"Life's a bitch, and then you die...and then sometimes you un-die and then you die again."
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid DPS/Off-tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms - Fighting Styles
Biographical Data
Real Name: Naomi Dillinger
Known Aliases: Red
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: None living
Age: 31 (permanently appears 30)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Eyes: Pale grey
Hair: Red
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Agile, stealthy
Physical Features: Retractable fangs
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Real Name often withheld.
Years Active: Thief from late teens to 2011. Peacekeeper from 2008 to current.
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Ex-thief, Supernatural Peacekeeper
Education: High School, self-taught
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Regeneration, Minor enhanced strength, Inhuman reflexes, Obfuscate, Celerity, Auspex, Martial Arts, Stealth, Theft, Acrobatics, Gunfighting, Driving
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Twin tonfas, Flame retardant suit and coat, night-vision capable hypnosis-resistant goggles, tactical grappling cables
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Naomi "Red" Dillinger is not well-known, which in itself is a testament to her ability to stay hidden. Originally a career thief, her situation has become increasingly complex in recent years.


After running away from home during her teenage years, presumably due to her parents' recent breakup, Naomi attempted to hold a number of minor jobs before turning to theft as a last resort. Eventually she discovered a talent for it, and took it up as a full-fledged career, knocking over her first bank at 22. She was imprisoned twice over the next four years, and soon escaped on both occasions.

After robbing the home of a wealthy but reputedly elderly man, Naomi discovered that the man was in fact an elder vampire named Sigurd, who chased after her with many of his kin to reclaim his stolen treasure. For three months she was pursued harder than at any time during her life of crime. After nearly being caught, she was approached by a Freelance Supernatural Peacekeeping Force who brought her in for her own safety and to take advantage of her stealthy skills. Over the next three years she became competent in combat against paranormal beings, especially vampires. After chasing off a nigh-frenzied werewolf and returning accidentally coated in its blood, Naomi earned the name Red, as well as for her striking hair color.

Eventually, however, Sigurd caught up with her. And despite her newfound skills she was still unable to defeat him. He attempted to drain her dry, but moments before she passed out, Red in turn drank some of Sigurd's blood from the open wounds he sustained in their fight. This caused Red to transform into a vampire herself rather than simply dying like Sigurd had planned. It took a great deal of time for Red to come to terms with her new condition, and even afterward still considered it a terrible curse.

Several weeks later, she met Thomas Ward, known also as the Highway Man. The two became friends, and he offered to let her feed of of him when necessary, rather than wantonly extract blood from passersby. She introduced him to an UNTIL-sanctioned treasure hunting group with which she had been affiliated since before her transformation: The Cruciform Sword. Months after that, Tom proposed to Red, and the two were wed on October 29, 2011. Sigurd still occasionally attacks Red, but finds it difficult to decide whether she is a colossal mistake, or a potential protege.

During a mission for the Sword, Red drained a VIPER soldier and killed him. As a result, she was later plagued with guilt over the event. Soon after, Elena Sevim told her of a highly-esoteric state of vampiric enlightenment known as Golconda, which would result in an immunity to frenzy, a lowered bloodlust, as well as overall inner peace. Figuring she was in sore need of all three, Red sought out as much lore as possible, until she finally met her mentor on the subject; an ex-vampire named Natalia. Red now follows these teachings of atonement in the hopes of one day being enlightened herself, or even possibly cured.

Powers and Weaknesses

++Vampiric Abilities: Red Possesses a plethora of Supernatural powers associated with being undead, including: quick healing, resilience to damage, Inhumanly fast speed, enhanced strength, heightened senses, and the power to become invisible.

++Combat Training: During her time with the Peacekeepers, she was trained in a variety of martial techniques, as well as gunplay.

++Agility: Her time as a cat burglar of course attributed to her ability to move about quickly and efficiently.

++Burglary: Red's skills as a thief are still considerable even after her retirement.

++Driving: Having been her own getaway driver for some time, Red is flawless behind the wheel of most land vehicles.

--Vampiric Weaknesses: Red is highly vulnerable to fire, sunlight (but not UV light), staking, Holy objects (only when wielded by a being with True Faith), and decapitation.

--Blood Hunger: If Red goes for more than a week without drinking (preferrably human) blood, she is put at great risk of flying into a blood frenzy and hurting someone, much to her own personal horror.

--Underhanded: In an up-front fight, Red is often at a disadvantage, since her stealth tactics rely on surprise and misdirection.

--Retreat: Not fond of sustained fighting, Red must often break off from the battle and run to a dark corner to heal before returning.

--Magically Inert: Red shows zero talent with magic of any kind other than her innate vampire powers.

Red hones her combat skills in one of her old safehouses whilst unmasked.


Red is very closely-tied to her human side, perhaps even more so after being Turned. She gave up being a thief, deciding that the only reason she ever became one was because she felt as though her own family was being stolen from her. Now with a new family in Tom, presumably this is no longer necessary. Red will not kill or Turn others under any circumstances, and makes an effort to avoid conflict, unneeded suffering, or even drinking the blood of unwilling victims when possible. Despite this, of course, she can become vocal in her moral beliefs if she sees something wrong, and if faced with a tough decision will often act first and feel guilty later.


Red is a friend of most of the clientele of Sherrera's Pub in West Side, as well as the roster of The Cruciform Sword. Notable allies include Gary Lelik, Night-Strike, Jack Sterling, Apotropaic, and of course her husband. While she has been seen consorting with the Camarilla vampire sect, she is officially independent.


The vampire baron known only as Sigurdr is by far her most persistent nemesis. Additionally, she has stood against Artheo for his being a grave Supernatural threat, despite having little to no chance of defeating him.


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"Mmmf, when it comes to a leather vampire vixen, look no further~" ~Syra

"I like Red. She is is enjoyable company for one of The Dead. No moping around, no great amounts of Angst, no megalomania! Red one one cool vampire, unlike most out there. Coming from me that should have some weight and stuff."
-Hannah Hel-Dottir