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Player: @thesilverserval
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank and Ranged Damage
Power Level:
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alamgir Rehman
Known Aliases: Doctor Blizzard, Alam, etc.
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior/Mutant/Metahuman
Ethnicity: Pakistani and Canadian.
Place of Birth: Surrey BC, Canada
Base of Operations: North America
Relatives: Adam Rehman (Father), Nindra Rehman (Mother), Raj Rehman (Brother).
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black
Complexion: Medium, off-olive.
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Diet and Nutrition Specialist
Education: Bachelors in Health Science
Marital Status: Single, never married
Known Powers and Abilities
Thermal Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Temperature Tolerance
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Absorption Suit, Communications Link
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Born in Surrey British Columbia into a Muslim community, Alamgir and his brother were raised within the boundaries of the religion for the first few years of his life upon the wish of his grandfather specifically, through enrollment in a special school. However once Alam reached his preteen years, his father would opt to transfer them to public school as his prerogative to raise his sons with exposure to an assortment of people, the modern world, and a less suffocated lifestyle against his father's initial wishes. It was also during this time where Adam would reveal to his children his mutation and heroic lifestyle - several occasions of 'business trips' and overtime hours at work revealed to be only little white lies. This included assistance during the 1992 Detroit disaster. Shortly after, an incident during his adventuring would leave Adam in the hospital with a broken leg and ribs, which prompted his wife to try and convince him to retire his mask to solely raise their family. He would comply without hesitation, and the family would relocate to Toronto to start anew.

An oversight for Adam not remembering the possibility of his family mutant gene potentially passing down to his children, at age fifteen Alam's latent mutant ability would manifest for the first time. Alam's father ensured that he completed secondary school and was able to lead a normal life in addition to, with the assistance of former mutant heroin Diana Walsh, an old ally in the area, tutor Alam into using his power safely and appropriately. By the age of eighteen Alam decided to virtually abandon his religious background and indulged in the ordinary life for awhile, earning his Bachelor's in Health Science, as well as obtaining two diplomas in health and nutrition. However, the adventurer's ghost haunted him constantly, and would eventually drive him by his mid twenties, against his parent's wishes, to put on the mask himself; conspiring with Diana in creating the costume and identity Blizzard.

During his first year, Blizzard's path crossed with that of Canada's acclaimed StarForce when a bank heist in Niagara Falls would connect with a much larger scheme conducted by VIPER. Blizzard would aid Justiciar and his team in preventing a terrorist plot. Impressed with the novices cool head and ability to learn, David Burrell would not only grant him an invitation to join forces again in the future without question, but point him in the direction of Millennium City as a place to appropriately obtain more experience on the front-line as an adventurer. Blizzard considered the relocation, but did not commit until the end of that year where he would finally make the legal endeavor to temporarily base himself in Millennium City.



  • (November) Blizzard arrives in Millennium City just in time to assist in the thwarting of a Qularr invasion.
  • (December) Blizzard's Absorption Suit was designed, and soon replaced his former costume.


  • (January) Blizzard comes in contact with his father for the first time in three months, who reveals that he is temporarily resuming his heroic identity.
  • (February) Blizzard travels back to Canada in order to assist Justiciar and Ravenspeaker.


Alamgir is known as a very kind, but very stubborn man. He is quick to show compassion and help others, but is extremely slow in being swayed off his own opinions and beliefs. He lives in the modern world of thinking; deciding to lose the majority of his religious identity, pushed by his grandfather, once he became a legal adult to focus on the more tangible aspirations he possessed while observing his father's life. Alam is also relatively private about his personal lifestyle, interests and hobbies unless asked by those he comes to trust. As the hero Blizzard, while he retains his own opinions and beliefs, he does not enable this wall to prevent him from acting or taking direction. He prefers taking care of crimes with less violence as possible, and endeavors to find non lethal means to end dangerous situations. Loyal, moody, a bit insecure and never quite as cold as he may lead on - Blizzard is one of the good guys for life.


Known Superhuman Powers

Ice Production/Thermal Manipulation: The origin of Blizzard's mutant powers stems from his ability to manipulate heat through cryo-thermokinesis, enabling him to freeze large amounts of moisture around himself by deflecting thermal energy. As his namesake suggests, Blizzard is able to rapidly repel the heat within concentrated areas in the environment and shifting temperature and pressure, resulting in localized ice storms. In theory, he is able to continuously produce ice as long as there is sufficient moisture within the environment for him to use.

Ice Manipulation Blizzard accomplishes several feats by cryokinetically manipulating the patterns and shapes in which the ice he generates build into. He is able to conjure a variety of phenomena, including the creation of simplistic hurled ice projections, ice shields, ice cages and ice pillars among more complicated or situational objects and projections.

Ice Sliding: By consistently freezing the water within the air and expelling heat from his own body, Blizzard is able to maintain paths or streams of ice, in which he is able to glide upon across high elevations as a means of quick locomotion.

Temperature Resistance: As a side-effect of his own mutation, Blizzard's body is naturally more tolerant of temperature changes compared to the average human being. While it isn't potent enough to prevent burning or freezing damage, he has demonstrated the ability to endure temperatures as high as 60 degrees celsius (120F), and as low as -20C (-4F) naked without immediate health degeneration.


First Aid: Blizzard is trained in basic CPR along with a variety of emergency methods and procedures that may occur within 'the golden hour'.

Combat: While not disciplined in any previous martial arts training, Blizzard has honed a moderate street-level unarmed combat ability through coaching from his father, through the use of his own powers to amplify his physical attacks, and his increasing experience.

Health: As his chosen field of education and civilian life, Blizzard is very knowledgeable on healthy living, basic body sciences and phenomena relating to diet and the effects of vitamins, minerals, drugs and other substances on the human body.


Absorption Suit: The Absorption suit that Blizzard currently utilizes was developed by -- shortly after his arrival in Millennium City in order to rectify a limitation he discovered during the first year of his adventurer career. The suit enables the absorbing and storing of water, granting Blizzard a means of ice creation while succumbing to environments that lack sufficient moisture. The suit also serves as physical protection, its design preventing piercing projectiles from puncturing his skin underneath, as well as granting heat resistance.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Without the utilization of his Absorption Suit, Blizzard relies strictly on his environment for sufficient moisture. While this is lacking, he is unable to make substantial use of his abilities. Though relatively strong-willed and healthy, he possesses no 'special' resistances to mental assault, nor physical assault without the suit.


Group Affiliation







Those Hooks

  • Blizzard is the son of mutant Adam Rehman who once donned the heroic identity of The Red King, a name that is fairly popular in Western Canada.
  • Blizzard is very well known in Ontario, and is considered a staple hero of British Columbia. He is also known fairly well across the entire country after his time assisting StarForce.


  • While not technically a doctor, Blizzard sometimes acquires the added title due to his 'paramedic' prowess.
  • The character keeps his sexuality on an "If you ask, I'll tell" basis. It is not necessarily direct public knowledge.
  • Obviously inspired by a combination of Marvel's Blizzard and The Incredible's Frozone.
  • The first name given to the character originates from the name of one of the player's ex-partners, respectively.