King Voodoo

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King Voodoo
King Pose.JPG
Class Focus: Healer, Tank, Damage
Power Level: 30
Research & Development: Might, supernatural and sorcery
Personal Data
Real Name: Dominic Walker
Known Aliases: King Voodoo, Vodhuga
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 26
Height: 6.5 as Human
Weight: 178 lbs as Human
Eye Color: Black and Red
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: US, but lived in Africa most of his life
Occupation: Hero and Translator for PRIMUS. Mentor of May.
Place of Birth: Nigeria
Base of Operations: none
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father Ira, Mother Sandra and Aunt Kalishara
Known Powers
Superstrength and Intelligence, really tough, various supernatural abilities and Shamanistic Magic
Known Abilities
Knows many ancient languages, various knowledge about magic and ancient civilisations.Has heightened senses, especialy can smell pheromones.
Nothing besides the amulet that granted him his Powers.


Dominic Walker didnt have a normal childhood. Son to a passionate Archeologist, his Father Ira Walker, and a biologist, his mother Sandra, he was born in a small village in Nigeria. His father was fascinated by ancient cultures his whole life, and searched many continents, but especially Africa, for traces of civilisations predating that of humanity.

Dominic never went to a normal School and was tought everything by his father and mother. On rare occasions a teacher was hired to give him private tuition. Allways on the road he has seen many countries and met many people from different cultures. Besides all that he had a normal childhood.

When he was seven, his father let him accompany him on an expedition deep into the indonesian jungles, where they found long forgotten ruins. Dominic was fascinated and soon began to study his fathers books and research material. From that day on Dominic went to many different places to find traces of Prehuman civilisations or cultures. Ira Walker was more then happy that his son shared his passion for the forgotten, and the two became a great team. When Dominic was fifteen they found traces of nonhuman writings in south africa. it was clear that these runes were created long before humanities ancestors were more then just two legged apes. But it should take them ten more years to find the place where those runes were created.

Hybridform in action.

As Dominic turned twentyfive, they led a small expedition into the jungles of Congo. In the years before they searched the whole african continent and even antartica for traces that would lead them to this prehuman nation. Due to civil war and other circumstances it wasnt easy for them to even find people who would help them in their journey. But in the end they had a group of fourteen People. Scouts who visited the jungles before, and other specialists, aswell as some mercenarys for security.

It took them three weeks on foot till they found the hidden entrance into a long forgotten cavesystem. At this point they lost four people allready. Three ran away, and one died during an accident. With the artifacts they found in the past ten years, they were able to open the locked door and enter the labyrinth. As they climbed down into the darkness, they found traces of crude weapons. Ira and Dominic were eager to find what they were looking for, but the complex was so big, they had to find a place to rest. The next day, three more members of their group were missing. They found nothing of them. Ira had to promise the rest double payment if they go further.

At the third day in the caves, they found a big, runed door. It depicted a giant gorilla, holding the sun in its hands. It was Armorclad and seemed to be worshipped by others of his kind. As they tried to open the door, a scream echoed throu the cave. Even as Ira told the others to stay calm, the suspicious natives ran in panic. All on their own it took Ira and Dominic two days to open the door. Placing some of the ornaments in the right direction proved to be a riddle.

Both stepped throu the door and looked at a large corridor. It was empty, except for rubble wich once maybe could have been statues. The walked carefully, the dark path before them only lit by their torchlights. As they found themselfs at a crossroad, suddenly a trapdoor opened under Dominic and swallowed him. Ira couldt even look fast enough, as the Trapdoor closed itself again.

After a rough slide Dominic found himself in an old, natural cave, the walls covered in strange symbols. In the middle of the large Cave there lied a big, golden amulet with a large red jewel in it.

As he stepped closer to the object, a deep voice suddenly started echoing thou the Cave. "I am Vodhuga, King of the land you are standing on!" The young man was scared. He wanted to run away, but his legs didnt follow his orders. The voice continued, telling Dominic that it once was a Spirit King of what today is knows as Congo, in a time when the ancestors of humans only were another race of apes roaming the savanna.

Vodhuga also told Dominic that only a mortal could free him, merging his owns soul with the Spirits. in shock the young man stumbled backwards as the amulet began to float before his eyes. The voice explained that Dominic would inherit his vast power, becoming much more than a human. He only would have to accept the offer and put the amulet around his neck.

Dominic hesitated, but what other possibilities would he have besides dieing a slow death in this cave? Slowly he walked towards the necklace hovering in the middle of the cave. He reached out with his hand. As he touches it a warm rush flows throu his body. With unbelieve he stares at the jewel for a few moments before slowly raising the necklace over his head and pulling it over his head.

As soon as it touches his shoulders he screams, arching his back and falling to his knees, bright light filling the room. Visions of a savage, monster filled land came over him. He saw a giant city seemingly made of jade, and on the top of its highest uilding stood a giant gorilla in a golden armor, worshipped by thousends. And the gorilla was wearing the amulet. Then he passed out.

Like in a dream he sees himself running throu the jungle. He roars, pounding his chest as he stands in a tree looking at a fog covered valley, birds flapping away, scared by his mighty voice.

Suddenly he wakes up. Naked he is lieing at a small lake, the jungle surrounding him. His body is covered in dirt and... blood. Scared he looks around. He touches the amulet and tries to pull it off. He pulls as strong as he can, but it dousnt even move slightly. Desperate he looks around for help. He shouts into the forest, but noone awnsers him but the creatures of the jungle screaming and shouting as they allways do.

Tears started running down his cheeks. "what have i done!" he says as he crawls towards the water, taking some into his hands and splashing it onto his face. As the waves cease he sees his own image mirrored by the water. He looks the same as before. Suddenly he realises that he sees perfectly sharp, even if hes missing his glasses. As he looked closer he saw that his eyes have changed. The iris had becom red, while the part that was white before, is now deep black.

As he turns around he stands face to face with a giant, silverback gorilla. The beast is only a few steaps away from him, eyeing him carefully. Dominc knows he should bow his head, submitting the the dangerous animal, but something inside him forces him not to. The beast seems to feel challanged, pounding his chest and roaring loud. Dominic anwsers, to his own suprise, with an equelly massive roar, echoing throu the jungle. The last thing his noting is red fur growing on the back of his hands, before everything gets engulved in light again.

it took the young man three month to figure out what happened and how to control himself. He roamed the jungle, sometimes scared in his human form, sometimes running throu the forest as a large, powerfull gorilla. In the meantime his father found his way back into the civilization, desperatly trying to find help to rescue his son. He tells people a large, redhaired gorilla smashed throu the massive rock in the cave, escaping into the jungle. He fears for the life of his son.(to be continued)


Most of the time Dominic is a normal, irish looking young man in his mid twentys. He dresses like the average working class guy, the only thing that show his cape status are the large necklace he wears, and his black-red eyes. In Hybrid form he grows up to 8 feet. His musclemass increases and short fur spouts on his body. In this form he usually dous duty in Millenium City, wearing spandex pants, so the Civilians recognize him as a hero. In, what he calls his warform, he resembles a large, red and brownhaired Gorilla. His strength is at its peak in this form, visible by the bulging muscles his body gets. In all his forms Dom wears his Amulet, not able to take it off.

The first few months of his career he had normal clothes, wich he needed to take off everytime he changed forms, or he would have to buy new ones. Later on, he found a way to bind some of his clothes magicaly to his Amulet, and now they change with him. In rare cases, he can transform his amulet in some kind of runed armor, protecting his tough body even more.

Dominic at the Club Caprice, wich he visits frequently.


Most of the time Dominic is a calm, well spoken young man. He is not very aggressive or emotional. At the first weeks in MC he was shy and didnt speak much. But after a while the bonding with Vodhuga got stronger, and Dominic inherited more and more of the spirits personality traits, becoming more confident and forward. With the merging growing stronger every day, he also inherited the spirits urges and instincts. His senses became sharper, especially when it came to female pheromones.

Dominic became something like a notorious womanizer in the past months. But deep in his heart he just wanted a normal relationship. His primitive urges driving him into the arms of many women.

It takes some effort to anger Dominic. But if someone goes to far, he sometimes changes into hybrid form without noticing himself. He is very protective of people he likes and conciders friends. His number one rule as a hero is, never kill. Despite his powerlevel Dominic dous everything to prevent others from getting hurt. In rare cases he broke limbs to stop a criminal, but not more. He is allways very observent of a situation, measuring the strengths and weaknesses of his enemies. He only uses his massive strength when he is absolutly sure his opponent can take it.

Watching over Monster Island


In Human form Dominic is able to cast minor magic, the power for them is drawn from nature and emotions. Its a form of shamanism. The bigger his form gets, the more potent his magic and physical abilities become. In his 'warform' he is able to rip apart reinforced steel and throw tanks around like toys. At his third day in MC, the Qularr invasion was in full swing, a series of photos of him was taken, shooting a Qularr attackship down with his magic, and ripping it apart, wich ultimatly led the reporter to give him his hero pseudonym.


In his Human form he is like every other Man. He has no super powers or special abilities except for his magic. If he is taken by surprise he can be hurt or even die as easily as any other Person. In his Warform its quite the opposite. Nearly indestructable and super strong, he sometimes tries too hard not to hurt someone, wich leads to openings his enemys can use.


Crimson is a close friend. After everything they went throu together he trusts her completly. The first time they met she was one of the few women he didnt want to hit on. He just saw a familiar soul who needed his help, because of her struggle with her powers being so similiar to his, at the beginning of his career. Later on they became close friends, sharing much time in and out of Club Caprice. After the battle they fought against each other, while Crimson was mindcontrolled, Dominic faced the fact that he possibly would need to kill her to stop her from harming innocents.

Ixio is a man better known to most as Samuel Bray or Sam. During the last months Dominic and Sam became close friends, something that led to many people mocking them with the word 'bromance'. Teasing each other almost all of the time, Sam calling Dom a Wookie or Monkey, while Dom refers to Sam as Lavenderhead, Purplehair or simply Snake, because of Sams past with Viper, Dominic would go throu hell and back for Sam. In secret Dominic admires Sam, because, despite the fact he has no superpowers, Sam fights the same foes, with the same bravery as Dominic dous.

Raven Claws was the first Person Dominic met in MC after the Invasion, and they soon became close friends. In recent times they had some problems, especially because Dominic had issues accepting Ravens mate. They worked it out and are now friends again, even if not as close as before.

May just became Dominics Sidekick recently. He first met the twelve year old, kinetic girl in the caprice. At first he tried to get her out of it, because a nightclub is not the right place for a kid. But soon he really started to like her and her stubborn behavior. Over time he found out that shes really eager to prove herself as a hero, but was lacking the guidance. And thus decided to become her mentor. He likes May alot, going so far and seeing her as a little sister. Her hyperactive character isnt allways easy to handle, but he knows her heart is at the right place.

Zion Is a woman Dominic doesn't always understand. He respects her deeply, seeing her as a kindred soul, having to deal with hosting a spirit inside her body. He also likes spending time with her, thinking of her as the perfect example of a hero devoting everything, even her own health, to help others. Zion is one of the few people who can really influence Dominic's decisions.

What others say about him

((Everyone who knows me can freely write an IC comment))

"Even though he looks like a wookie and smells like a monkey, Doms a good guy, to good, which sometimes pisses me off. But I guess theres worse people out there." - Ixio

"Mmm, Dominic. Quite a character. Large sensitive gorilla. He's very handy to have around when Mysticism counts. Sometimes he's a little bull-headed, but he only means the best for him and his friends." - Zion

"Dom is one of the most kind hearted people I know. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but he always has your best interests at heart, and that's what makes him amazing. I love you, forever and always." - Crimson

"I want one of his necklaces. Could you imagine? Me? As a massive monkey? Just think of the manimal justice I could dish out!" - The Blue Bruiser