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Author's Note
This character's page is currently in a state of heavy reconstruction.
Player: @Jhuno
Aliya, posing in her armor's default 'neutral' form.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Alexus Jiamara, Janine
Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 98 Lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, tinted blue
Complexion: Olive
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: Unremarkable
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Exotic Dancer
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Telepathy, Psionics, Extreme flexibility, Regeneration, Minor Shapeshifting
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Living armor carapace
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


Aliya's probably not the most stable person in the asylum, but she certainly manages to at least look sane in public. Here's a bit of her history and damn, is being a hero a weird job.

Before Millennium City

Before coming to Millennium City, Aliya was a member of a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest, in training to become the next spiritual adviser. As a rite of passage into adulthood, she was to leave he tribe on a quest to learn more about the outside world and bring knowledge of its technology back to aid in her people's advancement. This is merely a story that was hastily fabricated so that she wouldn't have massive gaps in her memory. She would actually have preferred the blank memories, as she believes that not being able to trust your past is infinitely worse than simply not knowing it.

Fortunately, there are a number of memories that feel 'true' to Aliya, such as her memories of an expansive cavern complex, much too large to have possibly been created in a forest without altering the landscape dramatically. Meditations into her own memories have also dredged up numerous inconsistencies, generally regarding a lack of knowledge regarding herbal medicines, spiritual rites, and other things that would be expected of one so close to becoming the next shaman of her tribe. Recent developments have completely destroyed any possibility of knowing which of her memories of Earth are real or fake.

Dead On Arrival? and the Canadian Crisis

Aliya's first memories of being in Millennium City are unpleasant to say the least. They start in the middle of the recent Qularr Invasion, with a hero lifting a chunk of rubble off of her head. His disgusted expression before rushing off to help others told her she would have been dead if not for her regeneration. After managing to free herself from the rest of the rubble, she rushed off to help fight off the aliens, mostly drawing fire while the more experienced heroes did the heavy lifting.

Once the situation in Millennium City was taken care of, it was off to Canada where she discovered that her armor had the ability to adapt to the environment, sprouting a thick coat of fur to keep her safe from a raging supernatural blizzard. She aided with the rescue of the Lost survivors and assisted Ravenspeaker in discovering and defeating the cause of the blizzard which had grounded the Oceanica Flight.

Poking At Plot Holes

With the immediately world-dooming crises averted, Aliya was allowed some time to reflect on her past at her own pace. This was when she discovered her past wasn't true and set out in search of meditation assistance. She found such assistance, as well as an interest in the arcane, in the form of mysticism trainers at the Magic Lantern Bookstore. She instantly took to learning every invocation she could find instructions for, in between freelance heroing and casting spells specifically designed to unveil the truth behind lies.

Yet again, she ran into misfortune, as in order for said spells to work, one had to be aware that the lies to be explored were in fact lies. It seemed to be an unbreakable rule of magic, and she certainly couldn't use spells to detect lies if she was inspecting her own memories, could she? Aliya had decided to give up on using the arcane to discover her past -at least directly- and put her search on hold. That is, until someone claiming to be from her past showed up.

The Hivemaiden: A Rival?

This person from her past was the Hivemaiden, a powerful psionic wearing armor similar to Aliya's and who commanded a large army of mind-controlled Qularr drones surgically outfitted with particle weapons. The Hivemaiden certainly seemed to know more about Aliya's past than most, and enjoyed taunting the hero about it every chance she got. Over the months, Aliya and her nemesis have engaged in a somewhat cool battle, with Hivemaiden sending small strike groups every so often simply to be annoying and announce that she is still at large.

Rarely scheming anything more dangerous than bank robberies to fund her daily living, which seemingly consists solely of constructing more efficient weaponry and plotting to annoy Aliya, the Hivemaiden is one of the low-rank villains who isn't at risk of trying to take over anything larger than an apartment complex. She generally stays below the radar of the media and other heroes.

Blue Hair and Blonde Eyes. Wait, what?

Since perhaps a week after the Hivemaiden showed up, Aliya has been plagued by odd dreams usually starring a woman who has sky blue hair(Not a result of dyes, according to dream logic) and, according to the five-seconds of face time she got, golden eyes. Thanks to her tendency to show up at unexpected times during her dreams, and general preference to keep her face obscured by hair, this blonde-eyed woman has received the nickname of "Blue-Hair Sadako", after the ghost girl-thing in the horror film "Ring".

Recent experiences seem to hint that this mystery woman might exist in the real world, as Aliya recalls meeting her once as she was moving into her new apartment, but has never been able to work up the motivation to actually search for her. She seems to believe that "Blue-Haired Sadako" might be a mental manipulator, and quashing Aliya's intentions to find her before they are formed, but she might also just be slowly going insane, and this woman might not exist.

The Librarian

Often playing a part in Aliya's dreams, and most often accompanying the aforementioned BHS is a woman that Aliya has taken to calling the Librarian. Sporting a white labcoat, brown hair tied up into a ponytail, and horn-rimmed glasses that are the cause of her nickname, this woman always appears with different eye color and observes for a few moments before ending whichever dream she appears in with a distant "This isn't a dream."

Current Existence

Currently going through a poorly-veiled bout of depression, Aliya has all but given up on finding the truth about her past. Finding herself with a lot of free time now that she doesn't have a hobby, she has taken up a job as an exotic dancer at Supermoves, a gentlemen's club on the outskirts of Millennium City. Despite the stigma that comes with her job choice, Aliya feels satisfied with what she does, and the local crime rate has taken a notable downturn since she moved into the area. Of course, some of this lowered crime can be attributed to men and women with grudges from her superhero career, arrested after trying to attack her during private dances. She has even aided in at least one villain's reformation simply by offering a listening ear when needed.

Notable Features

Aliya has few distinct markings, thanks to a ramped-up immune system that makes even piercings impossible. If she were to get a piercing or tattoo, her defenses would perceive the metal or ink as a foreign object and quickly break it down, resulting in a painful temporary tattoo or a quick-dissolving earring. However, scars still linger on her body, provided they are left by wounds caused by certain materials.

Only three scars mark Aliya's body and the placement, wound type, and freshness of them appears to be related to some sort of ritual. These scars are thin bands going around her left bicep, and one on each leg in a similar manner going around her leg, high up on her thigh so as to be visible only in the shortest of miniskirts. Said scars appear as if she ritually severs and reattaches her arm and legs on a regular basis.

Extent of Her Abilities

Aliya has put her regeneration ability through extensive testing, and has come to the conclusion that, unenhanced by her armor, it will take less than an hour to completely regrow a limb from complete destruction. Aided by her armor, however, her recovery time skyrockets, rendering her essentially invincible and able to recover from even the destruction of the majority of her body within seconds. In the event of her body being completely destroyed, Aliya reverts to a sort of 'ghost' form to escape for long enough to reconstruct herself, whereupon she will jump right back into the fight.

Just For Fun


A Night In The Life: A rundown of how Aliya typically prepares for work and does her job.