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Player: @westarrr
300px-Pandaface Angael.png
Because badasses don't look at cameras
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nanael
Known Aliases: None so far
Gender: Female
Species: Angel
Ethnicity: Elysian
Place of Birth: Elysium
Base of Operations: Club Caprice.
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Weight: 138 lbs
Eyes: Glowing white
Hair: Black, with strands of green
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Glowing halo and set of eyes, a pair of rocking white wings
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: >1
Citizenship: Elysia
Occupation: Being awesome
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Flight, Conjuration.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Nanael is quite a silent girl, she doesn't talk a lot, unless if she really feels like, or when spoken to.
She's purely good to extreme intentions, which'd mean that she isn't at all aware or capable of understanding what 'evil' is. For example, she will never be capable of doing evil, neither will she understand orders like: "You will not steal!", because simply, she can not even think about stealing, neither can she link 'someone stealing something' to 'a bad act'. That is with exception to killing. Killing is done without much of a second thought, though.
She very rarely holds a grudge to someone, but only if they have done something really bad to her, or the people she holds 'close' to herself. So she's quite friendly to unholy beings, and doesn't instantly see them as enemies. She would, however, not (okay, maybe) reconsider sparing an unholy being, if she sees them committing a serious crime.


Nanael usually sounds very calm and amused. Her voice sounds clear and she has a bit of an Eastern-American accent. If she is angry she can choose to buff up her voice, making it echo eerily and be way louder. The echoing voice could ring in an unholy being's ears really uncomfortably.


Nanael's eyes seem to be ... inexistant.. If they would feel her eyesockets, they would be empty, and would basically just be poking inside the skull.. However, when they look, they can see a clear white light come out of the sockets. Unholy beings should refrain from looking directy into Nanael's eyes, as it could evoke their greatest fears.

In-character information

Spoiler Warning
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Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.


Nanael got kidnapped on Earth, by Babylonian spies. They took her to a Babylonian research factory, where they have made her an Angeloid: An android made out of an Elysian.

They sent her back to Earth however, because the research wasn't as much of a success as they had hoped. She was considered to be too imperfect for Babylon.

She managed to power down the main robotic parts in her angeloid body.. Which then gave her the control over the body again.
She now wanders on Earth, knowing that she's tainted with Babylonian thingymajiggs. She therefore can not return to Elysium without the fear of being hunted.
To go to Faerie or the Netherworld is unquestionably dangerous still. Therefore the only logical option which'd be left is to go/stay on Earth

Current purpose on Earth

Nanael still considers herself part of her Choir. She is member of the 'Powers' Choir, and she seeks to balance the power on Earth. By means of terminating powerful villains and revealing corrupt agencies she seeks to help restore the balance on Earth. Note that 'good' characters with a lot of influence could still be at risk because of Nanael (Unlike people like Mayor Biselle. He surely has a lot of influence, but is atleast chosen by the people of Millennium City) as she often misconceives them.
She isn't really that much of a workaholic anymore, as she isn't sure if she even should do the work or gotten any objectives from higher-ups, granted that she disconnected from Elysium for quite a while now, after being kidnapped by Babylonian spies


Holy Aura

Nanael is a holy being, whom comes with a holy aura. This aura should repel unholy beings, and give a feeling of safety and sanctuary to the people around her. It is also easily percieved to seers or other aura-detecting people/equipment.

If an unholy being comes within a certain range of Nanael (she usually has her aura set to pretty weak, since she doesn't want to harm people by just passing by, especially in the club or any other social gathering spot) they would feel repelled, getting uneasy thoughts and itches all over their body. If they look at Nanael (this range yields up to a bit farther than her usual aura, but not rediculously far) their eyes would start to dry out and give the subject the idea of looking away.
If they touch Nanael directly, it would give off a searing pain, and if prolonged it can cause burn marks or even worse than just a mark.


Nanael can conjure a variety of objects, though only if she has studied them for a long enough time.
The objects she conjured will stay permanently in the Material Plane, or if Nanael chooses to undo them.. These objects are also harmful to unholy beings, on physical contact with the item.
Nanael, however, fails to conjure animate objects, or living objects. She can only conjure solid objects, such as a table, a dagger or a can of Red Bull (which she occasionally conjures).
Every other item behaves just as they should.. Weapons are sharp and food gives the appropriate nutrients.

Common conjurations

  • (can of) Red Bull
  • Holy Daggers (floating, extra damage to unholy beings), up to a number of five
  • Holy Armor (Extra resistant to shadow magic and other dark magical arts)
  • Bandages
  • Keys to her house (Bareth's house)