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Player: @Regaliter
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Class Focus: Melee Focus Might/Telepathy
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms (Alien Biology)
Personal Data
Real Name: Tasia Chambers
Known Aliases: Nightstar
Species: Dro'Xaeri
Ethnicity: Alien/Human?
Age: 22 years
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Guelph, Ontario
Base of Operations: Guelph, Ontario
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother: Laura Chambers (deceased)
Known Powers
flight, teleportation, super-strength, invulnerability, minor regenerative powers, increasing telepathic powers.
Known Abilities
Life support suit.


My life up to the Qularr invasion? I think people would describe it as dull, well... some people at least. However I imagine some might have found it tolerable or enjoyable, maybe even enviable. It is the only life I've had... but I've read that people say you actually get reincarnated after you die and thus get to live multiple...! Sorry, I get distracted sometimes... most of the time... well maybe all of the time... But...! Oh, right, my story.

I was born to a single mother, Laura Chambers. I usually called her by her nickname, Mom... Pardon? Ok, so coming up with original affectionate nicknames is not my forte. But lots of people... Sorry. So there was just Mom and myself, no Dad... no Mom Two either in case you were wondering. However I don't see that it should be a problem I mean two Moms... Uh... Anyways, Mom and myself, just the two of us. So things were good. Mom worked hard and managed to provide for the both of us and I... well I spent most of my time buried in one book or another. ESR. No, not Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate... or Electron Spin Resonance, or Equivalent Series Resistance. Not the European Society of Radiology either, although interesting fact about... ah, where was I. Oh yeah! ESR, "Eat, Sleep, Read"... What? I know Electron Spin Resonance sounds cooler, but it has been a while since 1944 and I am sure Yevgeny Zavoisky would not mind... Fine! So, eating, sleeping and reading, or "ESRing" is how I spent most of my time. Well most of my life really. Sure I talked to some people at school, mainly teachers and profs... teachers and profs are people too you know! Anyways so I had a social life, sort of. Ok, so I talked to teachers and maybe the odd fellow student when I had to. But we were there to learn new information, right? I suppose maybe it was that obsession with knowledge that set me apart from most of my peers. So, Mom, myself, "ESRing", school, no social life to speak of. So things were good, or dull... or enviable. Depending on your perspective and life/past-life history. However things soon changed after I graduated from University and we took a trip to Millennium City.

The Qularr Invasion, a devastating tragedy for many and the start of my new life. I-I don't really remember much about it... the truth be told my memory is not what it once was. It feels like I lost two very special things that day, Mom and... Mom... I remember an incandescent light and a shadow turning to motes of dust. I-I know it was her... she is gone now and I am alone. Alone and not even human it seems; or not fully human. Well, it seems that I am some sort of alien-human hybrid or so I've been told. Maybe this explains why I find everyone else so odd. As intriguing as this is, my body can't seem to handle these changes... these new abilities I have. So I have to wear this suit. The doctors say I'll die without it, probably die with it too.


  • Possibly terminal condition, check.
  • Funky looking life support suit, check.
  • Ability to punch a hole through armour plating, check.
  • Really big grudge against the Qularr and others who seek to do harm, check.

I figure I should try and use my new abilities to help people; make the world a better place. Make sure no one will ever have to lose their...I-I'm sure it'll be interesting a-and I'll get to learn many new things as well as... Huh? what?... Yes I know I am lame and dorky, not awesome or super cool like a classic hero... but that does not really matter... does it?

Recent Events

  • (Old)For a time after the Qularr invasion, Tasia took to fighting crime under the name Nightstar. Her minor successes in different parts of Canada and the US earned her a tiny bit of media attention as well as major attention from the authorities. While her heart was in the right place, she failed to go through the proper channels in order to legally operate as a superhero in either Canada and the US. When given the choice of seeking proper sponsorship or quitting crime fighting, Tasia decided that she'd take a break from the super-heroics, at least for the time being.
  • (Current)It seems Tasia has obtained the proper backing to do super-heroics all legal like. However for the time being any information on who her sponsor is being kept under tight wraps.


((This is so a WIP XD ))

Tasia is a somewhat shy, kind, cheerful and immensely curious young female alien. Soft spoken and rather quiet at times, she prefers to listen to others talk. If she herself becomes an active participant in a conversation and draws (what she thinks is) too much attention she can become rather flustered and embarrassed.

Some of her shyness is a result as of yet not knowing exactly what she is. She knows she is not human, at least not fully. This lack of information has caused her to struggle with who she really is and how she fits in with the rest of the world.

Despite her misgivings, when she sees someone in trouble or a crime to stop Tasia is able to bury some of her doubts and try her hardest to do what is right. This is because the only thing she is truly certain of is that if she stands by and does nothing, someone's loved one could die. That is a tragedy that she never wants to see befall anyone else.

Powers and Abilities

Since the Qularr Invasion, Nightstar has exhibited a variety of powers which have been steadily increasing in power.

  • Super Human Strength: Tasia possesses super-strength of an unknown level, easily able to move objects of extreme weight and size. While she is probably not the strongest hero out there, she seems to be more than capable of holding her own in a physical confrontation. This strength has caused some problems as on several occasions as she has broken bones while shaking hands, or torn reinforced doors off their hinges instead of just opening them. This has lead to some speculation that the vast strength she posses is not something native to her alien lineage. Given the hardships that such a lack of control can cause her, Tasia has been working to gain more control over this aspect of her abilities.
  • Invulnerability: Along with her increased strength, she possess an ever increasing resistance to physical damage. After the Qularr invasion doctors were able to penetrate her skin if enough force was applied, however recently it has become almost impossible. Like many other heroes, if you hit her long enough and hard enough she'll still go down.
  • Minor Regeneration: Thanks to the suit that keeps her alive, Tasia is able to use the healing properties of her suit to regenerate minor injuries. The suit also allows for instantaneous burst of healing energies, although the suit is limited in how often this can be performed.
  • Her other powers of flight, teleportation and psionic healing are not as well understood, but are believed to be linked with the growing mental powers she seems to posses. Currently she has refused to take part in any studies to examine this aspect of her abilities.


While Tasia has a number of strengths she also possess a few weaknesses as well.

  • First and foremost is that the powers she possess cause a great deal of stress on her body to such a degree that she needs to wear a special suit to keep herself alive when using them. Of late even when not doing anything "super" she has been forced to wear the suit constantly. While the suit helps, prolonged use of her abilities still cause her to become sick and weakened, even pushing her into a comatose like state if she pushes herself too much. This means that while she is incredibly resistant to physical damage, the longer a fight drags on, the weaker she will become.
  • Secondly and unknown to her and anyone else at the moment, Tasia does not posses any of the mental resistances that other Dro'Xaeri posses due to the fact that she is not connected to the rest of her species or even aware of them. This means that her mental resistance is currently just a little bit more than your average human.
  • Thirdly Tasia at times can be heavily affected by the emotions of others thanks to her empathic sensitivity. This can make things just plain weird.
  • Fourthly Tasia only needs to let her body sleep once a week. While this does have its advantages, there is a draw back that while she is resting she is unable to wake up or be woken up for eighteen straight hours. This leaves her in a vulnerable position if she is not careful.
  • Finally it seems that since the Qularr invasion certain Qularr bio-weapons can cause unusual and debilitating effects to Tasia.


Very little is known of the beings called the Dro'Xaeri. It would be a rare individual to know that name, even rarer that said individual would know something concrete about them.

Rumors and Opinions

((Feel free to add some.))

People say that...

...Nightstar would happily have the book thrown at her if she would be allowed to read it.

...She refuses to shake hands after an unfortunate incident.


  • Is your character a genius or maybe skilled at genetics? Maybe Tasia has heard of you or you've heard of her and are curious about the oddities of her genetic makeup and condition. Maybe you can help her out and free her of her suit!
  • Tasia is always on the look out to gather new information. Extra-dimensional? Time traveller? Alien? Mutant? Magical? There can be any number of reasons why Tasia has tried to get a hold of you to unload a barrage of questions.