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Player: @Keru
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms (Fighting Styles)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kumo Hime
Known Aliases: Anthony Kirai, Zophie, Aya Miller
Gender: Female
Species: Evolved Malvan merged w/ Qliphotic entity
Ethnicity: Internalized Energy Focus
Place of Birth: Qliphotic Realm
Base of Operations: Millennium City; Vibora Bay
Relatives: White-haired Witch (Mother; Deceased), Lord of the Jeweled Spider (Father)
Age: Appears 30
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 128 lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Complexion: Light tan; Blue in natural form
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Confidential
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 1 year 6 months
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Agent, Midnight Works.
Education: A.S. Avionics Systems, Working on B.S. Computer Science
Marital Status: Committed Relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Super-human strength, speed, and agility; ability to create webs and adhere to surfaces; Shape-shifting skin; Can generate fields of energy; Slightly telepathic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
‘Stinger’ wristbands
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Kumo had a childhood unlike many others. She was born in the qliphotic realm to a mother known only as the White-haired Witch in lore and a father that claimed to be the Lord of the Jeweled Spider (these claims have never been proven). Kumo came to be known as Hime Kumo to the Japanese, or the Spider-Princess. Being born in qliphoth, Kumo was also imbued with the demonic energy that permeated the realm, giving her access to dark magic and razor sharp claws.

Kumo spent her childhood fighting for survival as her father waged a war against the Kings of Edom. She learned to defend herself by fighting the horrors of the realm, she scrounged for food, eating whatever or whomever she could find, and her mother taught her torture methods to put fear in their enemies. Fun for Kumo took on a new meaning, usually resulting in the hunt of a new prey.

Unfortunately, the Witch betrayed the clan, joining the Kings of Edom in battle. After heavy losses, the Witch was captured and brought to “justice.” To teach Kumo the hardest lesson, the Lord of the Jeweled Spider made Kumo the executioner. Kumo visited every method of torture she had ever learned on her mother before releasing her spirit to the nether.

Eventually, a group of UNTIL soldiers entered qliphoth. They came in contact with Kumo’s clan and a battle ensued, at the end of which, Kumo was captured and taken hostage. DEMON infiltrators within UNTIL saw this as a perfect opportunity. They fitted Kumo with several implants, erasing her memory and suppressing much of her natural abilities in order to study her. They gave her memory implants to make her believe she had been a male turned into a female cyborg. As she took on missions for UNTIL, DEMON studied her and experimented on her, changing her implants as they saw fit.

When Kumo’s work with UNTIL began to take her back into qliphoth, she slowly began to regain her memories. Her friend, Alita Hellings, was able to link to Kumo’s mind through the implants and access the repressed memories. With her memories restored, Kumo quit her work at UNTIL and began to hunt down the members of DEMON responsible for the experimentation, but DEMON already had what they wanted and began to created their own clone of Kumo.

Kumo also began to search for her father, making several trips back into qliphoth and uncovering several artifacts left behind by her family, the most important of which being a jeweled spider. After purifying this artifact, Kumo was able to use it to contact her father. He explained to her how her clan had originally colonized a planet hidden within the galactic core of the Milky Way. Within the galactic core, her people had been changed into beings of pure energy yet able to take a physical form if desired. Her father then purged Kumo’s body of all implants and qliphotic energy, restoring her to this “galactic being” state.

Once Kumo became accustomed to her new abilities, she was able to retake her normal form and internalize her energy, increasing her strength, speed, and agility to superior levels. She kept to the traditions of her clan, using her abilities to also generate web-like matter from her body. Hoping to learn more about her past, Kumo and her friend Solani entered the qliphotic realm and began a search for her father. It took Kumo and Solani about a month and a half of searching before they caught up with the clan of the jeweled spider. In that time, the qliphotic energies of the realm began to change Solani, manifesting demonic tendencies in her.

While with the clan, Kumo spoke once again with her father. After much prodding for information, her father revealed that the clan had originally been Malvan before colonizing the planet in the galactic core. Other than this, he would reveal no more, being quite disgusted that Kumo returned to qliphoth against his wishes. Kumo didn’t have much time to waste either. Solani was suddenly missing.

Kumo was able to track down Solani, but barely recognized her when the two were reunited. Solani had been twisted by the energies of qliphoth and attacked her former friend. A fierce battle was fought and at the end of it, Kumo was left hurt, weakened, and distraught, believing she had killed her friend.

In truth, Solani had finished her transformation and became a qliphotic parasite. She hunted Kumo down that very same night and entered the woman’s wounds while she slept. Solani burrowed down into the deepest parts of Kumo, merging her being with Kumo’s. This changed Kumo yet again, giving her Solani’s memories, emotions, and skin that could change shape like Solani’s.

Kumo left the qliphotic realm before it collapsed, scarred emotionally by the ordeal. Not knowing whether her clan escaped the realm and dealing with the loss of her friend, she became depressed. Even though Solani was always with her it was now in a darker form. Kumo could hear Solani’s thoughts and had to constantly fight to keep back the more violent side that Solani adopted before merging with Kumo. For a time, Kumo would speak with her voice and Solani’s simultaneously, even referring to herself as “we”.

After some adjustment, Kumo was able to return to a somewhat normal life. She continued her work against DEMON fight several times against her clone, Sasori. Kumo also began dating an “artificial life form” by the name of Sheila Balthier-Payne. After dating seriously for the quite some time, the two decided to try for a child. Due to Kumo’s silicone-based genetics, Sheila had to engineer compatible genetic material. Kumo was successfully impregnated and short thereafter laid an egg which she would carry with her in an egg sac for the next month.

Soon a child emerged from the egg. Kumo and Sheila named their new daughter Sasami. It soon became evident that Sasami had inherited many traits from Kumo and Solani’s being. She had all of Kumo and Solani’s memories up to the point of her birth and nearly all of Kumo’s powers. However, instead of focusing her energy internally, Sasami would focus her energy outward as projectiles. Sasami also grew at an alarming rate, reaching the age of maturity in less than a year. Sasami took on much of Solani’s personality, even using the name and equipment of Solani when she would help against DEMON.

With Sasami capable of taking care of herself, Sheila convinced Kumo to go on a trip with her. Fitting Kumo with implants once again, Sheila was able to transfer both of them into a digital world. At first, it was fun visiting different places all over cyberspace but Kumo found that she could not return to her body. Even worse, she somehow became separated from Sheila. Kumo was able to make it back to Sheila’s workshop and contact Sasami. With the help of her daughter, Kumo was able to make it back into her body. She’s stuck with her implants for now, which limits some of her shape shifting abilities, but she’s been able to add some things as well, such as her retractable claws.

Recent History

Kumo is now a member of Midnight Works, a hero for hire company that takes any job.


'Stinger' Wristbands: Capable of firing various types of darts that can pierce kevlar. The darts can be designed to deliver toxins, but are usually loaded with a tranquilizer. Another compartment is loaded with tracers that can track targets and relay that information back to the sensors in the cyber-suit.

Retractable Claws: Internally located in the forearms, these claws can be protracted and retracted at will. A grove along the claws allows delivery of a neural toxin, slowing enemy response time.

Questionite Lined Skeleton: Offers increased support for use of super human strength.


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