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Catchphrase: "Knowledge is, and always will be, our greatest power."

Physical Attributes
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Magical Attributes
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Neutral Good
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Nagi Sumaya Marital Status: Single, never dated, and has no immediate plans to start.
Known Aliases: Cobaliaras,Nagi Sumaya<(Top Secret Identity!) Occupation: Currently None
Gender Female Base of Operations: Millennium City
Species: Completely Self-Aware Japanese Female Android (I hate the term gynoid, and android originally meant both. For those who say it didn't, I refer you to Here) Education: University level knowledge, including magical theory, all downloaded upon creation or later into her brain.
Ethnicity Caucasian Date of Birth: July 7th, 2005, Though it should be listed as "Date of Creation", due to her being an android.
Sexual Orientation: Bi, though she has never investigated her sexuality or any romantic options(and is not particularly interested in doing so), and if she even has compatible parts she has never checked. Relatives: Her Mother and Creator, Tensai Sumaya
Age: Not Applicable; As an android, Coba doesn't have an age, but based on appearance, she's about between ages 16 and 19. Complexion: Perfect skin, as she is unable to get blemishes, being an android.
Height 5'5" Physical Build: Deceptively weak looking, yet only to the point of looking like a normal teenage girl, even though she has the strength to lift 500lbs.
Weight: 131Lbs. Physical Features: See Pictures.
Accent: See Voice Section. Equipment: Coba has a very large energy sword, two modified Uzi guns that carry and shoot non-lethal tranquilizer ammo, a radio built into a headset attached to her head, a compact jetpack on her back which allows her to fly, and a small blue, cyan, and yellow floating submarine that follows her around. Also, Coba has a personal force-field projector that covers her entire body, and Coba is also powered by a series of solar panels and batteries.
Eyes: Normal blue eyes. Known Abilities: Superhuman physical abilities (which she would need to lift her gigantic energy sword), the ability to scan objects and compare them to an enormous database she has on file in her digital brain, as well as access other databases via Wi-Fi via the floating submarine that follows her around, to get more info on them, and superhumanly good swordsmanship skills.
Hair: A mix of blue and cyan strands. Weaponry:
Standing: Hero Allies: None
SuperGroup: None Enemies: None
Sidekicks: None Pets: None
Minions: None IC Deaths: None
OOC Data
OOC Name: Cobaliaras@akhrua95 Combat Style: The Blade
Level: 9 Previous SG's: None
Gender: Male Access to VIP Club: Nope
RP Type: light. Access to VB: Nope.
Started CO: N/A, sorry don't remember. # Costume Slots: 2
RP Aptitude: about eleven years of RolePlaying, starting on habbo hotel with some time on WoW. Alternative Characters: Nightress@akhrua95, Magisciara@akhrua96, and Kineticalias@akhrua95
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Author's OOC Notes

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Coba's voice is high and pretty in pitch and sound, with a mild yet noticeable Japanese Accent.


Coba tends to be cheery yet logical, though she can act deceptively cutesy or tough when she feels the situation calls for it; She will usually do anything she can to help her friends and/or family, and her prime directives make her want to fight crime and help anyone sh can, whenever she can.


Coba is of sound mind, but due to her android brain working in binary, she is impervious to telepathy.

Noticeable Features

Noticeable Features about Coba in her Heroine look are her Cyan and Blue Hair. In her Civilian Look, the most noticeable thing would probably be the all red Japanese Harajuku dress and outfit she wears.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman physical abilities (which she would need to lift her gigantic energy sword), the ability to scan objects and compare them to an enormous database she has on file in her digital brain, as well as access other databases via Wi-Fi via the floating submarine that follows her around, to get more info on them, and superhumanly good swordsmanship skills.


Coba's energy sword is about half the length of coba, folds up into a short sword hilt that fits into a sheathe between her jetpack and back, and has the effect of either a very large tazer, or the cutting capabilities of a star wars light saber when it hits, depending on the setting it's set to. her two modified Uzi guns carry and shoot non-lethal tranquilizer ammo, the radio built into the headset attached to her head is capable of patching into many, but not all, radio frequencies, the compact jetpack on her back allows her to fly, and the small blue, cyan, and yellow floating submarine that follows coba around has the purpose of acting as an interface between her and satellites via Wi-Fi, for the purpose of better accessing databases to find out about things coba wants to learn more about. Also, Coba's personal force-field projector covers her entire body as a shield about half-a-foot away from her skin, and Coba's power source is a series of solar panels and batteries created in a top-secret and revolutionary process including the metal cobalt.


Spoiler Warning
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Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Technopathy; also, Coba’s physical limits can't be changed without rewiring or reconstructing her system. Her physical limits are: her strength limit is 500lbs., and she can move 22.5mph on foot, 170 by jetpack, max, 50 in cities by jetpack. Coba also has a limited solar power source, which lasts about three days on a full battery. Beyond that, without sunlight, Coba will go into a coma-like state, which she can easily be revived from completely intact with a sudden infusion of energy through a port in the back of her neck. Also, Coba’s force field can only take about 300lbs. of pressure before shutting down, and Coba can only access databases when in contact with a full Wi-Fi signal. Also(Again XD), As an android, Coba has no ability to use or defense against magic.


Coba is technically registered, and she has rights after passing a turing test, but Coba is still technically a Japanese citizen.


A marvel of Japanese engineering, Cobaliaras was created as a crime-fighting android with the same mental capabilities of a human and the physical capabilities of a superhuman but the prime directive of protecting people against crime and villainy wherever she could. However, after an incident including a mad scientist and his desire to learn more about Coba's inner workings, Coba was forced to flee to the United States, where she became a United States superhero under a new code-name she chose for herself, Cobaliaras, after the metal that helped create her energy systems, cobalt.

Recent Events

October 2013

  • October 3rd, 2013: after learning about a mission in space, Coba used spare costume and mech parts she had collected over the years to make a spacesuit. she doesn't need air, but she was previously not space-worthy. the suit makes it so that the zero-g environment doesn't screw up her mental systems like the effect the bends would have on a human, and the suit also keeps her body from going through explosive decompression.


Civilian Costume

Cobaliaras Civi A.K.A.Nagi Sumaya.jpg

A simple red Harajuku dress, matching boots with stockings,a hair-bow, and a Harajuku Teddy-bear Backpack. Also; Coba's hair in this form is brown, and her eyes are brown instead of blue.

Space Suit

Coba Space Suit.jpg

Coba's Spacesuit has all the capabilities of her normal costume and gear streamlined into a single suit that is made to withstand pressures in deep space and deep under the sea.

In Character Questionnaires

Questionnaires answered by the character.

The Quiz 1 and 2

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