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Player: @ZerosGuardian
Naaheila CU.jpg
Class Focus: Celestial
Power Level: 24
Research & Development: Mystic
Personal Data
Real Name: Naaheila
Known Aliases: None
Species: Angel
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 1558
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Angel of Life
Place of Birth: Heaven
Base of Operations: Millennium City for the next 75 years
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
"I do wish you would not use those guns..."


Creation to Present Day

Most of Naaheila's history is highly unknown. Naaheila came into being in the year 454 and shortly afterward came under the tutelage of Archangel Gabriel. She learned to use her celestial energy to heal others. She absolutely loves to help others and is fully devoted to her "job". But because she spent a great deal of time learning how to help others, she missed out on the training to use celestial energy to defend oneself, and because of such, is absolutely useless in a fight.

She is an incredibly caring person and will go out of her way to make someone else's day better. This requires her to put the other person, be it stranger or friend in front of her own wants and needs and she does so without hesitation or looking back.

She had a good friend in Heaven named Bastian Todesengal, whom she helped mentor since his creation. While on one of her frequent trips down to Earth, she inadvertently introduced Bastian to the Archangel Azrael and he soon became Bastian's new mentor. Bastian shortly became an Angel of Death, which directly contrasts Naa's Angel of Life. They started seeing less and less of each other until they hardly ever saw each other.

Naa recently found out that her once very close friend was willing banished from Heaven so that he may pursue a girl that fancied his interest, and quickly took leave from Heaven to trail him. She spent one year roaming the earth in hopes of finding him and eventually tracked him down in Millennium City, where she currently resides to keep a close eye on him.

Celestial Great War

When Naaheila was 500 years old, the tension between Heaven and Hell finally erupted into a full scale conflict. Naa, being an Angel of Life, served the beginning of the war as something of a medic. As the war raged onwards, Naa was forced into conflict on the lines. She took up her spear and moved forward into battle without looking back. There she asserted herself as a capable fighter and superior tactician, although she turned down a promotion to a higher place in God's Army, preferring to stay in the middle of things as she often healed those around her as she fought. It was soon revealed that Naaheila possessed much more power that most known angels, rivaling that of an Archangel, perhaps even beyond that. She prefers to keep this aspect of herself secret, and when the War finally subsided, she put this part of her behind her and resumed her previous duties. It was at this point she turned pacifist, not wishing to allow herself to bring harm to others like she so willingly did during the war.

Viper Hostage

Once while walking back to where she was staying from Club Caprice, a team of Viper psionics were able to subdue and promptly kidnap her. They took her to Project Awakening and Ghost Hound immediately leapt to her aid. It took them four days to track down her whereabouts, and in those four days, Viper had managed to drill six energy draining bolts into her body and cut her wings off. They bound her hands and feet, and placed a heavy shackle on her to prevent her from healing herself and from her body forcing the bolts out.

Ghost Hound managed to free her from Viper and take her to their airship, Spooky. There they had to burn the shackle off, which cause Naa a great deal of pain, and let her body force the bolts out over a week. By the end of the week, all the bolts were out and her wings had fully grown back in. Despite her not wanting to go back to Project Awakening, she was asked to go to help the team find their way around and take a few scientists in for questioning. It was there that the psionic hunter had infused himself with celestial energy harvested from Naaheila. Naa managed to siphon the energy back into herself, which caused an energy overload for 24 hours, altering her appearance. It has since burned off and she is currently back to what she once was, and is residing in Spooky still.

As noted before, Naaheila has enough power on her own to have dealt with the situation, but due to her pacifistic nature that she ingrained on herself a millennia prior, she did not stop VIPER from attacking and tormenting her.


Naa lives in one of the rooms in Eric Deringer's home. He gave it to her when he was no longer able to keep her aboard Spooky, when he left Ghost Hound and started his own company. It did not take much time for Naa to move in, as her entire worldly possessions consist of a book and a pair of clothes given to her by Ultra.

Naaheila was recently given the permission to take up the mantle of Eric Deringer's guardian angel. She has put all her Angel of Life duties on hold for the time being, and will resume them once Eric leaves the mortal coil, which will not be for sometime if Naa has anything to say about it.


Naaheila is an extremely caring person and will frequently help others selflessly. In her free time, she volunteers in the children's ward at Mercy Hospital, or at many orphanages around the city. Seeing smiles on children's faces in one of her greatest joys, and absolutely loves to visit them. Naa only volunteers and will not take money for any reason. If someone were to force money onto her, she will turn around and donate that money to something else.

Being an Angel of Life, Naaheila is well versed in the healing of the body. Few are aware that she is also a capable healer of the mind and soul as well. She frequently acts as a therapist, listening intently to those with problems and offering them the best advice she can give.

Quick note about her halo: It always glows and always will glow. If the halo ever ceases to glow, Naa herself will cease to be.

Naa does NOT and will not ever trust demons, even those who claim to be reformed, or good demons.

Naaheila's Vestments

Naa is usually seen wearing a white vestment with gold accents, and what appears to be armor on the upper torso, shoulders, and gauntlets. When asked, she will simply say that they are ornamental and serve no purpose, when in fact, these are the remnants of Celestial Great War. Naa continues to wear the armor she once wore during the war to remind herself of her duties and the need to repent.

Naaheila's Song

Naa tends to hum and sing to herself if she is not currently in conversation. There is usually only one song she sings, and when asked about it, she will simply tell you it is an old song, and it has no name. This is half true, it is an old song, 1556 years old specifically. The song was made for Naa when she came into being. It does have a name,"Lament of Heavenly Tears" but the name is deeply personal and Naaheila would only share the name of the song to someone on the equivalent level of a soul mate. As such, people who have heard the song have taken to calling it "Naaheila's Song"

If you wish to hear what Naa sounds like, go here --> [1] or here for actual vocals [2]


Eric Deringer

One of her very first friends in Millennium, Eric remains very dear to Naaheila and she will do almost anything for him.

"A breath of fresh air, divine air, and it doesn't hurt that she can kick ass when it comes down to it"


Eric's wife, Jess is one of the very few females that keep in regular contact with Naaheila

Muse (@MallyBurns)

Another one of Naaheila's friends. Naa used to be much closer to her, until Maxwell started showing up frequently, whom Naa deems to be a bad influence on Muse.

Sky Darkener

He formerly had a crush on Naaheila, but now settled with being a dear friend to her and can be over protective of her at times.

"The second most close friend i have. And i will always cherish her and make damn sure nothing will come to harm her."

((I know i'm forgetting some, let me know))


-Naaheila is very much technologically inept, she has a hard time figuring it out.

-Despite frequent visits to Earth, Naaheila has not picked up on many Earthen customs and has difficulty understand most of them.

-Naaheila requires no food or drink to live. That isn't to say that she can't have any, however.

-Naaheila is a vegetarian.

-She is also a pacifist as often as she can manage, there is only one known instance since the Celestial Great War where she has willingly harmed another being.

-Naaheila is powerful enough to easily defeat most beings on the entire planet at once. She does not, however, use this power.

-If Naaheila absorbs celestial energy from another source, she will become "supercharged" and will have to wait for usually twenty-four hours for this effect to bleed off. Until then, her healing powers are stuck in an overdrive mode and her voice reverberates with the extra power.

Other Comments

"Naa is the sweetest angel you'll ever meet. Totally gonna get her drunk sometime." - Aristonike

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