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Player: @pitgirl.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Lilith Syl'anar
Known Aliases: Mind Breaker
Gender: Female
Species: Undead (Elf)
Ethnicity: Drow
Place of Birth: Elerendil
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Naerdiel (sister)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 149 lbs.
Eyes: White, glowing
Hair: Graying Blonde
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Tall, skinny, attractive
Physical Features: Facial dark symbols and scar on forehead
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Unknown
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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"Ka dos xun folbol, ajak ulu talinth bauth umbrenen p'los..."

When she lived she was a sensitive, beautiful and innocent elf. She led a quiet life in village called Elerendil, where she was born. Her parents always wanted everything good for her and her younger sister Naerdiel. They tried to give them the most important knowledge that every good elf should know so her dad thaught her how to read, write and enchant runic scripts and her mom instilled in her moral values. Lilith loved her parents how much she could. She reciprocated her feelings towards them. Always performed her duties as it should be and took care of her little sister, which she always treated on a par with herself.

When she was in age of teenager she had a dream to travel around the world to gain knowledge about other commons and their culture. It was only a dream that she couldn't reach becouse of her family situation. When her parents had to work, she had to do all the housework. She was counting on the help of her sister but instead of helping her, Naerdiel was having fun with friends from village. Lilith has been with everything alone. She worked hard but in result she generated very important feature in herself - patient. Despite the lack of help from sister, she still loved her as much as it was possible. Unfortunately, that love didn't last forever. Finally, Lilith had enough of working when her sister was having fun. She envied her for this lack of a sense of duty. As it turned out, it was the cause of their quarrel by which Naerdiel had run away from home. Lilith weren't proud of this but she also didn't try to stop her.

Lilith long regretted what she had done. She felt guilty for the disappearance of her beloved sister. Since then, she was introverted, she felt the emptiness. Even her parents didn't know how to help their embarrassed child. They decided to give her time to recover but even that didn't help. Every hour without her sister made the small particle of Lilith disappeared.


"Treemma zhah dosst abbil... yibinss zhah dosst ogglin..."

Days, months and years was passing until there was a Dark Age when the Legion of the Damned started to conquest surrounding villages and towns. Every place they visited they left completely destroyed to prove their power and arouse fear. When news of the Legion's conquests came to Elerendil, there was a panic. Some of the villagers fled, some stayed to defend their possessions. Among the defenders was also Syl'anar family. They wanted to fled but they couldn't because of Naerdiel that still didn't return. Lilith couldn't wait any longer. She decided that she will not sit in the place when her sister might happen to get hurt. Her parents knew that she was suffering but in fear of losing another child, they tried to stop her. They knew that traveling through the lands in such difficult times is something very dangerous, especially for such a beautiful and vulnerable elf as Lilith. Although, Lilith didn't give up and began to prepare. She thought that only in this way she will be able to restore the old relations with her sister.

Unfortunately, during the preparation, Elerendil was under attack of the Legion. They wanted to convert inhabitants to their faith, or in the case of opposing, kill them. As it turned out, the whole village was trying to resist raiders becouse adoption of the demonic religion was almost the highest disgrace for a drow. Unfortunately, the defenders had no chance with the much more numerous and much better armed army of the dark gods. Lilith had to watch how her family village is on fire. It was terrible for her but it wasn't the worst thing she saw. View how her father dies from a sharp ritual blade and her mother repeatedly raped first and then cruelly murdered in the same way as her father almost crushed her heart. She knew at that moment that she had lost everything, and will lose the life in a while. She felt sadness and hatred... hatred to the invaders and to herself because she lost everything by her fault. She didn't want to bother any longer. She shouted insults and curses in the direction of the demons that overcame her and carried to the altar prepared in honor of their deity. As it turned out, Lilith was the last elf who remained alive. When the priests were preparing the ritual tools, the high warlock spoke on behalf of the Ra'hok - god of impure mind. He ordered them to make her into the ritual of metamorphosis.

Dark gods - Ra'hok and Kil'rash - liked Lilith's vulnerable nature so as a "reward" they transformed her into a merciless undead with incredibly strong mind. They transformed her into a killing machine that will never be at peace. Since then she is known as "Mind Breaker" and devouring an innocent mind is the greatest delight for her. The gods have promised her that she will be able to regain her old form if she carries out the task entrusted to her.


Mindbreaker transform3.png

After transformation Lilith no longer felt weak. Although she was undead, she retains her physical and mental fitness. She wasn't like an average undead... she was an undead with above average mind, which could make a lot of bad things. At the beginning she didn't really know about that. She was feeling like a zombie without any purpose. Too rapid course of events meant that she couldn't understood why enemies hadn't killed her like the rest. She started to wander through lands to find answer. During the journey she visited many towns wiped out by the Legion. She saw things that would lead to madness even the most mentally tough elf, but she still didn't feel regret. She passed by them with an almost angelic serenity. Elvish cruelly mutilated bodies weren't doing any impression on her. Sometimes she was even enjoying her view... view which could destroy her psyche before.

After many years of searching, the gods decided that they would help her in finding clues. Lilith was just a puppet which was providing the entertainment for them. They decided to reveal to her and explain her what to do. When she found out how powerful she was, once occurred to her to think that she can use her abilities aganist the Legion. Of course, the gods knew about her plan because they also had telepathic abilities but they didn't give a sign of it. They explained her that her power depends on minds which she devours in their name. The more innocent victim is, the more powerful Lilith become.

From One Hell To Another

When everything was clear, and the gods ordered Lilith doing evil things on their behalf, she wondered what could she destroy in the world where everything was destroyed long time ago. She felt the need to feed, she was hungry. When Lilith was looking for a prey, she remembered when her father told her about magic gate that could move people to other dimensions. It was like partial relief from pain. She decided to find gate and get away from her home land, only to find a place to quench her hunger.

Dark gods were watching her behavior all the time. They were pleased with themselves that they were able to create something such beautiful and deadly. When she was following the path that she remembered from the stories his father, Ra'hok and Kil'rash were bathing in pride that their creative is thinking as intelligently as they do. After a long trip through the corrupted land, Lilith finally reached the interdimensional gateway but it was closed and she couldn't open it because only greater demons could do it. She tried to do something but she knew that she can do nothing unless she is a demon. And then he appeared...

Incerdibly huge and powerful demon dressed in robes depicting a high military position. It was Belphegor, general of Hell and Legion army. He wasn't there by accident. He guarded the gate from unauthorized visitors. His presence was making the whole cities shook with fear but Lilith wasn't afraid. On the contrary, she enjoyed his visit. Belphegor wasn't surprised by the lack of fear from Lilith. He has known that she is another creation of dark gods but even more perfect. Just because he has known what she can, or perhaps will, he decided to open the gate for her. In gratitude she promised to help him when he will need it and then she went into the portal which brought her right into center of Millenium City.

Prepare For The War

Since the gate was opened, a lot of strange creatures get to the Earth. From the most vulnerable, defenseless organisms by humanoid beings, to the incredibly dangerous demons. Lilith was one of them. When she passed through portal, she felt that her capabilities are much higher than before. The feeling of all human thoughts swirling in the middle of town made her hunger grew. Feel like killing wasn't giving her peace but it wasn't something like, she kill because she has to, it was more she kill because she likes to do it. And then she started thinking - Where to start? There were many options but she decided to warm up to find single victims. Mind Breaker didn't choose random people because she knew that she could use the new knowledge to later prepare for something much more serious... something of which the Dark Gods will be proud of.

James McDoyer

"Dos xal zhaun vel'bol l'thalack zhah, jhal dos xuat zhaun vel'bol natha j'nesst..."

Being with people, hearing what they think, she studied their culture and language. Of course, most of the information wasn't useful because as it turned out, people don't think too much about the values of their race. She was surprised that so ignorant race has come so far but at the same time glad that there won't be too much trouble with their fall. At the beginning she set herself the goal to find someone who will give her knowledge of the combat, and as everybody knows, experts in this field are the most important military units. It wasn't long before Lilith found UNTIL Headquarters. She knew that she couldn't get in so she decided to wait until the target come to her. Mind Breaker was known for her great patience, but that waiting made ​​her annoyance. Finally, the target left the building. Finally, the target has left the building, and that was the general James McDoyer infinitely adjustable to all known for his contribution in the fight against an army of horror in the Qliphotic realm. It wasn't hard to lure him into a trap - he loved the company of beautiful women. Lilith knew exactly what he wanted, though she could read his mind. Fraudulently she lured him to the place where they were alone and then devoured his mind like a tasty cake with icing. As a result, she has gained a lot of knowledge not only about the battles, but also about the UNTIL organization. This allowed her to move to the next victim - professor William Carrens who was investigating supernatural phenomena that appeared on Earth in recent times.

William Carrens

"Dos ph'pholudeq bauth l'zhaunil d'l'ilra'osett xuileb zhaunl l'thry..."

Professor William was a good friend of the general. Because of him, professor could carry a lot of his research. Lilith wanted to know the details of it so she decided to pay him a visit in his laboratory. When Carrens found her inside, he immediately realized that something was wrong. He tried to hide his suspicions and leave the impression that he is fascinated by the appearance of a stranger, but unfortunately he wasn't able to do that because Lilith knew exactly what he was thinking. She didn't want to immediately eliminate the professor, she was curious what he has to say. They had quite long conversation about things that they survived in their lifes. One of these was the discovery of the portals to the Qliphotic realm and the Temple of the Elder Worms on Monster Island. Undead Drow knew that such information will be useful to her. With the passage of time, the interest about stranger was growing. When the conversation came to an end, a professor understood that Lilith is in his lab just to devour his mind. He wasn't disappointed about that, on the contrary, he was glad that he met her, because he died in the knowledge that he was the first person who knew about the past of Mind Breaker. Before death, he asked her to not hurt his friends. She promised him that just because she respected people like him... people who were eager to gain the knowledge.

Mila Anderson

"Ori'gato uns'aa plynn tir nindel maunech dal dos..."

Searching the professor research materials, Lilith found a disc that probably he forgot to watch. It was the record reportage showing an interview with a person who has witnessed something very strange. Something that Lilith needed to complete her task. The person in the video was Mila Anderson, a reporter from the Vibora Bay who saw one person with a mysterious object that immediately killed 20 people. Mind Breaker immediately realized that this was an artifact that with proper use could kill at least three times as many people, so she decided to pay a visit in Vibora Bay and find her next target - the reporter. She knew that if she find her, she will also find the murderer. From professor's notes she learned how to get to Vibora. When she arrived, she immediately liked this place. Everywhere on the streets there was the fear of the gangs that ruled the bay. People were screaming, running away, or simply dying. Being in such an atmosphere, it was like listening to a wonderful melody. She wanted to get involved in spreading fear, but she remembered why she's there. After long hours of searching, she found a bar where people was watching the live news. It happened that the report was led by the person whom Lilith was looking for. From the people in the bar, she found out where the place of recording was and immediately went there. As it turned out it was a Red Snake Dojo. When she got there she saw the van of a television crew. She decided to wait for them to finish and go back to the van where they would be trapped. Suddenly, bunch of four werewolves appeared in front of dojo. It was famous troublemaker "Broken Fang" with her servants. She wanted to settle scores with Mila for her insulting to Dogz recordings. Shortly after the appearance of the intruders, the TV crew came out of the Dojo. Lilith couldn't afford to pack leader to kill the reporter, so she attacked the group. Surprised wolves tried to defend but it was too late. Two of wolves died immediately and the rest fled. Among the fugitives was also Broken Fang who promised that one day she will make a revenge. Mila wanted to record the whole event but their camera was accidentally destroyed during fight. After expulsion of the opponents, Lilith devoured whole TV crew including Mila, what gave her the knowledge of her next target. When the whole thing was over, people ran out from dojo to see what happened but they only saw the bodies of two wolves and mumbling TV crew lying on the ground.

Boa'zel Tin

"Nindol faer zhah naut whol dos..."

Cryptentrance.jpg The power of the artifact was huge. Even without being in the vicinity, Lilith could feel its effects. Knowledge derived from Mila allowed her to find a place where the mysterious item was used. When she arrived, it turned out that the incident wasn't too long ago. The air up there was full of black magic that made her track down the person using it wasn't a difficult task. Following the trail of magic spinning in the air like fireflies, she came upon another victim. Her excitement was even greater when she saw with her own eyes what the artifact can do to people. Examining the bodies, she realized that they were devoid of essence of life, which was their soul. From that moment everything was clear - such damage could be caused only by a Soulshard. Heading further energy trail she met the next and the next victim, and each subsequent desire to have a gem was increasing. Finally she reached the cemetery crypt, which was probably hideout of the person sought. It was a pretty good idea to hide there because it was scaring people from outside. Entering she noticed that the walls were showing off some quotes in language which she didn't know. The hallway was so long that it wasn't hard to figure out that it was leading to a building outside the cemetery. Curiosity dragged her along the corridor where at the end there was a big wooden door. When she opened it she saw the huge sanctum. In the middle, there was altar on which layed a pile of books and parchments. Next to the altar sat a man in long, decorated robes. Lilith noticed that he had necklace with Soulshard. They both knew that they couldn't did without a fight. Without saying any words, they threw themselves at each other. Lilith used her psionic powers and the stranger was using his black magic. He knew that he couldn't fully use his artefact because Lilith was an undead. That gave her vantage over him. She deftly countered every monk's spell and he gracefully opposed the attempts of the Lilith's mind. Finally the wizard hit Mind Breaker's leg which meant that she fell into a kneeling position. The mysterious man came up to her, opened the book and began to speak words in a strange language. That's when Lilith felt a moment and laughing sarcastically, suddenly plunged ritual knife in the opponent's chest. Paralyzed, he fell to the ground. Then she got up and laughing even louder and even more viciously devoured his mind and took his necklace. Out of curiosity she also scanned the books and parchments lying on the altar. Fascinated by the amount of information contained in the documents she wanted to take them with her but there were tons of them. Then she realised that she need a cozy hideout away from curious people. And that's how the sanctum became her new home, and mysterious person who appeared to be possessed Priest of the Apocalypse had been converted into a trophy standing at the altar.


"Dos orn tlu zho'aminth mufo..."

Templeofapocalypse.jpg Despite having a powerful soulshard, Lilith felt that something else is missing. Something that will bring destruction to the human world. When she was reading the notes of prior sanctuary owner she found a lot of useful information, especially the one that answered her persistent doubts. She found out that there was someone who had the amazing abilities which properly used could make the eternal chaos. That person was the leader of the Priests of the Apocalypse - Thezekhiel. He was the only person known to Lilith who could use virtually all types of magic at the same time. After that Mind Breaker wanted to meet him personally. Of course she knew that this meeting won't be a simple task. Finding his hideout wasn't difficult because it was located in the middle of Vibora Bay in characteristic building resembling a temple. She decided that she wouldn't hesitate, and immediately went to the meeting. When she got there the guards wouldn't let her inside so she had to break in using force what wasn't a very big problem because Lilith was in the possession of Soulshard. After the slaughter of guards and casual followers, she began to look for Thezekhiel's office. She was following the winding corridors and killing everyone who gets in her way, until she reached the ornate door. When she opened it she saw an old man with a long white beard dressed in a long robe sitting on a chair in front of the entrance. She quietly stepped inside and closed the door. Thezekhiel without saying any word motioned her to sit down. After a brief conversation, explaining the incident, Lilith challenged him to a duel. The old man didn't want to accept the challenge, because he knew that Mind Breaker had no chance against him, but the honor didn't allow him to refuse, so he invited her to the training room where the fight was to take place. Lilith knew that challenging to a duel someone as powerful as Thezekhiel was very risky therefore she went to fight very seriously. When they entered the room, they bowed to each other showing respect and the fight began. The leader of the priests easily combined together the different elements of magic that were being used against Lilith, who with difficulty repulsed them creating PSI shields and making agile dodges. Warlock was generating streams of black energy that wrapped around the entire elf's body, and she was using magic from absorbed souls to tear elements of the room and flung them straight to Thezekhiel. Unfortunately he predicted every move of undead and it was impossible to even scratch him. After a long exchange of skills Lilith fell to the ground from exhaustion and wasn't able to continue the fight. Then she realized that she haven't got a chance against Thezekhiel who looked only a little bit tired. Despite the fact that drow had killed most of his followers, the old man decided to forgive her. After the incident Thezekhiel gone forever leaving behind the legend about himself.

Felia "Broken Fang" Bladerunner

"Broken Fang? Rather Stamped Fang..."

The defeat in the Temple of Apocalypse very annoyed Lilith. The feeling of lose had put her in a rage, even though she knew that she had no chance of winning. Exhausted by the struggle, she headed towards the exit of the building where there was surprise waiting for her outside. A bunch of werewolves with Broken Fang at the helm, a lot larger than last time. The leader of the pack was waiting for the day, which she will be able to make revenge. That day has arrived, and it was best described by the grin on her face. View of Mind Breaker tired, barely standing at the entrance to the building meant that Felia ( because it was her name ) enjoyed it even more. Anger of drow after lose brought young werewolf satisfaction, but she didn't know what else awaits her. Although Lilith was very tired, she has found in herself enough strength to grin and speak insult towards the gang. She did it on purpose, knowing that this will scare the opponents, giving her strength and the trick worked. After a moment, she could feel the energy she receives. All were shocked that what they saw. When Felia saw it, she horribly roared and rushed towards the undead. That moment signaled the start of a fight. The incredible speed with which she moved impressed Lilith, but didn't make her afraid. On the contrary. She was pleased that after such a long and hard battle with Thezekhiel, she could relax. Broken Fang attacked quickly, but not enough to be able to catch up Lilith, which dodged or countered almost every move that werewolf did. Claws were waving like crazy. After a long struggle, there came a point where drow decided to end the game. Using the stolen souls, she forced all the wolves in the vicinity to immediately fall on their knees before her. Felia tried to get up, but the force was too powerful. Then the whole pack was expanding more and more fear, and this only strengthened Mind Breaker. She heard the lament, moaning and begging for mercy, which was a beautiful melody for her long, elven ears. Finally she decided to end the suffering of wolves and absorbed their souls with the exception of Felia, for which she proposed to set far more painful punishment. After a short mental tortures and the discovery of her worst fears, Lilith broke her teeth as a trophy. View of mutilated physically and mentally Felia made ​​undead almost howled with delight. In the end, she devoured mind of Broken Fang and then realized that she needs new furry boots...

I Will Be Your Nightmare


Preparing to spread terror went according to plan. Lilith gained enough knowledge to start chaos on Earth and thanks to the skills and experience, she knew many ways to inflict pain and destruction. Think about how many methods can satisfy their gods made ​​her extreme excitement. However, prior to finalizing the plan, she decided to have a little fun. She began searching for places where would find strange creatures that could easily give up her control. Mind Breaker thought it would be funny if someone could relieve her from doing boring and unpleasant things like bringing needed items and cleaning. It wasn't hard to find such a place. The whole city was buzzing about the club called Caprice, where you can find everyone and everything. She decided to go there and check if it's true. As it turned out it weren't just rumors. Every single word was true. The atmosphere of this place was known for its diversity. It was a club designed not only for people but also for the other inhabitants of the universe starting from tiny insects and fairies ending with giant demons and robots. While she discovered this place, she felt one of them and she liked it. Soon she found herself in a climate of heroes telliing their daring adventures, buzzing, drunken morons, lesbian groups, dangerous demons, and quiet people listening to club music. Among all these club regulars, it was hard to find a person who would fit perfectly to Lilith's plan. Days and nights of searching the relevant minds able to fulfill her desires meant that she began to doubt in the success. Finally, to the club came a pretty, red haired girl, who looked lost but also interesting. Her frightened mind almost didn't put up any resistance which made getting into it wasn't too difficult. In a moment, Mind Breaker knew everything about her. She knew her name ( which was Lava ), her family, her childhood memories and much more. That what she found in her mind allowed Lilith to begin the process of taking control over her. She knew it would take some time before Lava will be fully obedient but she still not given up because it gave her great entertainment. At the begining, mind controller was checking her ressistance to psyhical impulses. As it turned out sending it to her mind was like vacuuming dust with a vacuum cleaner. After a long time, Lava was put at the next attempt that went just as smoothly. Finally, it was time for a key interaction, which was the acquisition of the core responsible for free will. This was the moment when she realized for the first time that someone is playing with her mind, but it was too late for any help. Since that time, the victim was doing everything that Lilith wanted and plans for her were very ominous.

At first Lava was used to gather information about the mysterious phenomena occurring in the human world. The tasks was typically consisting in reviewing libraries, secret files or visiting places where there has been interesting discoveries to later share all knowledge with Mind Breaker. Over time, she began to deal with more serious things that were intended to induce chaos in key locations. The first objective was Monster Island. Her interest for this place was raised by the volcano located on the island. The eruption could be so powerful that it would destroy the entire location devouring human operating units such as ARGENT, VIPER or Bureau 17 and arouse panic among the population of the Earth. As the volcano was active all the time, she had to wake it up but that wasn't easy. Lilith knew that without proper ritual she won't be able to do that, so she started to use Lava to explore the island and its inhabitants. As it turned out, among primitive peoples and the wild beasts of the island, there were also intelligent ones with their own culture associated with magic, through which they were able to defend against threats posed by nature. It was making it quite easier for the case of a volcano, because appropriate redirection of magic could change it from a defensive to an offensive which will result in the eruption of a volcano. Such magic was possessed by Lemurians, who as it turned out, had occupied the interior of the volcano in order to extract from it the lost relics. It was a perfect opportunity to fulfill the plan. Lava only had to force the local people to use their power to awake the giant hot boiler. She decided to stop waiting and start working. Mind Breaker began to assume control over them starting with the weakest of them. It wasn't too difficult because they weren't resilient enough to fend off the psyhical pressure. She used them to get into the chapels dedicated to their gods where after acquisition of the relics she could take care of the rest. And so it happened. Everything was going according to plan, until finally someone who wanted to thwart her plans appeared. It was professor Xanatos, teacher and only friend of Lava, who promised to care for her. He and his mysterious vampire friend wanted to bring her back to her normal life. At first they didn't know that Lava is under the control of Lilith. They tried to talk to her, but it didn't work. Once they found out that Lava wasn't herself, there was a duel between her and professor's companion where she was accidentally knocked into the volcano. From that moment they thought she was dead what meant that they both fell into mourning, especially Xanatos, but thanks to that they have known about Mind Breaker's plan. They decided to thwart it in return for the Lava's death. Lilith was very embarrassed because she knew that if they were able to defeat her controlled tool then they could also protect the island from destruction. Thit meant that she had to come up with a contingency plan. Since the death of Michelle was just disguised, she had an ace up her sleeve. When the professor and his companion fought Mind Breaker's activities, she secretly sent Lava to an organization called VIPER for the conclusion of a making deal. With the help of Michelle controlled by Lilith, the organization was to take control of the city hall in Millennium City by kidnapping the mayor. Finally the guardian of the dead girl and his friend found a way to break psychic link between Lemurian beasts and the undead. They used Edomite Crystal - a big, powerful Elder Worm's artifact - to disrupt magic in Volcano. From that moment all inhabitants living in that area regained their consciousness and stopped using magic to wake up eruption. Although Lilith hadn't finalized her plan, it wasn't failure for her. On the contrary, it was an advantage for her. In this way she could prepare a plan to kidnap the mayor without any pressure from Xanatos. Then she had an idea to catch a professor in the trap set by the Viper soldiers to eliminate him as a threat.

Preparations have started and Xanatos, as Lilith expected, began searching for the source of strange Lava's behavior. He was very wise so he realized that she had to be under the influence of another person. Mind Breaker predicted that he will probably look for people with PSI abilities so along with Viper commanders she decided to set ambush in old mine where Mind Slayer - powerful mind controler - used to live. Everything was going according to plan. Xanatos finally visited the mine where the soldiers of the organization caught him and transported to the Moreau's Lab on Monster Island. This allowed Lava to attack the city hall without any problems. Viper soldiers led by Viper-X attacked the crowd outside the city hall during mayor's speech and girl controlled by Lilith took control over the building inside. Everything would have worked if not the unexcepted return of professor Xanatos with his friends. It shocked everyone because nobody knew how he escaped from Lab. First they defeated Viper-X and his henchmen and rescued mayor with people attacked by organization and then they get into the city hall to fight against Lava and save her from Mind Breaker's influence. It wasn't possible without intervention of telepath, but as it turned out, this time Xanatos didn't come only with a vampire. This time he prepared himself and brought a person with strong mind that was able to break connection between Michelle and her controller. After hard struggle, Lava fell on the ground from exhaustion. In that moment they started to bringing back her consciousness. Finally, after a long time she broke free from the control. They managed to save not only her but also the entire city. It really infuriated Lilith but despite another failure she has decided to not give up. This time she decided to stop playing and bring real terror to the place where fear was known by everyone... the place called Vibora Bay...

The Good, The Bad and The Undead

Mind Breaker Chair.jpg

Vibora Bay... a place where there is a wonderful, grotesque and dark atmosphere. At first glance it would seem that this is the perfect place for people who like peace and quiet. The truth is quite different. Happy, full of colorful neons streets are filled with gangs sowing havoc and fear. In addition to beautiful views of the sea, you can see there also victims bitten by vampires, voodoo rituals, sadistically mutilated bodies, burned with angelic fire buildings and raging like jackals, werewolves. It makes this place attracts attention of every power-hungry villain. That's why Lilith didn't think long on another ideal place to initiate war. Her anger because of failed attempts in Monster Island and Millenium City even more motivated her to take action. This time she decided to take steps very carefully, because she didn't want to disappoint the Dark Gods with another defeat. Of course she wasn't going to abandon Lava - she again wanted to use her for another plans, but she decided to wait for the proper moment to take control over girl. In connection with the atmosphere of the bay and the fact that she had a great hiding place there, she realized that at this time, failure is impossible.

As everyone can guess, Mind Breaker's plan was to unite all gangs and destroy the entire Vibora Bay, then take the Millennium City, and then the rest of the world. Most people would think that it is impossible, because the gangs hated each other because of their different cultural views. Lilith knew to not focus her attention on individuals but on the leaders, because only they are able to convince their people. She also knew that each of them is distinguished by an extraordinary intelligence by which they can exercise authority. She therefore decided that she won't try to control each of them, but will learn about them. She did as she decided. Lilith began by learning about the culture of every gang. In her hideout she had a great collection of information about Vibora Bay left from the previous owner. As it turned out Boa'zel Tin made ​​a lot of interesting notes, not only about the fearsome groups, but also their leaders, which greatly facilitated the Drow's task.

Time passed and Lilith gathered more information. With each passing day she was a few steps ahead. Finally, she learned enough to begin operation. She began from a voodoo fanatics who called themselves as the Sons Soreveign. After careful tracking down the hideout of their leader - Baron Cimetiere, she crept inside to meet with him face to face and convince to participate in the coming war. She offered him help in finding people worthy of a voodoo ritual in exchange for help in the fight. Initially he had doubts but finally agreed. This meant that Mind Breaker didn't have to worry about them any longer.

Everything went better than might have been expected. Another faction standing in the way of the completion of the plan was the New Shadows. In short, they were vampires hunger for blood. Their main distinguishing feature was the elegance and style that appealed to Lilith. As the vampires were also seen as the undeads, Lilith felt a greater respect for them than for other groups. In addition, the representatives of the New Shadows hated the Dogz gang, with whom she had already experienced. Getting rid of the Broken Fang threatening the interests of vampires, aroused among them respect for Lilith. She didn't have long to wait for an invitation to the residence of the leader known as Dracul vladic where she was talking about business. Vampire Lord was impressed by Drow's trophies collected from defeated werewolves, including Broken Fang. That allowed her to quickly convice him to support her in the war. The only condition that he set was the rejection of help from the werewolves.

As the werewolves were excluded, the remaining are only two groups: Trey Kings and the Nephilim. Both groups were linked together in a way that makes getting help from one of them will be equated with receiving help from both groups. Just which group was more influential ? This question was not difficult to answer . Almost everyone in the bay he knew that Trey Kings are just puppets Nephilim they need only to restore power. The task at first glance it looked simple but the reality was quite different. Therakiel - ruler of the fallen angels, the forerunner of the war between heaven and hell was not like the rest of the gang leaders. The peaceful conversation with him would not have the desired effects. He was too sure of his power to even listen to any proposal from a stranger. Therefore, there were two out of this situation: to convince him by someone he trusts, or compel him by force. As the only person he trusted was Valerian Scarlet, for which Lilith is not too fond of, so she decided to coerce him by force controlling his mind. But how could you control the mind of someone as powerful as Therakiel? It seems impossible but Lilith has found a way to do it. She decided to once again use another person to her plans. Yes! That person was Lava. She returned to Millennium City to find her. As it turned out it wasn't too difficult. She was exactly in the same place as the first time, but now under the protection of someone who she really valued as a friend ... a friend who belonged to a herd of powerful werewolves. Lilith has realised that this will make her nefarious plan even better. She knew that both have for each other mutual affection which allowed to manipulate them in all possible ways. In brief, Lilith once again took control of Michelle forcing her to perform her commands. She sent her to Viobra Bay to start preparing for the final step to initiate the apocalypse - take control of Therakiel. It was obvious that Lava will be sought again but this time by an even more talented friends with Professor Xanatos at the helm. Lilith was just waiting for that. When Michelle came to Vibora Bay, on the order of her controller began to destroy all the fallen angels she met on her way. Lava was enormous powerful that left Lilith in the belief that she doesn't have to worry about failure in her task. She focused attention of Therakiel on the mysterious warrior ( which was Lava ) impeding the arrival of his own apocalypse. The Lord of the Nephilim wanted at all costs to hunt down the person behind the damage in his army. As his angels were too recognizable too be able to catch Michelle, Therakiel realized that he needs the help of someone from the outside, someone previously not involved in the affairs of the apocalypse. Then in his hideout appeared Mind Breaker with proposition to find the perpetrator. He knew that if things will continue to roll in that direction, his plan to start the battle will be in ruins. Therefore he accepted the proposal the same unknowingly giving Mind Breaker control over his mind. Of course, later Lilith faked death of Michelle and hid her in hideout, thus earning the respect of the Fallen Lord. That made him even easier to control than that was expected.

Everything was ready to start the apocalypse. The only thing Lilith had to do was to open a portal through which the army of the Legion of Damned along with the Dark Gods was get into the Earth. When gangs launched a riot in the bay and their leaders gathered at the High Apostolic Church, Lilith went to the square, located next to the Trismegistus Council building in order to open the portal. Everything went according to plan, with the help of Trey Kings warlocks, she started the process of opening the portal, the whole city began to panic, and Therakiel started preparing his own apocalypse. But in the end, something had to stand in the way for the entering of the Legion to the Earth. As it turned out Michelle's friends came to thwart Lilith's plans. They get into High Apostolic Church and defeated every leader of gangs spreading terror in Vibora Bay, including Therakiel. This meant that Lilith hasn't enough support to complete the opening of the portal. After defeating the rulers, the team of Lava's defenders together with a gang previously excluded from the Lilith's plan chased other gangs and established the new order in Vibora Bay. Lilith once again lost the opportunity to satisfy the Dark Gods. Withdrew to her hideout, leaving the chances of success of any existing plans. From that moment she decided to focus not on whole society but a specific person responsible for her previous failures. She decided to make a revenge hitting the most soft spot. And she knew how to do it very well...

Ethernal Hunger

Since Lilith was transformed into dark gods' servant, she devours more and more helpless minds, which make her more powerful. She can satisfy her hunger for a while but then it returns even bigger and more powerful. While she is devouring her victim's mind she feels like power flows into her. However, the victim usually remains with intellectual disability, which often arouses Lilith's laugh because there is nothing funnier than the view of a lisping person who seemed he could do anything he wants. What a disappointment...

Powers and Abilities


  • Mysticism Mastery: Lilith as a child was interested in the arts of mysticism. With her uncontrollable desire to develop, she has knowledge of ancient magic and artifacts associated with it. She also learned how to read and write in the oldest runic languages. She can easily recognize the powerful artifacts, combine them in order to maximize power and even use them in the most efficient way.

  • Mind Read: Very broadly developed mind allows her to read the mind of most creatures. With the right focus and inner meditation that after many years of training come to her easily, she can see even the innermost thoughts and secrets of the targeted person. Her highly developed brain is able to accommodate an unimaginable amount of knowledge that she is ready to use at any time. Only the most powerful telepaths and magicians are able to resist her mind reading.

  • Mind Control: In addition to reading minds, Lilith also learned how to control them. It's true to a lesser extent, but it's not a big difference. Thanks to her haste to learn and creativity of the dark gods, she is able to manage from primitive creatures whose minds are not capable of defending against such big pressure, to more powerful people who are able to defend themselves. She can control minds even at very long distances, but it comes to her with huge effort.

  • Mind Devour: Dark gods also took care of it so that their creation was powerful but also obedient. They gave Lilith mighty power, which allows her to devour the minds of innocent creatures to become more powerful and take knowledge in exchange for eternal hunger that grows with every devoured mind.

  • Undead Mentality: Her form of undead drow makes her not afraid of anything. What's more human weapons can't hurt her. Only properly enchanted weapon can inflict serious wounds.


  • Stones of Edom: Properly combined, they can improve the power of the most spells and abilities consisting of dark magic. They can make just a dream can turn into the worst, sometimes even deadly nightmare. With some luck, Stones of Edom can be found only in Qliphotic Realm.

  • Soulshard: A powerful and extremely rare artifact that only the most wealthy warlocks can have. Direct contact with a creature that have a soul and isn't the owner of this gem, ends with its death. In addition, with the proper use of magic, owner of soulshard can steal the souls of finished targets.

  • Legion's Ritual Knife: Special knife used in dark rituals.


Belphegor avatar.png

  • Pandemonius: Belphegor is powerful and tactically gifted devil, one of the seven lords of hell, general of the Legion of the Damned sent by Infernal Council to expend reign of chaos in the world of the living. Betryed by his people, he decided to set up a Black Moon Federation which main task was to gather allies to restore his old former power in the capital of hell called Pandemonium. He usually tries to avoid conflicts, but when it's required to use the force, he doesn't hesitate to use it.

"Curiosity is the first step to hell."

Lava avatar.png

  • Lava: Member of the Black Moon Federation. She can manipulate and control the fire which has always been the most fun in her life. Once she was in big conflict with Mind Breaker, in which nearly came to her death. But now that they are in the same team improved their relationship and stopped fighting with each other. She is a student of professor Xanatos who teaches her how to improve the use of her power. With his help she can learn a lot. Mind Breaker used to scare her but now Lava isn't afraid of her.

"You think that I'm hot? Don't get burn then."

Sheryl avatar.png

  • Sheryl: She is another member of Black Moon Federation. Mind Breaker isn't verry trustworthy for her but they respect themselves because they are in one team. Lilith doesn't know much about her. She knows only that she was in very good relationship with Pandemonius and Lava. When she met Mind Breaker, she immediately felt her reluctance. Maybe it's because Lilith's past or just her character... Nobody really knows that.

"Whip me hard... *giggles*"

Xanatos avatar.png

  • Xanatos: Professor Xanatos is one of the smartest person that Lilith met. He works for Black Moon Federation as a scientist. Experiments he done in the past, improved his endurance and strength but unfortunately damaged his memory. He doesn't remember his real name, he doesn't remember what he really is and where he comes from. People feel anxiety when he is near, but he tries to be really nice to them. Xanatos is almost always in his Lab working on his new devices that can help others.

"Science isn't magic and magic isn't science."

Katha avatar.png

  • Katha: She is an cute and cunning undead. That's why Lilith was in good relationship with her from the start. She knew that there are two important things in life. First is respect and second is entertainment. These two features have made that Mind Breaker found her as a valuable person. After a brief conversation, they found a common language. This allowed Katha to quickly became a member of Black Moon Federation. She knew that her smarts, experience and, above all, lack of fear to the task will be useful to the Federation.

"This one seems like challenging prey, how entertaining..."


  • Ranaghar: An ancient drow born as one of the first representatives of his race. During the Dark Age, his siblings froze him to survive the war, which was only a conspiracy to take over the throne that belonged to him. When he found out about it, he murdered all those who took part in it which aroused in him a desire to follow the dark path to the extent that in return for the gratification of his desires, he gave his loyalty to the Dark Gods. Currently, he is in bigger relationship with Lilith, than the rest of her friends.

"It's time to inspire fear in those who think that they have nothing to fear."


  • Pirate Vixen: Brave and eager to travel woman with pirate origin. In other words she was raised by a pirate crew, which she unfortunately terribly lost. Her hobbies are collecting and trading jewelry and objects worthy of attention. It's thanks to her, Mind Breaker came into possession of Stones of Edom that have strengthened her powers. Lilith respects her for her desire to explore the world and her past which was very hard.

"A favor, or a price? Which one do you think you'll regret in the end?"

Harika avatar.png

  • Harika: A wise and very reasonable drow. When she was born blind, it turned out that her destiny was different than other elfs in place where she lived. She had the ability that allowed her to see lost spirits. After the discovery of her skill The Oldest decided to create a special group called Spirit Hunters, in which she was. Mind Breaker respects Harika for her dark past which was very close to her... she lost everything by the Legion too. Lilith would want to help her but she can't because she obeys to the Dark Gods who led destroyers of her homeland. Unfortunately, Harika doesn't know about that.

"I'm Queen of Darkness! The darkness from which there is no escape!"

Enemy List




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