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Four eyes...Always watching thee...

Player: @Disgreaser
"We art no man, we art no woman, we art Quetai! We exist, but yet we don't. We art thy friend, but yet thy enemy."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Quetai Therranenth Drackkin
Known Aliases: The Spawn. Sanguinum Tenebris.
Gender: Genderless
Species: None
Ethnicity: None
Place of Birth: Quetai has been created. It has not been born.
Base of Operations: Unknown to date.
Relatives: The more recent Quetai The Second. (Brother?)
Age: Quetai has been re-created 9 years ago.
Height: 7'1
Weight: 66 lbs
Eyes: Mainly orange
Hair: none
Complexion: Pitch black
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: A very noticeable 4 eyes. Its feet and hands seem to be made of dark stone.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: No one knows who or what Quetai is.
Years Active: 9
Citizenship: No one knew of Quetai's existence until lately.
Occupation: None.
Education: None.
Marital Status: (Honestly?)
Known Powers and Abilities
Able to control shadows and manipulate them at will. Its powers are weak, compared to its previous existences.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Its signature brown jacket.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

The Legend Of The Quetai

It is the time, we all fear...

For the spawn of death has drawn near...

Warn the wardens, keep it away...

For if thee does not, there is a price to pay...

Hide thee children, hide thee wife...

For if thou does not, thou art to die...

This creature, no, it is not a lie...

For this creature is known as the Quetai...

Its gaze upon thee, four eyes, blood drenched...

Branching arms, a lust for blood which cannot be quenched...

It has arrived, it is the Quetai...

If thou art not watchful, thou shalt die...

How Quetai came to be

Long ago, in medieval ages, there was a legendary being called the Quetai. The Quetai, as told in its legend, was a beastly creature seemingly spawned from death itself through some magic ritual, to hunt down humans. It would mostly assume the appearance of a very skinny woman with an awkwardly proportioned body, a thorny body, and 4 eyes. Even though it appears female, the Quetai has no gender as it is not required to reproduce. The Quetai was initially thought of as a mere ghost story: A tale to keep people from the streets at night. And for a long time, it was believed the Quetai was a myth...

(The "ai" in Quetai is pronounced like the "ie" in Die.)

Until one faithful day, where this supposed myth turned out to be much more real than anyone could have imagined.

"It is real! Begone, foul beast!"


The Quetai "came to life" with a few sightings. In medieval ages, people would tell tales about encounters they had with the Quetai. One of the oldest ones that is known, was told by a young and healthy boy, who was later declared "village idiot".

I am not fooling thee, this story is true! It is no lie! I have seen it! The Quetai is real! Heed my warnings! I was walking within the forest at night... When I suddenly heard branches snapping behind me, I was shocked. For it was no wild creature which wrought it! It was the Quetai! It stood thither! With its eyes it looked upon me! I felt as in the very embrace of death! Heed my warnings! The Quetai exists and is coming for thee! I beseech thee: believe me!

The Quetai

Everyone laughed at him. The legend of the Quetai was not longer believed. However, things started to change once the boy disappeared, only leaving behind his clothes. The people thought, that the boy had committed suicide. Though, there seemed to be more...

More and more people started to disappear, and more and more sightings of the Quetai were being reported. Out of fear, people started to barricade their homes, and started to repeat the rhyme that they had been taught about the Quetai. For years, the town was terrorized by this creature. It took children, men, women, elders, everything it could get its monstrous claws on.

Slowly, people came to know that the Quetai was no longer a legend, but a real creature. It was active through medieval ages, and even during the years between 1900 and 1983. A list of "Quetai encounters" had grown to an immense size as people were reported missing more and more, all after having witnessed the Quetai. There were just a few, who ever survived an encounter with this legendary creature. One of those was Tyrone Elron, a news reporter who had an on screen encounter with the Quetai in 1980. Long after this incident he was too shocked to actually speak about it, but several months later, he granted an audio crew permission to record him for a radio broadcast.

So I...uh...Was getting ready for my news report, and...uh...So we were in the cabin waiting for the signal, we were having a smoke, some beer, you know, standard routine. And uh that's when I started to look outside at this tree and I noticed some of its branches were...Looking pretty awkward. So that's when I uh...Turned my head away to talk to my cameraman and when I turned my head back those branches were gone. I was a little freaked out at first, but I remembered we were drinking beer so I thought it had something to do with that. But that's until we went outside and started recording because just a few seconds later I felt something was staring at me. I just continued my report until suddenly my cameraman screamed, and he kept screaming and i thought just "SHUT UP!", but I turned around and I saw that THING looking back at me! It was just right behind me! I was just completely frozen in place and I guess I just...Kept looking at it. It just slowly walked to me through the branches and...Just...It looked like a woman but it just wasn't. I don't know what it was. It was horrible how it made me feel sick and terrified...The...The arms were almost to the ground, it was like nothing I have ever seen. Not much I remember from it, other than that I heard two voices talking simultaneously, saying my name, then this horrid cold embrace, and then nothing. I woke up with my face on the ground. The thing I saw was gone. I...I don't know if it was the Quetai or not, but that thing is NOT human, is NOT natural, and is NOT friendly!

However, the days after this recording, Tyrone became mentally unstable. He ended up in an asylum, shouting things about "IT'S STALKING ME!", "IT STOOD OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!" and "KILL ME! OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! KILL ME BEFORE THE BEAST DOES IT!". Tyrone was being watched 24/7, he was forced into a straight jacket, and wasn't allowed to go outside. Until that one day, the various camera units that were focused on Tyrone showed nothing but a static. A security guard checked out Tyrone's room, only to find the straight jacket shredded to bits, the walls stained with blood, and Tyrone nowhere to be found. The security guard went missing a few days later...

Quetai 2.png

Footage from the camera. This is the only frame in the video, where the creature known as the Quetai could be seen. Other frames after its appearance are all statics.

Quetai's Demise

It was then, in 1983, that a group of superheroes thought it would be time to end Quetai's madness. They could not allow to let any more people vanish without a trace. They decided to put an end to Quetai's terrible case. With the help of a super sorcerer named Arcanus, they tried to capture the Quetai and send it back to some kind of Qliphotic realm. The first few attempts, however, failed. The "baits" for the Quetai, superheroes who weren't afraid of it, had vanished every time Arcanus wasn't looking.

Arcanus knew there was only one way to get the Quetai where he wanted it. He should let himself being taken to wherever the Quetai took its victims. One night, when no one was outside and the sudden drop of temperature forecasted the presence of the Quetai, Arcanus set up his magical circle and sat down on the sidewalk outside. Waiting for a certain creature to pick him up. When Arcanus opened his eyes, he looked right into those of the Quetai. His heart stopped as he felt the cold slowly embrace him as the Quetai stretched its limbs around him in a hug of the death. Arcanus knew how this was going to end, but he was determined to remove the Quetai from its existence. In a final effort, Arcanus casted a spell of banishing while the Quetai was embracing him...It destroyed the Quetai's incarnation, and sent the spirit back to its realm...But this also destroyed Arcanus' body... With the sacrifice of a hero, people believed the Quetai to be destroyed for good...Until....

Recent Reports

As of now...It nearly seems as the Quetai has returned...Several photographic evidence has been collected by the MCPD for the case "Quetai", that originally was cancelled a LONG time ago. The photographic evidence has been kept classified for a long time, but two pictures were released. One of them was taken at Watts Cafe, another one at Club Caprice. In both pictures, a red circle marks the spot where people believe the Quetai is at.


Quetai cafe.png


Quetai ceiling.png

Another report may confirm the reason why the Quetai is possibly back. Occasionally, when the Quetai is sighted, there are reports of "Hooded figures clad in black" that were with it. They appear to belong to the Eternal Demise cult.

As of today