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Player: @Rivetgun
Cade primus.jpg
"To think yourself immortal is to welcome death to embrace you."
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Cadence Landers
Known Aliases: Cadence
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Humboldt, California
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Hanzo Kazaki (Adoptive Father), Kanako Kazaki (Adoptive Mother), Derrick Landers (Biological Father), Katy Landers (Biological Mother), Brian Landers (Biological Brother), Ani Landers (Sister-in-law), Theresa Landers (Biological Niece)
Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Long white hair
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: Natural-Born American Citizen
Occupation: President of Landercorp International
Education: College (PhD. in Theoretical Physics)
Marital Status: Committed
Known Powers and Abilities
Spacetime Manipulation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Landercorp Patented Mantis Armor, Dual Ninja Blades, Roped Kunai, various toxins and distraction devices.
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Born in Humboldt, California on March 16th, 1986 to Derrick and Katy Landers, Cadence had, for the most part, a fairly typical childhood, only to have it end abruptly only two weeks after his sixth birthday; this would be when his metahuman abilities first manifested with him accidentally leaving his fathers new Corvette nothing more than a pile of torn apart atoms in the wake of a temper fit; it was not long after this incident that Cadence's future mentor and father; Hanzo Kazaki would show up at the families door, explaining to his parents that his powers would only grow stronger and that he could help train the young boy to control them in a safe environment. Whether it was out of love for their son or fear of him that they agreed to sign over guardianship to Hanzo and sent their son on the first step on his path to becoming the man he is now.

Spending the remaining years of his childhood studying, training and playing with the other children in a small, remote village near the Baikai Mountains of Siberia, Cadences life also consisted of learning the arts of stealth and swordplay while keeping up with his schooling under the tutelage of Hanzo's wife; Kanako. All of the studying in so many different fields might prove too much for some, but Cadence thrived in it. Driven by his naturally curious nature, he studied and learned anything and everything he could cram into his mind; he was utterly fascinated by the lessons of his new family and the skills they wielded, just as much as he was fascinated by his own powers and the laws of nature that he had grown to be able to bend to his will.

Cadence's life would change once again with the diagnosis of the man he now considered his father; Stage Two Pancreatic cancer. While this could have been treated and possibly saved his life, Hanzo declined any treatments, saying that he saw this as his calling card to rest and that it was now his son's turn to use the families knowledge and resources to do the best he could for the world and leave it a better place than when he entered it.

After his father's death, Cadence used the amassed fortune his family had gathered over the years to found Landercorp International; a research and development company that has managed to rise in power with incredible speed, gaining a strong hold on many government contracts, using his position as CEO of the company, Cadence has since used Landercorp to further mankind in any ways they can. It was during this rise of Landercorp international that Cadence made the choice, with full public knowledge, to become a hero among the people and use his gifts not only to further the world through the exploration of science, but through the moral duty of protecting innocents from harm.

Landercorp International


  • Combat Armor - A specially designed armor that was developed by Landercorp by using the same fiber layering pattern found within the Mantis Shrimp's powerful club appendages. This design has allowed for major advancements in the design of personal body armors; allowing them to be lighter, more durable and to withstand more force. The drawbacks however are the relatively long manufacturing times and the required separation of armor plates to allow flexibility.
Fiber layering pattern of the Landercorp Mantis Armor
  • Sourubureido & Shitsumei - Cadence's personal weapons of choice; Sourubureido aka. the Soul Blade was his fathers before him and Shitsumei aka. The Invisible was his own since he began training; despite their age difference, however, both retain the sharpest edges and represent a particular danger in Cadence's capable hands.
  • Roped Kunai - While his blades are dangerous it can be easily argued that Cadence is most dangerous to the criminal element with his signature use of the Roped Kunai; a sharpened dagger at the end of a long woven cable. While a dangerous projectile on its own, when used in tandem with Cadence's ability to control the space around him this weapon can all but seal the fate of any whom it is used against.
  • Use of Toxins - Ninja are commonly trained in the identification and use of various forms of Toxins, Cadence is no exception. While primarily employing lower doses of Neurotoxins, he does keep more potent agents in store in case of dire emergency.
  • Other Devices - Ninja often employ a wide variety of devices in their duties, Cadence's own personal preferred devices are attachable charges, explosives and gas pellets that can be placed on the ring of his roped kunai. He also employs; smoke bombs, caltrops and the rare shuriken to aid him during bad situations.

Skills & Abilities

  • Space-time Manipulation - Cadence's mind is developed in such a way as to allow him to perceive and manipulate the fabric of space-time within a moderate range, this power allows him to perform a multitude of feats such as; Bi-location, teleportation, Matter separation and fusion, Spatial expansion and reduction, projectile re-direction and Matter configuration.
  • Muga Ryu Ninjitsu - A form of Ninjutsu taught to him by his father since he was a young boy, Muga Ryu Ninjitsu is an offshoot of the more commonly known form of Ninjitsu that specializes in teaching metahumans to employ their particular gifts in aiding them in the art of stealth and primarily emphasizes those talents while also educating the student in standard teachings of the Ninja.
  • Kenjutsu - Cadence's primary form of wielding his blades, this was, however a secondary teaching that was somewhat less emphasized as more importance was placed on his Piguaquan and Bajiquan training for close-quarter-combat.
  • Piguaquan and Bajiquan - Literally meaning "Chop-Hanging Palm" and "Eight Extremes Fist" these two styles where taught in unison during Cadence's training to provide him a combination of hard and soft hand-to-hand techniques, this combination results in quick, whipping strikes with a soft flow in their motions. There is a Chinese Proverb that states "When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified. When baji is added to pigua, heroes will sigh knowing they are no match against it." and Cadence is happy to show it true when given the chance.
  • Shéng Biāo - The art of using the Roped Kunai; this was a more specialized part of Cadence's training during his later years; seen as being particularly effective with his particular abilities. While Cadence has trained with this for the least amount of time among his various disciplines he has nonetheless managed to master it unquestionably.


  • Metahuman Powers, Very human body - While Cadence, through training, has managed to develop an immunity to certain poisons and, to a certain degree, harsher climates, his body is still very limited in it's capability to withstand most forms of injury. This leaves him to rely heavily on his agility and armor to survive when stealth is no longer an option.


  • 1992-2002 - Home Schooled through the entirety of Grade-school, testing early at the age of sixteen to receive his Diploma through the Board of Education.
  • 2002-2006: - Began college at the University of California Berkeley where he received his BS Majoring in Physics with a Minor in Business Administration.
  • 2006-2009 - Attended Oxford University, earning his MS in Astrophysics.
  • 2009-2012 - Attended University of Michigan Ann Arbor, earning his PhD. in Theoretical Physics.

Media Appearances

Cadence on the cover of "Bauss Magazine" Issue# 217
  • Super Science! (Children's Educational TV Series that frequently quest stars various super heroes to help teach science)- Episode #3.6(2014) "Spectacular Space" & Episode #4.7(2015) "Tremendous Time!" as Himself
  • Patients of a Saint (Documentary discussing various medical charities, charity hospitals, and those who head them.) (2015) as Himself
  • In The Shadows of the Shinobi (Documentary detailing the history of the Shinobi) (2014) as Himself
  • Sixty Minutes with John King (News Series)(2014) as Himself
  • Within Reach (Documentary discussing various scientific theories that are on the cutting edge of developing new technologies, medicines, etc.) (2013) as Himself
  • How Far? (Documentary detailing various scientific breakthroughs and the potential risks involved with them) (2013) as Himself
  • Bauss Magazine (A magazine following the style of Heavy Hitters and Maxim) Issue #217 (November 2015 Issue)
  • Close-Quarterly (Magazine discussing Martial Arts; News, Tips and information) Issue #754 (May 2015 Issue)
  • Brink Magazine (Magazine that details and discusses current scientific discoveries and relevant news) Issue #539 (October 2015 Issue)


  • [On his education] - "I was that kid who asked question after question and wouldn't stop until I got an answer, so I credit much of what others see as my intelligence to me being obsessively curious and impossibly stubborn."
  • [On finding free time] - "I'm fortunate in having a wonderful CEO and a highly competent staff so I actually don't have nearly as much on my plate as people think. To be honest, I think things run more smoothly when I'm not there acting like Jack Skellington all 'What's this? What's this!?' in the labs."
  • [On Dating] - "I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful woman in my life, but I might have made a mistake in finding someone as curious and intelligent as I am; the only way for us to stop asking each other questions or debating is for one of us to get naked first...and even then it's not a guaranteed solution."
  • [On being adopted] - "My biological parents and I actually maintain a good relationship to this day. I don't hold anything against their decision; I was dangerous at the time and, like I would assume any loving parent would do, they made the decision to do what was best for me instead of what was easiest for them."
  • [On his training] - "My father started training me when I was a child and kept training me until the day he died. Unfortunately for me, being home schooled, there where no girl's locker rooms for me to sneak into when I hit puberty."
  • [On Landercorp's free medical services] - "Myself, the Board of Directors, and the CEO met for our quarterly meeting and set on a mission to find a way to benefit the people, build a strong relationship with those people, and benefit our research efforts. After what seemed like ages of brainstorming and endless proposals we found that a free-of-charge medical facility was the best option we had on the board; it allowed people to come in and receive vital treatment; particularly children with incomplete or hazardous metahuman mutations, while allowing us to further our research in these fields while receiving government funding and contributions from public donations."
  • [On Project: On Call] - "They are an amazing group of people, unfortunately, in my line of training, I don't get to work with others very often; a solid rule for most any stealth operative is 'two is a team, three is a clusterf***'."



"You're a Linguistics Major? And here I only learned Japanese so I could understand what my mom was cursing me out about."

While a fairly new addition to the "Project: On-Call" roster, Cadence has a respect and fascination with Ramiel; respect of her intelligence and fascination of her acting as a vessel for an Angel, he is, however, still testing the waters on how much he can troll the angel.


"You're just cuddles on toast, aren't you?"

Pigeon is, quite possibly, one of Cadence's favorite co-members of "Project: On-Call" He values her optimism and constantly wonderous nature. Her ingenuity is one Cadence sees as being second-to-none and hard to match.

Noah Ark

"We settle this as man was intended, thumb war!"

Noah and Cadence, while more casual friends, have maintained a closeness in their mutual love of comedy and in trolling others within Project: On-Call. They hold a strong mutual respect for each other as fellow warriors, however, Cadence will politely decline an offer of any of Noah's homecooked meals.


"What does it mean to nig?"

Soulstar and Cade have grown to be close over their time working together, often seeing each other as opposite sides of the same coin, there are few who know as much about Cadence and his past as SoulStar and fewer still he will openly discuss it with. SoulStar is also often the target for Cadence's blatant trolling efforts.


Tasha Vargas
Cadence's closest childhood friend, they where raised, trained, and educated together since they where little. What caused such a deep rift between them is still unknown and efforts to uncover it have been repeatedly refused; what is known however is that Tasha left the clan of the ones that had trained them and through unknown means created a clan of her own and has been after Cadence in particular ever since.

"Bad blood, worse temper."

Word of Mouth

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  • Favorite food is Chicken Tacos
  • Favorite musical artists include: Justice, Zeds Dead, SOiL, Poets of the Fall, Biffy Clyro and Dave Matthews Band.
  • Hobbies include: Singing, Dance, Gardening and Yoga
  • Is a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino's films and the Grindhouse movie genre.
  • Fluent in Japanese and Russian.
  • Played Hockey for the entirety of his three years at University of Michigan of Ann Arbor for the Wolverines as a first string Right Wing, Jersey #13