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Player: @westarrr
Armored Nanael.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nanael
Known Aliases: Peanut, Nana, Nannynan
Gender: Female
Species: Angeloid
Ethnicity: Babylonian
Place of Birth: "The foundry", Babylon
Base of Operations: Club Caprice
Relatives: Bareth
Age: Unknown
Weight: 320 lbs
Eyes: Green or Blue or Red
Hair: Blue
Complexion: Shimmering skin
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: A headwear which is stuck to her head
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: Store owner, demolitions expert
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Telepathy, Fulfilling Wishes, Flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Mysterious Headwear, Magical Beads, Watermelon.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Nanael is really talkative. She enjoys interacting with people. Nanael doesn't have any problems with staring straight ahead, she does it quite often and will never get bored with it.
She doesn't really know much about human behaviour, so she studies behaviours often, and will often ask why someone's doing such a thing.
She is slowly developing a sense of humour, cracking a joke on Nanael might not work, but just confuse her a little.



  • Her wings being touched
  • Nosey people
  • Being seen or called as a robot or android.

Attitude, voice and eyes


Nanael is quite playful, she'll do the most craziest things to entertain herself and her friends. Though she is quite foolish when it comes to hand-eye coordination. She's quite curious and is not ashamed of asking things which might embarass other people. She is really vulnerable to disappointments and does not like it when people say insulting things of her (even as a joke, since she doesn't understand humour) Her eyes always follow moving things curiously.


Nanael has an attentive, high-pitched voice. She sounds really cheerful.


Her eyes look a bit computerized, like an android. They are commonly green, slightly lit up, that means she's in a neutral, friendly mood. Her eyes can colour too, like when her eyes are blue she's scanning a certain object of interest or thinking deeply. This will shut her brain down partially, lowering her mental resistances and is less alert to things that happen around her. Her eyes can also colour red, meaning she's offended or that she has the idea her master is in trouble. She then is very hostile and not in the mood for a little joke.


Nanael is believed to be bought on Ebay, as an extra to a bottle of Rum bought by Angus.
Due to problems, Angus gave Nanael to Bareth on the 12th of February 2012, this lasted until 2 April 2013.
She doesn't belong to anyone right now, but will still gladly accept a new owner.

The actual story is far more complicated.
Her body got kidnapped by Babylonians one day, when she was still a human. They took her to Babylon, where they turned her into an Angeloid, an android sort-of imitating an Angel. They sent her to Earth, because the research wasn't as much of a success as they had hoped. Since the spirit of the Angel actually remained unharmed, and the powers of the Angel weren't tapped. She was considered to be too imperfect for Babylon, thus got ditched on Earth.

She owns a bistro since 6 June 2013, close to the City Hall. It's called Nana's Bites. She would be seen there most of the time, baking stuff or serving patrons. You can buy cakes, pies and such there, of course normal bread as well. You can even choose to just drink a cup of coffee there and have a sandwich or a croissant for lunch. Her special recipe is Tigerbread, bread with a tiger-like crust, tasting a bit like well-seasoned meat, it is also really filling.

As of 7 August 2016, she also works as a Demolitions Expert for a special ops group called SWAT (Special Winged Armed Tactics).



Nanael can use her feathers as weapon, giving they are really dense. She opens her wings and point her feathers out. She then can launch them at 30 miles per hour. She can Enchant them too, they then function as missiles, making an explosion of holy energy upon collision.
She can also use her wings as a feathery shield, shielding off magical and elemental effects. The wings do not shield well against projectiles, such as bullets.

Magical Beads

Nanael always carries several magical beads with her. The beads can be used for granting wishes by squeezing them, releasing the holy essence that's within. She can also throw them, functioning as remotely detonated charges.


Nanael has two hearts, her human heart and her computer core. The core is pretty much just a ball of lightning, powering her headwear and supporting her actual heart.
She can overcharge the core, making her chest light up and little sparks might jump off her. She can then send electricity bolts through her palm, forehead or chest. This will naturally tire her as the core will get weaker, thus offering less support for her heart.


Xerxes is a bazooka-like gun. It's really heavy, and is supposed to be supporting on your shoulder. It shoots out big, thick lasers (like a Spartan Laser in Halo), these lasers should charge for a while before being shot.

Physical Info and Abnormal Info

Abnormal Info

Mental resistance

Her mental resistance is pretty tough. When she's hostile (red eyes), her mind is almost impossible to enter, though when she's learning or scanning (blue eyes), her resistances are significally weaker. Wherein the common mood stands just between the two, amateur telepaths might most likely not be able to enter Nanael's mind.


She does not have an Aura. For she's not an actual living being.

Physical Info


Nanael is really heavy, she weighs 320 lbs, that is because of her limbs being really strong and heavy, and because she has a really thick skin.


Nanael has feathered wings. The feathers are really strong yet her wings feel really soft.
Because of her wings she's able to fly, reaching up to Mach 5 if she really wants to, and won't even be tired of it. Her wings are really strong, if she manages to hit someone with her wings - with intent of hurting said person - he would be in serious trouble, resulting in things like a broken or fractured bone.


Nanael is really strong, though she might not look like it, she can lift things up to around 500 lbs.

Little noticable things

Her skin feels like silk, really soft and has no hairgrowth on it (except on the top of her head). Her skin too feels quite warm, around 42 to 44 degrees Celcius (107 to 111 Fahrenheit)

The Angeloid System

Nanael is running on a prototype angeloid system.. This system controls everything Nanael knows, sees, feels and what she's allowed to do and what she's not allowed to. This system can be manually altered (unlike other versions of her operating software) by anyone who has Nanael's permission, by connecting to it with bluetooth and guessing the password, though she can't change already existing files, just create new ones herself. Every item (except what Nanael added herself, like researches, names and photos) is protected with another password. There are items like the three core personality sliders (see below); personal preferences; and core files that should under no circumstance be deleted or edited.

"Bareth added the color green to Nanael's likes"
"Bareth unblocked the memories of what she did when she still belonged to Angus"

See also: Official Angeloid Page

The Angeloid's skills and attributes, based on system

The Angeloid's personality can be altered greatly with manually altering some files. There are three files which define what she can and what she can't, though if you get one up too high, an other one wil drop. Each file has a value, the higher the value, the more effect it has, where in the total value is always 100.
These three files are:

  • Emotional Control: The name pretty much says it, it controls how much emotions the Angeloid is allowed to have. The higher the control gets, the more happier and gigglier she gets, also ofcourse how more often she can be sad, and how she'll show that. More to it are her characteristics and most of her personality, those who have low Emotional Control talk quietly and slow, they think a lot before they say things.

Info on status: "She has the emotions like a human being, capable of becoming sad as well as happy. She can not feel awkward, nor understand it."

  • Processing Capability: This controls how clumsy the Angeloid is. Those who have high Processing Capabilities are really agile and elegant. Processing Capability also controls how fast the Angeloid learns things and the way she talks, if they have low Processing Capability they will use simpler words and they won't always make so much sense.

Info on status: "Nanael isn't that well with her feet, though she still has good control over her wings. She might trip on occasions. She still learns at an average rate.. She doesn't exactly know when to not say, or when to say certain things and can occasionally bring up inappropriate things."

  • Battle Compatibility: This controls how much powers the Angeloid has, and how strong they are. Those who have high Battle Compatibility will try to not get into fights really often, because they know they are really strong.. But when they do not like someone, they will get easier tempted to act violent towards them.

Info on status: "Nanael is tauntable. She can lift double her weight and her feathers are capable of piercing 2mm thick iron sheets. She also has access to Xerxes"


Her headwear (as seen in the picture) is a Babylonian device and is grown to her head. It is the processing unit of the Angeloid System.
The colour of her headwear matches her eyes.
This headwear gives her telepathic-like powers, Nanael can use it to try to enter someone's mind and talk to them and show them things. It also functions like a phone and has a phone number, she can recieve calls and text messages as well as making calls and sending text messages. They won't be seen or heard by anyone standing next to her, as she'll hear/see it in her mind.
It also doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot, Nanael knows the password.

Public Opinion

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