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The Almighty Pez
Player: @moobucket
Pez at caprice.jpg
Hiding at Club Caprice.
Character Build
Class Focus: The Savage
Power Level: 28
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Patricia Elizabeth Zeleny
Known Aliases: Snarly Numnums, Patty Fuzzbottom, and a host of other demeaning kitty names
Gender: Female
Species: Manimal
Ethnicity: Tiger
Place of Birth: Bwahstuhn
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: None
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 310# (hidden muscle density)
Eyes: Reddish Yellow
Hair: Orange
Complexion: Tiger-patterned fur
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Cat ears, tail, claws.
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: N/A
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Housecat
Education: B.S. in Economics, Harvard
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Regeneration, super strength, claws.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Unarmed and frequently unclothed.
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Being the CPA of a super-villain is a poor lifestyle choice, but to Pat Zeleny, it was a welcome and lucrative change of pace when Livewire came into her office one day and told her that she was going to launder the take of a bank robbery for a ten percent cut, then hide the income in investments so nobody would ever find the money. She did the job willingly, and well, and in a few months, Livewire was back with more. This went on for a few years, and the two became friends with each other to the point of regular meetings, then Livewire stopped showing up. She didn't answer her phone, and when Pat checked around, found that she hadn't been unexpectedly put in jail, either. She found some messages linking Livewire to her extended stay with Teleios, and traveled to the remote island location they were supposed to be meeting, only to be captured by Dr. Moreau and transformed into a manimal.

The only thing she had left of her former identity after her mind had been turned bestial was an engraved monogram bracelet with the letters P-E-Z on it, which she took to be her full name. She joined the first rebellion that formed in her batch of manimals, and fought her way to freedom. Livewire came back with her clone (see Livewire's page for that story) to look for her trusted CPA, following clues left behind, only to find her gnawing on a deer in the jungle, barely capable of speaking English. Pez remembered her reason for being in this state was because she was looking for her employer, and here she stood in duplicate. Attracted to the hand that once fed, Pez willingly followed Livewire back to the States.


Since her return to America, Livewire has been trying to help Pez get her mind back. Pez lives with Livewire now, as a sort of housecat (the tabloids love talking about Livewire's manimal housepet), though she sometimes sneaks out of the penthouse and goes off in search of snacks or things that will jog her brain. These outings sometimes find her at various clubs around town, or following groups of heroes around and fighting alongside of them for no particular reason. She's become able to speak and even reason, though she's still bestial in her thinking. She knows there's a lot more to her than this, and seeks ways to find out what that is.

Pez doesn't really have a reason to seek a full recovery. Tiva Stormbringer tells her that she is what she is now, and that while recovering her mind is a worthwhile goal, spending all her time trying to recover her past prevents her from building a future. Living in Livewire's penthouse under the protection of two very powerful energy-casting supers is comfortable, too, and since neither of them are asking her to change, she's slowly finding comfort in being the way that she is.


Pez has never worked with the MCPD, PRIMUS, UNTIL or UNITY and she probably never will. Her association with these groups is just a name on a list of currently non-hostile dangerous people who have not submitted to full registration. She has, however, dug bloody chunks out of the hides of nearly every supervillian that has threatened Millenium City, which at least ingratiates her to those who might otherwise send agents to force a formal registration. Livewire has attempted to register her as a super-powered pet, but since she wasn't available for examination, the application was denied.