Atomic Pimp

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Atomic Pimp
Player: @Deadborder
Class Focus: NA
Power Level: NA
Research & Development: NA
Personal Data
Real Name: Randy Althior
Known Aliases: Pimp Daddy A
Species: Human
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 37
Height: 1.85m
Weight: Average
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black, greying
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Pimp, Supervillain, Inmate
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Radiation projection, generation of fields of dangerous radiation
Known Abilities
Various modified cars

The Atomic Pimp is a small-time, two-bit supervillain who is considered to be something of a joke in spite of his deadly abilities.


Randy Althor was a two-bit thug and pimp in Los Angeles, constant to live a life of petty crime and exploiting others for his own ends. However, his life changed one day while out driving in his prized low rider. He foolishly decided to overtake a passing semi-trailer on a crowded highway during a turn; the inevitable accident not only wrecked his car, but saw the trailer spill its load all over him.

Unfortunately, the load in question was radioactive waste; however, rather then being killed, he was instead irradiated, filled with radioactive power. Realising what had happened, he decided to use his newfound abilities to his own advantage, figuring that he could quickly strike it rich with a life of high-powered crime. On paper, his ability to project deadly fields of radiation made him quite a threat, one that he was more then happy to use for his own benefits.

His head filled with dreams of easy wealth, he simply decided to stroll into the first bank he came across, irradiate everyone and demand money. Things didn’t work out; instead, he was easily defeated and captured by a passing hero. Shipped off to Stronghold, he got lucky in that his transport was attacked by a supervillain group – who were aiming to spring one of their team from it. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, he escaped during the battle, hitching up with several other villains and heading to Millennium City.

Since then, the Atomic Pimp (as he now calls himself) has remained a fixture of the city’s supervillain population, albeit a low-ranking one. While theoretically dangerous, his lack of skill and bad luck has seen him defeated on numerous occasions; many superheroes have come to see defeating him as a “rite of passage” into the hero community. While he has been arrested on numerous occasions, he has rarely remained in prison long; often his incarcerations coincide with mass-breakouts or attacks on prisons. An opportunist to the core, he takes advantage of these opportunities to escape and resume his career.

In the aftermath of the Qualarr invasion, Atomic Pimp has stepped up his activities; he sees the chaos and destruction caused as a perfect distraction that he can take advantage of and use to their fullest to further his own career.


The radioactive waste imbued the Atomic Pimp with energy, transforming him into a living nuclear power source while leaving him dangerously radioactive. He is surrounded by a visible aura of radiation that weakens and sickens all those around him; long term exposure can lead to severe illness and presumably even death. Furthermore, he can create concentrated blasts of energy.

While his abilities may seem impressive, the Atomic Pimp is a far less dangerous opponent then his powers would indicate. He rarely uses sound tactics, instead simply blasting the first opponent that he comes across. As a result, he is rather easy to out-think and out manoeuvre, and rarely gets to use his powers to their most effective.

The Atomic Pimp is aided by a squad of thugs armed with automatic weapons. These thugs have a high turnover rate, with a number of his former henchmen hospitalised with cancer. Over the years, he has used a series of modified “low rider” cars which are usually destroyed in battle.


The Atomic Pimp talks big, but most of it is bluster. In spite of his impressive abilities, he is something of a bully and a bit of a coward, preferring only to fight those that he knows can’t defend themselves. If drawn into a fight with a capable opponent, he tries to look for the easiest way out, preferring to flee rather then risk defeat.

His preferred tactic is to simply walk into a bank or other target and hope that his radioactive aura weakens or incapacitates those inside long enough for his men to grab the money and get away. He likes to engage in flashy shows of power (blasting random scenery, for example) to make a statement, but will rarely stay and fight. If confronted, he will try to use hostages or his own flunkies as shields.

In spite of this, he is rather sexist and tends to underestimate female superheroes, a mistake that has cost him numerous times. When confronted by one, he tends to be far more brash and far more confident then he normally is. This has been a source of numerous defeats.


Atomic Pimp’s appearance is somewhat unmistakable. He dresses in a bright purple shirt with matching pants and hat, topped off with a bright green coat, sunglasses and black rubber safety gloves. Radiation hazard logos can be found on his coat and pants. He also glows in the dark.