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Player: @BlazeSMD
Maxwell missing his shirt, showing off in the hallway of Club Caprice
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms, Ordinance
Personal Data
Real Name: Six One Six - Maxwell D Harris.
Known Aliases: Max, Maxy.
Species: Human, Altered.
Ethnicity: Caucasian;
Age: Seven
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: A rundown trailer in west-side.
Marital Status: Complicated
Known Relatives: Maxwell (Clone) Maxine (female clone)
Known Powers
Chronokinesis, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced senses, 'fast' healing.
Known Abilities
Superhuman diagnostic skills, free running, perfect balance, basic martial arts (melee) training and advanced 'gun-kata' training.
Brain Stem Control Chip. Various other munitions armaments including a rifle, two (Qularr tech enhanced) pistols, a shotgun, grenades, a 'combat stim', a katana, and nano-tech healing.


“Mentally unstable like a FOX!”


Maxwell, number six one six in a line of clone soldiers that 're picked for their ability to warp time around them. Why? Because otherwise they would take too long to mature and put into action. The Maxwell's weren't picked because they were fast, as a useful ability, they were picked because they could be produced fast and were easily expendable. How many of him are there in the world? Thousands. Doing what? Nothing good, that's for sure. Maxwell is the “exception to the rule” clone. He was born with several mental imbalances and savantism.

The first year of his life was training. Only a year you say? Being a speedster, being trained by speedsters, this year covered every single aspect of life he would need to do his job. He was taught how to eat, sleep, crap, shoot, construct and disassemble weapons, basic medical training, repair work, advanced tactics and CQC or CQB. This training consisted of clones being paired. These clones were told they had to work together to accomplish their goals and at the same time, the conclusion of their training would be a bout to the death with their partnered clone.


Max in 'casual' Clothes

Maxwell is a 6'2 man with very long shaggy hair that looks almost like a lions mane and a damaged right eye. He has a scar down the ride side of his face from said damage and tribal tattoo's that span his entire body. He would be physically imposing to your regular average bystander but in the superhero community he's pretty regular. His attire consist of black leather thats usually inlay with Kevlar, sunglasses and occasionally a battle suit.


Maxwell has the ability to move himself slightly out of phase with the time-line of the dimension he dwells in (by moving himself only slightly toward a dimension with a very different time stream). To everyone else? He's just a speedster. However the normal speedster laws don't apply to Max. If he were to jump off a building, and speed himself up to the point that he saw himself falling slow, when he hit the ground, his body would react as if he were going the speed that he sees himself moving at. This means he can make INCREDIBLE leaps of faith at BREAK NECK speed and still land without injury. The ground however? Doesn't come off so well.

--Light speed! Maxwell's powers allow him to circumvent this law of physics, and he is able to surpass light speed, causing him to teleport (with a strange delay on appearing) from place to place. At the speed he runs up walls and appear on very high ledges. The amount of phase toward this alternate dimension that grants him his speed required for such a feat causes his body to be slightly out of sync when he appears, causing him to float and be weightless until his mass catches up with him. He can still be damaged just the same in this state, he just seems to float a bit.--

As of recently Maxwell has ceased use of light speed due to the guidance of Frontline. Instead, as he can no longer risk using his speed to defy gravity as he previously did, he has developed himself a grappling hook. Finding his agility allowing him to perform stationary tasks while moving, using said hook, he has employed it for combat purposes, leaving his speed less used.

Physically Maxwell suffers from a strange mix of animal DNA enhancements. Mostly lion related, however there are certain clusters and traces of monkey, ape, bird and wolf DNA thrown in the mix. What does this mean? Well in certain situations has been known to 'cat out' causing him to become more feline, and suffer from dampened intellect, however the control chip in his brain allows him much much greater control over this ability. The effects of it are that in normal human form he has slightly increased senses and reflexes.

Mentally, he process data and thinks much much much faster than a regular human. By all rights he should be a genius of titanic proportions able to calculate and formulate unlike any normal person even with super intellect could do. Problem is, he's a savant and a pretty strong one at that, this mental speed allows him only enough increased intellect to function like 'a bit of a doofus' acting the fool a lot and making several other big mistakes socially. On the flip side, the advantage of this is that when he is put to a task such as designing or constructing technology he is without a doubt amazing. Having literally no income post quitting being an assassin, he literally forges all of his own weapons armour and bullets by hand from scrap metal, in his trailer, being able to calculate super-computer level calculations off the top of his head.

This savantism also allows him to perform advanced Geometry on surfaces just by looking at them. This allows him to shoot his mini gun at full speed speed, directly at team mates, hitting every hostile target within the cone of attack and still not even graze a single team mate with a round. This same skill allows him to, with very sloppy and badly executed skill, perform perfect-every-time sword strikes with his melee weapon.

However strange to consider a power, Maxwell's soul is owned. He's allowed free will, but it doesn't change the fact that any attempt to steal or manipulate his mortal soul is incredibly difficult as he is not in possession of his own soul. If he were to die, his spirit and body would return to their owner. This means for the most part, instead of dying and staying dead, Maxwell disappears when defeated to return to his owner.


Ping-pong-trick: Floor slippery, sticky or covered in ping bong balls? Maxwell isn't running anywhere.

Blood: Bleeding is a problem for Max. He runs fast, he bleeds fast in equal measure. If you cut this man in the wrong (or right depending on intentions) place and he doesn't recover from the wound quickly, he may not at all.

Mostly however, his biggest weakness is being 'only human' as this limits him mentally more than anything else. He feels like he's nothing but a hyped up track runner with a few guns, despite how advanced his technology is, and this leads him to being fearful and often depressed sometimes. Socially anger gets the better of him and he lashes out, again mostly however because the superhero community intimidates him and he feels he has something to prove.

Sanity is another strong issue for Max as he isn't really all there sometimes. At times he can act like a perfectly normal human being, however at most times he does not, finding himself taught and raised way outside social norms. For example the subject of childhood and children is incredibly difficult for Max, despite finding children innocent and sweet, having lacked a childhood of his own, he has mental triggers in this area that could quickly turn him dangerous if confronted badly.

As fast as he is, rate of fire can churn down on him. The more rapid and frequent the incoming attacks, the less likely he is to avoid it, and more likely the wound is to mortally wound him.


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