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High Wire   
Player: @decorumfriends
Super Group
Associate; Founder
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Real Name
Daniel Martin Alexander
Danny Alexander
September 26, 1994
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
United States of America
West Side, Millennium City, Michigan, USA
The Unseen Sanctum of Adam Arcane
Legal Status
Citizen of the USA with misdemeanor criminal record
Marital Status
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Thomas Alexander (father); Margaret Davies-Alexander (mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 9" (175 cm)
150 lbs (78 kg)
Body Type
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"This will be where there will be text from a fake comic book of the era. It will describe the character in some way, or perhaps be a pithy description by another character. The quote will be attributed at the end in the usual manner, although the source itself will be fictional with no resemblance to any persons living or dead intended. Void in Guam, Bolivia, Iceland and Tennessee." - Some Fictional Book #102.






Origin and History


Catlin "Kate" Llewellyn was brought up in the Springwells Village section of southwestern Detroit. Her father, Rhys, worked at the nearby Ford plant in River Rouge for over 20 years. Although a third-generation American, he was fiercely proud of his Welsh heritage, despite having married a "typical American mutt" named Katherine Taylor. He made sure his daughter was filled with all the tales of the "old country"; the histories and the magical mythology capturing the young girl's heart.

The Battle of Detroit

When she was 16 years old, Dr. Destroyer unleashed his mayhem on the United States, but only succeeded in razing her home town to the ground. Near the edge of the affected area, the Llewellyn's were not vaporized outright. Instead, their house was immolated by the fires sweeping the surrounding zone, victims of collateral damage. Only Kate escaped with little harm. Her bedroom had been on the far side of the blaze and she'd just had time to escape out the window. Her parents perished in the fiery holocaust while Kate wept on the lawn.


She began a secret twenty year stint of study and training fueled by hatred and vengeance. Her father had had a healthy insurance policy, and some wise investments soon had Kate with no lack of resources. She bought out a small research firm called B & G Enterprises through several shadow holding companies and got a job there as a mid-level fact checker. Behind the scenes, she soon expanded the operations and renamed the company FactQuest. She moved into a small house in the City Center section of the rebuilding Millennium City, picked precisely because of its location directly above a large cavern.

Jason Chatham

In 2006, the final piece to her plans fell into place. Kate Llewllyn met 18-year old Jason Chatham, electronics prodigy working on experiments in amplifying and redirecting kinetic energy towards the ultimate goal of a super-powered battle suit. Kate saw her chance and "bought" Jason lock stock and barrel; putting him to work perfecting his research with a cover job at FactQuest to keep things under wraps. While he worked on his own research, Jason made a prototype suit for her with the basics of his theories, much less armored and weaponized than his ultimate project.

The Morrigan

To begin her crusade, she adopted the raven theme of a Celtic Goddess her father had told her about, The Morrigan, one aspect of which is the avenger of the murders of brothers and fathers. Her suit uses its kinetic energy absorbing properties to amplify Kate's strength and stamina, as well as protecting her from much physical damage. Her cape uses the energy to function as an anti-gravity device, allowing her to fly. She is well-versed in several martial arts, although preferring a more blue-collar brawling style. Kate is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of law enforcement, criminology, psychology and sociology, although only accomplished through dedicated self-study and is undegreed. In fact, she does not have a high school diploma. With an actual (but hidden) net worth in the tens of millions, the resources of FactQuest and Jason Chatham, and a fully stocked headquarters called the Rookery backing her, Kate is dedicated to the fight against all crime, but her ultimate goal is the utter destruction of the menace of Dr. Destroyer...by any and all means necessary.



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