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Player: @Kriegvogel (Zedrik)
Focus: Ranged/Support
Level: 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Gustavo Santiago Reyes
Known Aliases: Gus, Gustavo Santiago Reyes González
Legal Alignment: Unknown
Internal Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Human
Blood Type: AO+
Date of Birth: June 9, 1986
Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Skin Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Colombian American
Mexican American
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Education: GED
Occupation: Bail Recovery Agent
Supernatural Hunter
Place of Birth: Poland, IN
Base of Operations: West Central Indiana
Indianapolis Metropolitan Area
South Western Indiana
Vibora Bay, FL
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives
Roberto Santiago Reyes Sánchez (Father)
Francisca María González Silva (Mother)
Francisco Matteo Reyes González (Brother +3)
Pablo Augustin Reyes González (Brother -2)
Known Alternates
None Known
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Other Notes



Preacher's Son

Gus was born to a respected small town pastor and his wife, a nurse for a local family doctor. Unlike his brothers Frankie and Pablo, Gus rejected his Latin American heritage, preferring to leave it behind as he grew up in rural Indiana. Not that his brothers rejected the culture in which they were raised, but Gus refused to speak Spanish even at home, causing his Spanish to be quite poor, and refused to entertain his father's Colombian and his mother's Mexican traditions and Hispanic traditions in general. While he and his brothers picked up slight accents from their parents, Gus actively worked to eradicate his as much as he could.

As a younger kid, Gus often felt alienated by his ethnicity. But as he entered his tweens, he started to make more friends and developed a more healthy social life. He became interested in sports, mostly baseball and football. He soundly rejected soccer as he had with many other traits that might mark him as stereotypically Hispanic. His rejection of his culture and heritage often led him into conflict with his parents and he soon fell to delinquency. Much of his rebellion was social, just getting under his father's skin for the sake of doing so. He often mocked Christianity, despite retaining belief in God, and used many anti-Hispanic slurs. Most of his delinquency was minor, such as graffiti on the churches or vandalization of private gardens, but one night he got in over his head.


Gus was best friends with the sheriff's oldest son, Jack. There were many jokes about how the preacher's boy and the sheriff's son were the town hellions. The two had a complimentary relationship; Jack had many devious plots and schemes, but it was Gus who had the driving force to actually spur the two into action. Thus it was one night the two of them and three of their cohorts broke into an old Catholic church building that had recently, been abandoned in favor of a new, more modern building just outside town. Being used mostly for storage, the boys rummaged through the building, leaving quite a mess of scattered and broken decorations and equipment. As usual, it was Jack who came up with the idea of fire and Gus who produced the lighter, but the other three no longer held interest in the evening's events and fled.

The church building ended up gutted by fire, but before they were destroyed by the heat, security cameras had recorded the events of the night and sent the footage to a server in the new church building. So the next morning the two were arrested and their families' influences couldn't help them this time. Due to their age, however, they were put into community service and their high school sports careers held hostage if they didn't clean up their act.

The two tried to be good. For the most part their forced servitude and threats of losing their baseball and football kept them in line. They still goofed off a bit and a few times came close to crossing a line, but a stern look or cleared throat was all it took to quell their mischievous inclinations. It would not, however, be enough to keep them out of trouble forever.

While the two were out hunting one weekend, they stumbled over an old shack in the woods. The small barely standing structure somehow managed to hold up enough for someone to apparently be living there, though whoever it was had apparently departed. Gus and Jack could not suppress their curiosity, though, and began looking through the place. Only moments later the resident of the shack returned and they fled from the old man, Jack dropping his rifle and being too afraid to go back for it and Gus ending up tripping on a root and falling into a small ravine.

With Gus unconscious, Jack began to panic as they had been stupid and ventured into unknown territory, probably crossing property lines. He didn't know his way back to the truck, almost got lost from Gus's position, and ended up curling up with Gus and crying himself to sleep when he couldn't wake Gus up. And that's how the two were found in the morning, Gus in a coma and Jack sobbing for his friend to wake up.

Jack took Gus's coma as hard as Gus's family did. He was there always at Gus's side for an entire month before he was convinced to go back to school and resume his life. Even so, he was at the hospital every day for the rest of the school year if only for a brief visit. It was then he admitted to his and Gus's family that there was more to their friendship than platonic affection. He found both families to be surprisingly supportive, though ultimately Gus's mother was the one who convinced Jack that he needed to move on, that her son at this point was unlikely to recover. Gus refused to hear it and for the next two years kept visiting Gus. But time gave way to life and Jack met someone new. Eventually, Jack's visits became annual and his ties to small town Indiana were no longer enough to keep him there. College gave way to life on the other side of the country.

Thirteen years Gus spent unconscious. Then the miracle happened. Or quite possibly a curse in disguise. Or more likely, as most things in life, something more complicated. Green energy ran through Gus's body, healing him and restoring his body to health. Unwitnessed by anyone, the reason for Gus's miraculous recovery remains a mystery. But his awakening did not go unnoticed. With a foggy mind, Gus glanced around his room, sitting up confused and disoriented. A moment later an orderly came into the room to swap out some supplies and noticed Gus awake. The resulting commotion nearly overwhelmed Gus.


Life was hectic. Whatever healed him left his muscles not atrophied, so his recovery was mostly psychological. There was a thirteen year hole in his life. And media vultures circling, waiting for a piece of the story. He was a fifteen year old boy in the body of a twenty eight year old man. There were legalities to take care of, a love lost to time, a family who gave him way more attention than he was particularly interested In dealing with. His brothers came home to see him. Jack came home to see him. Life threw much at him in a short time.

Gus did not handle his new life well. He began to lash out at those close to him and verbally tear into the press. And then 'things' started happening. Small incidents at first, an object flung by invisible force across the room, light bulbs bursting for no discernible reason, such things that could not be directly linked to Gus until it just could no longer be denied that there was a link to Gus and his mental state.

Just when his family was about to put two and two together, Gus started disappearing. At first, he'd leave in the middle of the night, only to come home late in the morning obviously drunk. The arguments got more heated, but the unexplainable incidents all but stopped. As the arguments increased, so did the time Gus spent out. He was gone for days at a time. Finally his father had had enough.

With Gus's truck parked halfway into the yard, a confrontation took place that would finally put Gus on his new path in life.


It had been two and a half weeks since his parents last saw him. Drunkenly stumbling into the house after haphazardly parking his truck halfway into the yard, Gus found himself on the wrong end of a rant and lecture from his father. But the green energy that had healed him in the hospital returned mid-lecture, chaotically flowing over Gus's body. He looked to his father confused and scared before his mind succumbed to the pull.

Gus entered something of a trance, walking out of the house and darting off down the street, leaving his father behind completely bemused. What happened next Gus can't say with certainty, as the trance left him with no memory of the event. He found himself in an old rotting cabin in the woods, the very same one he had been in before he slipped into his coma. Except this time its resident was dead. Standing up, Gus found his clothing torn to shreds and falling off his frame. But he barely noticed as the dead resident was a large wolf man, muzzle twisted into a snarl frozen in death.

Practically naked, staring at the dead creature. That's how he was found by the man who would give him purpose in his new life. Explaining both the wolf man and Gus's own supernatural status as a natural conduit for raw mystical energy, the man who introduced himself only as Dirk then described himself as a hunter of supernatural threats. Teaching Gus the basics of magic, the quickly bonded and Gus became the man's sidekick.

Gus learned to control his raw power, able to use spells to channel the energy into magical effects. There were time, though, where he still went into a sort of trance and the power overcame him, but he remained aware and in minimal control. It was during one of these episodes that he got Dirk killed. He and dirk were trapped in a roadside bar in the middle of nowhere that catered to the very type of creatures that the two hunted. Werecreatures, demons, monsters, all around them.

Gus lost it and unleashed a burst of raw mystical energy that killed every last one of them. Except it got Dirk, too. With Dirk dead, so too was Gus's adventure. He went home. His father was surprised when Gus said he was ready to resume his life. Ready to become a man. Ready to do what he needed to find himself a job and take the reigns of his life. And thus, Gus studied for his GED, succeeded in his education, and began the hunt for a job.

It was Jack's sister, funnily enough, that put him on track as a bail recovery agent. He was good at it, too, once he started. But something was still missing. So when it turned out one of his targets was working for a vampire, he not only returned his target to custody, he succumbed to the pull of his calling as a hunter of supernatural threats. To the mundane world, he was Gus Reyes, bail recovery agent. To the things that go bump in the night he became Nocebo. He's not sure who started calling that or why, but he adopted the epithet and made it his own. Mostly because monsters had already started fearing the Nocebo.

Current Activity

Bail Recovery Agent

Gus is licensed as a bail recovery agent in Indiana. While he takes this job seriously, it is primarily a means of legally recognized income.

Supernatural Hunter

This is Gus's primary passion in his post-post-coma life. He hunts creatures that he judges dangerous to humanity, whether dumb beasts or devious predators of a more human-like demeanor.



Gus has seen things that no one should ever have to. So when horrific and grisly things happen, he doesn't react like others might. Unphased by such things, he's able to function quite well under circumstances others might find disgusting or frightening.


Gus does not have a positive view of the world or humanity. He's seen too much of what mankind has to offer and finds the species wanting. However, he has not completely written off his fellow man, as he remains a part of the world and strives to keep it as safe as he can. Sarcasm and humor are his defense mechanisms.


Gus's interests run through some rather macabre territory. Due to his extracurricular activities, things like death and horror are of interest to him. And he's not afraid of people finding out, so anyone who spends any amount of time with him might start picking up on his morbid interests.


Gus has access to a store of raw magical power that he barely has control over. He is, though, able to manifest this power in a few different ways.


His primary means of attacking groups of foes, he can release his magical power in small explosions of energy.

Death Ray

His primary method of attacking a single foe, he can release his magical power in a focused beam of destructive force.


He can cause a sort of toxic infection in a foe that damages his target while transferring life force to himself and allies around him.


He can send a small flame of supernatural energy to a foe, causing them to experience a toxic infection, burning, and/or raw fear.

High School

Owl Hollow Preparatory School
General Information:
Town/City:Poland, IN
Location:Owl Hollow Road, Owen County Boondocks
Colors:Dark Purple and Orange
Curriculum:College Preparatory
Demographical Information:
Notable Programs:
Preperation for Medicine, Preperation for Engineering, Preperation for Computer Technology, Preperation for Business Management, Preperation for the Liberal Arts (General), Preperation for the Liberal Arts (Music), Preperation for the Liberal Arts (Graphic Design and Computer Art), Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
Secretly accepts and seeks only students suspected of possessing innate magical aptitude for purposes of observation. Poland Girls' Preparatory is the girls counterpart with a similar secret mission.

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