Luciano Calighieri

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Luciano Calighieri
Player: @Rotundo
"There's a whole world the average Joe never sees...and someone oughta profit off it." HONK.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Luciano Calighieri
Known Aliases: Leonard Castellan, Iceman, Leo Carnegie
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Base of Operations: Chicago, various
Relatives: Angelo Calighieri, father
Age: 34
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lb.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slightly Muscular
Physical Features: Frost-rimmed eyes, covered by sunglasses
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Lawyer
Education: College graduate, Major in Criminal Law
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Powers and Abilities
Generate and manipulate ice, minor spellcasting
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Nickel-plated 9mm automatic pistol, demonhide wallet
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Luciano is the son of a Chicago mobster, Angelo Calighieri, whose grandfather was an enforcer for Al Capone before splitting off and making his own gang after Capone's fall. The Calighieri's golden age was from the 50's to the 70's, where they were the top mafia gang in the city. However, their decline from the eighties up to the New Millennium, thanks to a combination of crime-busting costumed heroes and government authorities, made them a shadow of their former selves. His own health failing, Angelo let his son choose his own path - and so young Luciano took an interest in Law. That wasn't his only hobby, however. His father was a member of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, and once Luciano came of age, he too was inducted after showing aptitude with magic. The unseen magical world was something young Luc was deeply fascinated by.

He attended law school, got his Juris Doctor and passed his bar exam, specializing in private contract law. His skill grew and he even got the chance to represent ARGENT in a contract dispute once, just one of many in the hordes of lawyers the company employs. During this period his father passed away and his uncle took the reigns of the Family, but his incompetence was the final nail in the coffin for the gang, and were reduced to a mere handful of holdouts. Luciano continued on, building his rep and income, or doing favors for the Circle. But he was disgusted by his family's disgrace, and he thirsted for power - he thought about the magical realms. Now that was the key, he thought. It was a night of heavy psychoactive drug use that he found his calling: he would carve out his own path to power. So he swooped back home and took the reigns of the failing gang, recruiting new members and exiling his uncle.

The new gang, whom he dubbed 'Malebranche', soon started delving into infernal arts to gain power over other gangs: wielding shadowy armor and offensive spells, selling illegal magical artifacts or hexing services, and working out contracts with demons. Luciano, despite being the leader, continues to keep a public lawyer persona, though in disguise and as a mere side hobby. He currently works to expand his gang to other cities, particularly Millenium City and Las Vegas - determined to become well known in the villain circles. But to what end?


Luciano is rather disarmingly friendly, even to enemies. Laid back, casual and sometimes even playful, it seems like nothing ever quite gets under his skin. He treats his subordinates well and is downright affectionate towards those who have proven themselves especially useful. He's courteous to those he does business with, but in the usual mafia tradition places importance on respect, both showing it AND receiving it in return. He bucks the old traditions, however, by allowing facial hair and non-Italians to serve as enforcers. He regards himself as a mobster AND a mage of the modern age, where the old guard should have no active place. He enjoys the fineries of his criminal wealth and just likes to have a good time.

But beneath the charming exterior is still a ruthless, murderous crime boss. He kills without hesitation, often in agonizing ways depending on the severity of the crime against him. He is pragmatic without ethics, and feels that profiting off the misery of others is perfectly acceptable. Like many of his kind, he values power and covets it, but he has a fierce determination to accomplish his goals and dreams. He is calculating and street-smart, knowing when to back away and knowing when to strike with all his might. Ultimately, his goal is to transcend his feeble humanity, a goal which he keeps private to all but his closest allies.

He believes the veil that keeps the world from the magical realms ought to be thrown away and unleashed upon the world; in that regard, he is a big fan of the Devil's Advocates supergroup. In his spare time Luciano likes to play baseball or bowl, watch old movies or collect action figures. Though seemingly unflappable, when he does lose his cool it is an impressive thing to behold - a cold rage that is mighty as a glacier. His downside, of course, is over-confidence and the tendency to take big risks that don't always pay off.


Luciano channels the powers of Hell itself, specifically a sort of 'Hell Frost' from the deeper circles, an ability gained through an unspeakable ritual. He can generate and fire this ice in rapid bursts or immense storms of cold, freezing everything he touches solid and giving him the ability to glide across surfaces with it. He can form bladed objects out of the ice or entomb others within it. This gives him the ability to withstand subzero temperatures and can even chill his beer for him. In extreme cases he can shatter parts of his own body, to reform them later, but this places great strain on his mind and body.

Of course, should massive amounts of frost fail, he has a backup in the form of conventional mafioso weapons like guns, baseball bats and knives, but only as emergencies. Fighting by his side more often than not is his faithful Frost Hound Cotechino, whose love for its master makes it a bloodthirsty protector. Luciano also knows some spells including curses, arcane doors, circles of fear-inducing energy and others. He is not quite on the level of a true mage, but he knows enough to get by.

The boss with his faithful 'canine', Cotechino

Other Info

Notable Gang Members

'Name:' Salvatore Guerra

'Position': Caporegime

'Notes:' The most feared and violent capo in the Malebranche gang, Salvatore went from insignificant hood to blood-crazed mobster thanks to Luciano's careful supervision. Possessing a hair-trigger temper and a love for combat, Salvatore is rude, loud and not terribly bright - the usually dangerous combination. He is rather infamous for the collateral damage he causes when he attempts to take out a single target; Luciano considers him a fire-and-forget weapon and doesn't expect much from him. But he has proven useful enough as a pure soldier, and so he has been given a special arcane tommy gun with infinite ammo. Needless to say, Salvatore was thrilled. While not any more powerful than the other capos physically, he is still considered one of 'The Three Tenors'.

'Name:' Bruno Stompanado

'Position:' Underboss

'Notes:' Luciano's friend all the way back since childhood and the current number 2 in the organization; Bruno is one of the few in the gang with actual military training due to a stint in the Army for several years. He is completely devoted to Luciano and serves him faithfully, carrying out a variety of jobs when Luciano needs him to, from legbreaking to devising squad tactics for combat. Large, quiet and with laser-focus, he is also the voice of reason among the Three Tenors, but will not hesitate to crack heads with his considerable skills in melee combat or melee weapons, favoring an enormous baseball bat covered in spikes, garrote wire, or a chainsaw.

'Name:' Balthazar Gatti

'Position:' Consigliere

'Notes:' The most mysterious member of the 'Three Tenors', Balthazar has served the Calighieri family for generations as their adviser, specializing in covert operations and political maneuvering. Balthazar knows when to assassinate, when to bribe and what the best restaraunts are, and Luciano continues to keep his counsel out of respect for the old man. Few know much about him, except for the fact that he sometimes performs his own assassinations and is a very accomplished magician.


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