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Player: @Lilt
Alistair "Grip" Salt
Class Focus: Darkness/Celestial/Arcane/Fire
Power Level: 30+
Research & Development: Mystical
Personal Data
Real Name: Alistair Salt
Known Aliases: Grip
Species: Human
Ethnicity: German
Age: 54
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: lt blue/orange
Hair Color: bleached blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Humphrey Salt (father), Delilah Salt (half-sister)
Known Powers
Sorcery, supernatural abilities stemming from planar influence.
Known Abilities
Arcane mastery and planar knowledge.
Employs a variety of mundane and magical items.


Superhero Name (if any): Grip, Rechts

Real Name: Alistair Rudolf Salt

ASPRA Registered: Yes

Affiliations: Prelude operative, occasional party to the Millenium City Cabal.


As part of his PRIMUS profile as compiled in 2009:

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140lbs

Genotype: Human

Age: 54

Hair Color: dirty blonde

Eye Color: grey, orange

Ethnicity (if applicable): Caucasian

Next of Kin: identified only as "Missy"

Comments: Subject shows unusual bilateral asymmetry. Left eye is enlarged and glowing orange in color with a vertically slit pupil. Subject’s left side has horn-like growths along proximal (bicep and shoulder) regions. Subject appears to have little formal education and can barely read above an elementary level. IQ results are unreliable in this circumstance, recommend remedial education regimen.


Subject was born to Humphrey and Amelia Salt in London England. Did not display any superhuman characteristics at birth. Mother dies during childbirth, though she was a suspected meta-human “psychic medium” based on reports. Reputedly she was extremely powerful and well respected in the field. Subject leaves UK at the age of 14 aboard freight ship, illegally immigrates to the USA. Lives as a vagrant for two years in New York and New Orleans, before being brought in on murder charges and non-associated petty criminal activities, he is arrested and convicted outside of juvenille court as an adult although he is 16. Spends the next two years in Stronghold despite his youth, because of his escape artistry and arcane talents. Psychological reports during the time cite that he is psychotic and potentially schizophrenic, although there is no way to ascertain whether this is a mental disorder or the result of arcane malady.

He is given amnesty as part of meta-human release re-employment initiative effective 1973, and begins work in fighting supernatural crime alongside more reliable government operatives. His codename during this time is "The Hanged Man", and according to governmental reports on his team's activities he is undeniably useful despite his addictions, curses, and personality disorders. Subject disappears on assignment in Alaska, 1976, when half of his team is killed on assignment. He is considered the prime suspect for this incident, and is arrested again in 1994 when he resurfaces in New Orleans. Though the subject is at this time 39 years old, he appears to be no older than teenaged, suggesting a slowed rate of aging. He pleads innocent to the incident involving his team's destruction, but is convicted in military court and sentenced to death. The subject, unable to be killed through any means of capital punishment, is then given an alternative sentence of lifetime imprisonment at Stronghold's maximum security facility. The subject remained incarcerated until his work released with the Prelude team, at the request of Mr. Smith.

During his time with the Prelude to Justice, codename "Grip" routinely asked for "payment" in exchange for services, despite being paid by salary. This reportedly caused trouble with his associates, until they discovered that his requirement of payment was a term of a curse which he was subjected to at the time. In this circumstance, he was quoted as saying "Don't ****ing want your money, even gratitude is a form of payment." After his team learned more about his curse fetters, he was able to be more closely integrated with the team, specifically with his partner Sofia. His partner successfully aided him in the process of breaking the curse which bound him, though this made him mortal.

Discussion began regarding his case following his transition to a mortal individual, as to whether he should be subject to the initial verdict of being hanged from the neck until dead. Records show that he has been hanged several times prior to 1973, all with a lack of final success. The legal debate was ended when, while working to aid a Prelude associate, he was reportedly killed in the line of duty. The specific circumstances are cited as "laceration to the external jugular vein, resulting in almost immediate (fatal) exsanguination." Unofficially, it was explained that he had been compelled (through external control) to stab himself through the neck with a blue ballpoint pen. As per the wishes of his will, he did not have a funeral service, and his body was cremated, then disposed of at a local trash dump. His next of kin, Missy inherited his modest bank funds and personal effects, including several powerful magical implements and spiritual foci.

His case was then closed by authorities.


The subject has the inate abilities of a psychic medium, allowing him to sense and communicate with spirits and extradimensional entities, understand the capacities of magical forces, and perform meaningful arcane rituals. He has reinforced his natural capabilities with tutelage in Hoodoo conjuring, and European Grimoires on summoning and exorcism. He can read past events through contact with items or persons, and has been known to accurately predict future events through reading tarot cards. He has also picked up a number of miscellaneous spell-like abilities which are not adequately documented.

In addition to this, the subject has the title 'Consort of Gorgons' in supernatural circles, due to a ritual performed upon him during 1969 at the hands of the Gorgons, a circle of three extremely powerful, mythic succubi. They are dubbed, "Euryale", "Medusa", and "Stheno" and possess enhanced abilities beyond those associated with average demons.

This ritual caused him to begin the process which would transform him into an incubus, as noted by the abnormalities in his physical appearance along the left side of his body. The Gorgons would not allow him to die, having bound his soul to his form through a powerful curse. As such he healed from mortal injuries and appears to be unable to be killed through any means yet applied to his person. He was also subject to multiple clauses which governed his interpersonal conduct with others, in order to further damage his psyche. While he was referred to as demonically possessed, this was not precisely true. A practiced conjurer in PRIMUS employ has stated that he is simply in touch with the demonic aspect of his own personal essence rather than being possessed by an outside personality or force. In layman's terms, he is not being taken over by a demon, he is turning into one. He appeared to be able to harness this power to cause extensive dimensional and fire damage, as well as to charm others into submission through hypnotic gaze.

Following removal of the curse which was placed upon him by the Gorgons, he reputedly lost his immortality, evidenced by his death via common office supplies.


The subject is incredibly acrobatic, and resilient to pain. He is well versed in criminal activities including lockpicking, legerdemain, fencing, and illicit trafficing of items and information. He has adequate knowledge of combat techniques, though has not had any formal training.


The subject was bound by a threefold curse, which is quoted below:

Give no kindness without payment due,

take no joy in that which is without debt.

Have no rest and no sustenance,

have no comfort and no release from this life.

Lay with only those untouched by any hand,

even thine own.

The subject's binding to both a demonic and angelic aspect make him prone to confusion and disorganized behavior, resulting in severe mood swings. This has in the past pushed him to addiction of PCP, LSD, and other controlled substances. The subject was documented as being clean in his final days.


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