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Player: @Swedsman
Biographical Data
Real Name: Claire Madeleine Thompson
Known Aliases: Secret
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Quistis City, Oregon
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Walter K. Thompson (Father), Ann-Marie Thompson (Mother, deceased)
Age: It's impolite to ask a lady of her age
Height: Now why would you want to know that?
Weight: Hmph, now you're just being rude
Eyes: My face is up here, have a look perhaps?
Hair: What does it look like to you, darling?
Complexion: I know angels who would kill for mine...
Physical Build: Hmm, like you haven't checked it out since we started now...
Physical Features: My, aren't we the bold one today?
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Vice president for Pegasus Shipping
Education: Master's degree in Financial Economics at IIBE, Quistis City
Marital Status: Married to her work
Known Powers and Abilities
Supernatural magical forces coming from her demonic side. This include Ebon magic, degenerative energies, lifedraining, power siphoning, empowerment, illusions and mind tricks, wards, mysticism and conjuration.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


The voluptuous woman in purple that you see here, dressed in a generous corset and stockings that leave little to the imagination, is the superheroine Demoness. Since having moved to Millenium city, she has taken up the mantle to protect the people there from the over-abundance of superpowered criminals that seem to flock around the metropol. Contrary to her name and rather suggestive outfit, she's by no means a vigilante of any sort. She holds true to the beliefs of "A hero does not stand above the law" and is a staunch supporter of non-violent conflict resolutions, preferring to fight crime without unnecessery combat. If that means she has to play the part of the "Dark emmissary from outer hell" to send her enemies fleeing in terror, she could do that. If she has to play the sultry temptress, she could do that too.

That said, she's not at all unwilling nor uncapable to defend herself if need be. Through a strange twist of fate, she was gifted, or some would say cursed, with demonic powers from beyond the mortal realm. While not a magician herself, she has access to the vast array of magical abilities inherent to her demonic side and can bend these to work as she wishes them to. Her gentle soul has even given birth to a kind of magic entirely different from the inherent destructiviness commonly associated with demonic magic, namely what she calls Demonspring. Much like Holy magic, it can heal any wound as long as it's not lethal. Different, however, is its ability to heal even those of demonic or undead origins, who are usually harmed by holy and benevolent magic. In battle, you won't find Demoness on the front line, she much rather prefers to stay out of harm's way, healing and protecting the wounded, empowering her allies and weakening their enemies. Her control of the demonic powers comes more natural every day, and as such she's not afraid to use them to their full extent at any time.

Behind the mask is Claire Madeleine Thompson, a name most people in the modernized world are familiar with. The sole heir to Pegasus Shipping, one of the world's most premiere shipping companies, grossing enough per year to be counted amongst the top 15 most profitable enterprises in the USA and even the world. Claire herself was even considered USA's 12th most powerful woman according to People's Magazine and she leads a lifestyle filled with wealth, luxury, exorbitance, tabloid rumours and front page headlines. But she's truly her father's child, being married to her work and having a well-earned reputation as one of the most shrewd businesswomen in the world, rightfully possessing the position of Vice president for Pegasus Shipping and being the head of their East coast branch, based out of Millenium city.

Appearance and Personality

Claire is a woman who cares for her appearence. Her skin is almost flawlessly smooth, her nails are always perfectly polished and her hair is always soft and light as feathers. She has a voluptuous body, hourglass-shaped figure, a bountiful bosom and long, slender legs she's rarely late to show off. She usually wears only the most fashionable outfits, both for work and free time. Her favorite colours are black and purple, usually coupled with golden jewelry of some kind.

As Demoness, she wears a Purple, high collar jacket with light green decors over a black and purple corset with attached briefs. Her legs are covered by tight fishnet stockings that descend into striped over-the-knee socks and end in black heels. On her back flows a duly ornated cape in purple, black and light green, attached to her collar. Her eyes are hidden behind a decorative opera mask and she wears her hair tucked on one side. Around her neck rests a diamond collar.

As a person, people would describe Claire as two entirely different persons when in and outside of a business meeting. Normally, she's friendly, amicable and very social but tends to also be very sultry, borderline suggestive and flirtatious when in conversations. She usually does this only for laughs rather then having any ulterior motives behind her flirting, as she does find it somewhat amusing to play on others' expectations. Not surprisingly, she's also vain and somewhat arrogant still, especially when it comes to her looks and skill as a businesswoman. During business deals and negotiations, she can appear frightfully ruthless and almost intimidating, never backing to use anything at her disposal to turn a deal in her favor. That said, she wouldn't even consider playing with human lives or deliberately cause misery or suffering among innocent because of this, at least not to a greater extent. Though, behind this facade hides a dependable, motherly and caring woman who would never back away from fighting against evil. She cares deeply for her friends and would do anything in her power to keep them safe and heal them whenever they're hurt. This is partially a response to her father's neglect of her as a child, as she makes up for the missing care in her life by caring for others. This isn't something she'd ever let on, however.

Her relationship with her father grows more strained with each meeting. Most of her acting in her teens were simply to cause some sort of reaction with him, which ultimately failed. In her eyes, her father only saw an heir in her, never a daughter. That he's even more ruthless then she is, caring nothing for the values of human life, has only distanced her further as of late. She's obsessed with one-upping him at any given opportunity. Part of her knows it's because she feels that is the only way she'll ever gain any affection from him, but she dismisses these ideas very easily. However, because of this she's ready to go to any lengths for the sake of never losing in the business world, even if it means going against her own ideals.


Claire Madeleine Thompson was born in 1989 to the third generation CEO of Pegasus Shipping, Walter K. Thompson and his wife Ann-Marie Thompson, who sadly died giving birth to Claire. From the moment she was born, it had been decided that she would inherit the family company, however at the time of her birth that wasn't as certain as it was today and many of the board members openly voiced against it. Even so, her father fought bitterly over her rights and refused to remarry for the sake of a male heir. Thanks to the grief and even one or two assassination attempts, her father grew embittered with her. However, he was still set on keeping the Thompson family as the head of Pegasus Shipping and therefor made every smallest detail certain on Claire becoming a fitting heir. Because of this, Claire's childhood was characterized by private tutors, evening classes and being along on business meetings. She was constantly taught how much better she were than anyone else and she would always get exactly what she pointed at. While she did become a brilliant businesswoman at an early age, she also became utterly spoiled, haughty and arrogant. Her teenage years were marked by parties, privilege and scandals. There were tabloid rumours of her sleeping around when she was 15.

All this lead to many board directors distrusting her ability. Not only because of her being a woman, but also because they lost all faith in her father's judgemental abilities. They all kept their eyes closed to any of her achievements and slowly plotted her undoing. Before long, they came into contact with ARGENT, who had plans on taking over Pegasus Shipping for their own winning.They conspired together and paid ARGENT a hefty sum to get rid of Claire Thompson, so that Pegasus Shipping would fall to the board of directives and thus, into ARGENT's hands. And so, on her 18th birthday, while Claire was on her way to the office to sign the papers that would legally and officially make her the sole heir to Pegasus Shipping, she was gunned down on the streets. The hit hit on her was done with utter professionalism, no witnesses and no evidence on who did it was to be found anywhere. Left for dead, Claire could feel life slowly slipping out of her grasp as her eyes closed shut. But just a few hours later, she would awake in a hospital bed, perfectly healthy and without any pain, despite having been declared dead. The young woman didn't think much about it at the time, instead taking off to meet with her father and rightfully claim what was hers. To the surprise of many board members, Claire Thompson thundered into the conference room the evening of the same day, to find her father having waited patiently for her there. When he learned of her attempted assassination, he immedietaly fired the entire board on spot. Many of them would later turn up dead, at the hands of Thompson's old friend the Benitez' family's personal security firm, Armada Enterprises.

Later during that night, Claire would dream of meeting a strange creature in a limbo-like cave opening. It was a purple, humanoid and female being with long horns. More or less, and archetypical demon. The being, simply calling herself "Demoness", told Claire of how she had survived earlier. Apparently, Claire's soul was on its way to hell for sins of avarice and pride and it was just about to be taken from the human world when the Demoness' spirit tore open its own portal to enter the human realm. The souls had collided and merged, becoming one essance that belonged in neither world. Facing the prospect of forever being trapped in Limbo, the Demoness used up most of her power so that they could escape to the human world and re-enter Claire's body, reviving it in the process. When she heard of this, Claire initially dismissed all of it for a dream. But as it returned every night, she could only keep lying to herself for so long. Mortified at the thought of her having been bound for an eternity of suffering in hell, Claire decided to try and redeem herself for the sake of escaping such a fate. She started donating some of her wealth to charity and appear at convents for the Red Cross and similar organizations. However, the more she did it, the more she started to realize how much better it made her feel. Despite her father's protests, she started to spend more time on charity work, even appearing with generous donations at large fundraisers. It was during one of these she first realized that with the Demoness, she had also gained extraordinary powers.

Gaining her Powers

In 2008, a large fundraiser for povertized children in Africa was attacked by the supervillain Atticus Hale, a cursed swordsman with an unquenchable bloodthirst. Claire herself ended up targeted by the madman, only saved by the timely intervention of the Demoness inside of her, a surge of magical energy knocking the swordsman away from her. Guided through the fight by the Demoness, Claire managed to defeat Atticus and save the day, though she knew that it was only a fluke and thus sought up the mystic heroine Skychild and asked her for help in mastering her demonic self. Through training and meditation, Claire learnt how to control the inherent magical of her demonic side. However, before her training was complete the evil sorceresses Karin and Eva Bluthexen instigated the Bloodied Carnival in the summer of 2009, intent on sacrificing every human within Madeleine Gardens in order to gain immeasurable power. Aided by several supervillains such as Atticus Hale, Wild Wind, Dreadmask and The White Hand, their forces seemed unstoppable. While Skychild and Demoness used their magic to open a gateway through the barrier erected around the gardens, Stonemason and his sidekick Geo-kid entered inside in hopes of stopping the villains, but they were completely outnumbered. However, the appearence of The Nightsiders, consisting of Razor, Hollow and Black Cape, three until then unknown vigilantes, changed the tides of battle. Before anyone knew what had happened, Atticus Hale was beaheaded, Wild Wind and Dreadmask shot between the eyes, The White Hand bested in martial arts and torn to pieces, and the Bluthexen's charred bodies were found hanging from the ceiling of Preathorian Cathedral. It was a massacre, leaving an unrepairable wound on Quistis City as the Nightsiders declared their presence as hunters of evil men. In response, Skychild teamed up with Demoness, Stonemason and Geo-kid to create the Element of Justice, and the two teams fought bitterly over the course of 2 years, despite having the same ultimate goal. However, in 2010 Quistis City saw the rise of a new superhero team: Genesis Squadron. The team of superpowered teenagers were more then capable of taking care of Quistis City, and with Skychild being called back to her people in the sky, the Element of Justice disbanded. Claire herself got word from her father that she was to move east, to Millenium City and assuming the position of Vice president and head of their East coast operations. After settling in, however, the itch for heroism came back and Claire once again donned the cape and set out as Demoness, this time for the sake of Millenium City.

Another Story

Once in the netherworlds, there was born a demon from an unholy embrace between a Demonic lord of Lust and a Demonic lady of Pride. The child, merely called "Princess" by her fellow demons, gained the powers of both sides and her birth was celebrated far and wide in the realm. However, soon they grew to fear her powers, so they built a castle of never before seen grandeur onyl to lock her in within the walls of it. The child didn't care much for that, she felt little to no kinship with them anyhow. But even so, life of complete solitude is bound to grow boring and lonely after a while. Several centuries passed and the young demoness grew up in her complete lonesome. Initially not all that taken by the fact, the Demoness soon found herself bored in the castle without anoyne to talk to. She wanted out, to see what lied beyond her lonely realm and life. So using her vast powers, she tore open a portal to another world, one filled with colour and light. Little did she know that once she stepped outside, she would collide with another soul heading her direction. As they merged, the Demoness could feel that her demonic side was being washed away. If she returned to hell like this, it would be as a sinner, not a demon. Unwilling to face that prospect, she took both souls back to the human's original body and made it her home. She has since settled for being the dormant spirit inside of the human, Claire.


After her soul merged with the Demoness, Claire gained the same powers as she had. However, Claire's powers aren't quite as strong as the Demoness', but the Demoness can only take over for a short while in the human world. Her powers are the same that lust and/or pride demons possess, such as:

Demonic Heritage: Lust

  • Lifedraining: Demoness can suck the life out of anything living to heal herself and even others, if need be. This appears in two ways: Passive and Concentrated. The passive lifedraining is constant when Demoness enters battle, causing any damage she does to enemies around her to siphon their health into Demoness and her allies. The concentrated form is rarely used, as it's very effective and usually downright lethal. Not to mention it usually needs her to feed of either lust or pride to make it work.
  • Power Siphon: Demoness can drain aggressor's will to fight around her, either through direct arcane means by summoning sigils or through more subtle means such as suggestive mind tricks. The sigils are more reliable, as they cannot be easily resisted by non-magical means, however not quite as effective as mind tricks.
  • Illusions: Demoness can call up illusions that are used to confuse or intimidate her enemies. She usually does this in tandem with a creepy theatre act to send smaller grunts running for their lives without having to actually fight. Illusions are generally not her most used skill in actual combat.
  • Allurement: Any Lust demon worth his/her salt knows how to seduce their victims. However, it's not necesserily of the sexual kind, that's just preference of the demon. Demoness can probe her target's mind with promises of riches, adventure, power... anything they desire. However, as Demoness can't read minds she has to figure out her target's desire in other ways. That said, her Allurement ability is among her strongest powers and are very difficult to resist.

Demonic Heritage: Pride

  • Ebon Magic: Her most basic form of offense comes in the form of Ebon magic. She can conjure forth bolts of ebon energy to strike at the very core of her enemies, or let a stream of degenerative energy ravage their souls and harm them non-physically. It's easily calibrated and have very destructive potential, working very effectively as her main offense.
  • Wards: Pride demons usually outrank all other demons, and because of this they have several wards and counter-measures against both magical, physical and energy-based attacks, ranging from temporary forcefields to protective circles. Demoness can use both of these types with relative ease. Curiously, her wards are actually stronger on others than herself, whereas usually demons don't bother with protecting anyone but themselves.
  • Mysticism: Claire controls a wide variety of more versatile abilities that aren't directly made for combat. This includes such abilities as minor foresight, telekinesis, aura and intent detection, transformation, spirit projection and spellweaving. Many of these abilities are often used in conjunction with other, more offensive abilities.
  • Empowerment: Claire can call upon demonic energies to temporarily empower herself or allies, granting them increased strength and resilience against enemy attacks. Most of these take the form of Incantations, making them unsuitable for solo combat but very potent in a team.

Unique Heritage: Demonspring:

Additionally, thanks to the unique merging of Claire's human soul with the Demoness' essance, coupled with Claire's own new-found benevolence has given rise to a special kind of power called Demonspring. This power uses the very same ebon and demonic energies as all her offensive magic but instead of harming, it heals the target. This peculiar kind of healing is special in the way that in can heal other demons and even the undead (however, it can only restore them back to the condition in which they were revived). Even more curiously, it still works on holy beings such as those of angelic descent, however less efficiently so than their own magic. Demonspring is also very tolling on Claire herself, directly draining her lifeforce instead of her magical reserves.


Incantations are powerful spells of great potency that however requires Demoness to chant and perform an adequate ritual. Some of the incantations have very lengthy and intricate rituals and as such are better done outside of combat or before, but there's still a wide array of spells she can perform even in com bat, as long as she's under the protection of her wards or comrades. Her chants are ranked after how many "Verses" the chant has, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 13 (Her most powerful has 666 verses, however)

  • Peril's Crossing: A powerful offensive magic where Demoness draws a cross of "Ebon Light" in front of herself, which severely damages enemies caught within the cross-shaped blast. It also affects their psyches, those with low resistance will quickly find their will to fight draining. The ritual encompasses fluid motions of the arms only. 3 Verses.

Oh shining light, in shadows born, of fallen grace built and sundered. I calleth thee.
Oh hallowed darkness, sinful touch, bathed in rays of condemnation. I calleth thee.
Cometh to me, sired children, and smite mine enemy. Peril's Crossing

  • Vermillion: Named after an archdemon of lordship, this incantation imbues Demoness and her allies with increased strength and durability, as well as granting their weapons an aura of icnreased destructiviness. allowing them to stand tall against otherwise overwhelming adversity. It's quite tolling however, only the Demon inside of her is what keeps the demonic lord from collecting after the use of his name. The ritual contains summoning five burning sigils that mustn't be put out before the chanting is complete. 5 verses, however the last 2 can be repeated up to 3 times, making the max number end up at 11.
Vermillion, lord of all sires dark, mask that holds a thousand faces
Vermillion, grand shaper of tyranny, from whom a king art made a pauper and a pauper made a king
Vermillion, with these words of praise, be bound by the shackles of servitude, from which you sprung order and vice
Vermillion, I command thee: Maketh us thy sire, and thy power will shapeth our swords!
Vermillion, a king areth the servant by your decree, serve us well and so shall we!

  • Ambrosia: Named after the heavenly fruit mankind is forbidden to even touch, this is a powerful mind warp spell that can twist the minds of even the most pious individuals. It releases all feelings of constraint in a human's psyche, be it moral, emotional or logical and then riddles their minds with temptation and promises of anything they might desire, more often then not attributed to basic instincts such as carnal lust, greed or want of power, thus taking indirect control of their actions. The ritual encompasses a suggestive dance and requires a certain summoned incense to take full effect. It's also more effective the less clothing the practicioner wears, thus rather unsuitable for direct combat. However, one must have a clear picture of the targeted one's face for it to work at all, and the closer you are the better. 7 Verses.
Come, fall, cease, shatter, give in... (x2)
Promise, follow, wish, feel, turn... (x2)
Temptation not eluded, fallen abyss, a song of the lost.
Dagger of Brutus, your sin. Throne of Rome, your reward.
Come to me, follow me, thy god forsake and taste... Ambrosia


  • Holy magic: Having a demonic aura is, of course, not without its perils. She will easily be picked up by those focusing on finding her and know how to narrow it down but the greatest peril is Holy magic. Like every demon, Claire is extremely vulnerable to Holy magic and she's also completely unable to be healed by it. While she can stand being nearby holy beings and artifacts without catching ablaze, it doesn't lessen their effects on her when used as weapons.
  • True Love: None of her Lust powers work at all on someone who has found true love and are in the vicinity of their spouse or carry some kind of memento of them along.
  • True Humility: Similar to the above-mentioned, her Pride powers have no effect on those who are completely without pride and ego. Though it's rare, she encountered this once when she fought the vigilante Hollow, who has completely forsaken pride and ego.
  • Only (A normal) Human: Claire's self-healing is better than others thanks to her Demonic heritage, however aside from that she's just a normal human being.
  • Lightweight: "It's unsuitable for a lady to cover herself in muscles... I'd look hideous!" Is what you'd get from asking her why.
  • Bugs, insects and anything that crawls: She simply can't keep her cool around them and wouldn't touch one to save her life.


  • Demonic Magic: Obviously, Demonic and Ebon magic aren't very effective on Demoness because of her Pride lineage. While she can still be hurt by it, damage done is lessened and secondary, debilitating effects are usually resisted altogether.
  • Mind manipulation/illusions: Because of her Lust lineage, Demoness is very difficult to manipulate via telepathy or magic, especially temptation attempts usually find themselves backfiring.


Demoness is fairly well-known in Quistis City but has yet to make a greater impact in Millenium city. She is however well-known with UNTIL and occasionally lends them a hand.

As Claire Thompson however, she's entirely different. Her entire life has been followed by media since she hit puberty. During her early years, she was one of the hottest topics simply because she had a tendency to get into trouble. She was even rumoured to have lost her virginity to a state senator at age 15 (Turned out to be entirely untrue later on). However, when her apparent "death" came at her 18th birthday, fingers went warm and the press was in an uproar. However, when she later awoke before any actual footage could be posted, the media explosion was a fact. She was givven titles as "The girl who cheated death" and "Angelwatched". For the next few days, she wouldn't find a silent moment for herself without being bothered for an interview of any kind. When she later turned her life around completely and started with charity, the media still loved her and her face was on every magazine. This was great publicity for Pegasus Shipping, since Claire was supposed to inherit the whole business it washed away the "Bad, evil corporate monster" stamp. Some still called it a publicity stunt though, and media kept a close eye on her.

At present, she's still a very renowned face on the tabloids and several rumours persist around her, especially those of the romantic kind. She's been tied to James Harmon III more than once. More often than not these are just business meetings blown out of proportions. Similar rumours persist with Charles Quincy, the CEO of EverTec Corp. based out of Quistis City. Others like to tie her in with superheroes, and it can be said that pretty much any man who sticks around her is bound to find themselves in the tabloids at one point or another.

But even so, it's not only rumours and gossip that surrounds Claire Thompson. Within the business world, everyone who hasn't lived under a rock for the last 8 years would know exactly who she is. She's ell-known as a really skilled negotiator, a cunning businesswoman and it's said that she could convince a demon into selling her its soul. Since taking her position as Vice president for Pegasus Shipping, she's responsible for a quick growth in their resources and several economical maneuvers that earned them a great deal of power, such as her joint operation with Ahlzadi Energies which funded their transcontinental shipping of northern Africa, moving them up to the 14th most profitable enterprise in the world. People's Magazine also listed her as the 12th most powerful woman in the USA and Vanity Fair listed her as their number 1 "Should've been in modeling instead" among the women. Aside from that, she's still a very common face among rescue centres and fundraisers around the world, as well as a well-known donor to organizations such as WHO and Red Cross. She even has her own foundation alongside Charles Quincy: The Thompson-Quincy Foundation, which helps young men and women in underdeveloped countries with funding for higher studies in business and economics.

Social Life

Claire loves to party. She takes every chance she can get to have a night out at a club of her choice, Incubus being her new favorite. Being the businesswoman that she is, and with the paparazzi constantly on her heel, she always makes sure to drink responsibly. Even so, she's not at all afraid of letting up and having fun. It's not rare to see her in the company of superheroes, since she's still Demoness. However, aside from her closer friends, noone know of this and noone has yet to make the connection.

Claire is more or less married to her work and despite what the tabloids try to paint up, she has expressed no interest in pursuing a lenghty relationship at this point. This because not only is her job keeping her occupied, she still has to have the time for moonlighting as a superhero in between.

Pegasus Shipping

The company that grosses enough per year to be considered the 14th most profitable enterprise in all of the world started as a family company back in the 1950s that primarily transported goods to and from Asia, primarily Japan. Nowadays, their ships transport good all over the world, both Transpacific and Transatlantic, in Europe, North Africa and North America they also deal with transcontinental shipping. In present Quistis City, it stands for roughly a third of the city's annual income and is the biggest source of work and labour in the city. However, the real secret to Pegasus Shipping's success isn't purely thanks to their effective and cunning negotiators but also because of their handling of mystical artifacts. Pegasus Shipping might be the most prominent shipping company in the world when it comes to handling and transporting mystical, magical or arcane artifacts, creations, weapons or other paraphernalia. They have experts in every area working for them and take pride in the quality of their work.

Even so, Pegasus Shipping has always had somewhat of a bad reputation before Claire came along. It's not unusual for them to be accused of helping terrorists or smuggling illegal goods, however no such claims are ever made by officials. While some truth may be found in the statements, more often than not they're blown completely out of proportions. Pegasus Shipping do have a policy of not asking too many questions, however they are abiding the law and reports anything suspicious to either Homeland security or UNTIL. Even so, their tendency to disregard the reputation of their business partners can sometimes be detrimental to their image. Most notably Armada Enterprises, owned by the famed Benitez Family of Quistis City, a privately owned protection company that have a rather unsavory reputation. They're the favored form of protection for Pegasus Shipping's goods, especially by Walter K. Thompson. Claire herself has a general distaste for them.

Since moving to Millenium City, Claire has not taken it slow and has already sealed a business partnership with the "Tigress of the East", Sheeva Al-Jemahlzadi, head of Ahlzadi Energies and known as a very tough and ruthless businesswoman as well. According to rumours, Claire has also approached both Carson-Flux Enterprises and Damascus Security Solutions for future partnerships but none of those have been confirmed yet.

RP hooks et al

RP Hooks: Claire Thompson

  • Do you usually read the tabloids? Or even the papers? Heck, doesn't matter, as long as you've not lived under a rock for the past few years, you would know who Claire Thompson is.
  • Do you like celebrity gossip? Then she should've popped up in you magazine more then once.
  • Like to go clubbin'? Then you might've seen Claire there at some point, probably surrounded by her entourage.
  • Are you in business? Then you'd probably know of Pegasus Shipping and their "Princess".
  • Are you a mystic who ever needed something transported? Then you probably would've been told of Pegasus Shipping at some point.

RP Hooks: Demoness

  • Are you a hero from the west coast? Then you might know of her.
  • Interested in demonic heroes? She's kinda one of them.
  • The Demoness lived in the Netherworld for a few centuries. Some there still remember her.


  • Claire of course has her own Entourage, consisting of her old Female Posse. They are Amalia Sciabatti (Stylist), Jennifer McCoy (Pedicurist), Linda Orren (Hairdresser), Roxanne Boulegard (Manicurist) and Veronica Haystett (Tailor). As one can imagine, a lone guy in front of them will be right back in High School again, with the giggles, the whispers, the poisonous sarcasm and the uncomfortable feeling of elitism. But they're good people deep inside.
  • Claire can't cook. At all. Not even close, she'd burn water. Not that it matters much, since she simply loves take-out. Her favorites includes burgers, pizza and anything deep-fried. Curiously, she can eat just how much she likes without gaining a pound. Probably because of all her work.
  • And she's just as incompetent with everyday machinery, like programming her Vivo to record a show or turning on the oven. Curiously, If she ever interspects a technological marvel of engineering though, she usually handles that pretty well.
  • Her favorite form of relaxation are the kinds that, you guessed it, allow her to work simultaneously if she has to. Long bathes top her list, but massage sessions doesn't come far behind. She loves being pampered and spoiled.
  • Claire has a tendency for charity and usually doesn't think twice about throwing money around her. After all, it's more or less impossible for her to spend more then she earns on a daily basis. It's not at all rare for her to spend money on others that she just met and got a liking for.
  • Claire's a skilled pianist and she's also trained in classical violin. Though she dislikes classical music and much more prefers the bump-thump sound of club and house beats. When she thinks of music, she wants something to get her blood pumping.
  • Claire needs very little sleep to keep herself going. She usually only sleep 5-6 hours every day, sometimes less. Even so, she doesn't seem at all affected by it. Coupled with this she's also a morning person and usually always awake around 7-8 AM, regardless of her nightly activities.


((Got something to say about Demoness? Feel free to do so))

"What a woman. Shame we didn't really work out, though." - All-Star

"Effective. Her banter is somewhat entertaining as well." - Sparrowhawk

"...well, this is awkward." - The Doctor.



  • Femme Fatale - Not as Much "Fatale", but she's not above playing on her looks if it means getting the advantage in a fight.
  • The Fashionista - She do love her wardrobe... But it could always use another blouse.
  • Ms. Fanservice - You tell me that top and those stockings aren't fanservice...
  • Never a Self-made Woman - Completely Subverted. It might seem like she's ridden on her daddy's shoulders all the way to where she is now, but she's busted her ass off to get here. Her first action when coming back from the dead was to walk right over to the office and snap the papers from under the noses of those who probably ordered the hit.
  • Politically Active Princess - Not a princess per say, but close enough. It's not odd for her to be considered just a trophy of her father's by other men in the business. Boy, are they dead wrong.
  • Socialite - She may not be married, but she is at the top of the world and makes no secret of knowing this. At all.
  • Girl Posse - Her entourage consists solely of her old high school friends. Most of them have turned to the good side. Maybe just a little.


  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl - Get her started and she won't want to stop. Unless business is calling
  • The Tease - She loves to tease others, she basically lives off it. But she would never do it to harm, it's all in good fun for her.
  • Guile Heroine - She prefers to solve things with words and guile rather than brute force, if possible.
  • Alpha Bitch - Claire used to be this in high school, before she turned 18. She feels a little bad about it now. Just a little.
  • Spoiled Sweet - Ever since her near-death experience, Claire went from Alpha Bitch to Spoiled Sweet pretty quickly. Probably always had it in her.


Powers and Abilities

  • Lady of Black Magic - Describes her pretty perfectly. However, considering where her focus lies, she's half this...
  • White Magician - ... And half this. She primarily uses black magic, however does so in the typical role of a healer.
  • Healing Hands - Her Demonspring magic.
  • Barrier Mage - And she's equally adept at shielding and protecting herself and her allies.
  • Combat Medic - She may not like fighting herself, but that doesn't mean she's a stranger to it.
  • Supernatural Is Purple - Not only does she prefer to wear purple but the majority of her magic and spells are, in fact, purple.
  • Show Some Leg - True to her Femme Fatale nature, this is Demoness' favorite way of getting information. Don't expect her to go any further than this on the first "Date" though. Also, better not expect a second date either.


  • Desperately Craves Attention - From her father. The reason she works like mad is because she thinks that is the only way he'll ever see her as a daughter and not just an heir.
  • Hypocrite - As a Heroine, Demoness is a staunch opponent of underhanded tricks and foul play. But in business, she'll be just as ruthless and cruel as she has to be in order to win.
  • Married to the Job - Again, when she's not sleeping, moonlighting as a hero or out spoiling herself, she works. All the time.
  • The Perfectionist - Again, attributed to her work.
  • Lethal Chef - As mentioned above... she really, really, really can't cook.