Doctor D. Zasterr

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Doctor D. Zasterr
Player: @Deadborder
Class Focus: Nemesis (Mastermind)
Power Level: NA
Personal Data
Real Name: Desmond Zasterr
Known Aliases: Doc Zasterr, Irradiated Joe
Species: Mutated human
Ethnicity: American (formerly)
Age: 42
Height: 1.8m (not including hair)
Weight: NA
Eye Color: Brown/Red glow
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (formerly)
Occupation: Mad Scientist, Supervillain
Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Can generate and project bursts of high-intensity radiation, immunity to radiation and most forms of terrestrial toxins and poisons
Known Abilities
Expert chemist and biologist
Custom designed hazmat suit with built in toxin sprayers

Once an aspiring scientist, Doctor D. Zaster was horribly mutated by a failed experiment. Transformed into a walking toxic hazard, he now seeks to transform the world and remake it in his image.


Born into a working class family, Desmond Zasterr struggled all his life to prove his worth. A gifted and intelligent student, he was able to win a scholarship to university, where he immersed himself in various fields. However, while he was capable, he found that his achievements were often overlooked in favour of others from more prestigious backgrounds. This in turn bred resentment and anger in him, as he felt that he was being unfairly treated.

Graduating with numerous degrees and a generous serving of bitterness, Desmond became obsessed with proving to the world what he could do. It was relatively easy for him to find an avenue for this; various evil agencies were always on the lookout for university graduates with scientific knowledge and chips on their shoulders to recruit into their ranks. Desmond quickly won funding from ARGENT, working on various projects for the organisation. While he knew that the work he was doing was unethical at best, he also didn’t care.

While ARGENT was a good start, Zaster felt that he was capable of more and more. Soon he was working for himself, developing bio-weapons and toxins for the highest bidder, as well as doing research into artificially creating superhumans through chemical-induced mutation. Unfortunately, it was this latter aspect of his research that nearly killed him. While experimenting with radioactive mutagens an accident occurred, destroying Zaster’s lab and horribly maiming him.

Transformed by the accident, Zaster realised that he had become a living radioactive powerhouse; however, he was also mutated beyond recognition. He snapped, figuring that the accident was not his fault, but the fault of the society that had pushed him to become an evil scientist. And, as he could no longer fit into society, he felt that he would instead reshape the planet and its inhabitants into his image.

Creating a new and devastating array of toxins, Zasterr designed a special battlesuit that would allow him to deliver his various bioweapons to an unsuspecting world, laying waste to all before him. However, he knew that alone would not be enough; he began work on a way to transform the whole world, a master stroke of his genius.


Doctor Zasterr’s horrible mutation gave him a number of lethally dangerous powers and abilities. His body was transformed into a living radioactive battery, able to store vast amounts of energy; more importantly, however, he is also able to project that energy and use it as an offensive weapon. He can vary the intensity of his beams from simple light burns to potentially lethal blasts. Furthermore, his mutation has made him immune not only to radiation, but also to most forms of disease, poison or toxin.

In addition to his powers, Doctor Zasterr is still an expert scientist with a vast field of knowledge. Specifically, he is an expert in chemical engineering, and has uses his knowledge to devise various toxins, poisons and mutagen agents to achieve his goals. He has also constructed a specially designed battlesuit with built in toxin sprayers to help spread his poisons personally. In addition to protecting him from harm, the suit features specially designed tanks and sprayers to allow him to spread his poisonous products.


Traumatised by his transformation, Doctor Zasterr has become obsessed with destroying the world and remaking it in his image. He feels that, since he is no longer able to fit into normal society, then he should force the planet to live as he does. To this end, he has become obsessed with turning earth into a toxic wasteland, populated entirely by radioactive mutants such as himself. More to the point, he aims to be the ruler of that world.

If he feels any remorse over his state, however, he certainly doesn’t show it. He is rather grandiose, prone to cackling at the least and laughing manically at the slightest incentive. He likes to engage in elaborate plans, and likes to see terror in the faces of his would-be victims. While a brilliant scientist, he has focused his mind entirely on creating various toxins and poisons with which to transform the world. He also likes to make things explode.

Doctor D. Zasterr has something of a rivalry with fellow radiation-using villain, Desolator. Both of them knew each other form before they had the radiation accidents that gave them powers, Desolator feeling that he was irresponsible even before he became a radioactive mutant. She also feels that he gives “sensible” radiation-suing villains like her a bad name.

While he has his enemies, he has also formed a tentative alliance with the minor villain known as the Atomic Pimp; besides sharing common abilities, the Atomic Pimp helps him with acquiring the materials he needs for his schemes.


The accident that mutated Zasterr left him permanently scarred and maimed, making him unable to fit into normal human society. His skin is a bright green colour, while his hair is a lighter green and is permanently sticking straight upwards. While one eye has remained unchanged, the other glows bright red. His face is horribly scarred and lined, while his mouth is permanently wedged open in a horrible rictus grin.

Zasterr wears an armoured battlesuit which is primarily black, trimmed with orange hazmat warnings. The suit also features a built toxin sprayer and storage tank, allowing him to spread his chemical filth himself. It does not feature a helmet; however, as he is immune to most terrestrial poisons and toxins, this is not an issue for him.