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Character played by @Showermonster

Defender of Love
Captain Cupid
The One and Only
Player: @showermonster
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Who is Captain Cupid?

"I will try to be brief but know that my existence has been continual for quite some time."


Andrew Pascall was once a happy young man; a man madly in love with life and his fiancee, Bianca Phelps. However, it was clear which Andrew loved more when he left Bianca at the altar for...carnal reasons.

However, Andrew did not know two things. One: his fiancee was actually a metahuman with fire abilities and two: his actions were discovered by Eros, the god of love...and he was not happy.

Eros imbued Andrew with some of his power, allowing him to turn into the Superpowered swashbuckler known as Captain Cupid, but his past fidelity split him into two halves. Years have gone by as Captain Cupid lay dormant: Andrew is now a marriage counselor with a heart of stone, but when there is danger he can turn into the larger-than-life protector of peace and love: Captain Cupid!

Extended History

Captain Cupid is a spirit of love created by Eros and used to teach someone the true meaning of love.

Captain Cupid is said to have first emerged in the world during the times of the Grecian City-States, though there are no records of him or his actions in human history, and up until The Ban he had no physical form. Captain Cupid appeared heavily in Medieval Europe, depicted as a Knight in the purest steel with a radiant pink plumage atop his helmet. He rode a unicorn with a pink mane and tail, and there are a few surviving stories of this knight's deeds that today. The last Captain Cupid was an Italian man during the discovery of America, though this time he existed for only a day. The man he was bonded with was having affairs with twelve women he had been secretly promising to marry while living a life of luxury off their collective purses. Rumor has it a mysterious noble with a golden cane and colossal pink feather from his wide brimmed hat had gathered all these women to an area before departing as their collective boyfriend appeared.

The current Captain Cupid is a man named Andrew Pascall. Andrew Pascall was born Janurary eighteenth, Nineteen Eighty-One in California. Ever since he first learned to walk, Andrew was always living life dangerously. Growing up alongside his neighbor Bianca Phelps, the two drove their parents mad, sneaking out of school and their rooms when grounded to spend time with one another. They began dating during High School and by senior year Andrew had proposed to Bianca, and the two snuck off campus to do...certain activities. As high school passed the duo remained engaged and were still living to 'seize the moment', and its no surprise that eventually one of them would slip off and drag the other with them.

It was (finally) the day of the duo's wedding when Andrew ran into an old 'friend' from his sophomore year of high school. Being the impulsive (and mildly intoxicated) man that he was, the two went to her apartment for the night...leaving Bianca at the altar. From another world watched Eros, the god of love. The deity had watched the duo for some time, and Andrew's actions on his wedding day filled Eros with a desire to teach the mortal a lesson.

Andrew slipped out of the apartment in the dead of night. It was when he was taking a shortcut through a park that Eros decided to make his move. There was a flash of light that forced Andrew to shield his eyes, and when it was safe to lower them angel appeared before him...or so he thought. This projection of Eros came down before him and gave him some false story of how the world was in trouble and it was Andrew's 'destiny to take up the mantle of a hero'...and Andrew just ate that story up. He readily accepted the "angel"'s offer of power, and so the spirit of Captain Cupid was passed down to Andrew Pascall, who passed out from the sudden surge of energy. Meanwhile, an enraged Bianca's metahuman abilities emerged, and the wedding chapel she waited in eventually went up in flames. She disappeared into the night, and was not heard of again. . .

Meanwhile Captain Cupid deliberately lay dormant inside Andrew, who began to think he was cheated out of something: glory, perhaps? Or maybe he thought he had sold his soul to some devil in disguise? Was it all a drunken hallucination? Regardless, the man's life somehow became increasingly more miserable: his house was burned down, his possessions not but ashes. Forced to move back in with his less than thrilled parents, going to college to get a degree to work for 'the man'...

Years went by, and through the subliminal influence of Captain Cupid, and Andrew Pascall had become a Marriage Counselor in Millennium City. It was here that Captain Cupid would finally manifest himself, but Andrew's past fidelity split him into two people. Andrew is now an emotionless shell of a man, but when danger appears, he enters a trance-like state and disappears, only for the Jovial Captain Cupid to emerge to save the day!

Personality and Views

"What is love? I would have thought it was obvious...very well, pay attention!"



Powers and Abilities

" Ha ha, you thought I was unarmed, naive!? Love Saber, extend!" *Shwuuung!*"You will taste defeat!"


A common question asked of Captain Cupid is if he can 'make people fall in love'. . .the short answer? Yes, but not as you asked.

Captain Cupid cannot just snap his fingers and make someone love someone else, nor would he do so if he could. No no, his powers are listed below while I write them out proper:

(WIP I'm lazy okay?)



"If you need anything, try this address."

RP Hooks

- Having difficulties in your marriage? His other half is a marriage counselor who gives a hidden discount to heroes.

- Need some advice about love? Time to go visit the love doctor.

- Do you frequent Club Caprice? He can sometimes be found there chatting people up.

- Do you want to learn how to fence? Are you looking for a skilled sparring partner? Come meet a master.


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Public Opinion

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