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Player: @Riftlion
Costume riftlion Bastion CC Comic Page Blue 637694117.jpg
Character Build
Class Focus: CQC Tank
Power Level: 35
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Quentin Johns
Known Aliases: Slipstream
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Dominican and Irish
Place of Birth: California
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Porfirio Villareal (Father) Sienna Johns (Mother)
Age: 21
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 225
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Red
Complexion: Dark Tan
Physical Build: Athletic Muscular
Physical Features: Tattoos across his chest, shoulders, and back
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2 months
Citizenship: U.S.
Occupation: Crusaders
Education: High School
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Energy Absorption, Creation, Enhanced Physical Traits, Flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
His Own Created Items
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Background and Origin


Quentin Johns was born to a Dominican father, Porfirio Villareal and an Irish mother, Sienna Johns. Growing up, Quentin dealt with a prejudiced relative. His paternal aunt, who was also the matriarch of the family, convinced everyone other than his father to shun him for only being half Dominican. His father remained supportive and doted upon Quentin. The love and support he received from his father were enough for him to develop a sense of pride in his Dominican Heritage. This pride leads him to learn about the Taino people, the indigenous people of the Dominican Republic. The things he learned served to shape Quentin's style, from his hair to his tattoos.

Quentin was born in Riverside, CA. Living between two major metropolitan areas, L.A. and San Diego, meant the crime in the area was pretty rough. Quentin would learn just how rough after his powers manifested themselves. He decided to fight against the local criminals but, was swiftly rebuffed and beaten nearly to death. After he healed he did some research and found that many heroes got their start in Millennium City, MI. Quentin picked up and moved across the country to start his journey to become a Hero that could come back to SoCal and clean things up.


Quentin was just a normal kid growing up. He was a little overweight and not very active. All of that changed shortly after his fifteenth birthday when his powers manifested. He was determined to help clean up the streets of his home town. To this end, he gave up on his obsession with junk food and started hitting the gym as hard as he could. Within a year he lost all the fat and started putting on muscle. By the time he turned eighteen, he reached his goal body type. During this time Quentin studied some Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Escrima. He became fairly proficient and thought he would try his luck at the hero gig. Unfortunately, the learning curve in SoCal was a bit too steep. He was brutally beaten and left in a coma after just his third day on the streets.

Quentin awoke nearly three weeks later. His father had been by his side the entire time he was in the hospital. Porfirio knew his son and knew he would not give up. Instead of pleading with his son to stop, he encouraged his son to find a better way to train and become a stronger hero before tackling the criminals there again. Once Quentin was out of the hospital and on his feet again he started researching different superheroes to find out how they got their start. Many of them got their start in one place, Millennium City. He waited until his body was fully healed and he was back to 100% before he packed up all of his clothes and headed to Millennium City with his father's blessing.

Arriving in Millennium City under the Alias Slipstream, Quentin registered as a Superhero and began the hard road of becoming just that. It wasn't until a few weeks of training and actual hero work that he came to the realization Slipstream was not the name for him as it did not fit his role. He became the hero that would shield those in need from danger. He became Bastion.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Energy Absorption - He can absorb many forms of ambient energy: heat, light, radiant, etc... He can also absorb a large portion of any energy applied directly to him, such as electrical, heat, and kinetic. This is actually the fuel source for all of his other abilities. All limits stated are contingent upon how much he has stored and how much he is allocating to that power or attribute at the time.

Creation - He can create solid objects out of energy he has stored up. He has currently only exhibited the ability to create simple constructs, such as the following: Shields, Personal Barriers, Walls, melee weapons, and small objects such as cups. These objects he creates are solid to the touch and have durability equivalent to his determination to maintain the construct.

Flight - Using the energy he absorbs, he is able to exert enough force to achieve lift and propulsion. He is currently able to fly at the speed of sound in Earth's Atmosphere. Speeds in any other environment are currently unknown.


Hand-to-Hand Combat - He has trained in Muay Thai for hand-to-hand fighting.

Grappling - He has trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for holds and fighting while on the ground.

Weapons Training - He has trained in Escrima for his use of weapons.


Strength - His strength is boosted by his Energy Absorption. Currently, he has exhibited the ability to lift objects in the range of 10 to 50 tons. With his normal amount of charge, he is capable of lifting roughly 10 tons. After he has absorbed some energy from hits and is needing to push himself past his normal limits, he tops out at 50 tons.

Speed - His running speed is enhanced by his Energy Absorption. Currently, he has exhibited the ability to run at speeds around 60mph.

Stamina - His stamina is enhanced by his Energy Absorption. Currently, he has exhibited the ability to exert himself physically for up to 12 hours without the need for a break.

Durability - His durability is enhanced by his Energy Absorption. Currently, he has exhibited the ability to withstand direct hits from up to and including small-arms fire directly. This is further enhanced when he is being covered by the personal barrier he always has surrounding his body.



Elysia Kesprit - He met Elysia in Club Caprice. They were comfortable with one another nearly right from the start. They began sharing personal stories with one another, they had an almost instant chemistry that is the reason they have already fallen for one another. She means the world to him and he would face any odds to ensure she is happy and safe.


Catarina "Catie" Almeida

Catie is the first friend Quentin made after moving to Millennium City. He has shared both laughs and crime fighting experiences with her. He feels pretty confident he can count on her to have his back.

Dre "Guardsman" Deviro

This was the first person to truly impress Quentin. The power he exhibited combined with the respect Quentin saw that people had for him put Quentin in awe. Now, Guardsman is his boss and mentor.

Hanemi Triggerclaw

This colorful lady is one of Quentin's newest friends. But, she is fast becoming one he would consider a close friend.


A truly powerful hero he met in Club Caprice. She was kind enough to impart some wisdom to Quentin in regards to becoming a more seasoned hero. He is most grateful for the advice she gave and he hopes to see her come out of retirement to have one more idol out there.

Speed Reaper

Speed Reaper is another super that Quentin met. They have bonded over the fact they are both from California and become fast friends. Speed Reaper, or Quinn as Quentin knows him as, is quickly becoming Quentin's best friend.


Midnight - She is currently his one rival.

General Perception

Quentin is generally a pleasant and outgoing individual. He will put off his own pursuits to ensure the safety of those around him, especially those near and dear to him.

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