Elizabeth Fairchild

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Elizabeth Fairchild
Player: @Meredy_Redleaf
Meredy Redleaf Elizabeth.jpg
"My, my. You look so full of life..."
Class Focus: Minion master
Power Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Fairchild
Known Aliases: Crimson doll
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 173
Height: .'." (...cm)
Weight: ...lbs (...kg)
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Stock-holder
Place of Birth: Manchester
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Vampirism, Minion mastery
Known Abilities
Torture, Sadism
Physical Attributes
Mental Attributes

Character Information


Apparently pleasant and suave, Elizabeth is in fact only waiting for an opportunity to put down others. She never seems to have more fun than when she humiliates others.

Physical appearance

Under her usual appearance, Elizabeth looks like a young child, however her sense of fashion seems to be frozen in the mid 50's. She rarely uses her real looks to hunt her prey, usually, she turns in a young woman, wearing slightly provocative clothes. Only her golden eyes, pale skin, ebony hair and crimson lips remain the same.

Aura reading

Her aura is cold as a tombstone and red as blood. It shows traces of the many lives she has taken and the pain she has inflicted.

Mind reading

Her mind is closed and shielded like only an undead mind can be.

Likes / Dislikes

  • Likes: Novelty, opera, classical music, fashion
  • Dislikes: People, society
  • Drinking: Blood, mostly. Sometimes alcohol
  • Smoking: Doesn't smoke

Abilities / Powers

Vampirism and blood powers when she has enough stamina to use them. But she can also submit magical constructs and animals to her will. She enjoys controlling other beings and have them do the dirty work in her stead. Just like she uses her butler, Nicholas.


Elizabeth's father was a pretty rich English landowner who decided to move to the New World and the newly founded United States back in 1846. Elizabeth was 7 when they reached the lush coasts of Florida. Over the next two years, their family established quite a few plantations and built a good little financial empire for themselves.

However, despite having all that was needed to be happy, little miss Elizabeth was a real monster to the various slaves used in their estate, making them do painful and dangerous chores on purpose, her father being the good man he was, he never believed that her daughter committed such atrocities.

It took the death of a young slave child to make him come to his senses. Out of despair from having raised such a monster, and out of shame, the poor man took his own life, hanging himself from the balcony of their mansion. That very same night, the slaves, terrorized at the thought of being left at the mercy of their new owner, asked one of the local voodoo priests to curse Elizabeth.

Sadly for them, the curse didn't work as intended, and instead of turning her in a brain-dead zombie, it made the young girl into a vampire. Over the next few weeks, the killings were horrible, until there was no single slave left in the estate. Then the place seemed to simply vanish and fade from existence.

Until August 1861, where Elizabeth decided to help the Confederates and enjoy some more bloodbath. The atrocities she committed then earned her the nickname of Crimson Doll, her deeds completely opposite to her looks.

However, when it became clear that the war was lost, she retreated back to her manor where she apparently spent the next century. It is during that period that the creature known as Nicholas entered her service. It is unclear how or when he started serving her, but what remains well known is that he is her connection to the outside world, and that he shares her mistress' taste for making people suffer.

It seems that Elizabeth used a part of her immense family fortune to fund some endeavors in the neighboring town of Vibora Bay during her absence from the world, such as the building of the Union Station, the restoration of the Queen Anne, and other various placements. Her involvement seems to be purely financial, however recent events in Vibora Bay would tend to show there might be ulterior motives.