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Spanish mentalist supervillainess, member of Eurostar and twin sister of Menton.


For centuries, the Medinas have been one of Spain’s wealthiest, most prominent families, with blood ties to royalty and an open invitation to Europe’s most exclusive social events. What the European glitterati do not know, however, is that shortly after the end of World War II the Medina family pledged its loyalty and obedience to Albert Zerstoiten, the fiendish mastermind known as Doctor Destroyer. When Destroyer recognized latent psionic potential in the twin children of Pacorro Medina, he demanded that the children be turned over to him. The Medinas complied, and for the next ten years the lives of Alejandro Medina and his sister Isabella were a whirlwind of studies, tests, experimental treatments and painful surgical procedures.

Doctor Destroyer’s ruthless research was a success. Isabella became a powerful psionic. But for reasons even Destroyer could not explain, Alejandro became much, much more. His formidable powers are greater than any other human mentalist.

Destroyer quickly put his new assets – whom he named Mentalla and Menton – to work as assassins and spies. The twins spent many years in his service, but chafed under Destroyer’s iron rule. Eventually Mentalla defected from Destroyer's service, as did her brother.

After Dr. Destroyer's “death” in 1992, Mentalla decided the time had come to strike out on her own. She didn’t share Rakshasa’s faith that the master would one day return, and in any event she was tired of serving him faithfully only to be repaid with harsh punishments for even the slightest failure. But she needed somewhere to go, and someone to help protect her from Destroyer’s other servants, if they decided to seek vengeance for her “defection;” unlike Menton, she lacked the raw power to do that on her own.

That’s when she thought of Eurostar. Destroyer had once assigned her to investigate the group and assess its danger to his overall plans, and Mentalla had been struck by how much she had in common with Fiacho. Like him, she was intrigued by political philosophy and social theories, and to some extent she sympathized with his desire to lead Europe. She abandoned Destroyer’s faltering organization and sought out Eurostar to apply for membership.

At first the group was highly suspicious of her, especially given the nature of her powers. But she never did anything to justify their worries, and it quickly became apparent just how useful her psionic abilities were to the group. By 1995, she’d been removed from provisional status and made a full-fledged member.


Self-assured to the point of arrogance, and completely disdainful of those around her, Mentalla thinks nothing of manipulating the minds of others as she sees fit. To her, they’re just toys to keep her amused... until she decides to break them. The only person she truly seems to love and respect is Menton, her brother.

Use In Game

Mentalla does not appear in Champions Online.