Raven Claws

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Raven Claws
Player: @APBullet
Raven 300x300 sorta.JPG
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 30
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Raven, Rave, Red
Species: Demon, tormentor
Ethnicity: Ereshkigal lineage
Age: 74
Height: 6'1
Weight: 178 lbs
Eye Color: white/grey
Hair Color: white/grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizenship pending
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Netherworld
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Relationship
Known Relatives: Raven Storm (partial clone)
Known Powers
Limited mystical abilities.
Known Abilities
Wristclaws (part of the skeletal structure), regeneration


Created in the unknown void of the Nether, Raven Claws came to be about seventy four years ago. The legends say her kind come from the blood of Ereshkigal, Goddess of the land of the dead and sister to Ishtar. With the inate skills and mystical abilities required to perform her one purpose as a tool for punishment, she has spent almost every moment doing what she was created to do; discovering that which pains an evildoer the most, and administering the punishment.

For some, the pain would be physical. The classical burning in hellfire, or an eternity spent in an endless icy wasteland where every step is met with frozen agony. For others, it is psychological. The love for an object or person would be turned against them, experiencing the loss of it over and over again.

Tormentors of her kind do not personally oversee this for an eternity of course. Mostly it is about the discovery of the personal hell one would have to endure, and the subsequent creation of a pocket dimension where the subject would be stored.

A few months ago, she was torn from her realm through unknown means and with an unknown purpose. Her arrival in the human realm caused her great confusion. She believed all humans to be inherently evil, as she had not experienced any other human before. Here, she found, it was the other way around, where the assumption lived that all demons are inherently evil.

She is slowly coming to terms with her predicament, and her desire to return to the Netherworld, once strong, is waning with each passing moment. Lemons, vinegar, foot massages, and even her mate have caused her to want to stay and experience more of the human realm.


Raven Claws has inate mystical abilities that seem to work on a multidimensional level. She can bind or harm opponents with blasts of eldritch energy, and she can form circles of power or divination.

More importantly, she can cause the carpal bones in her wrist to grow at an extremely rapid rate, causing bone spikes to emerge over her hand, the length of each varying from five inches to almost a foot. These wristclaws are her preferred method of combat, and she often attempts to close with her opponents even if a ranged method of attack would prove the wiser course of action.

The growth of her claws is the only part of her regeneration factor she can control, and it is restricted to her wrists. She cannot cause other bones to grow in a similar fashion. However, her entire body will automatically regenerate any damage she might sustain. Small caliber weapons have proven completely ineffective, even when shot in the head, as the wound closes moments after it appears.

She is by no means invulnerable, however, and her regeneration has limits. If she were to receive a single massive trauma, or an extreme number of smaller injuries in quick succession, her regeneration would not be able to keep up. It is currently unknown if she would die, or return to the Netherworld as a result of such an event.


Raven Claws is mostly curious about new things she could experience or discover. She has no issues using her origin to threaten those who annoy her or who she considers a threat to her or her friends, but she exercises restraint when deciding to move to actual violence. She has problems understanding some human concepts, such as humor and can often appear as overly naïeve.

She has chosen to follow human laws as she wants her stay in the realm to be with the least amount of trouble. She has taken to hunting down and apprehending criminals as she considers this to be an extension of her original purpose. More importantly, she recognised early that villains are more likely to bind her to their will than aid her, and so decided to do hero work.


The most apparent features are her red skin and twin horns on her skull. She has only a few square inches of white hair on the back of her head, which she wears in a long topknot. Standing at 6'1 tall, her body is densely muscular and athletic. Her eyes are a pale white and she has pointed ears and a long 'arrowheaded' tail.

She wears a spandex bodysuit with a metal belt and thigh-high leather boots. Her combat stance is crouched, predatory and fierce, but moves upright and almost graceful when out of combat.

Future plans

Raven Claws is currently studying law. In her observations of mankind, she has realised that some of those who would provide aid and protection, are offered only basic protection themselves under the current legal system, if at all. She seeks to establish a lawfirm to represent precisely that niche; aliens, sentient constructs, demons, elysians and the like. The groundwork has already been established in the formation of Claws and Associates, LLP. Raven is currently offering her services in an advisory role, and seeks to recruit lawyers, human or otherwise, to form a legal team which can tackle the issues at hand.

Views on Raven Claws

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Imp: "Oh, Claws? She's alright. Not quite as most demons, but not quite a mortal either. Don't tell her I said that, though. She'd be happy."