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Deciding to split up for good after their final mission together almost ended in disaster, Chance worked as a soloist on the superhuman world scene for a while but had been itching to get back in a team.  
Deciding to split up for good after their final mission together almost ended in disaster, Chance worked as a soloist on the superhuman world scene for a while but had been itching to get back in a team.  
She's a fairly new addition to the team and uses her skills where she can
She's a fairly new addition to the team and uses her skills where she can.<br/>
For more information on Chance click here for [http://oncall.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2266031 Chance's member file]. <br/>
'''Abilities:''' Probability Manipulation, Enhanced Physical Condition, Enhanced Reflexes, Agility, Dexterity & Senses. <br />
'''Abilities:''' Probability Manipulation, Enhanced Physical Condition, Enhanced Reflexes, Agility, Dexterity & Senses. <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />
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Her ambiguous preferences with regard to attending social functions, dry wit and apparent lack of emotion can, at times, be difficult to overlook or contend with. However despite her personality “flaws”, Silhouette, whether she knows it or not is a force to be reckoned with and a valuable member in her own right.
Her ambiguous preferences with regard to attending social functions, dry wit and apparent lack of emotion can, at times, be difficult to overlook or contend with. However despite her personality “flaws”, Silhouette, whether she knows it or not is a force to be reckoned with and a valuable member in her own right.
Silhouette is the newest addition to the team and makes use of her abilities where she can, albeit somewhat hesitantly
Silhouette is the newest addition to the team and makes use of her abilities where she can, albeit somewhat hesitantly.<br/>
'''Abilities:''' Dark Energy Manipulation, Sorcery, Life Force Manipulation & Time Limited Necromancy. <br />
For more information on Silhouette click here for [http://oncall.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2290912 Silhouette's member file]. <br/>
'''Abilities:''' Dark Energy Manipulation, Life Force Manipulation & Time Limited Necromancy. <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />
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<h3 style="font-family:Impact; color:#004681; font-weight:normal; font-size:180%;">[[Mr. Stone|Mr. Stone]]</h3>
<h3 style="font-family:Impact; color:#004681; font-weight:normal; font-size:180%;">[[Mr. Stone|Mr. Stone]]</h3>
'''Name:''' R.J Stone<br />
'''Name:''' R.J Stone<br />
'''History:''' R.J is an altered human who has been empowered with the ability to control and manipulate the element of Earth, as well as associated forces, to a certain point.
'''History:''' R.J is an altered human who has been empowered with the ability to control and manipulate the element of Earth, as well as associated forces, to a certain point.<br/>
Mr. Stone was your above average night club owner who dabbled in the pimping business from time to time. He was financially secure and every "bad guy" and sometimes even "good guys" would slip into his 'After Dark' Night Club and pay through the nose for his...'services'. Although the side business of pimping was less than respectable, he firmly believed he did his best to make sure his employees were taken care of like people.
One night, a few of his employees were kidnapped and he went after them…the result of finding them changed his life forever…
For more information on Mr. Stone click here for [http://oncall.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2286810 Mr. Stone's member file]. <br/>
'''Abilities:''' Geophysical Matter Manipulation, Geothermal Healing, Geophysical Matter Surfing / Movement & Enhanced Durability & Endurance. <br />
'''Abilities:''' Geophysical Matter Manipulation, Geothermal Healing, Geophysical Matter Surfing / Movement & Enhanced Durability & Endurance. <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />
'''Rank:''' Member <br />

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PRoject On Call coolage logo copy.png


PRoject On Call coolage logo.png


Welcome to On Call. If you are member do know that you are your own independent agent and therefore are responsible for your own assignments as well as actions.

This is an Heroes for Hire inspired RPSG. A collective variety of superhumans, and some who are not so superhuman, with the intention of helping out and solving problems that are both big and small. Consisting of members starting from 18 and older. Everybody is assigned daily on activities across the globe of their own choosing but will be monitored by groups like UNTIL or PRIMUS to more positive results.

It's founder is Nate Hiyabashi who is in charge of the company called ASAP. This project is part of his long term agreement to show a sign of trust with organizations like UNTIL and PRIMUS that he will not let his company's good name be dragged through the mud like it was in the past. The 'On Call' members are more of a sanctioned version of what his company already does. They will be assigned an mission on a daily/weekly basis provided by both UNTIL and PRIMUS out to places across the globe and occasionally off world assignments as well.Monetary compensation is optional.

Coollogo com-3772398.png

OOC wise, Everybody will be responsible for making their events happen without any obligations to do it with just the SG. They are allowed to come and go at their leisure. There will be no "leaders " per say but SoulStar ,as example, will be a designated field leader if he is available. As will several other selective characters who may prove their worth.


1) Who or what is Project On Call?

This is an Heroes for Hire inspired RPSG. A collective variety of superhumans, and some who are not so superhuman, with the intention of helping out and solving problems that are both big and small. Consisting of members starting from 18 and older. Everybody is assigned daily on activities across the globe of their own choosing but will be monitored by groups like UNTIL or PRIMUS to more positive results.

It's founder is Nate Hiyabashi who is in charge of the company called ASAP. This project is part of his long term agreement to show a sign of trust with organizations like UNTIL and PRIMUS that he will not let his company's good name be dragged through the mud like it was in the past. The 'On Call' members are more of a sanctioned version of what his company already does. They will be assigned an mission on a daily/weekly basis provided by both UNTIL and PRIMUS out to places across the globe and occasionally off world assignments as well. Monetary compensation is completely optional.

2) What if {my character here} does not wish to be paid for their services?

As stated Monetary compensation is completely optional. If {your character here} does not wish to be paid anything then they won't and it will instead the funds will be netted by ASAP, the founder of the Project itself.

3) OOC wise how do we decide these missions?

OOC wise all missions/assignments are at best randomized from the On Call database forums. You may completely make it up to keep variety going and it is an easy way for yourself to create a story out of on the spot if you wish for others to hear/play it out in an event later on.

4)Who is the leader IC wise?

This is a leaderless organization. No one is the "leader". Instead we choose whoever is available and most qualified to be a field leader at the given time. Leadership is shared equally amongst all.

5) Are you mercs? Can I put my merc character in here?

No we aren't primarily mercs at all. You can apply a merc character if you wish so but remember that we are definitely not a merc group at all. We are heroes for hire themed. If anything we are closer to being indie contractors who are hired out to do jobs that we have the option to be given compensation for or not at all.

6) Are we allowed to kill?

{Your character} Is strictly not allowed at all to exact lethal force upon anyone unless they were given no other options left or were forced into it given the scenario and/or situation

7) How do I join?

You can either get in contact with any of us while ingame or you can go right here and place an application of your character.----->[| Click Here for our Applications Page ]<----- One of us, whoever is available to do so at the time, will help set you up with an IC interview.

Coollogo com-319933142.png

The On Call Center


The On Call Center is built atop of the former site of Detroit's own Cobo Hall Center. Location nearby the Detroit River side in Downtown Millennium City. It is comprised of several floors all of which contain important facilities which contribute towards the efficiency and well being of the team. The layout is listed below:

Top Floors

The Hangar

The hangar is located here which stores the refurbished UNTIL Shuttle that the team itself can share.

The Main offices

The main offices of On Call consist of the lounge, kitchen, and the main console of request listings located within the compartment of the side of the fireplace walls. On Call staff will always be in rotation in cleaning up the space or refilling up kitchen supplies.

The On Call Console

The console hidden within the wall of the fireplace is in reality a very large server network that displays all of the pending requests from various organizations such as UNTIL and PRIMUS. Including a few independents as well.

Mid Section floors

Housing areas

On a few floors there is enough space for extra housing for any of the On Call members to use at their leisure. Even some space for extended small laboratories to be made. More expansion to these will be added on at a later date.

The Zen floor

One of the newly remodelled floors that has a traditional Japanese sort of mind set in taste. Complete with enough room for staff members who monitor the On Call Center and On Call responders to occasionally intermix with one another and have a place to both relax and reflect. Complete with lounge couches, plants, rocks, and even a built in yoga center.

Lower Floors

The Gymnasium

A state of the art gym comes equipped with several weights,pressurized bars, medicine balls, exercise mats,pulleys, etc.

The Danger Simulation Room

A full state of the art reinforced floor that houses hard light holographic projections of countless dangerous scenarios . Exclusively just for the On Call responders to use for practice and drills over many types of dangerous obstacles they may run into.

Coollogo com-319973246.png


Name: Dredrick "Dre" Wilson
History: Born and raised as a cop's son, Dredrick was always taught to always do what he felt was the right thing by his own moral compass; his father, an Chicago police officer. Just the day right after he turned 13, his father was tragically murdered during a routine traffic stop. To this day the killer was never found. Short period afterwards Dredrick was just taken from one foster home to the next. However during his long mourning process he had ended up joining a gang known simply as the 'Stars'.One night the leader of the Stars decided to pull off a job that involved breaking into what was a supposedly hidden military facility. Many members felt uneasy about it but Dred was one of the first to volunteer for it. Once the group had began their operation they knew there was no turning back.Unfortunately what the small group didn't anticipate was the large amount of security and MP guards once they had snuck themselves inside. And just like that, it suddenly became everyman for himself. The operation was an immediate bust. Dred was abandoned by his so called 'family'. In order to avoid capture he evaded security until coming upon a hidden facility room where he found a pair of blue goggles and matching metallic shoes. After his initial escape and eventual falling out with the stars, Dredrick got his life back together along with a new identity: SoulStar.
Abilities: Able to absorb energy from any living organism within 50 feet and able to reuse it offensively, defensively, and minor healing. Can also mimic another metahuman's energy source along with abilities for a limited time.

Rank: Head Represenative


Name: Cadence Mitchel Landers
History: Born in Humboldt, California on March 16th, 1986 to Derrick and Katy Landers, Cadence had, for the most part, a fairly typical childhood, only to have it end abruptly only two weeks after his sixth birthday; this would be when his metahuman abilities first manifested with him accidentally leaving his fathers new Corvette nothing more than a pile of torn apart atoms in the wake of a temper fit; it was not long after this incident that Cadence's future mentor and father; Hanzo Kazaki would show up at the families door, explaining to his parents that his powers would only grow stronger and that he could help train the young boy to control them in a safe environment. Whether it was out of love for their son or fear of him that they agreed to sign over guardianship to Hanzo, Cade would never really know, and little did Cadence's parents know that Cade was just signed into the care of the Muga.

Spending the remaining years of his childhood studying, training and playing with the other children within the clan, Cadences life had been turned upside down in the Siberian wilderness where the clan chose to train many of it's members; Learning the arts of stealth and swordplay while keeping up with his schooling under the tutelage of Hanzo's wife; Kanako. All of the studying in so many different fields might prove too much for some, but Cadence thrived in it. Driven by his naturally curious nature, he studied and learned anything and everything he could cram into his mind; he was utterly fascinated by the lessons of his new family and the skills they wield, just as much as he was fascinated by his own powers and the laws of nature that he had grown to be able to bend to his will.

Cadence's life would change once again with the diagnosis of the man he now considered his father; Stage Two Pancreatic cancer. While this could have been treated and possibly saved his life, Hanzo declined any treatments, saying that he saw this as his calling card to get his long-deserved rest, but informed Cadence that there was one last thing that had to be done before he could take his final leave; Cadence was his chosen successor to the position of Grandmaster within the Muga, but to earn it fully within the eyes of his clansmen he would have to best his own father in a fight to the death.

Now Grandmaster of the Muga, Cadence used the amassed fortune they had gathered over the years to found Landercorp International; a research and development company that has managed to rise in power with incredible speed, gaining a strong hold on many government contracts, using his position as CEO of the company, Cadence has since used Landercorp to further mankind in any ways they can.
Abilities: Space time Manipulation
Rank: Member/One of the financial backers


Name: Skye Summers
History: Skye Summers is a mutant with high class espionage training and martial art skills. Her previous links to an organization known as "S.A.I.T" (Superhuman Agents In Training), which shut down under mysterious circumstances left her and her old team mates at odds.

Deciding to split up for good after their final mission together almost ended in disaster, Chance worked as a soloist on the superhuman world scene for a while but had been itching to get back in a team.

She's a fairly new addition to the team and uses her skills where she can.
Abilities: Probability Manipulation, Enhanced Physical Condition, Enhanced Reflexes, Agility, Dexterity & Senses.
Rank: Member


Name: Esmeralda Darkholme
History: Esmeralda Darkholme is an altered human with an awakened mystical connection to a semi sentient dimension known only as “The Endless Void”. Having no previous connections to any organizations or strike forces, she is relatively new to the superhuman world stage.

Her ambiguous preferences with regard to attending social functions, dry wit and apparent lack of emotion can, at times, be difficult to overlook or contend with. However despite her personality “flaws”, Silhouette, whether she knows it or not is a force to be reckoned with and a valuable member in her own right.

Silhouette is the newest addition to the team and makes use of her abilities where she can, albeit somewhat hesitantly.
Abilities: Dark Energy Manipulation, Sorcery, Life Force Manipulation & Time Limited Necromancy.
Rank: Member


Name: Victor Gilford
History: Victor was born in Boston, MA to a defense lawyer and physical therapist. His mother, the lawyer, was the bread winner in the family which was saying something considering his father did very well for owning his own practice. Needless to say his upbringing was good, better than most children. Being an only child to the two also meant he had no need to share. But, his parents were wise in rearing a child that understood value and to no be spoiled.

Around thirteen was when Victor began to display signs of his latent mutant abilities. It was at this point in his life when things became hard. Those early years saw a lot of destruction and damage due to his lack of control. Energy kept building up as his body absorbed it and he had no way to properly exhaust it, and when he did, the results were .... catastrophic. It came to a point when his parents were reaching out to any organization, school, club, anything that could help him. Not long after there search began did two figures show up at the door and explain who they were and how they could help.

Victor had just finished high school when he left his home to go with these people. They were a group called The Advancement of Young Powered People. It was with them that he obtained a college level education, physical and mental training in his powers and where the equipment he now uses was made.

After five years with them he was done. The group felt he was competent enough to be out in the public. He decided then that with his training and gear he would do his best to help make his community a better, safer place. This idea was only reinforced by the fact that only a few years earlier his parents were murdered, and their deaths spurned his desire to do good and hopefully prevent others from having to suffer the same injustice.

After a a few years in smaller cities such as Worcester and Lowell he started to fight crime in Boston, his home town. He joined up with a small rag tag called the Boston Brawlers, a street level group that the locals loved. He stayed with them for some time, eventually befriending Harrison Cole for a short time. It was through this friendship he learned of Project On Call.
Abilities: Absorption and retention of potential and kinetic energies. Must expend energy to avoid critical buildup. Specialized equipment harnesses his power to be used offensive and defensively.
Rank: Member


Name: Bastion Grace
History: Not too much is really known about Bastion's own history. Not even Bastion himself. But his experience with,most notably, Star*Guard and various team ups with other heroes who have either had a space travelling journey or related at some point. All that is knwon about him is that he is from a colony of space salamander type alien race.
Abilities: Subject exhibits super speed, agility, and reflexes. Subject claims to be "limited" on earth due to it's gravity and atmosphere. Subject claims he is faster in space. Limits of subjects powers are not currently known.
Rank: Member


Name: Paige Munroe
History: A genetics experiment gone wrong, Pidge (officially Paige Munroe) broke out and made her way to Millenium City in an attempt to figure out a normal life. Little was "normal" enough to blend in, though, so she chose to live on the fringes, watching from above. She developed a soft-spot for the homeless and forgotten, and decided to join the crime-fighting forces of Millenium City. She takes in a meager income as a master tipster, using her wings and keen eyes to have a constant finger on the pulse of the city.
Abilities:Flight, increased visual acuity [long-range and peripheral], augmented hand to hand combat [claws],Custom bow and arrows
Rank: Member

Phantom Hawk

Name: {Undisclosed}
History: There is very little known about Hawk due to his unwavering devotion to secrecy, but it's clear that despite his apparent age, he's been doing this for a long time.

His activities as The Phantom Hawk seem to have extended back only a few years, first appearing in 2010 on the streets of Vibora. Since then he's made himself a noticeable enemy of the Velvet Syndicate, and, more recently, of ARGENT.
Abilities:Accelerated focus/reaction time,Gadgetry,Custom bow and arrows
Rank: Member

Mr. Stone

Name: R.J Stone
History: R.J is an altered human who has been empowered with the ability to control and manipulate the element of Earth, as well as associated forces, to a certain point.
Abilities: Geophysical Matter Manipulation, Geothermal Healing, Geophysical Matter Surfing / Movement & Enhanced Durability & Endurance.
Rank: Member

Power Boy

Name: Val Loren
History: Hailing from a completely alternate universe from our own, when Val passed through a portal generated from Harmon Labs he ended gaining superhuman abiltiies upon his own passage. Now he is stuck here on our side and slowly has been developing both his skills and abilities as well as his adjustment into our world.
Abilities:Absorption and generation of energies,invulnerablity,flight, strength
Rank: Member


Name: Dynama
History: outdated, will rewrite soon.
Abilities:Electricity projection,flight,heighetened reflexes and computer interfacing.
Rank: Scout

Aeal Yzerses Nopos Daggercrox

Name: Aeal Yzerses Nopos Daggercrox
History: The techno-mage from the city of Rei Caelora, eventually joins up with The Trismegistus Council. Despite the inadmissible attitudes from her home city, the little aid offered to assist in her exiled travels beyond Caelora, has been gone(for the most part) positive. In-order to prove that she 'stands-out' amongst the typical Wizardy and Sorcerer masses. But compared to her Engineering crazy-like attitude, Aeal took the Hero route. However the two continue to bump heads and help each, exchange ideas/ideals, blueprints, job offers, etc.
Abilities: Technological Magic - Similar to Delilah, Aeal too was taught how to utilize Techno-magic. Harboring cybernetic alterations. She currently has the left, right leg, the right arm and both eyes cyberized.

Croxx-Trigger MK XVXCIX Ver. 12 - A 'Regenative Armor' which consistently adapts to various damage types. UNTIL Lab Record File #337-167-069 dated this to be under the level of Questionite Armor.

Master Swords-woman - Like her sister Delilah, Aeal is a experienced practitioner in melee weaponry. By the use of technomancy. Her preference is the (Sudanese) Kaskaras from Sudan (at least one for or another of the 14th Century)and current generation Plasma sword variants.

Equipment and other Items: N/A

Other Remarkable Abilities: Since Aeal eyes are both cybernetic, she has better eyesight capabilities compared to a normal human. She can completely see in total or low lite dark areas. Read out the directions of where flares were thrown. Altitudes, Longitudes, how far a targets line of sight is or how far their own line of sight is with her. She also has the ability to read the level of frequency in audio or video if needed plus her eyes are designed as a multifuctional computer(think of the lines of an Apple Laptop Pro its got Skype, YouTube, Access to the UNTIL/UNITY/PRIMUS Databases, etc). The last thing her eyes can do is her capacity to perceive certain things or at least scan objects (just a brief biological scan pm me if i need to know details or withheld specific details); her eyes can switch flawlessly between infra-red, x-ray, can even perceive IR-Strobes, Night-vision and the like.

Rank: Member

Maj. Matrix

Name: Jennifer Sanderson (nee Matrix)
History: For legendary Delta Force commando Col. Matrix, nothing was more important than family. That is why when he found out about his wife's death, he immediately retired and started to raise his daughter Jennifer on his own.

Despite losing a parent, Jennifer's childhood with her dad was a happy one. And nothing proved his devotion to her more than when she was kidnapped by terrorists and subsequently rescued by her father.

Since the kidnapping, Jennifer started taking more interest in what her father did in the past and decided to follow in his footsteps. Now a special operations legend in her own right, she has since retired the army and has gone into mercenary work to better support her family.
Abilities:Expert in many types of munitions and military vehicles.
Rank: Member

Captain Unity

Name: Rick Maine
History: Infused with the dimensional powers from the entity known as Om, Rick Maines now fights as Captain Unity.
Abilities:Super Strength, Invulnerability, Flight, increased speed, reflexes, stamina, resistance to magic, radiation and cosmic energy.
Rank: Member


Name:Nicole Washington
History: The Eldest of two Daughters of a Powerful Congressman, Nicole Washington joined up as a army nurse in 1941 at the age of 31 but after the death of her first husband and a bomb destroyed the hospital she was in, she decided to get into the action and sign up for the US Army's Science division's Super soldier experiments.

Of course, she had to prove herself that she was capable, due to the stigma on women being weak at the time in 1940. The experiments were hard on her, the processes as she became a metahuman usually drove any normal man to insanity but nobody expected Nicole Washington to survive and with her wits intact. The Former Army nurse was now a Amazonian Metahuman with Superhuman physiology, bulletproof durability, A powerful healing factor and a teleportation ability.

Eventually the war was won and the war heroes were given their respected medals but unlike some heroes that were either in cryo sleep or retired, Nicole didn't feel like locking herself away in a cold sleep for God knows how long until she was needed again when there was so much she could do to help. As such she rejected the Army's offer and continued her Hero career right into the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s, unafraid in any face of adversity.

Despite working as a registered hero, she maintained a steady job as a mechanic over the years and a good family life with her sister Susan, who grew up to be a successful doctor and had 4 children, one of Susan's children was even saved from a drunk and violent husband by Nicole herself.

The second highlight of her life was the battle of Detroit in 1992, Valor fought, Unafraid of Destroyer's assault but the battle almost cost her life.

For 23 years, she was in a coma, unaware of the changing world around her. Now she's woken up in 2015, a century of smartphones, selfies and more to help a city she previously couldn't protect.
Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Endurance, Metabolism, Regeneration, Teleportation, Bulletproof durability, Expert Army CQC Combatant, Medical and Mechanical training.
Rank: Member

Coollogo com-29263300.pngMissions Completed

The Living Cave

On Saturday the 12th of September, A small team complied of members of On Call and volunteers from the Civilian Protection Network investigated into an case involving a super team that went missing about a few days prior.

The team; consisting of SoulStar, Nano Point, Gyo'lya, Aegis (formerly Aether), and Dusk; arrived at the former team's last known location over in the far northern parts of Alaska. It was there that they had come to discover an unknown altercation had occurred. Many shards of crystals found amongst the wreckage that indicated that a great struggle of sorts had taken place. All of the clues lead them directly to a nearby cave which they decided to continue their search. More evidence of a bloody struggle were all over the crystallized interior of the cave itself.

It was then that the team found a couple of frozen bodies of deceased superhumans buried under what appeared to be a solidified snow cave in. In the grip of one of the corpses there was a recording of sorts that revealed the team that had arrived here were looking into a possibility of some unknown life form located there before they were seemingly attacked by a series of what appeared to be sentient metamorphing crystals. After the team removed the heavy debris, their research further inside had made them come to the realization that the cave itself was very multi-layered within its interiors as it was covered by nothing but a crystallized terrain.

Deeper into their search let the team find four crystallized pods of sorts with people seemingly within. Two of the people within the pods were still indicating signs of life as they were weakly trying to break free from their imprisonment. When the team attempted to free them, the other remaining people inside the pods made their presence known along with their disturbing appearance of fully integrated crystalline-like flesh. After a brief failure in communication with these people, the team was forced to go into combat with them. Aegis was left with the task of freeing the remaining people who seemed to be stuck, now identified as teenaged twins Terry and Andy Terrigen.

The battle ended up being short once Gyo'lya's weapon managed to free one of the controlled crystallized people, now known as Gabe, from his imprisonment. Soon enough the second crystallized person, now identified as Madeline, had a similar encounter with Nano Point's nanite cloud. The two victims were now set free from their mind control, but now with a new problem; They could not at all will themselves to leave the cave. It was at this point that the two had explained to the team that they were originally sent to this location to look into the possibility of a new alien life form. That life form turned out to be the cave itself. It was nothing more then a baby who was scared of everything around it and as a result ended up both killing several of their own team members whilst symbiotically joining the rest of them so it wouldn't be alone.

Facing a pretty difficult moral dilemma on what exactly should be done for them, the team decided the only course of action that wouldn't cause any harm to either side was for Gabe and Madeline to stay there with 'Cave' and act as its guardians until PRIMUS correspondence can figure out a way to free from them their current condition. The twins are the only real survivors of this ordeal.

This situation will be looked into at a later time.

The Incubation

On Tuesday the 16th of September, an assignment indicating a series of missing persons reports around the Colorado desert was looked into after they were all linked being close to an compound run by a cult. It's leader an ex Vice Captain of VIPER: Charm.

The team; consisting of SoulStar,Blazewing, and Shaun Mathers; arrived late at night at the foot of the hill of said compound. Shaun being the first to discover that the hill was actually covering a series of very intricate machinery and high levels of heat coming from the compound itself. BlazeWing discovering articles of torn clothing, and SoulStar finding an partially working phone that had very strong evidence suggesting that people were being abducted. The heroes didn't wait any longer as they decided to just storm the compound and get their answers by force.

Unfortunately what the men did find was their answers when they had found the cultist passing along human body parts amongst each other as if they were nothing more than waste. The heroes quickly dispatched the cultist and interrogated them on what was going down. The cultist themselves seemed deeply brainwashed in Charm's vision of "fixing" people. Didn't take long for the cultist to just point the team towards the central hub of the compound where they eventually were led to a very disturbing incubation section.

The Incubation room consisted of egg-like husks that contained all of the previous missing victims who had been gone for some weeks, now all of them genetically altered and grafted brand new parts to their bodies against their own will. Once discovering this workshop of horrors, the team did the only logical thing they could do: evacuate all victims, and escort the cultist out of the compound before detonating and destroying the structure and all of its twisted designs within.

Currently PRIMUS has picked up both all victims and even their deluded captors. At the state of the missing persons and their newly designed bodies, it seems the transitions maybe permanent but they are currenly trying to find a way to reverse the deed that has been done.

An APB will be put out for Charm.


Charles Barlowe, callsign Chocolate Bar, has revealed to fellow members of Project:On Call that the man responsible for those horrific experiments is also his own flesh and blood. His father Henry Barlowe.

A team was extracted out to Maryland far out in the country side to investigate Barlowe's last known location. Originally there was a compound there but it seemed to have been completely removed. The team consisting of Chocolate Bar, Death Raven, Nano Point, and Blaze Wing searched the premises in hopes of finding answers and clues. After looking around they've discovered that under the dirt and grass was a hidden away hatch which ultimately led into a massive underground bunker of sorts. Inside of said bunker were lined up dump trucks full of dismantled memorbelia of the Barlowe's old compound.

Deeper within the central hub area of the bunker was a room full of those egg shaped incubators along with members of the Barlowe clan trapped inside hooked up to respirators. The overseer of the incubators was none other than a woman by the name of Kimiko Barlowe; Charles Barlowe's half sister. Both Charles and the team attempted to talk her down from doing what she was doing, yet Kimiko(or Kim-Kim) informed them that she was instructed by their father to watch over the facility and to wait for further instructions. It was then that she initiated an attack displaying her elastic epidermal morphing capabilities upon the team.

After having an intense battle in very close corner spaces, the group managed to overcome her attack and neutralized her. However Death Raven's final attack on her went too far as it left Kimiko with severe burns and pain. The remaining members of the Barlowe were eventually freed and later evacuated by PRIMUS personnel.

Death Raven has since admitted to being too harsh in his actions and has been warned and reprimanded. Kimiko Barlowe is now in intensive care where her half brother ,Charles Barlowe, watches over her. The remaining Barlowe clan has been put in quarantined with the rest of the previous experimented victims. PRIMUS experts are currently monitoring their condition.


A request sent out a couple of weeks back about a series of earthquakes followed by bizarre sightings of ghosts roaming about a small town just outside of Odessa,Texas.

On October 9th, the town,now identified as Tumbling, finally gotten their request answered after the reports were not stopping. A small team of On Call responders consisting of Dr. Bugly, Nano Point, White Glint, and MoonLighter were deployed. Their findings revealed that the entire town was near complete devestation. The towspeople were all refusing aid and assistance from those who did not belong to their town. Many were making temporary vacancies at local shops or the police station.

After some brief questioning with the local sheriff, the team had gotten once ore a confirmation of similar earlier reports of the signs of ghastly apparitions appearing just right after another deadly previous quake. Upon the team' investigation they had eventually encountered these so called spirits in the form of some sort of cowboy posse. It even seemed like these spirits showed signs of intelligence when they had made contact with the team, although causing severe migraines and even nose bleedings to any and all who was within radius of them.

While attempts of peace were used, the apparitions were extremely hostile and ordered the On Callers to vacate the premises. Claiming to have authority over the townsfolks protection. An eventual fight broke out as the team valiantly held off these ghastly horseback riders. Dr. Bugly used his pocket dimensional tech to summon a mini orbital strike centered just at the core of the opposing faction. This did thin out their numbers, but also accidentally caught Moonlighter partially within its radius, causing him to lose a leg.

After a few minutes of fighting off the horde of buckaroo specters, an analysis from Nate Hiyabashi's readings indicated that the spirits were infact just highly concentrated psychic constructs. The true culprit had to have been using very advanced display of psionics. Dr. Bugly used his own summoned drones to seek out this source of the problem, and managed to pick up something due south heading deeper into the town located close by a local sewage plant. The team withdrew from the fight, when they did the constructs had simply vanished entirely from battle as well.

It was within the plant that the group had found the true culprit. And also another victim, now identified as Hector Rodriguez,who's body was far too weak to move from his current position due to the signs of his own physical mutation that had developed over time. It seems he had gotten stuck right at the sewage waste area after the first time his powers had activated around the same report of those earthquakes that took place in Tumbling. His forehead was about as wide and thick as an watermelon. Hector's psionics were infact powerful enough to not only caused severe seismic quakes, but could create psionic constructs which led into the reports about 'ghosts' which has now been debunked. Rodriguez created the cowboys as his way of redemption to protect the townsfolks, but it seems he didn't take into account of scaring them due to their fear of his very powerful constructs to begin with. Hector was contemplating suicide due to that his powers were about to erupt out of control once more, but with aid of Dr. Bugly's sedative, this did not come to pass and thus finally Hector was safely taken away.

ASAP personnel are currently ensuring that Rodriguez will not break out of his current dormant state and will very soon hand over their findings and Hector himself over to PRIMUS. The people of Tumbling have already been evacuated and relocated for their own safety until everything is cleared up and rebuilt.


After answering a request from Canada about several reports of missing or presumably dead animals followed by appearances of very strange subterranean creatures roaming about the mountainous ranges of Winnipeg, a small team of On Call members were sent in on the eve of Halloween. The team consisting of SoulStar, Moonlighter, Major Matrix, BlazeWing, and Aegis. Evidence of many scattered animal remains and varies missing parts discovered around the area have come to high speculation that something was indeed afoot. Not to mention various sounds of what sounded like primates screeching.

After landing at the entrance of the last known whereabouts of the creatures in an attempt to investigate into the matter of what exactly was going down, the team first briefly explored the cave before shortly running into a pack of wolves who seemed to be have been genetically altered. Having the appearance of hybrids of some sort with organic armor plating and skinned furs. The team was forced to use more lethal tactics after quickly discovering not only were these creatures out for blood, but have indeed attempted to outright hunt and kill the party assembled.

After dispatching and making the remainder of that pack retreat from them, the group had made note of the strange grafting and genetic alteration of the poor far beyond of help animals. The group ventured forward to discover the source of the earlier monkey like screechings once they had arrived at what appeared to be a den, and in wait was a primate-like hybrid sort of creature with similar organic looking armored plating. The creature immediately identified itself under a classified enemy type long thought to be nothing more than forgotten after the apparent destruction of the parallel Earth dubbed "Paragon": The creature classified itself as nothing more than " Rik-ti".

Also within its unveiling it let the team see what those cave walls were truly hiding behind them as it seems to have in reality a factory of sorts that was altering various woodland creatures into 'Rik-ti' types as well. All of them instantaneously growing more and more violent and hostile towards the group. With the team in majority agreement of not allowing these abominations to be able to see the light of day, the team valiantly held off until they could have enough prep time to arm the cave with explosives and eventually evac back to the entrance at the possible last second.

The team managed to keep these mutated hybrids within their cave prison for the time being it seems and UNTIL forces have been notified to keep an eye out on the site til something can be permanently done about this gruesome discovery. More studies and questions about the Rik-ti from those who have been in contact with them from the Paragon Earth must be looked into for future study.

Bone Deep

Report on escort operation that took place on November 14th in Tokyo, Japan.

A small team of On Callers; Maj. Matrix, Moonlighter, and Dr. Bugly,were dispatched to answer an escorting request from the Sakagawa Improvements Med (SIM) on board a bullet train. The request from the company was to help protect both the passengers and the cargo being carried onboard. It seems that the company was being targetted by a former test subject of theirs turned rogue going by the moniker Osteo (See dossier here)

Once they had made their arrival the team met up with SIM liaison rep Tom Misaki. Mr. Misaki-san revealed to the group what was really inside of the large series of reinforced containers. Nearly over thousands of test tube vials that hold a specialized healing bond agent that is based off of studies of superhumans with advanced regeneration abilities. They were very close on the breakthrough of a brand new type of serum that could potentially just about help any organic tissue drastically heal from even the most serious of cuts or injuries. However the testing wasn't ready for primetime yet, hence why all of their current researchers and scientists were making the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto so they could be at their sister company over there in order to further finish and carefully ensure it was safe.

After the team had been debriefed and settle down into their own seats, Dr. Bugly set up a quick surveillance drones to watch out for any presence of Osteo himself as it was highly likely he would be attacking the train, given his private history with SIM. As predicted it didn't take too long after the bullet train had set off on its course before Osteo made his presence known by attacking the mid car sections, effectively knocking out several passengers including Dr. Bugly himself in one swift strike. After heavily damaging the car, Osteo made his way inside of the speedy locomotion himself by utilizing his strength thanks to the exoskeleton bone structure of his. After ensuring that the cargo and many of the passengers were safe, both Maj. Matrix and Moonlighter were left to defend and fight off the bone armored assailant. Although both of them fought as valiantly as they could, his power and high defense alone was proving to be very overwhelming for the two.

In a last ditch effort to save everybody on the train, Tom Misaki jumped into the middle of their violent struggle offering up one of the containment unit cargoes in exchange for him to just let them be. Osteo completely abandoned the fight altogether and agreed not to kill anybody as this was the real prize he wanted all along. After leaving the train and the group to lick their wounds paramedics were called once the locomotion had came to a complete stop about half an hour later. Multiple bruises, cuts, and fractures for all team members.

It is not truly known the reason for why Osteo wanted the cargo. Some theorize he was going to use the serum to heal himself. Others speculate he might've been hired out to retrieve the cargo from an outside source.

The Exchange

On December 14th a small team of metahumans (SoulStar,Brimstone, Jaguar, and Nano Point) gathered up together at a undisclosed location in the underground ruins of old Detroit nearby the old DIA center in midtown. Intel from ASAP had gathered that an exchange of valuable hot items were being auctioned away to various criminal organizations and known super villains alike. All of them instructed to not break cover unless they absolutely had to or were forced.

The following are the metas and their faux criminal personas: SoulStar- "Red Moon"

Brimstone- "Red Hand Hank"

Jaguar- "Black Racer"

Nano Point-"Mother"

Each of them were given visas attached to dummy bank accounts in order to use as their way to get in. Along with small explosives to destroy the items in question in case they were unable to win them with "Black Racer" being assigned to sneak them on.

Once they had arrived at the Exchange it was revealed that the international criminal Toy was the head auctioneer. Notable auctionees in question were Deviant, Redwing, and Vicar. The muscle for the event was another familiar bruiser; Osteo. Once the event had gotten started the bids were fast and flying all over for each and every singular item.

The following were the items themselves in question: a full canister of regenerative serum vials, mystical dark cloak, very rare alien organic technology, and an powerful superhuman trapped in a comatose state by the name of Hammerfell. Each and every one of these items were just about as dangerous as the next. Luckily the team in disguise won all items sans for Hammerfell. For that one they had to cause a distraction by using all of their explosives to cause a panic and ruckus amongst the crowd goers. Letting Red Moon (SoulStar) to steal it away from Deviant who had won Hammerfell originally.

This opportunity spilled out into the streets as "Red Moon" carried the pod containing the superhuman out of the center and racing to the emergency extraction point before they could get caught. Osteo gave chase, forcing Jaguar to drop his Black racer guise and pose as himself to fight off the behemoth. Good thing for the group that Jaguar's super speed was key to their escape as he held him back just long enough for the team to make their grand escape and teleport back to UNTIL HQ. Red Hand Hank (Brimstone) dropped off his winnings at a specific location for UNTIL personnel to pick up later.

Mission was complete success.

Winners Use Drugs

A couple months prior to this incident, a container holding a vast number of vials containing an experimental regenerative serum was stolen from a moving bullet train in Japan by the metahuman known as Osteo. That same container was later revealed to have been planned to be secretly auctioned away as well but it was intercepted before it even had a chance by members of On Call and a couple of volunteers. However it seems that some of those vials in the container were slipped out and then later experimented on and mutated to become a completely different variant of the serum altogether.

The serum in its new form was being shipped and produced out by drug peddlers in the town known as Akron,Ohio. This version of the serum would cause specifically non-metas to become temporarily metahuman through a series of injections and each new injection would only further strengthen the abnormal traits. If the subject in question has too many injections they will suffer from slow tearing of their genetic makeup followed by a physical mutation which leads into mental insanity followed by fatality. At first only a very small number of people had their hands on the dangerous serum, but then in a matter of a few short weeks those numbers had nearly tripled by comparison.

Soon the drug transformed into an deadly pathogen of spores that began to spread out into the atmosphere of Akron itself. Transforming this problem into a full blown epidemic. The more aggressive form of this caused the same symptoms as before but now whenever a non-meta breathes it in it would only heighten and increase their physical mutations. PRIMUS troops had already arrived early at the scene and barricaded the entire town to prevent any further spread of the virus until they can get some metahuman backup. They called up Project On Call.

The Sakagawa Improvements Med (SIM), also known as the same company who made the original regenerative serum version of this drug, immediately volunteered their services out by whipping out a sustainable large batch of an antidote that would be able to fight off this evolving virus before it can cause more damage. But they still needed time to complete their quota. Hence why the members of On Call were sent out to the town of Akron and maintain some sort of control over the place.

SoulStar,Saint,Obscurity, and Mind Shark arrived there via UNTIL shuttle and were instantly met by metahuman opposition. After various run ins with looters and various other metahuman types who were under madness from the virus itself, they finally managed to buy SIM enough time to deploy large containers of the antidote across the town. The team valiantly hurried to the designated spots and managed just in time to unleash the cure within to shoot out into the atmosphere and ultimately save the town from further decay and depower them.

As a final sting to everyone, it seems that spores that still remained in the air actually managed to spell out the words across the skies 'Winners Use Drugs'. As we speak Osteo's location is now being seek out and will be later posted to be captured and taken in for questioning once his location is found.

Sentry Rogue: Awakening

Act I: Awakening January 4th, 2015. A Highly anticipated day for the men and women of Fields Technologies and the team of Project: Sentry. That day they were unveiling what was supposed to be the next great revolution in security and peace keeping technology. Soldiers would be safe from battle, streets would be cleaned. Supercrime would be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately this was not meant to be. That fateful Sunday, the moment the machine was activated for demonstration, the machine critically wounded Dr. James Fields, the head of it all and the machines creator, who is also known for being the power armor hero Nevermore. The press conference went to hell from there. The video feed was promptly cut the moment the attack began.

Soon enough the altercation spilled out onto the streets, prompting several members of On Call to respond to an emergency call out. When the response team arrived, they found the police power armors and tanks were turned on civilians. As the heroes proceeded to engage they would discover there was still people inside the machines, stuck inside them. The heroes managed to disable the machines, keeping the officers inside safe, but then a far more menacing threat appeared. The machine named Sentron emerged from a gaping hole in the building. The Golden Retriever stepped up to challenge the villainy of the rogue machine, and seemed to get several good blow in on it, but it then was evident that the machine had some manner of restorative and reinforcement technology. Golden took a large Blast to his body, which appeared to do nothing to him.

On Golden's following charge though, Sentron unleashed another blast from his palm, that had the effect of Splitting Retriever at his waist. With the wielder of the Gold Member incapacitated, Sentron left the remaining onlookers with a solemn warning, Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. Sentron would return, and with that return, the promise to change the World.

Since then most information about this has been very hush hush with Project Sentry claiming that they are conducting their own internal investigation. This, coupled with Project: Sentry's reluctance to share any information with any form of authorities or law enforcement aroused suspicion in Jacob Wheatly. After conversing with Dr. Fields, Jake standing firm to not get back into the hero work he had been out of for a few months now, consulted a friend, Red Spider, who enlisted the aid of fellow Adventurers Lady Justice, Dreamweaver, and Juggernette.

They infiltrated the scene of the original incident to see if there was anything that would be cause for suspicion or evidence. The largest piece of evidence that was uncovered was an unidentified entry into the lab about two hours after what was supposed to be its final diagnostics and performance test.

Before they could get any more information they were interrupted by a surprise visit of Sentron. It gave them a somewhat similar warning that was left after the defeat of Golden Retriever. It the corrupted one of Nevermore's old power armors from "The Nest"to attack the heroes. Their combined efforts brought victory against the armor, but the whole lab was destroyed and levels due to a self destruct feature in the suit, eliminating any evidence that wasn't extracted in that location.

A bone to pick

After the incident of the near tragedy of Akron,Ohio, the hunt was on for the supervillain known as Osteo (Akito Root).The criminal's location was finally homed in dead center of the Indian Ocean in a small area that is known to be a graveyard of sorts for abandoned and rusted out ship tankers.

The available team were Natasha Roy,Aegis, Knightshadow, and honorary member Anarchangel. The majority arrived using the Centre's own UNTIL aircraft shuttle. Long range communication as well as video was being severely affected by the small typhoon storm that was taking place upon the team's arrival. The craft was very soon put under attack by a show of Osteo's own might when he tossed half an tanker straight into air heading right for their shuttle.

The aircraft was struck but the damage wasn't too bad when it stabilized over the ocean waters, however things only grew worse when Osteo himself finally appeared donning skeletal wing span to strike the aircraft and finally putting it out of commission. The ladies managed to get the small pilot crew out of the shuttle and into inflatable rafts before continuing on with their airborne battle with the bone armored villain. The battle was indeed fierce as each member were doing their best to try and keep him distracted and slowly confuse and tire him down.

After several good strikes from their strafing and firing tactics, the team eventually managed to incapacitate the criminal into unconsciousness. After using some of Anarchangel's Vril energy to transport all of them back to UNTIL HQ, the team used the UNTIL personnel to help the wounded and restrain Akito Root before he could regain his consciousness again.

Now all that is left is to wait for his full recovery and start interrogation.

Everybody gets a taste

After a small team of On Callers agreed to meet with Chuckie'Chocolate Bar'Barlowe in the small town of Athens,Ohio at a local bar&grill, the group were briefed on the situation going on there. How his father, Henry'Charm' Barlowe, has essentially used his own powers to overwhelm most of the minds within the town and manipulating their own religious faith to secretly run his cult by posing as an honest pastor. The team;White Glint,Nano Point, and Aegis; were informed that the plan was for them to head towards the church where he is conducting his latest cult gathering. Chuck also informed him that he had a "silent partner" on the side as well to aid them in taking down his father's group tonight for good. Unfortunately what the team did not discover later was that partner was none other than Jasmine Tyler aka ShadowFang of VIPER.

Once the team arrived at the local church, their plan of distracting Charm and his flock went off like a hitch. May of his followers have been grafted with artificial metahuman attirbrutes and abilities to be more than enough opposition for the group. But in the end they managed to prevail over their assailants with the remainder of the followers fleeing the scene. During this commotion, Charm used the opportunity of the wide scale attack to flee to the roof using a hidden away elevator shaft. It seems he had a pod of sorts that contained a similar spore -like virus that almost killed the people of Akron last month. After one hell of a struggle just to even get near him due to his atmospheric manipulation abilities, Chocolate Bar managed to get to his father and shockingly went straight in for a kill. White Glint attempted to valiantly prevent this murder, but unfortunately attacked from behind by Jasmine Tyler and then promptly beaten down by Chocolate Bar himself. And to ensure that Charm wouldn't get up from his fatal wound to the chest, Miss Tyler severed his head clean off his body. Finishing the execution right there. Due to the still toxic air and the shammbling of the church's roof, plus Chocolate's suit's stealth, both suspects were able to escape any sort of capture before the team had time to react to it all.

Chuck'Chocolate Bar' is now considered as a criminal for treason and flat out murder. The pod that Charm had in his hold has been confiscated by UNTIL for further studies.

Why ya gotta Playa H-8?

On April 29th, the On Call technicians that aid in running the training simulation room located within the lower floors, had made some discovery of unusual fluxations occurring from the hard light programming system that is normally used for training the numerous members and superhumans of the Project On Call response team. It seems they were growing more and more erratic and even seemingly going beyond their very programming itself. To the very point that sometime later after they made this discovery, the hard light program itself suddenly grew completely out of control and managed to breach through the safety protocols and locks put in place for the secured room and floor that houses it.

Within a short amount of time the programming was shifting and transforming into all sorts of strange scenarios and digital representative constructs of known media used to now harm the staff of the On Call Center. Several sections and floors were heavily damaged due to the cause of it including numerous injuries.

If not for the immediate response of the team consisting of On Callers SoulStar, Major Matrix, and newcomer Captain Nuclear then things could've easily have esculated further out of control and beyond just within the confines of the center itself. The team battled hard light representations of creatures and obstacles mostly based around popular coin op arcade games. They had managed to fight their way all the way down to the Simulation floor itself where the finally encountered this would be unseen adversary who awaited for their arrival. What they found however was more an amateurish type of assassin who went by the moniker "Playa H-8" who wore very video game inspired clothing and hardware on his person.

Despite the oddity of their opponent he did prove to be a foe that could hold his own displaying his control of hard light technology itself, which would explain how he was able to infiltrate the sim floor's programming in the first place. However in the end result the team of responders had the upper hand in both class and power as they defeated his constructs. Whilst in the middle of grilling him for answers as to who set him up to attack the center in such a way he did, the only information he managed to give them was that he was doing it for the will of U-Topia. And then moments later he used his own hardware to override itself and ultimately ended up killing him and reducing his body into messy goop.

It is highly suspect that this is all related once more to the known dictator of U-Topia, the Proper Lady, but again it is unknown if he was directly hired by her people or if he were acting more independently.

This is all still currently being investigated.

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