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This page may delve into some more mature content and topics. While I've tried to keep the more blatant stuff isolated, I absolutely left out the more explicit details regarding this character. The truly questionable stuff is down at the bottom, in the "Just For Fun" section.

Player: @jhuno
The image on Quickie's "hero license".
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alicia Marie Williams
Known Aliases: Alice
Gender: Female
Species: Human(Imbued with draconic/necrotic essence)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Marcel Williams(Father, deceased), Katrina Williams(Mother, deceased)
Age: 28(over 40 Relative years)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 143 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: <1
Citizenship: North America
Occupation: Exotic Dancer
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Numerous "Friends With Benefits", otherwise single.
Known Powers and Abilities
Friction/Inertia control, assorted spells, Summoning specialist
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Luger P08 pistol, Custom-built autocannon
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


Born December 3rd, 1984 to parents Marcel and Katrina Williams in Detroit General Hospital, Alicia Marie Williams was a healthy baby girl. She remained a healthy human girl until her ninth birthday, only a few months after construction of Millennium City over the ruins of her old home had begun. Thankfully away from the ruin wrought by Doctor Destroyer, Alicia and her family were allowed to move back into their house, despite being warned that the area was somewhat unstable. Sure enough, on her ninth birthday, a burglar broke into the Williams residence. Unfortunately for him, though, he chose to enter through Alicia's bedroom, and her mutant ability to control friction locked him down until her father could get his gun and call the police.

On her tenth birthday, she asked her father to teach her how to handle a firearm, and continued doing so until he finally relented on her twelfth birthday, instructing her on proper safety with an unloaded weapon until he took her out on her first hunting trip at the age of fourteen. She quickly discovered that she could use her inertial manipulation to control the recoil while enhancing the bullet's speed by reducing friction within the barrel. She took yearly hunting trips with her father and his friends until he finally lost a two-year battle with cancer shortly before her nineteenth birthday. Her mother died a month before that, but she considers it a mere footnote thanks to a long history of domestic violence and verbal abuse.

Hero Life

In the nine years since her parents' deaths, Alicia has been adding to her father's gun collection and living off of a rather large inheritance, pretty much coasting with no real responsibilities. One fateful day in 2011, she came across a help wanted sign in a Westside strip club called Supermoves and decided to apply for a job on a whim. This job has been relatively uneventful, save for one night in January 2013, when she decided to fill in for an injured heroine who happened to work as a dancer. Since then, she's been sporadically appearing on patrol as Quickie.

Her very first appearance was against a paramilitary force armed with high-tech weaponry, with her armed with nothing but a leotard, her wits, and the support of four other heroes. She managed to hold her own, and even played a key part in rebuffing the soldiers and apprehending the supervillain that calls himself Liberator. During this encounter, she was first exposed to actual magic, and developed a keen interest in it, becoming the apprentice of Man at Arms before - with the aid of a fellow hero - she found her way to Nimoth, a dimension filled with sentient undead. While there, she attained apprenticeship with a millennia-old Dracolich known as Galanoth, who imbued her with a portion of its essence and trained her in the arts of conjuration over the next several years - during which only a week passed in her home dimension.

Hardcopy and Team Sigma

On February 10th, 2013, Quickie - at the urging of Aliya's lover - took Aliya, Template, and Sammy Erin on a girls' night out, dragging along Fire and Ice in an effort to get the latter to be more willing to socialize with others. Unfortunately, the supervillain known as Hardcopy decided that the 8:00 showing of Hot Steel would be an excellent time to take the audience of seventy as hostages and engage in a bit of villainy.

Hardcopy created numerous telekinetic constructs modeled after the primary warmechs in the movie, though with his own spin put on them, such as more advanced tactics. Their weaponry maintained their own physics as they were demonstrated on the bigscreen, blasting Aliya through numerous walls before taking aim on the hostages to ensure her cooperation. Hardcopy then left the theater to get refreshments from the lobby, allowing the Supermoves Five(plus one) to formulate a plan, which almost worked but resulted in Sammy being literally disarmed. Quickie took advantage of Hardcopy's distraction to annihilate his right hand.

Infuriated, Hardcopy dragged Quickie up to the front of the theater where he threw her to the ground and would have crushed her windpipe beneath his foot had his remaining hand not been vaporized, provoking him into simply kicking the summoner to death. Had Ice not intervened with a modified version of their prior tactic, Quickie's life would have been ended right there.

Pressing Too Far

While recovering from the Hardcopy Incident, Quickie decided to investigate precisely how her powers worked since - according to her tests - they could affect practically any material so long as she had line of sight, and weren't negated by even experienced kinetic controllers or antigravity. What she discovered left a deep scar on her psyche; while her friction and inertia powers were based off of magnetism on a molecular level, her newest skill - which consisted of toggling friction from one extreme to the other numerous times in one second - completely destroyed molecular bonds and broke materials down, stopping just short of rupturing the atoms themselves. Naturally, the implication that she almost accidentally triggered a nuclear event on a whim - on several occasions, no less - has been the source of many nightmares for her, completely ruining any chance of a restful night for the foreseeable future.

Getting In Over Her Head

Quickie immediately returned to the heroic scene upon recovering from her broken arm, and was called in to assist with the location and rescue of a missing hero in Colorado. While she doesn't know whether it was related or not, the team that Quickie was assisting was attacked by a war marshal of Takofanes himself, aided by a massive army of various undead creatures. In an attempt to end the battle quickly, Quickie began to call her most powerful summon, though her allies managed to rebuff the war marshal and destroyed his army before she finished the ritual.

Known Afilliates and Family Members

Marcel Williams

"My Daddy. He taught me to treat a gun like a child. That Luger of his is practically my sister."

Quickie always had a close relationship with her doting father. He took care of her, put her through private schooling, and was an objectively good father. Unbeknownst to Quickie, though, he was a mercenary known as Pinpoint, who was exceptionally adept at keeping his personal and professional careers separate. He purposefully kept his spending inconspicuous, so as to avoid attention from the authorities, laundering his income through various fronts.

Katrina Williams

"My mother, the bitch. She used to be some kind of big-shot superhero, but you couldn't tell from the way she behaved."

Katrina Williams was a sensation in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. She was a typical brick-type mutant, sporting invulnerability, the ability to lift up to a ton over her head, and super jumping abilities, which Quickie inherited traces of. While Quickie is unaware of the exact nature of her parents' meeting, Katrina had a Catwoman-style romance with Marcel which resulted in their eventual marriage and Quickie's birth. A few months after Quickie's birth, Katrina started getting mean and downright abusive towards Marcel, and eventually Quickie herself, demanding jewelry and other luxuries on a regular basis. Those few that knew of Marcel's second life as Pinpoint might assume that this is the result of Katrina obtaining enough blackmail material to keep him from leaving her. Quickie saw this as just a typical abusive relationship, where one side has more power than the other with no restraint in using it. This, compounded with the fact that most of the Supermoves troublemakers are bricks, has shaped her opinions of muscle-bound humans in general.

Liberty's Shield

"Yeah, he's pretty cool. Gives a massage like you wouldn't believe!"

While Quickie barely remembers how they met, she gets along quite well with Liberty's Shield. He's helped her on numerous occasions, and has event been so gracious as to provide his penthouse as lodgings in order to allow her a sense of security while dealing with her personal issues.

Kyle Foster

"Another pretty neat guy. He's definitely handy to have around."

Another individual that Quickie barely remembers meeting. Kyle Foster has also helped her out on numerous occasions, from helping form a relationship with a fellow dancer to even helping her out with her own issues. Quickie hasn't seen Kyle since she accidentally vaporized him while he was investigating her night terrors, but she has definitely heard him on the comms.


"She's a weird one. Never have I seen someone with a smile so fake, but so real."

One of Alice's coworkers and very open about her superhero career. Aliya is the catalyst that got Alice to stick with her exotic dancing career, a momentary object of affection, and also the catalyst that launched the heroic career of Quickie. Lately, the two have grown a bit further apart thanks to Aliya's personal life and Quickie's heroic career.


"Yeah, she's basically Fluttershy. With ice powers."

Another of Alice's coworkers. Ice is the most painfully shy individual that she ever met, which is strange considering that the girl's been working at Supermoves for a good year and a half longer than Alice. Quickie recruited the help of Kyle Foster in order to draw Ice out of her shell, and quickly learned that the girl is a metahuman after she quite easily beat the villain Hardcopy to a bloody pulp. The two have been practically inseparable since that incident.

Sammy Erin and Template

"These two are never apart. It's like they're attached at the hip. From the way they act around each other, I don't doubt that they attach somewhere a bit lower too, if you know what I mean."

Alice met Sammy Erin and Template on one of her first nights at Supermoves. While they didn't initially get along very well, Alice was able to make friends with them while at the club as a customer, chatting with them in the VIP room to see what they were capable of. Alice would prefer to forget the surreality of the encounter, but the trio have developed a fond friendship, with Template the Shapeshifter filling in for Alice when she's unable to work.


"He's a big old dragon with a warm heart. And he's great with his hands."

Quickie met Snowtalon at the MCPD Armory's shooting range. The two got along well and were quick to show off their shooting skills in a sort of impromptu contest. During this encounter, Quickie was able to convince Snowtalon to convert one of her old miniguns into an autocannon like his. She prizes the resulting weapon greatly, taking as much care in maintaining it as she does with her father's Luger P08. While Quickie suspects a bit of a romantic interest from Snowtalon(as she does with everyone), she's a bit reluctant to lead him on.

Media Appearances

Quickie, in her Alice persona.

So far, Quickie has made the following public appearances. Appearances as a hero are marked with Q.

  • A short-lived Youtube channel - Homegrown Kitchen. Only uploaded two videos - fetuccini alfredo with honey-cream sauce and handmade noodles, and spaghetti mac-and-cheese with cheddar, mozarella, and provolone.
  • Supermoves homepage - One of the five primary dancers advertising the club, alongside Janine, Sammy, Fire, and Ice.
  • Chainsaw Zombie Cheerleader Massacre - The primary protagonist's BFF, Credited as Alice Wilson. A direct-to-video horror b-movie involving zombies with chainsaw arms and gratuitous nudity. She didn't take this seriously at all.
  • Detroit Nude Reviews - A strip bar/gentleman's club review site for the Millennium City area. Described as "An up-and-comer with an original style, not afraid to show off any of her metahuman abilities on the stage."
  • (Q) Hero Watch - A column in the Millennium City Herald by a journalist who happened to be one of her recent clients. He glossed over Quickie's job and simply described her as a 'dancer' in her civilian identity, and made it clear that he believes Quickie might be the city's next Defender if she can just focus less on her civilian life.
  • (Q) Millennium Gossip - A less-than-reputable superhero gossip show. Seen supposedly vandalizing a vending machine to get at the delicious candies inside.
  • (Q) Millennium Cinema - Enjoying a movie in her civilian identity along with a number of her friends and coworkers; the rest of the Supermoves Primaries. Put to a halt when psionic terrorist Hardcopy interrupted the 8:00 showing of Hot Steel, a mindless Sci-Fi Action flick. She demonstrated her ability to essentially tear things apart on a molecular level when she disintegrated Hardcopy's hands, provoking his fury. She was rescued by Cold Copy, working in concert with the other girls and Sammy's lover, Template. The event was somewhat vague on the details in the February 11th issue of the Millennium City Herald, and described as "A generic terrorist attack using convincing psychic illusions, though the perpetrator was dispatched by Team Sigma before he could issue any demands".

Magical Ability

Thanks to Galanoth's essence - and in addition to a standard fire breath attack and a not-so-standard ability to reshape bones at a whim - Quickie is able to literally see the way magic flows and interacts with the world around her. This ability enables her to easily cast spells as simply as gathering to proper portion of mana and then performing a gesture or - in the case of her summons - recite the proper incantation to shape that mana into a spell. So far, she has learned to cast the basic elemental spells and can summon forth the following creatures, each with their own set of rules.


Quickie's elemental summons may only be deployed one at a time, as they simply don't get along very well. Naturally, landscape plays a factor in this sort of summoning, resulting in less of a stamina impact for summoning an elemental in its native environment.

  • N'uru the Mother of Tides - A powerful water elemental with an blue, feminine appearance. Not overly fond of clothing, but she simply adores wearing extravagant accessories in her seafoam hair. She also has a fond love of all sorts of humor, but most particularly puns. She is able to summon forth a number of lesser elementals and bolster their abilities. However, the cost to maintain these elementals' existence is taken from Quickie's stamina reserves.
  • Cearr, Father of Soil - Nearly indestructible, Cearr appears to be a large, azure-runed golem. Like N'uru, he summons lesser elementals and bolsters their endurance. However, he is incredibly slow to act, and is better used as a shield than any sort of offensive summon.


Quickie's shadow summons are actually quite lazy, and won't really do much of anything unless it's something they're interested in. She can technically have ten shadows out on the field, but they are all highly specialized and run off of the Law of Inverse Ninja Strength, where a single shadow being will be hypercompetent, while ten will likely devolve into a Three Stooges style slapstick routine. She is able to summon these shadows by opening a rift between planes and verbally calling upon...

  • Asgaorath the Wicked - A gentlemanly sort of shadow being. Humanoid in appearance, he wears a dark blue silk suit and top hat, sans pants, carries a golden cane, and has glowing white eyes. He has a fondness for coffee and video games, and actually sought Quickie out of his own accord, though his ultimate ends are unknown. He also has a keen ear for rumors. He claims his epithet of "the Wicked" stems from his skills with Street Fighter.


Quickie's least reliable summon. By offering up an orb of mana to the heavens and invoking his name, Quickie can summon...

  • Barnabus, the Guardian Angel - Typically in a human appearance, he takes the form of a bald, overweight man wearing a burlap robe and sporting a glorious horse-shoe mustache. He's unable to actually fight unless someone nearby is committing an unforgiveable sin, or directly attacking Quickie, and even then, the most he can do is a weak form of divine fire and punches. His true value is in his healing ability. Unfortunately, thanks to his angelic nature, he really doesn't get along with 'unholy' beings such as undead or necromancers. He is also unwilling to sit by if a guardian entity is being threatened.

Mana Constructs

By far Quickie's most useful school of summoning. She can have a number of these out at a time, however they will quickly drain her stamina. While they're essentially golems forged from pure magic, these beings have a human-level intelligence and problem-solving ability. They have no ability to communicate and thus lack proper names, but Quickie still has terms that she uses to refer to them.

  • Mana Clones - Quickie is able to summon up to ten almost-perfect copies of herself, each about as skilled as a typical unpowered human. None of them come with weapons though. They can last from thirty seconds to ten minutes, depending on the amount she summons.
  • Sniper - Taking the appearance of a female figure composed of blue flames and clad in simple plate armor, this summon wields a powerful magic rifle. Quickie can only maintain this summon by itself for five minutes before she has to catch her breath.
  • Bodyguard - Taking a minute to invoke, this summon takes the form of a female figure composed of blue flames, wearing simple plate armor. It carries a fighting dagger at its hip and attached to its left gauntlet is a small crossbow that fires explosive arcane bolts. This summon lasts two minutes.
  • Artifice - With enough focus, Quickie is able to create clothing and armor out of pure magical energy. Since this equipment is immobile and nonsentient, she can keep this up nearly indefinitely, though if she spawns enough of it, she'll eventually find herself out of breath.

Non-Magical Creatures

Utterly infatuated with the concept of summoning entities, Quickie has branched out into other forms of summoning. Thus far, she has the following:

  • Abomination - This creature is the result of an alien supersoldier experiment. While it might possibly have been human at some point, it retains only a basic humanoid shape and is eight feet tall, fully upright. Its entire body is covered in slick black scales that seem to absorb light, and it stands on reverse-jointed legs with four-toed feet reminiscent of a raptor. Mostly torso, it has a pair of humanoid arms in the standard place, though instead of fingers it has bladelike claws, and it has three sets of bladed, spiderlike arms attached to shoulders down its sides. To top this all off, its head is a vague approximation of a hawk's, set with two beady eyes above a razor-sharp, serrated beak. It has hawklike eyesight at a distance, but up close it has to rely on scent thanks to the positioning of its eyes. Quickie was granted access to this barely-sentient being after besting its previous handler - a nymph known as Lorna Pyrel - in a game of skill. The two bonded instantly. She is able to keep this summon out indefinitely, as it is a real creature on its native plane, though she has limited control over the beast's actions.
  • Dreamzone - Quickie is also working with Millennium City's resident "Imaginary Friend" in order to gain the ability to summon an entity from a willing dreamer. She currently has two potential candidates, though she has yet to follow up on these.

Just For Fun


[Tropes will ruin your life]. But [they aren't bad]. Here's a list of tropes associated with Quickie.


  • [Boobs of Steel] paired with [Most Common Superpower]. Being able to lift and carry a gun that weighs almost twice what she does qualifies her for the former. The fact that most of her weight is centered in her chest qualifies her for the latter.
  • [Fiery Redhead] If she has something to say, she'll say it. Woe unto anyone that manages to actually piss her off.
  • [Proud Beauty] She's not the least bit shy about her body.

Combat and Abilities

  • [Awesomeness By Analysis]. Thanks to her experience with guns, she can accurately determine where a projectile was fired from.
  • [BFG]. The gun that Snowtalon made her.
  • [Field Power Effect]. Thanks to this, her choice of elemental spells are pretty limited.
  • [Railgun]. With creative use of her powers, she can make one of these out of anything she has on-hand. Including her hand.
  • [Selective Magnetism]. Her original power, which she uses to emulate the effects of kinetic manipulation.
  • [Stripperiffic]. Despite her chosen profession, Quickie prefers to avoid this trope in her superhero persona.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

  • [Broken Bird]. She watched her beloved father slowly die of cancer over the course of two years while her abusive mother leeched off of the family's funds. Needless to say, this has affected her on a deep level.
  • [Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass]. While she might outwardly seem to be a somewhat ditzy, fun-loving sex maniac, she can be downright terrifying if pushed to her limits.
  • [Doesn't Know Her Own Strength]. A more subtle variation. Once she realized what she was theoretically capable of, she started suffering from the aforementioned bad dreams.
  • [Extreme Omnisexual]. She's not picky, really. Male, female, living, undead, dragon, inorganic sentient, if it can hold a conversation, there's a good chance that she'll at least flirt with it.
  • [Hot Blooded]. Thanks to a pact with [Barnabus], Quickie is unable to show cowardice or maliciously lie without losing his protection. She takes this to mean "If it wants you dead, take it out first."
  • [Ladette]/[Hard Drinking Party Girl]. She likes to consider herself as just one of the guys, or how she thinks guys behave. This includes drinking, spouting innuendo, spouting innuendo while drinking("I'll have Sex on the Beach with two Slippery Nipples please."), and just relaxing at the shooting range or in front of a cheesy action flick.
  • [Mundane Utility]. She makes liberal use of her magic, from enchanted candles to help the atmosphere at Supermoves, to summoning clothes, to summoning minions for everyday activities. Her favorite thing to do with her mutant power is to turn the recoil of a gun 'off'.
  • [Person of Mass Destruction]. She can theoretically split atoms. In fact, one of her formerly most-used tricks stops just short of this, which is the source of no small amount of angst. On top of being able to summon a Dimensional Lord(or more specifically, shift everything within a mile to a different dimension), she definitely qualifies for this.